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Nescafe Alegria Coffee Machine A510
Nescafe Alegria Coffee Machine A510
Offered by E.U. Xtores
Price: 81.62

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2.0 out of 5 stars Don't buy it - fails to make HOT coffee, bean content 4%, 18 Sep 2013
I bought this machine on the 17th Sep 2013. After setting it up and having tried the 5 flavours I have come to the conclusion I should NOT have bought this machine.
I have the A510 Alegria, the 2 litre version. The water tank is advertised to give 10 Cappochino's and 40 Espresso's.

Granted the day-to-day operation is simple, put your cup under the outlets (one is for high pressure hot water, the other is the coffee outlet), press your choice out of the 5 available (Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato) and then press the centre 'start' button - after the heating up session and the frothing of your milk if so selected, and the noise, it delivers your coffee. It does not deliver, in my opinion, nice HOT coffee, so it's a very disappointing end result.

The biggest failing is that it does NOT produce a HOT inviting cup of coffee - its warm, but the Latte selection does not produce a thick enough "froth" on the milk (I used Green milk as opposed to Skimmed).

The coffee taste itself is disappointing; the reason for that I found was they only use 4% "coffee beans" - the rest is INSTANT coffee!!!
On the 115g tub/cartridge of coffee (which costs a staggering 13 each) it says, "coffee extract with finely ground roasted coffee, Ingredients: coffee extract, roast and ground coffee 4% ". That's the reason my coffee was weak tasting yuck.
Apart from the mild froth, one ends up with a standard coffee which lacks any body. The noise the machine makes going through the motions is quiet loud, I don't mind that. If the results were 10 times better it could make as much noise as it likes.

To try and overcome my real disappointment with this machine I've resorted to pre-heating the CUP, pre-heating the MILK, just before pouring it into the hot cup and then selecting Latte (my favourite when I'm in a real coffee shop). Even then the coffee is not to my liking because it's really "instant coffee" with a tiny mix of roasted bean. The 96% instant coffee that Nescafe have selected for this product is certainly not my choice.
I'm sorry having to spill the beans (if there was any) on this nice looking, egged-up coffee machine. My advice is don't buy it.
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The DH 106 Comet
The DH 106 Comet
by Martin Painter
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 25.95

5.0 out of 5 stars A superlative reference document by any measure, 20 Feb 2012
This review is from: The DH 106 Comet (Hardcover)
The man who gave this book a one star is certainly not on this planet! He says, "...because it is not a history of the DH Comet". Poppycock!
Chapter 1 traces the development succinctly and accurately. Granted, that's in the first 27 pages but there are 367 pages in this FABULOUS book and nobody can say history is not recorded on the progression of the Comet through all its time in aviation.
I speak from having roughly 3000 hours on the Comet (4B/4C) and about 20,000 hrs on other types - so I know a bit about the subject of the Comet, and I can testify what a massive contribution Martin Painter's book is to those who loved the Comet from all angles - history included.
As a mild comparison, let us look at Timothy Walker's book on the Comet (205 pages) - Timothy 'thanked' 32 people by name and Martin 'thanked' 88 people so the depth of research and the sifting of real Comet people comes through and through reading Painter's book.
The idea of giving this book one star is just plain silly - like a good cake, Painter's book has ALL the ingredients and has been slavishly researched and the mixture is unbeatable as is the taste.
If you want one book on your bookshelf about the DeH Comet then is has to be Martin Painter's - the Comet bible.

Nimrod: Rise and Fall
Nimrod: Rise and Fall
by Tony Blackman
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 16.80

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nimrod Rise and Fall - what MP's should read and weep, and others enjoy, 9 Nov 2011
This review is from: Nimrod: Rise and Fall (Hardcover)
Having been a Coastal Command pilot (203 and 206 Sqn) and having had the pleasure to fly both Shacks and Nimrods, and then the deH Comet with Dan Air Services Ltd I feel a little bit qualified to give my opinion of this book. There's no doubt in my mind this is a classic book well worth buying - it is worth more for the amount of detailed research that has been done and the quality of the writing. It tells the story of an aircraft that served the RAF well and the nation even better. A nation who relied on the Nimrod for so many reasons and have now been denied its worth forever; having been failed by the ignorance and arrogance of MP's - they should read this piece of history, hang their heads in shame, and weep. Others just enjoy the material as a lasting bible of the Mighty Hunter. For the aviation 'buff' this book just has to be in your collection - I have bought it and it's a treasure.
For the lads who perished, RIP, DCO.
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Cockleshell Heroes: The Final Witness
Cockleshell Heroes: The Final Witness
by Quentin Rees
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 17.28

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5.0 out of 5 stars First Class research & worthy of the efforts to publish FACTS, 4 Nov 2011
I have read all the books relating to the "Cockleshell Heroes" and saw the film when I was 10 (some 58 years ago!). Little did I know I would become friends with the "Last of the Cockleshell Heroes", Bill Sparks DSM. We became friends in the last 7 years of his life.
Needless to say, when reviewing Mr REES book I measure the substance and content by comparing my collective knowledge with what he wrote, and for that I award 5 stars - because of the unquestionable detail Mr REES has accumulated and shared with his readers in this fine and notable historic volume. Let me just say there are 'things' in Mr REES book that Bill did not, or could not remember, or was not aware of (no long visits to the PRO) that I have updated my knowledge of the "Cockleshell Heroes". If you care about historical FACTS and not fiction you will enjoy this book beyond your expectations.

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