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In The Lonely Hour (Deluxe)
In The Lonely Hour (Deluxe)
Price: 10.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Classy - Download the right version, 2 Jun 2014
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Make sure you order/download the delux version if you want all 14 songs. Ironically the delux version is currently cheaper to down load than the standard version. The four extra tracks are worth it.

There isnt really anyone else like him in the charts at the moment. The hits so far are here as well as many contenders for future hits. 'Stay with me' is probably the standout track but 'Im not the only one' and 'Like i Can are immediate favs

English Electric (Deluxe)
English Electric (Deluxe)
Offered by FLASH
Price: 9.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars OMG for OMD, 29 April 2013
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A great well balanced album. So grateful OMD re-formed. Previous album, History of Modern was very good but this is the OMD we all know and love.

Saw them live in Margate last night and the new tracks went down as well as the classics.

Warning - CONCERT SPOILER - the set opened with the short filler Decimal, followed by Please remain seated as the band entered the stage. Metroland with its thumping bass imediately had everyone clapping and was a favourite on the night (only surpassed by maid of orleans). Other tracks from the album to get the 'live' treatment were Dresden, Night Cafe, Our System, Kissing the Machine and Atomic Ranch.

This is an album, not concert review but all of the new tracks were well received and sounded great live.

Having already released metroland and with dresden to be released soon there are many other potential singles - our system (one of Mccluskys favourites from the album), Helen of Troy, Night Cafe and the gorgeous Stay with Me could all be next.

Well done on the album lads and what a great concert - 100% effort from Andy- sounding as good today as they ever did.

Night Visions
Night Visions
Price: 7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars imagine perfection, 21 April 2013
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This review is from: Night Visions (Audio CD)
Night visions is an amazing album and the only helpful advice I could give is not to buy it. I advise instead to buy the deluxe version for a full 20 tracks and its hard to find a duff track amounts them. The extra few quid for an additional 7 tracks including round and round, working man, my fault and cover up is definitely worth it.

Each track you could draw various comparisons with other top bands. The most obvious being the killers whilst others may remind you of train, the courteeners, even Chris Martin. But don't be fooled, this isn't 're-hashed, 're-cycled stars in your eyes copies, this is fresh, imaginative feel good music.

I honestly had not heard of imagine dragons bar radioactive before the album release but so glad I do now.

A mix of anthems with rousing choruses and energy to rousing choruses and emotion.

A popular music magazine reviewed the album as the killers meet one direction. A bit harsh but you get the idea.

As a massive killers fan I rated battle born 5 stars but this knocks spots off that album. Can't wait to hear more.

Price: 13.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars Have some Dignity, 26 Oct 2012
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This review is from: Raintown (Audio CD)
Nice little package this. How do you make an already brilliant album even better? - Add 38 extra music tracks and 6 tracks on DVD.
Yes thats right in total there are 49 tracks here including some live tracks and remixes plus the 6 promo dvd's all for the pre order price of 13.

It is also well presented - a strong hardback front and back gatefold and sandwiched inbetween there is a glossy booklet containing photos, credits, a piece written by Ricky in May 2012 and lyrics to all the songs here, including the B sides.

Raintown the album in its day, 1987 was a classic.

25 years on Raintown the special deluxe edition is still a classic.

No need to review the album - you all know the tracks - superbly composed from the start, Born in a storm to the end Town To Be Blamed with all the classics, Loaded, Dignity, Chocholate Girl in between.

If nothing else this package just reminds you
1) How good Raintown is
2) How good Deacon Blue sound live
3) How good their B sides were

Go buy it and whilst you are there the When the World Knows Your Name special delux edition aint half bad either
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My Head is an Animal
My Head is an Animal
Price: 6.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars The (real) X Factor, 3 Oct 2012
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This review is from: My Head is an Animal (Audio CD)
After seeing the brilliant video that accompanied the fantastic single Little Talks i wondered if 'Of Monsters and Men' were one hit wonders. i brought the album anyway

This is so different to the run of the mill artists that decorate the CD racks in town. As well as percussion and piano there is a mix of accordions, organ, electric,baritone and acoustic guitar and bass, trumpets and french horn. Add to that the daydreamy beautiful voice of the female lead vocal, backed up equally well with the male vocal.

The album gets off to a flier with 'Dirty Paws' and doesn't let up. Everytime i listen to the album i have a different favourite track. 'King and the Lionheart' and 'mountain sound' will forever be in your head. My current favourite 'Lakehouse' is the penultimate track on the album before 'Yellow Light' rounds the 12 track album up. All decent length songs on here ranging from 3:35 to 5:34.

Some tracks are haunting, dramatic,dreamy, mesmerising,inspiring, fun, folky, moving and just beautiful.

So ' Of Monsters and Men' in my opinion are not one hit wonders - in fact this could easily be a greatist hits album. Go and buy
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The Hipsters
The Hipsters
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 12.65

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hip Hip Hooray for The Hipsters, 2 Oct 2012
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This review is from: The Hipsters (Audio CD)
25 years on from Raintown, Deacon Blue still know how to bash out a good old tune.

From the moment i heard Loaded all those years ago Deacon Blues albums have been in my collection. In the late eighties/early nineties Ricky Ross and the gang released the fantastic Raintown, When the World Knows your Name, Fellow Hoodlums and the ok Whatever you say say nothing. 11 years ago they released their last album Homesick which although containing some decent tracks, that Deacon Blue magic wasnt quite there.

So what would an album after all this time have to offer. I have been looking forward to the release for ages with some fear that The Hipsters would be a bit of a disappointment.

Far from it, this album has ignited my love of Deacon Blue, so much so that i am looking forward to the release of the re-packaged previous albums containing all the bonus material.

A quick run through

Here I Am In London Town - A gentle soulful start to the album (just as born in a storm was to Raintown) with Rickies voice over a piano

The Hipsters - First single release from the album, great catchy track - Shining, Falling, Glistening, Diving

Stars - Ricky and the beautiful Lorraine doing what they do best

Turn - potential single.

The Rest - rousing chorus, deacon blue from any era

The Outsiders - A standout track - one to sing a long to at concerts

Thats What We Can Do - 'We trust, We change, We move, From one place to another, cause thats what we can do, We talk, Forgive, We give - everything that love allows cause thats what we can do.' - beautiful song, well written

She'll Understand- pace slows down a bit on this one but another chorus you will be singing along too with Ricky and Lorraine in tandem

Laura From Memory - Another classy song with the emotional Ross singing his heart out over instruments you could listen to all day.

It Will End In Tears - One of those great deacon blue songs that fill out an album, not a classic but reliable db.

Is There No Way Back To You - Bit of a disappointing end to the album, but could be a grower in time

So -Whats my verdict? - The Hipsters, the album will not race to number 1 in the album chart. The Hipsters and other potential singles will not outsell one direction or coldplay. You wont switch radio 1 on in the morning and hear any of these songs and Deacon Blue will not get any mentions at next years Brit awards.

Do i care? - No - If One Direction are still around in ten years let alone 25 years i will be amazed. You kinda know what you get with DB - GREAT MUSIC, GREAT LYRICS, MUSIC THAT LASTS IN THE MEMORY, SOUL, HAPPINESS AND TEARS.

If The Hipsters can satisfy diehard fans like myself and attract a new audience who appreciate their talents then mission accomplished. I will give it 5 stars and hope it will not be another 11 years until we hear more new material from one of Scotlands treasures.

Battle Born
Battle Born
Price: 4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Battle Born - Make up your own mind but Welcome back The Killers, 29 Sep 2012
This review is from: Battle Born (MP3 Download)
When is the best time to review an album? - after one listen, after a week, after 5 years? I guess the reviewer knows when the time is right. It is difficult to review an album without comparing it to previous albums by that band, but in this case don't.

Just listen to this, track by track as if you had never heard the Killers before, after all, there will never be a Mr Brightside again and Hot Fuss was 8 years ago and had plenty of time to grow.

My early thoughts on Battle Born -a well constructed album containing potential classics.
Buy the deluxe edition as the 3 extra tracks are worth the extra quid or so and that will give you an album with a running time of about 1 hour and 6 minutes

Flesh and Bone- A great catchy album opener, reminiscent in places of spaceman

Runaways - The first single release of the album, at first didnt think it that was the strongest of lead releases of an album and took a while to grow on me, but grow on me it has.

The Way It Was- Flowers really tells a story here -great vocal against a musically perfect backdrop

Here with Me - Feel the emotion on this one- "Don't want your picture, on my cell phone, i want you here with me"

A Matter of Time - Tempo picks up on this one - A typical Killers track

Deadlines and Commitments - Half way through the album already- an ok track - i dont think will be anyones favourite but good nonetheless.

Miss Atomic Bomb - A real stand out, goose bumpy track - Flowers at his best, "Miss Atomic Bomb, making out we got the radio on, your gonna miss me when i'm gone"

The Rising Tide - A track that would feel at home on Sams Town

Heart of a Girl - slow, country influence. Decent track, a real grower

From Here On Out - Shortest track on the album at two and a half minutes, fast tempo, flies by.

Be Still - Easily my favourite track. The band has your full attention -"Dont break character - you've gotta lot of heart, Is this real or just a dream? Be Still, Be Still.

Battle Born - Although the words Battle Born are mentioned on a couple of other tracks - genius to have the album title track as the last one (excluding deluxe edition). A monster of an intro, a monster of a track.
Delux -Carry me Home - a good old singalong, Flesh and Bone - a good remix, Prize Fighter - Springsteenesque finale.

We could go on all day about Hot Fuss, Sams Town and Day and Age -all 3 great albums. This is one to look back on and i am sure will be mentioned in the same breath as its predecessors.

Click 'PLAY' and enjoy an hour of Battle Born, dont compare, just appreciate this long overdue release from one of the best live bands and best album making bands.

5 stars from me Welcome back The Killers

Now That's What I Call Music! 81
Now That's What I Call Music! 81
Price: 9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Are we short of artists, 7 April 2012
i Guess after 81 of them the Now compilation is fully established and the majority of music lovers have purchased at least one.

I have nothing against them as they bring together many different musical tastes and good value for money compared to buying 40 odd tracks individually.

My problem with Now 81 is why artists are duplicated - 2 tracks from Rizzle Kicks?????, 2 from Jessie J, Rihanna featured on a couple of tracks. Is there really not enough variety around at the moment?
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