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GreenLamp 105w CFL Photography Bulb Daylight Balanced 5500k E27
GreenLamp 105w CFL Photography Bulb Daylight Balanced 5500k E27
Offered by Green Lamp
Price: £17.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Truly amazing light output., 24 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought two of these bulbs to illuminate a light tent for photography, but I've been finding more and more uses for them. They are incredibly bright. You can hardly look at them directly. The colour temperature matches UK daylight pretty closely too, so is ideal for photography work.

They get warm, but not too hot. They also make a slight buzzing noise but it's not annoying. I would still give this light 5 stars.

Ex-Pro Photo 28" x 28" Light Tent w/ 4 Colour Backgrounds
Ex-Pro Photo 28" x 28" Light Tent w/ 4 Colour Backgrounds
Offered by ExpressPro
Price: £19.97

2.0 out of 5 stars It works, sort of, but not very good quality., 24 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This light tent looks good on the surface. It's large enough for most people's needs. It comes with several coloured backgrounds, and packs away compactly.

However, there are a number of quality issues with it:

* After setting up the tent, I noticed that it smelled musty. A bit like a real tent that had been packed away for the winter while still damp. Inside are a few black mould spots. These show up on pictures.

* The tent doesn't spring out square. While the pictures might show it as a nice neat cube, this is not my experience. This means that one corner of each side is never flat and items you place inside the tent are always at an angle or fall over.

* The tent doesn't spring out tightly. Some walls are tight, but the fabric on several of them are loose. The ripples in the fabric cast shadows which show up on pictures.

* The backdrop sheets are made from a material that creases easily. Even after resorting to ironing the backdrops, they still have serious folds in them which clearly show up on pictures.

* The velcro fasteners are misaligned and poorly stitched. When I tried to attach a backdrop, it quickly became obvious that the velcro fasteners on the backdrops don't line up with their counterparts on the tent. They are about 1" off, meaning you can only attach the backdrops by about 10% of each fastener and they frequently detach. The stitching is also quite poor. One of the velcro fasteners on the door sheet entire tore off just while trying to remove the door sheet. They are also completely misaligned on the door sheet.

* The bag that stores the tent is also badly stitched. An inch or so of the zip tore away from the bag with very little force.

* Finally there are no instructions. It should be noted that the tent dangerously explodes out of the bag and erects itself instantly at full size while you're removing it - sending anything it happens to hit in the process flying. I had to resort to watching a YouTube video to figure out how to fold it back up. It's not obvious at all. Also there are additional velcro fasteners that don't seem to line up with anything and it would be nice to know what they're for. Finally it would be nice to have some instructions for people with less photographic experience than me on how to use it properly (e.g. light behind the subject with white background, in front with black, etc).

In short, yeah it's OK, but I sort of wish I'd spent the money making my own for half the price out of some white fabric and some parts from a DIY store.

Offered by ClickJunkie
Price: £2.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not fit for purpose. Avoid!, 22 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This would be a good pouch if it actually fit the Galaxy Nexus. Like many products currently available for this phone, they have obviously never been tested with this specific phone, and sellers are using the external dimensions of the product figure out if it fits a given phone (which is completely useless when your phone needs to fit *inside* it).

To be clear, the Galaxy Nexus protrudes from the top of this pouch by a few millimetres so is never fully protected. You cannot use the drawstring to close the pouch because the phone is in the way, so the phone isn't held inside and falls out of the pouch easily. The pouch needs to be around 2cm taller to fit the Galaxy Nexus. The pouch isn't big enough and doesn't work as designed with this device.

Ironically, another product from the same range (a Qubits silicon case) was too big for the Galaxy Nexus and fell off. I'd avoid the Qubits line in general.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Silicone Skin Case / Cover / Shell - Red
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Silicone Skin Case / Cover / Shell - Red
Offered by ClickJunkie
Price: £1.89

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1.0 out of 5 stars Too loose. Falls off the phone when you pick it up., 22 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a very soft silicone case - too soft. When it's on the phone it feels very loose, you can rattle the phone around inside the case if you shake it. If your phone is face down and you pick it up by gripping the sides of the phone, the case comes away from the sides completely leaving the phone dangling precariously by the top and bottom. It may be OK for some people, but I returned it, as I don't feel it's fit for purpose.

Yousave Accessories TM Black S Line Silicone Gel Case Cover For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime Ice Cream Sandwich
Yousave Accessories TM Black S Line Silicone Gel Case Cover For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime Ice Cream Sandwich

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfectly fitting hard silicon case with good styling., 22 Dec. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This case is brilliant. I've experienced some terrible silicone cases over the years... mostly too loose or too tight, become a dirt/dust magnet, holes don't align to the buttons, etc. But this case is perfect. It fits absolutely perfectly, feels good, the styling is good, everything lines up, and it is textures on the edges giving better grip of the phone. I also like the way it makes it slightly more difficult to press the power and volume buttons (I was pressing them accidentally sometimes, not now), and that the raised bevel on the front keeps the screen from coming into contact with a surface when you put the phone face down, thus protecting it more. Love it.

LG F1256QD 1200rpm 7kg Direct Drive Washing Machine White
LG F1256QD 1200rpm 7kg Direct Drive Washing Machine White

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great quiet washing machine, BUT buy elsewhere!, 25 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This washing machine deserves 5 stars, so I've given it that. It is easy to use, very quiet, with an array of programmes that should meet all your needs. I can't fault it.

HOWEVER, Amazon unfortunately use HDNL to deliver it, who in my experience have yet to deliver anything to me on time. Indeed, this purchase was no exception. I had two calls on Thursday from HDNL confirming delivery on Saturday, and I called on Saturday morning to see if they could narrow down the time - they again confirmed it would be delivered that day. Three confirmations in total, including one on the morning of delivery. After wasting half of my weekend waiting in all day on Saturday for it, of course, it didn't arrive. There are campaigns on Facebook begging Amazon to stop using HDNL (and Walsh Western, who are even worse). Hopefully they will listen one day.

Tesco Direct currently have this same washing machine cheaper, so personally I'd advise buying from there until Amazon drop their price AND stop using HDNL.

Pink Leather Pouch Case Xylo-Cover with Pull Up Cord: for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Mobile Phone.
Pink Leather Pouch Case Xylo-Cover with Pull Up Cord: for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Mobile Phone.
Offered by Xylo Uk
Price: £3.65

2.0 out of 5 stars Nice, but doesn't fit!, 13 Oct. 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My initial thoughts on this item was that it looked perfect. It has a clever strap mechanism inside it that would allow you to easily remove your phone... if your phone would actually fit inside it.

My better half has the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 phone whom I bought this case for. It is extremely difficult to get the phone inside this case. It will go in about half way with reasonable force, and maybe 3/4 of the way with extreme force. By extreme force I mean as hard as you can push and you risk breaking your phone. If you lay the phone on top of the case it becomes obvious that even if the phone could go all the way in there would still be around 1cm of your phone sticking out so the end will still be exposed to damage. The magnetic latched flap is only about 2cm wide, so most of the end edge of the phone, especially the two corners, is exposed to damage.

Other people have commented on these issues on different coloured versions of this case.

D-Link DAP-1160 Wireless G Open Source Access Point/Router
D-Link DAP-1160 Wireless G Open Source Access Point/Router
Price: £41.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best access point I've ever owned., 6 Aug. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have owned several stand-alone wireless access points through the years... 2x Linksys, 2x Netgear, 1x Belkin... Also ones built into various routers. I use 3 at any one time - one for B only, one for G only, and one which uses B&G but is firewalled to one device and uses WAP only (that device doesn't support WPA). This gives me the speed advantages of keeping B and G networks apart, and additional security of avoiding WAP where possible.

Most have worked well, but unfortunately, all of my access points started having connection issues with all of my wireless devices. There was no common cause among the equipment and is probably due to external interference, perhaps from the 3 telephone masts that appeared at the same time as the problems occured that are about 30 metres away from where I live. I had tried changing just about every setting - different channels, long pre-amble, etc. to no avail. Overall, most worked well. But what I did noticed was that there is very little measurable difference between the old ones and any of the new super-ones that boast features such as MIMO. For me, I couldn't tell any difference in range, reliability, etc.

So, I decided to go back to basics and try yet another different make of access point - in this case the D-Link DAP-1160.

I've been using this access point for a few months now, and I can categorically state that this is the most reliable wireless access point I've ever used. Even when the other access points drop connection (all at the same time, to several devices) this one stays connected. So that's a good direct comparison.

It's half the size of all of my others, with a much smaller aerial, but it has the same range (as measured by identical signal strengths from all of my access points at long range).

It was easy to set up, although I am experienced with such things.

In short, I'd HIGHLY recommend this wireless access point, even above the others I have used.

It features:
* Setup wizard.
* Various modes (Access Point, AP client, bridge, bridge with AP, repeater, WISP client router, WISP repeater).
* Auto channel scan (automatically uses the clearest channel).
* Security (Off, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA2-Auto).
* AES and TKIP.
* Personal and Enterprise modes.
* Static or DHCP IPs.
* Enable or disable internal DHCP server.
* DHCP lease time adjustment.
* DHCP reservation table.
* MAC filtering (accept or reject lists).
* Adjustable TX rates (6Mb/s to 54Mb/s) or Auto.
* TX power adjust from 12.5% to 100%.
* Adjustable Beacon interval, RTS Threshold, fragmentation, and DTIM interval.
* B, G, or Mixed mode.
* Short or Long pre-amble.
* WMM enable/disable (QoS).
* Save/restore settings.
* Firmware updating.
* Custom firmwares (see note below).
* Watchdog (Pings an IP address every 1 to 60 minutes. If no response then it reboots with optional email alert) - see note below.
* Send log messages to a Syslog server.

One of the things that attracted me to this access point, was the suggestion that you can use custom firmwares. Well, I've looked pretty hard online, and can't find ANY. I have no reason to complain though, as the one it ships with is absolutely fine.

On a related note, I also checked D-Link's site for an updated firmware. What I find odd is that mine states it's running version 1.2 (8/8/2008), but the "latest" firmware on D-Link's site is a lower version number and an older date. So where did mine come from?

Finally, while the Watchdog feature that can email you if a given IP doesn't respond to pings is great, you need to run your own mail server on your LAN for the email bit to work, as it appears to require an IP address on your subnet.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent little product with powerful features., 5 Aug. 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I won't cover what other reviews have already written about in detail. Overall the product is very easy to use and set up, and works exactly as stated.

I used some of the advanced features... I activated Anonymous Call Reject on the unit, and then unsubscribed from that feature from BT - this means the unit will pay for itself in around 2 years.

The "WebLink" feature is also very good. It provides access to every setting, blocked and starred number lists, logs of people that have called you and people you have called, links to look up those numbers on the internet or report to the TPS.

I populated my list of "Starred Callers" (your friends and callers you want to get through automatically) by exporting the phonebook from my mobile phone onto my computer, and then editing the data before copy and pasting the list into the TrueCall website (it's simply one number per line, with an optional name, very easy). This meant I didn't have to manually type in 50 or so numbers, and removed the chance of any typos.

* Easy to set up.
* Works as stated.
* Lots of settings to play with.
* Default settings work very well.
* 1 watt (only!) switched mode power supply.
* More than replaces anonymous call reject, voicemail, answering machine, call recorder (additional SD card with the software on needed).
* Can block all callers you don't want (especially if you switch on anonymous call reject).
* Can block all international calls.
* Will allow all of your "friends" through automatically and invisibly.
* Can screen all other calls by either asking for their name, asking them to press a button (proves they're not a machine), requiring a PIN (prove they know you), or by listening to them on the answering machine, or any combination of these.
* Good and free telephone and email support (I used this to discuss the mains hum, see below).

* The more phones you physically plug into the unit (it says to only plug one into it in the instructions, oh well), the louder a mains hum/buzz gets. I have two phones plugged into it, and it's fine, but as you add more phones (three, four) a hum gets louder and louder. I now use one cordless base station (four handsets) and a wired landline and it's absolutely fine. Note, that you can plug non-phones (i.e. your Sky box) into your wall socket before the unit, so these don't count.
* Picks up interference from cordless phone base stations - you need to keep your base station at least a foot from the TrueCall unit in my experience.
* Will need to pay for the WebLink service after a year - unknown cost. Note here that all the features and settings you really need are provided without the need to use WebLink.
* Weblink will make a short national rate phone call once per week to securely send list of calls made/received, update settings, and download any new firmware. You can turn this off though, and set the number of days between calls, or do it manually.

Settings provided through WebLink (you get this free for one year and the important settings are available through the phone handset as well):
* Shield message (asks for a specific button to be pressed) - on/off/withheld only/unknown caller only.
* Ask callers to say their name - on/off.
* Automatic zap-list removal of numbers you call - on/off.
* Allow international calls straight through - on/off.
* Security level - PIN for settings and messages/PIN for menu only/PIN for remote access only.
* Remote access - on/off.
* Remote access PIN.
* Number of seconds before voicemail answers.
* Beep if new messages - on/off.
* When caller is leaving a message, play through speaker - on/off.
* Give details (numbers, names, etc.) of missed callers as well as messages - on/off.
* Speaker volume - loud/quiet.
* Send list of calls made/received to WebLink service - on/off.
* Caller-ID type - UK landline/cable/VoIP/etc.
* Anonymous call reject - on/off.
* Starred callers only - off/unstarred hear fake ring/unstarred to answering machine/unstarred to enter code.
* PIN Code access callers only - off/ringtone/answering machine/code.
* Caller's PIN code change.
* Zap/Star lists - on/off.
* Call shield key number change.
* Check for network based voicemail (i.e. if you were on the phone and a caller left a voicemail for you) - on/off.
* Call recording (requires additional software on an SD card) - off/selected/on.
* Send zapped caller's caller-id to handset - on/off.
* VoIP adapter (e.g. ATA) - on/off.
* Night shield (all callers not on your star list must press a key if call is made between 11pm and 7am) - on/off.
* Fake not-at-home mode (non-starred callers just hear a continuous ringing tone) - on/off.
* Days between weblink synchronization.
* When listening to messages, also announce numbers of starred callers - on/off.
* Block international calls - on/off.

WebLink features:
* List all incoming and outgoing calls.
* Filter calls by last 2 days, week, month, 3, 6, 12 months, incoming, outgoing.
* Call lists show date/time, incoming/outgoing, duration, number, name (if you entered it on the website for that number).
* Look up (Google) any number on call list.
* Report any number on call list to TPS.
* Export call lists as CSV file (for use in a spreadsheet).
* Edit Zap and Star lists.
* Bulk import numbers for Zap and Star lists (one number and optional name per line).
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Eikon Digital Privacy Manager (USB fingerprint reader) Compatible with Windows 7
Eikon Digital Privacy Manager (USB fingerprint reader) Compatible with Windows 7
Offered by Idency
Price: £69.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very good time saver., 18 July 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Eikon Digital Privacy Manager is a good overall product. It has never failed to read my fingerprint correctly (although I am used to these types of fingerprint readers, so I know how to swipe my finger).

I only tested this with Windows XP and Firefox 3.5, but I would imagine it's fine on Vista and Internet Explorer too.

The box contains the fingerprint reader, an installation CD, and a quick start manual. The fingerprint reader feels quite sturdy and grips my desktop well, but I find it better and more comfortable to hold the front with my thumb while swiping my finger. The USB cable is thin, but a little more rigid than I'd hoped for. This meant that I had to bend the cable a few times so that it didn't lift the reader off my desktop or hold it at a twisted angle. Once that was done it was fine. It's also worth noting that the USB cable is quite long - it should easily reach around the back of a desktop PC under your desk, for example. The reader has an attractive blue illuminated symbol on the front that comes on when the software knows thinks it's a good time to swipe your finger (to logon to a webpage, or to store logon details for something).

The software is very good. It will automatically detect login prompts (e.g. username and password boxes) and if you fill in your details and then swipe your finger across the reader it will then remember your details. If you want to quickly log in to the same place next time you have two choices. You can go to the page and swipe your finger and it will automatically fill in your details. Or, you can swipe your finger from anywhere and you can open a list of places it knows how to log in to, and just select one. It'll then automatically open that webpage and log in. Along the way, it displays popup windows at all stages (e.g. when it detects a webpage with a logon prompt) to help you. Once these start to become annoying you can turn them off.

The software can also take over the Windows login screen, so you can log in by just swiping your finger. It will figure out who you are (if there are multiple users) and automatically log in the correct user. You can turn this off if you prefer to keep your existing login methods (e.g. password or auto-login).

The software initially didn't work with Firefox 3.5. It has native support for Firefox 3.0, but to work with 3.5 I had to download an additional plugin from the manufacturer's website which I found via Google. Even after the plugin was installed, the software confusing still displayed that I need to install the plugin for it to work with Firefox, and on clicking the link it still tells me my version of Firefox is not supported. However, the plugin does work fine.

While on the manufacturer's website, I was a little disappointed to see no obvious ways to update the software for free. The software doesn't have a "Check for updates" option, and the website insists that you purchase any updates. However, it seems I didn't actually need any updates - just the Firefox 3.5 plugin.

For the most part, the software works very well. If it knows about a logon in Firefox, it'll flash the border of the browser red briefly to let you know. It works fine for most websites and all of my Windows network shares.

However, it doesn't detect login/password boxes in some rare cases. These include any webpages that popup a username/password prompt (these are very rare - most sites have a usermame and password form on the webpage itself), but it also includes the occasional normal website login (such as my Plesk login, where it only detected the password box and not the username box) and Firefox's "Master Password" box. I managed to work around the latter by using the fingerprint software for everything, and not storing any users/passwords in Firefox. By comparison, the fingerprint reader I have built into my laptop that uses software called DigitalPersona also doesn't detect or work with these same sites and logon prompts.

The software also has some advanced features, like Security Tokens (these allow you to give a user access using their fingerprint for a limited amount of time), an Application Launcher (this allows you assign the launching of any application you wish to a specific finger), and a File Safe which is a place for you to store files that can only be accessed by your fingerprint.

Of course, if you never user your usernames and passwords again you end up forgetting them. If this happens, there is an option to unlock your usernames and passwords with a swipe of your finger and see them.

Overall, I'm very happy with this fingerprint reader. It certainly saves me a lot of time. I would award 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact it can't detect all website logons and if the software company don't charge for updates (upgrades I'm fine with, but updates I'm not).

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