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5.0 out of 5 stars .The evil half brother to the Moby 'Play' album????, 25 Jan. 2008
This review is from: BEYOND THE PALE (Audio CD)
This is brilliant (I managed to get my copy pre the release date here(!!!)

The Dark Poets have long been an electronic 'outfit' worth keeping an eye on...Their work on horror film 'Cradle of fear' is a cult unto itself - and following up track 2006's 'Crazy' - was a brilliantly frenetic slice of breakbeat death metal silliness - now mix these gothy bunch of dark electronic soundtrack pioneers and throw them into a room with one of the worlds greatest guitarists...

Gary Lucas - who himself has been working with none other than 'Captain Beefheart' since his teens - producing the maddest acid guitar licks both sides of Jimmy Hendrix. Gary also worked extensively with Jeff Buckley (basically writing all his hit material) - a few of the original Jeff Buckley tracks even appear on the album! Gary Lucas has worked with others too...notably Lou Reed, Nick Cave and the bad seeds - let alone Garys solo projects 'Gods and Monsters''re looking at an album worth getting into...

The album itself is a genuine ride through the dark's as if Moby's 'Play' album had a secret adopted evil older brother - who was darker, more serious and not here to mess around...the album starts off with the tracks 'The judgement at midnight' (brilliant) - and is quickley followed by the anthemic 'Primetime' - a perfect slice of unforgiving electro goth rock with suitably dark and catchy vocals by Hunter and Hilliard of the Dark Poets - you know by the second track - this is an album to be taken seriously...

Then - to prove it - Gary break in with 'Breath of Bones' - a dark deep south slice of americana gothic. The Dark Poets then join Gary again for the unrelenting techno track 'The Diabolical principle', over which a disjoined computerized voice talks about the history of government mind control and thought reform in the west.

The album is a sheer work of for the goths and the black brigade this one...

Cradle of Fear
Cradle of Fear
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Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A soundtrack showcasing the best of the Britsh underground, 14 May 2007
This review is from: Cradle of Fear (Audio CD)
Chances are...if you need a little dark electronica in your CD collection - Then this is a damn good place to start. I watched the film around a friends house a while back...and there was much fun and laughter had by all - not the greatest movie ever made perhaps (It's obviously shot on video) - however, you can tell the director had an ambitious vision and some really big ideas - most of which work incredibly well...much to the amusement of my friends and I.

I noticed during the film that it had a rather energetic techno/electronic/drum and bass soundtrack - and was keen to keep an eye out for the soundtrack artists featured on the film. However - thankfully the soundtrack is available here in it's entirety. Having owned the CD for a while - I can honestly recommend it. It has an incredible aura of dark coolness throughout. Although you'd imagine a film starring 'Dani Filth' from Black metal group 'cradle of filth' would feature an entirely 'rock' soundtrack - we have instead an excellent compilation of dark breakbeat - drum and bass and darkwave electronica. My favourite track on the album 'The Dark Poets' incredible 'breakbest Hallowe'en' - which is already something of an underground classic. Also dark and moody D&B tracks from 'dope' and 'calyx' keep the listener glued.

Unlike a lot of electronic compilation albums - there's no rubbish and no fillers...each and every track on this album is strong enough to stand up on it's own merits (although admittedly 'Plastic Surgery' by 'Jezebel' is not my cup of tea.) However, pretty much everything else is flawless...outings by industrial hardcore group 'Lungworm' provide the aggression - as do remixes from the band 'Cradle of Filth'. Thankfully 'The Dark Poets' also make another appearence on the album with the frentic I.D.M track 'It doesn't matter'.

Tracks also by by D&B outfits 'Intense' (sums them up well) and 'Quicksilver' - will keep this compilation on your stereo.

The album is 'Parental advisory' - and features a fair bit of bad language, predominantly because each of the tracks is mixed in with an element of dialogue from the film (sometimes the dialogue is somewhat disturbing...sometimes exceptionally hilarious - the opening of 'the Dark Poets' 'It doesn't matter' for example is very funny indeed.

I highly rate this soundtrack - and would advise anybody thinking of investing in it to do so...also if you're a fan of any of the artists here - you're likely to get on with the other artists on this soundtrack. Dark and pumping stuff indeed. This shouldn't really be considered a 'soundtrack' album - more a compilation of some of the best underground dark electronica doubt the director of the movie and the team behind it had that in mind too.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the UK's best kept industrial secret???, 28 Oct. 2006
This review is from: BULLY (Audio CD)
Although 'bigged up' by the rock music press...I find it strange that 'Mainstream Distortion' havn't been thrust into the limelight yet. Their debut album 'Bully' ticks nearly every box a successful debut album needs to tick. The album opens and crashes into gear with thrash/electronic/industrial track 'Insect' (The album also features a cd video of 'insect' by cult film director Alex Chandon - of Cradle of Fear fame). Following the opening track - you get a pleasing taste for what kind of rough ride you're in for...the whispering aggression of 'my beautiful hate' follows...then into the teen angst digital warfare of 'your kind'. By now - if you havn't been careful you've probably damaged your hi-fi - but if no damage has yet been done - more delicacies await. 'Thrust' (almost pornographic in it's monomanically delivered electronic groans). Glutton - another good track...followed by the anthemic 'Bully'.

'Bully' could genuinely be regarded as an anthem for the dissaffected. It's as angry as an industrial rock track can be...(I hate to say it - but everythings been turned up to '11') This really is a classic track - that if John Peel were alive - he'd be championing. It's worth the money just to own this song alone.

The album continues with cyber-clash 'devil in your eyes' - a distorted chopped up vocal snippet layered over more complex electronic arrangements and grungy thrash guitar. Sad suffering takes the album out of gear and the following 'Golden stars' shows off more avant garde intelligent guitar licks. The album fades on a sombre note with 'she's gone' - which almost sounds like it came off another album....strange indeed.

I can't rate this album enough - why oh why this isn't on every serious music loving teens CD shelf is beyond me...I guess in a world of manufactured so called 'emo bands' - the youth audience are brainwashed by corporate music factorys whilst the real stunners of the year go somewhat unnoticed. (This to a degree would stand to reason...the album is released by Some Bizzare records - the only record company of the last 20 years to genuinely champion serious electronic music....see Cabaret Voltaire, Jim Foetus and Coil, Einsturzende Neubauten, etc)

If you have a taste for the mind-blowingly this album. Dark, digital, cyber warfare at it's most confrontational.
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Bad Boy Bubby [VHS]
Bad Boy Bubby [VHS]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly one of the best films ever made....Maybe THE best!, 1 May 2005
This review is from: Bad Boy Bubby [VHS] (VHS Tape)
...That's not a joke. This is possibly one of the best films ever made. In the UK (or US) Hardly anybody has heard of it...In Australia (A country renowned for filmmaker who think outside the box) -people sit in pubs and quote bits as we Brits may quote parts from 'the life of Brian' (or something equally ingrained into our pop-culture).
It's no suprise really that this isn't a film that's recieved the recognition it deserves. For a start there's the the title 'Bad Boy Bubby'...You'd expect something idiotic and trashy...Blood?..Chainsaws?...low production values? stupidity? ...No...This is about as considered and well crafted as film making can get.
The film is a beautifully crafted, intelligent and eloquent 'essay' on quite number of taboos that we quietly have to deal with everyday-yet simply don't find reflected back at us by the screen (And for very obvious reasons)
For a start...Dont watch this film if you're religious! (Please...I'm afraid you will simply find it offensive)...for those of you that aren't religious...consider the implications that, having watched the film- why it's film that has been 'quietly tucked away'...and realise that it's quite a few years yet before the importance and significance of the movie will be 'palatable' to the mainstream. (If ever!...and that's not an understatement...the film very simply puts a number of things our 'culture' takes for granted into a certain persective...and naturally...there's a lot of people who'd really rather not think it.)
If you dont want to think about the possibly that severely disabled people need to fall in love. Dont watch this film.
If you have spent your life laughing at fat people...or pushing as much of your own personal hatred and anger onto others...don't watch this wouldn't understand...actually...forget that....lock yourself in a room for a month with the film and learn some damn humility.
If you want a dose some of the most absurd humour and pathos backed up by the simple beauty of 'a childs logic'...If you're looking for a clever, well concieved snapshot of the human condition-with no special effects...well...this could be one of the most important films you could ever watch.
They should show this in'd be a far more 'human' society.
Anyway, I really could rant on about this for months...please-Just somehow get a copy of this film (steal if you have to...from the collection plate if you can)
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