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Eternal : Greatest Hits
Eternal : Greatest Hits
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.47

5.0 out of 5 stars Eternal's Greatest Hits, 8 April 2014
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This review is from: Eternal : Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
Having recently appeared on the Big Reunion TV show and concert there is a little bit of renewed interest in Eternal. This Greatest Hits album (originally released in 1997) contains all their hits up to that point as well as a few additional tracks tacked on the end.
The album is in chronological order (other than the 1st track - Angel Of Mine - which was the new single at the time) and if you paid attention to pop music or the Top 40 in the mid 90s, most of the songs will be familiar to you.

Eternal were one of the few R&B groups from the UK in the chart at this time and also one of the few all female groups to have significant success pre Spice Girls - all the singles made the top 15 (including one No.1) of the chart in a 4 year period from 93 to 97. Most of the tracks are upbeat R&B tracks with a few ballads thrown in for good measure. Most of them still sound fairly fresh today which is a positive surprise.

My favourite tracks are the ones I was most familiar with from the time - the first 3 hits (Stay, Save Our Love, Just A Step From Heaven) and the ballads (Oh Baby I, I Am Blessed and Someday - which featured in the Disney movie 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame') although most of the them are a decent enough listen - Crazy and Secrets are the weakest singles in my opinion. The additional tracks (Who Are You, Finally and Might As Well Be Me) don't really add a great deal.

This is a pretty complete collection of their hits (only missing 99's What'cha Gonna Do - released when Eternal had been reduced to a duo) and is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who enjoyed their performances on The Big Reunion or 90s chart music in general.

Athlete: Tourist
Athlete: Tourist
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Price: £5.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars It'll Be A Big Success, 15 Mar. 2005
This review is from: Athlete: Tourist (Audio CD)
Athlete's new album Tourist is destined to be the huge breakthrough the band are obvioulsy aiming for. This is backed up by the top 5 success of it's first single Wires and also the fact that the album entered the UK Chart at No.1 recently. Despite this commercial success the album is quite a diversion from the debut Vehicles And Animals.
If you were expecting more of the same fun quirky pop music that made Vehicles And Animals such a delight then you will be initially disappointed with Tourist. Only Modern Mafia sounds as if it would fit in on that album. The rest of the songs on the album are more ballad like songs. If you like Wires you'll probably like the majority of the songs here. In my mind, the band have changed their style to try and become a larger name. In a sense they are trying to become Coldplay or at least aim for the same sort of fans they have. While in no way is this a bad thing, the only problem is that Athlete aren't Coldplay and the album suffers for that. Most of the songs are not instantly catchy with the exception of Modern Mafia.
If you pereseve with it though, the songs will grow on you considerably and it will be an enjoyable album if a little lifeless. However, it is this type of music that seems to generate large sales figures.
In summary i'd say buy it regardless as it is a decent album but if you're a fan of Vehicles And Animals don't buy the album expecting an exact replica because this is a band developing into something else rather than sticking with the same sound that endeared people to them in the first place. Instead they will attract an even larger fanbase while keeping many who originally loved them.

Fountains Of Wayne
Fountains Of Wayne
Price: £6.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars Power Pop at it's best, 3 Mar. 2005
This review is from: Fountains Of Wayne (Audio CD)
Fountains Of Wayne are somewhat of an overlooked band. Recently they gained a bit of success due to Stacy's Mom and pretty much got lumped in as a novelty act due to nature of the lyrics in the song. While a catchy song, it is by no means the best Fountains Of Wayne have achieved. This album was released in '97 and it's probably one of the best pop-rock albums of the last decade.
Most of the songs are around 3 minutes in length and are bouncy cheery pop songs. Some are fairly reminiscent of Stacy's Mom, most notably Radiation Vibe and Survival Car whereas others are more mellow but still catchy and after a few listens you'll find yourself singing along.
This is how pop music should sound and it's unfortunate that they are not more popular but everyone who discovers this album will know it's true quality.

A Rush Of Blood To The Head
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Price: £3.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars From standard indie band to world beaters, 5 Dec. 2002
Coldplay were always a band that were quite well liked with cathcy songs such as Yellow and Trouble but they never really seemed to be going anywhere of much notice despite the fact that Parachutes is a tremendous album. However, having watched Glastonbury highlights on TV and hearing the classic In My Place with it's simple melody i started to change my opinion a little. I didn't really think they could get much better than that song though but i was wrong.
A Rush Of Blood To The Head is a masterpiece of an album and easily one of the top 5 albums of this year. Each track is amazing in it's own right and it just seamlessly flows from start to finish. Coldplay now have much greater passion in their songs and a new found sense of belief in themselves. The album starts in loud form with the thumping start to Politik which is amazing before the unforgettable In My Place. The high standard is kept up by God Put A Smile On Your Face and the best song on the album The Scientist. These four tracks are the best four but in no way does the album drop off. Clocks, Daylight and Amsterdam are miles ahead of any of the material on Parachutes and every song here should be played at top volume. In addition to this, they are also amazing live.
The sales figures for the album are impressive and rightly so as no band has gone through such an amazing transformation and from pretty standard to top class so quickly and surprisingly. If you liked Parachutes or the two singles off the album or even Embrace (many of the songs sound similar to Embrace but are much better) then you'll love this album.
Possibly the album of the year but one that should definately be bought.
Highly recommended.

Capital Gold Eighties Legends
Capital Gold Eighties Legends
Offered by darrin1471
Price: £4.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nearly all eighties legends, 2 Dec. 2002
Looking at the tracklisting, the title can be a little misleading as not all of the artists featured would be classed as legends (eg korgis, whispers, phyllis nelson) but most of the songs featured are great songs although there are some large names missing for whatever reason mainly Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston etc but this is a minor complaint. Containing 17 number ones is a fine achievement and the songs are from the usual suspects like Wham!, David Bowie, The Police, Culture Club. The one thing that sets this cd apart is some of it's inspired choices that don't usually appear on 80's compilations such as 3 unlikely legends mentioned above as well as Alison Moyet, Detroit Spinners and one of my favourites Hall and Oates who were huge in American in the 80's.
For lovers of 80's music this is great collection with a mixture of styles from pop (Wham!, Duran Duran), Rock (Peter Gabriel, Queen), Synth (Erasure, Human League) and slow love songs (Spandau Ballet, Simply Red as well as for general music lovers as most the songs will be familiar.
As usual it keeps up the good name that the series has gained over it's recent releases and should really have a place in all good record collections.

The Singles (Plus Bonus CD)
The Singles (Plus Bonus CD)
Offered by ELITEUK
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars What A Great Singles Band, 26 Sept. 2002
Ever since Slight Return peaked at No.2 in early '96, the Bluetones have been a downward spiral as far as commercial success is concerned. However, on the basis of this singles collection there is no reason to suggest why. Possibly always overlooked as an album band despite 3 cracking albums, the Bluetones' forte has always been their singles as this collection shows.
Listed in chronological order as most of these collections tend to be nowadays the cd kicks off with the great Are You Blue Or Are You Blind and never lets up from here on in. Every song had it's own irresistible melody which are instantly catchy as well as witty and strange lyrics that you remember because of this but they make for great singalong songs. All their singles are included (with the exception of Castle Rock which was the double A side to Cut Some Rug) as well as four new tracks. Every song on here is a gem with my personal favourites being Autophilia, Solomon Bites The Worm and the amazinf If but there is no duff song here and all suggest of what a huge band they could have been with no real lack of quality as they have progressed with their new songs being just as good as their biggest hits. This a great collection for a casual fan of the band and a lover of great music to see what they've been missing.
The CD also includes a bonus disc with cover versions as well as the lead single from the collection After Hours (which is also on the main album). These songs are good too.
All in all a brilliant album showing what a class band the Bluetones really are and a must buy and if you ever get the chance - see them live as well.

Live It Like You Love It
Live It Like You Love It
Offered by The Music Warehouse
Price: £7.76

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best of The Charlatans - Live!, 22 July 2002
It only seems like 5 minutes ago that Songs From The Other Side was released and along comes another Charlatans CD but the close proximity of these two cd's can be forgiven as Live It Like You Love It is great. The CD captures the Charlatans live at the Manchester Arena on the last tour and is really a greatest hits package performed live. The album contains many great numbers including One To Another, How High and of course The Only One I Know as well as newer tracks like A Man Needs To Be Told and the amazing You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty. The CD is classic Charlatans from start to finish and you can hear Tim talk to the crowd which is a welcome addition. Admittedly this album doesn't really offer anything new but it's a great package although a few great songs are missing, namely Just When You're Thinking Things Over but despite these you can't fault the performance and is a great addition to any Charlatans' fans collection if not really attracting any new fans.

Now That's What I Call Music! 52
Now That's What I Call Music! 52
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.20

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4.0 out of 5 stars A Well Rounded Compilation, 22 July 2002
At first glances you may think Now 52 is a massive let down considering it doesn't include any of the last 4 number ones from Elivs Vs JXL, Eminem, Gareth Gates and Will Young (mainly because of licensing problems - 3 of them will probably be on Hits 53) but once you look past this and judge it for what it is it is a very decent compilation full of cracking songs.
The CD kicks off with big chart smashes from Ronan Keating and Liberty X and on the first half of CD 1 contains other huge hits from Sugababes, Kylie, Enrique and Sophie Ellis Bextor as well as the inspired choice of Freeek from George Michael and the dreadful S Club Juniors. The rest of the CD is taken up mainly by dance music which is not entirely to my liking but most of them have been large hits so this is understandable and includes Scooter, Paffendorf, Flip & Fill and a catchy cover of Madonna's Like A Prayer.
CD 2 starts with big hits unsurprisingly, this time from Atomic Kitten and Britney Spears before heading into R&B music which can get a little tedious but there are a few great tracks from *NSync, Ashanti and Nelly. The CD then takes a turn for the better with possibly it's best quarter with some rock songs including big hits from Oasis and Puddle Of Mudd as well as some great choices in the Doves' Pounding and Idlewild's American English as well as I Would Die 4 U by Space Cowboy.
Now 52 may not have the biggest hits which is unusual but if you buy this with Hits 53 then you get basically all the hits of the last 4 months. A good cd though not great which is improved but the great end to disc 2.

Highly Evolved [Australian Import]
Highly Evolved [Australian Import]
Offered by Giant Entertainment
Price: £2.71

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5.0 out of 5 stars Get Free - Get The Vines, 10 July 2002
Here we have another new band and another that is described as the best band since Nirvana or whoever else and with The Vines for once, it seems they initially live up to the hype or being the next great thing and look likely to follow in the footsteps of The Strokes, The White Stripes and The Hives with a sudden rise to stardom and this album is the next stpe to fulfilling this.
The album kicks off with the title track and single Highly Evolved which is a loud and effervescent number which despite only being a minute and a half is great. The next few tracks carry on in the same mould with loud guitars with great little solos dispersed in between Craig Nicholls' manic singing. Homesick is a much more mellow track and one of the best on the album and shows the diversity of The Vines before they go back to familiar ground with recent single Get Free. The second half of the cd isn't quite as insane as the first half but still contains some gems in Country Yard, the very catchy Factory and In The Jungle. This album really showcases the amazing talents of Craig Nicholls who wrote all the tracks himself except 1969 which he co-wrote with former drummer David Olliffe. This is noisy great end to a great album.
Despite the band being hyped by the music press so much, this album succeeds where previous other bands have failed and for once all the hype seems justified and we should accept The Vines for their amazing talent and buy this album as soon as possible.

School Disco.Com - Summer Holiday
School Disco.Com - Summer Holiday
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £5.34

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good fun filled summery pop, 1 July 2002
Just as the summer holidays actually begin, we are treated to a compilation full of great summer songs from School with their latest offering - Summer Holiday.
The double cd contains lots of great tracks from over the last 40 years that have brightened up our summers and made being away from school even more memorable. Wham! kick things off with their great Club Tropicana and Cd 1 (or 1st Period as it's called here) never lets up from here. Including familar hits from Rod Stewart, Human League, Motorhead and The Nolans as well as less heard classics from Aztec Camera, Roachford, Baltimora and Ryan Paris, disc one is just fun pop music. Disc 2 which is just as good has a mre laid back feel with Mungo Jerry, 10CC and Bill Withers but still has some other great upbeat tracks from Lightning Seeds, Eddy Grant and Billy Ocean as well as the classic Teenage Kicks from The Undertones.
This CD is great and is a good soundtrack to summers of the past with loads of huge hits and other classic songs at your disposal and it carries on the great fun filled albums we now expect in the School series. If you just want a good fun album then go for this, it doesn't disappoint.

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