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Kumar Raghunathan "mister_k_love" (London)

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August DTA225B - Amplified Freeview TV Aerial - Portable Digital Antenna with Signal Booster for USB TV Tuner / DVB-T Television / DAB Radio - With Suction Cup and Clip Mount - Black
August DTA225B - Amplified Freeview TV Aerial - Portable Digital Antenna with Signal Booster for USB TV Tuner / DVB-T Television / DAB Radio - With Suction Cup and Clip Mount - Black
Offered by Daffodil UK

2.0 out of 5 stars NOT VERY GOOD FOR ME, 2 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ok, so i've just moved house and I wanted to get an indoor aerial for my tv / digibox. This item had 4 reviews, all 5 stars at the time of purchasing. It is also a fairly new product and it says it works with TVs, so i thought i'd give it a go.

Firstly, it doesn't say anywhere on the product page, but this item is only 16dB gain. Had i known this i probably wouldn't have got it, as I live in an area with only moderate reception and ended picking up no signal whatsoever. However, i'm not basing the entire review on this fact as this could be due to any number of other factors (including it being broken).

The build quality is average to poor.

I couldn't rotate the antennae out from the closed position without using a pen to dig them out, and I don't have fat fingers.

I hear a funny rattling sound when I gently shake the device so i'm not sure if the internals got damaged at some point, or if they are all like this.

The suction is not great and i would imagine this to fall pretty quickly from wherever it is placed. It may improve depending on surface but then this limits where it can be placed.

The cable from the usb which goes into the digibox is very short so the whole thing just hangs awkwardly behind my TV, between my digibox and the plug socket from which the usb is powered.

The plastic tongues on the bottom of the aerial that fit into the grooves on the suction clip / clip mount to connect the two, are very small and will probably break easily.

All in all, quite a fidgety little device, which if it worked well could have been satisfactory despite the build quality, but it didn't. Maybe it works well in better reception areas, or with a laptop or with another requirement in mind, but for me wanting to use it with my TV / digibox, in an area with moderate reception - no good. Don't know if it was broken, but it's on its way back.

Amazon was great as usual. Delivered next day with prime.


Logitech Wireless Desktop MX 3200 Laser
Logitech Wireless Desktop MX 3200 Laser

43 of 44 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars No buyer's remorse with this product!, 27 April 2007
I bought this cordless keyboard and mouse set to use at home with my laptop.

I got it directly from the manufacturer as I couldn't find it on Amazon at the time. I would have saved my self a few quid if I typed in "cordless desktop" instead of "cordless keyboard". Still, I blame Amazon's search function....

My first impression of this set was that it looked and felt really sleek. I'm not one to worry too much about how things look - as long as they're functional, reliable and of high quality then I'm happy, but this was a nice bonus straight away.



1. Good keyboard functionality - lots of programmable shortcut keys with default settings including:

o Open windows media player, explorer, internet explorer, calculator, my pictures

o Close the currently open window

o Skip/play/pause tracks and change volume

o Zoom in and out with touch strip (and touch key to return to 100%)

o Turn computer on standby

o One-touch internet calling controls

2. Keys feel nice - quite spongy, quiet and very responsive - I've not once pressed a key that hasn't been detected instantly by my computer.

3. Date and time is a nice touch (seeing how there's a massive global shortage of clocks at the moment)

4. Range is excellent. I can type with no problems from other rooms, downstairs when my computer is upstairs, etc. I won't bother putting a figure on the exact range but for home use, I cannot comprehend there being any issues whatsoever.

5. Palm rest included - you don't want to be getting RSI.

6. I'm happy with the ergonomics of the design, but as with most things, surely someone will find it uncomfortable for some reason or other.


1. Surprisingly no LED indications of whether the caps, num and scroll lock are on or not.

2. No indication of battery life left.

3. I personally would have liked to have seen a small touch pad on the keyboard - just if your mouse isn't near by, or if its just one little thing you need to do, so your hands don't need to leave the keyboard. Nothing fancy, but it would have been a very nice touch in my opinion.

4. After using the shortcut key to open internet explorer, you have to use the mouse to select the search bar. Would have made more sense if this was done automatically - kind of defeats the purpose of having the shortcut key.

5. I can't find a way to switch it off, but I'm guessing if you're not actually using it then it doesn't drain the batteries much.



1. Feels very comfortable in your hand (don't think it's made for left handed)

2. Good functionality including:

o Buttons for going forward and back a page in internet explorer

o Scroll wheel (horizontal and vertical)

o Zoom in and out

o Open explorer search


1. Not the smallest mouse - not a problem for me as I have average sized hands, but might be an issue for small hands.

2. It is sufficiently responsive (settings such as mouse speed etc. can be changed in control panel of your computer to suit your needs), although I don't think it is quite as good as a previous Logitech mouse I had bought, which was a little sharper in its accuracy (can't remember the model). This mouse is still very good nonetheless but I probably wouldn't recommend it for more serious use (gaming, design etc.)


This set is very very easy to set up and use. Just plug in the USB receiver and go. To get the best out of it though, you need to install the software that comes with it. It is very easy to install and setup - although for some reason they have left out a progress bar when it is installing. Didn't know if my computer had crashed or not.

My computer use isn't extensive as some people and so I wouldn't really be able to comment in detail on how good the mouse is to use with complex graphical design software or serious gaming etc. I can say however, that Logitech have made a great product for a standard computer user (internet, MS office etc.). There are no significant problems with it for me although it's a shame that the USB receiver stand doesn't work as a normal USB port. I guess it is slightly on the expensive side - £49.99 would have been more of a reasonable price. However, I don't mind paying a little more to ensure good quality and reliability. I hope the battery life for the keyboard and mouse is good - can't comment on that one yet, although it was a nice touch for Logitech to include 6 AA batteries so you can get up and running straight away - Duracell Plus too (!). The fact that the set is non-rechargeable might bug some people but as long as the batteries last long enough, I really don't care. I do sleep much easier at night as well knowing that my keyboard is protected by the latest anti-microbial technology - you can never be too sure.

Overall: how amazing can a keyboard and mouse set actually be if all you do is use MS office and the internet? I guess there's nothing really wrong with it at all if you're a standard computer user, so it definitely comes recommended for that type of usage. I have not had a cordless set before (just one mouse), so can't compare it to much - but I do like it so I guess it's a good choice for cordless newbies. I've given it 4 stars only mainly because of it being slightly over-priced in my opinion. It is an excellent product though.

DuraSec HighTec Screen protection Film for Archos 604
DuraSec HighTec Screen protection Film for Archos 604

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars NOT THE BEST PRODUCT IN THE WORLD, 16 Mar. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

1. It's not easy to put on (bearing in mind u have to avoid getting fingerprints on it and remove bubbles that form between it and the screen)

2. If you don't apply it properly, you are stuck because it's ruined if you try to take it off - and the adhesive makes it difficult to take off.

3. Expensive

If you buy it, it probably would do a good job if applied VERY VERY carefully, otherwise it's just money down the drain. Personally, I have a non sticky one as well from another seller/brand (in amazon site), that just rests on top of the screen - doesn't need an instruction manual with it! And you can take it on and off if needed. I prefer that one.

Archos 604 - 30GB Ultra Slim Portable Multimedia Player
Archos 604 - 30GB Ultra Slim Portable Multimedia Player

45 of 45 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL.... apart from a few little things, 1 Mar. 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Ok, I won't dwell on the pros, because basically, this device is STUNNING. Beautiful screen and video playback quality is incredible - and that's why you're buying it. It looks good, the finish is nice, and it's not big or chunky. I highly recommend getting one - I even watch it at home it looks so good!

However, I think the important thing for me is to cover the annoying things you will encounter. So here goes:

1. Very limited windows explorer facility on device, i.e. u cannot create folders or subfolders, or even move files around, and you can't see any folder properties (e.g. folder size etc.). You have to do all your creating/editing/rearranging, on your pc, and then copy it onto the archos. It seems silly if you want to rearrange files that are already on the archos. (No big deal though)

2. The screen smudges easily so get a screen protector even before u start using it.

3. Also doesn't come with a case, but I got a nice one from i-nique for about £15. Does the job.

4. Having to buy separate power adaptor? - hmmm..... not good

5. 30GB?? That's less than my mp3 player from 3 years ago. But then again, if I had a pound for every track that has remained completely unlistened to over these 3 years .... Anyway, at least it keeps it "outstandingly" slim. Just be prepared to rotate your video files - does anyone really need more than 10-20 films on there at any one time?

6. Takes a little while to get used to the buttons and navigation, but you can work things out relatively easily - haven't needed any documentation yet. It would have been nice if the buttons lit up too, because it is impossible to see in the dark. Once you are used to them though, then I guess it's not really an issue.

7. The photo viewer initially displays all photos even if they are in subfolders. This can be annoying if there are certain photos you would rather not have displayed for all to see when photo viewer is selected (is there a way to stop this?)

8. Music quality is alright. Not stunning, but it's definitely not bad and u can still enjoy it. If listening to music is a secondary function for you then the video playback will certainly make up for it. If you want buy something primarily for the music, with video playback a secondary function, then you MIGHT want to go with something else - although, different earphones and the EQ settings has a huge impact on the sound - I like the Jazz settings.

9. Nearly all of my music and video files are in supported formats so I can't really complain about video format issues. It's a little annoying that it doesn't support other picture formats like gif or bmp, but I was aware of all of this when I bought it.

A note: when updating firmware, the device must be charging (is it just mine?). So, plug the USB cable in and select "charge only". The archos website doesn't mention this.

All in all...a good buy, you won't be disappointed, though be prepared to spend money on accessories (I spent over £100 - case, battery pack, DVR station, screen protector). A little more thought given to the little things (and the music quality) could have gotten this device all 5 out of 5 ratings. Maybe Archos should read these reviews and bear it in mind next time - I know when I see an average rating of 5 out of 5 for a product, across lots of reviews; it practically makes my mind up for me. If i could have given 4 1/2 stars, i would have done.

NEW: Since writing this, i have on occassion felt a little bit more let down by the music quality. It isn't brilliant. Could have been better - i take back the 4 1/2 stars, stickin with just 4. If music IS of main importance, then there really are better machines out there, although you will miss out on what is still amazing video playback.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 14, 2007 3:50 PM GMT

iRiver H340 40GB MP3 Player With Tuner
iRiver H340 40GB MP3 Player With Tuner

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the tin, 3 Dec. 2004
Great sound quality. Features are great. Direct recording quality (internal/external mic) is really really good. Can record direct from radio. I like the way it looks (although a bit CHUNK). Beautiful screen (pic quality is nice). I've experienced no operating problems. Very easy to use with a PC (drag and drop folders/songs makes it very quick and simple). Plays all the formats you need. Allows you to loop sections of a song by pressing a button when u want the loop to start and end. Good battery life - zero battery seems to go on for quite a while.
You have to input playlists from winamp (can be a pain if your lazy). Navigation/browsing is a bit odd - for the first 15 minutes, every button you press seems to do nothing. Read the manual, not a problem once u get it, but i still think it could have been done a bit better. No remote but you can probably get one from iriver directly. Probably 50 to 70 quid too expensive, but I'd pay that for no hassles and peace of mind. You need to turn off the USB charging option cos it makes it difficult (or even impossible - I can't remember) to use it with a PC (hardly a problem though, just a tip). Really really really CRAP case, I guess iriver were really concentrating on the machine, which is fair enough. Can't use it when in the case. Only useful if you have a long playlist playing and don't need to press a button, or for protection when you're not using it. Feels like it's easy to damage the screen. Screen smudges a lot, i'm always wiping it.

Great machine if you are a musician and need an mp3 player that does everything, and believe u can fill up the 40Gigs. All the cons or not really that bad. From reviews, most other mp3 players seem to have more serious problems, I haven't found one on this one that really bugs me yet. If u just wanna look good, and play songs, then get an i-pod or whatever else u think is a better machine. I'm more than happy with my first ever mp3 player.

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