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Breaking Bad - Season 5* [DVD + UV Copy]
Breaking Bad - Season 5* [DVD + UV Copy]
Dvd ~ Bryan Cranston
Price: 12.75

3.0 out of 5 stars Quality Series - Exceptionally Dodgy Sales Technique!, 15 July 2014
Purchaser beware!

This series is advertised as having 5 seasons to it - IMDB describes it as having 5 seasons.

So when buying this DVD "the Fifth Season" you would expect all the remaining episodes would you not?!

Actually its not!

It is the first 8 episodes, the final episodes of which are on a separate DVD titled "remember my name - the final series".

Despite all the seasons up to this being chronological with all episodes on each season, the makers suddenly change it, despite how it is advertised and shown online as all the remaining episodes as part of season 5. The DVD does not tell you this is essentially Part A and that there is more to come.

Essentially I've finished this season with thoughts of "they can't end it like this - but there is no season 6?"

So I checked IMDB and, trying my best to avoid spoilers of which I was only partially successful, sure enough there are more episodes to season 5.

It would appear I am not the only one who has been duped, and essentially they are making you pay 30 instead of 15.

It is an absolute sham - and has left a bit of a bad taste on what is an excellent series.

I'm now going to have to pay to watch Part 2 which in my mind I've already paid for.

How they got away with that I will never know.

Klipsch iGroove HG iPod Speaker System Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
Klipsch iGroove HG iPod Speaker System Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

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2.0 out of 5 stars I do not understand the rave reviews., 16 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this item maybe two years ago after doing quite a bit of research and ultimately reading the reviews on here.

I had it in mind this product was sleek, stylish, but most importantly provided top quality audio.

It passes on looking good - not amazing, but nice enough and quite unique, but the sound is just mediocre at best.

It's loud but the sound folds and distorts at a high level and the bass is really poor.

I was so disappointed when I found you just cannot hear it when there is a particularly low note, and with the volume heightened it just folds.

The system kicks out a large, unbalanced, "thud" but there is no warmth or texture behind the note.

It is worth noting here I like a lot of different music styles be it house/dance, various types of rock, to pop, reggae and classical and it only really copes with low quality pop.

I was hoping for a rich, punchy bass note when required but it just does not deliver.

I really regret buying the item because I love my music and I simply don't use it as its not up to the task.

I've only just written this review because I've decided to get laptop speakers to compensate - 'Cambridge Audio Minx M5 Multimedia Speaker system' if you were wondering, which appears to be of better quality.

Another thing worth noting is my Ipod which is one of the 20g ones did not fit in the slot properly, even with the additional bracket provided. Again unsatisfactory. Its not as if they are rare!!

I'm thoroughly disappointed and can only assume the positive reviews on here are from people who aren't really all that interested in music and simply want something basic, and modern looking in their kitchens.

You can however get that for 25% of the price.


Alex Ferguson My Autobiography
Alex Ferguson My Autobiography
by Alex Ferguson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 7.20

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2.0 out of 5 stars A missed opportunity, 29 Oct 2013
This book could have been a sporting classic. However, it flatters to deceive and leaves the reader feeling disappointed and a little unsure of the motive for its writing.

Instead of being an account about his best players, key transfers, key games and the decisions he made within them, it is actually a chance for Ferguson to settle old feuds, reignite others whilst inflating his own ego.

A man of his stature and success, you might hope for a candid review of everything, the bad years too, who helped him on his road to the top? Instead key players, who contributed to his success, are pretty harshly treated which leaves a bitter taste. It is almost as if he is trying to live up to his hairdryer antics in print form.

Liverpool, naturally, are in the firing line with somewhat debateable opinions on Steven Gerrard, Rafael Benitez and even the appointment of the current manager. Quite why he felt the need to add this is unknown. Mentioning current players/staff of other clubs is even more disrespectful than those of the past who were his dealings.

The book itself is actually not particularly well written and is quite a difficult read and just does not flow at all.

Ultimately, I would recommend this book second hand for a quick read as there are some interesting points, but nothing other than that.

I believe Alex Ferguson may regret having written this book in the near future. 2*
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Price: 3.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Humm. Not great!, 10 Aug 2012
This review is from: Blackout (Kindle Edition)
I have read most of Chris Ryan's books and they vary from good to fantastic.

However this book is awful. I've still got about 60 pages left and will finish it, but it is so bad I thought I'd have a look on here to see if other readers thought the same!

We have a main plot of someone/group turning off the mains in the worlds major cities. Then we have "Josh" losing his memory. Instead of wrapping this up in a few chapters, we get the whole book of Chris trying to make the plot work by the main character trying to remember things, characters who have no motive to still be involved helping him (or could there be twist to look forward to?!!), vague clues, and random events which just help make this book become a total mess.

Even the main characters involvment in the wider plot is just so vague and ridiclous its hard to read.

You can see Chris has proof read the book, found flaws in elements that his character should not be able to remember, and tried to bend the book into place.

Then we have a GPS bearing based on the tracks of a CD... sweet Jesus its terrible.

Possibly the worst book i've ever read.

Close Combat: A Bridge too Far (PC)
Close Combat: A Bridge too Far (PC)

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5.0 out of 5 stars It's 2011 and this game is still excellent!, 17 May 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I remember having my dad buy this for me for about 10 in around 1997/1998.

I couldn't stop playing the game at the time! It's accurate, realistic and very addictive.

For some reason I had an urge to play it recently, and it seems the game hasnt been made free to download, so I'm going to have to buy it.

No regrets though, downloaded the demo and it's just as good. Graphics although basic, do not weaken the game.

A must for strategy fans.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)
Offered by funfair games
Price: 11.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Third best in the series. Worth buying., 15 Jan 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Firstly I would like the review the campaign.

The overall feeling I have from completing it is: 'what just happened'? It's a little confusing and I feel the makers have tried a bit too hard to keep it interesting. It consists of a man being forced to remember a set of numbers which relate to a weapon, and you sort of relive his attempts of trying to work it out.

The gore is good on the game, but to be honest I see the campaign as weaker than MW1, WOW and MW2. It feels forced, its gun porn, but doesnt give you a sense of achievement and camaradarie like MW1 and 2 do.

The game play on the campaign has a number of nigly problems as well: Grenades are not always indicated. You cannot always crouch, the storyline players will push you out the way into the firing line if you are where they are supposed to be- or they stand in front of you when you are aiming. Sometimes characters will take up position either side of an opening so you have no choice but to be shot. When you lay next to an item which lies to you right, you cannot look to your immediate left. How does that make sense?!! So you have to stand or crouch to aim in that area, meaning you get shot. Those things bug me, but overall it is a good experience with a number of scenes which will put a smile on your face. 6.5/10


Clearly these games are becoming more focussed for online than they are for the campaign, which is almost an extra. I had bad feelings for this as I had World at War which was annoying at best.

However it is realy good. The are a lot of maps which keeps things interesting, and keeps those who do nothing but play the game on their toes. The choice of weapons are good, as is the new method of purhcasing guns, attachments and challenges. The graphics are good, the range of kill streak awards are excellent, and the glitches are to a minimum. The stats are good too, giving you ratio's per gun, as well as overall scores.

Cons: Not many, spawing is a problem sometimes as people spawn close to you. If you play like I do, i'e flank round and avoid where most of your guys go, this is a problem. Guys spawn directly behind you and kill you. It's hard to be clever in this respect, as obviously they spawn in an area where most of your guys arnt. You often just have to follow your guys, get a kill and then die.

Overall though i'd give online a 7.5, maybe 8. The only better one in the series is Modern Warfare 1 which I still play. Comfortably still the best in the series.

Get it!

The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier
Price: 8.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A grower of an album., 10 Sep 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Final Frontier (Audio CD)
At first you will probably not like this album. It is long, progy and difficult to listen to. However after 3-4 spins you will start to get it, and eventualy, like myself, you will see this album for what it is. Complex and excellent.

If you are a die hard you will like this album after a couple of spins. If you are new to Maiden I would not advise starting on this album, get Seventh Son of a Seventh Son or Powerslave. The reason for this would be that it is an epic which takes time, perhaps not what you would look in a band at first listen.

The album itself is all about the riff. They, like the solos, are everywhere! Great mix of power, heavieness, melow/melodic and thinking songs. What the heck just buy it!

Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust
Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust
by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.49

33 of 41 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars The anti-christ of history, 29 Sep 2009
I once had to write a 5000 word piece for my history degree and this utter tosh was mentioned several times. The topic I was researching was West German memory in the post-war period, looking at how the German public aligned itself with its Nazi past. As part of this I looked at different historians views on how involved "ordinary" Germans actualy were.

Goldhagen's problem is he does not understand the German soceity of the time, it's different groups, attitudes and responsibilities within the regime. The result is he groups "Germans" as one united regime with one opinion and role within the war; much like a fourteen year old would.

Goldhagen thus groups the nation as all involved in the Hollocaust in some way, and thus responsible for it, and should feel guilt within the post-war period.

"Goldhagen implied that the whole nation was involved; phrases such as `the Germans' slaughter of Jews; were left uncontextualised." Taken from Bill Niven's 'Facing The Nazi Past' (p129), which is well worth a read.

This is worth reading if you need an example of how not to be a historian. Otherwise it is misleading and almost racist in its conclusions. If you would like a true insight into the period, then this is a miss. Read the book I have mentioned.

Ironically the German public, perhaps trying to distance itself from its past, liked the book!
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