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Henrietta Trout: Golden Shifter
Henrietta Trout: Golden Shifter
by Jo Sutton
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Full of adventure and imagination!, 9 Jan. 2015
I'm a little biased when it comes to this book, because I know the author, yet I honestly thought it was a great story. The concept is really fresh and was executed brilliantly, the characters are likeable and realistic, and there are so many funny one-liners and jokes – a lot of which I thought the parents reading this book will appreciate more than the children! There was lots of action and excitement, the plot was interesting and suspenseful, but the best part I think was the characters. Hetty, our main protagonist, and her little sister Bo were so brilliant I wished I had them as friends when I was ten! It was really nice to read a book where young siblings are both involved with the plot developments, rather than one taking the lead the entire time (especially with the love of Elsa and Anna these days!), and I think it helps both older siblings and younger ones (where one can often feel inferior) feel equally important and capable of being extraordinary.

A great story for parents to read at bedtimes – it should inspire some creative dreams!

Trauma - Season 1 - Complete [DVD]
Trauma - Season 1 - Complete [DVD]
Dvd ~ Derek Luke
Price: £7.62

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5.0 out of 5 stars Should have been huge, 10 Mar. 2011
This is the show's only season, and it's such a big mistake. The show itself is so gripping I found myself planning my entire week around watching that week's episode! There's always a lot going on in the medical drama aspect, which is exciting enough as it is (they mean traumas in the literal sense of the word - they've had helicopters crash, bridges collapse, snipers hunting them, cars drive through houses etc), but it's the characters that really make this show great. There's six main characters, teamed up into pairs, and it's how all of them stick together that makes this show gold. They've all got back stories, some of them mixed together, and they delve into these now and again, with as much medical drama as there is character focus. In the first episode, one of the medics is the only survivor of a helicopter crash, and future episodes deal with his PST and hard but slowly crumbling defence attitude. Nancy and Glenn's ambulance is hit by a bus in another episode, and the fear all the characters express really shows how much of a team they are. You've got your few romances too, but just enough to not go overboard.
I loved this programme. I'm not completely sure what it is about it, but I fell in love with the characters, and the episodes were exciting enough to keep me wanting more time after time. There should definitely have been a season 2. Heck, there should have been a season 9 if they continued the way they were going.

Flip Ultra HD 3rd Generation 120 minutes recording, 8GB Memory & Image Stabilisation - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
Flip Ultra HD 3rd Generation 120 minutes recording, 8GB Memory & Image Stabilisation - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Portable Video Camera EVER! (And possibly an alien)., 9 Jan. 2011
I have wanted a portable video camera for ages, so when I finally decided to buy one, I spent hours (days, actually), researching the best one to buy. I can assure you, I looked at every review, every test I could find for every camera that fit the 'portable' heading. This is the one I chose. And I am over the moon happy.

First of all, the size and ease of this camera have to be huge advantages. People use mine and go: "how does it work?". "Just press the big red button," I say. Lots of other cameras do offer different settings and menus, which started to lead me towards them, but in actuality, when I'm out and about and something interesting's happening, I grab my flip and within three seconds I'm recording in the best setting it knows. If it offered different settings, I can't say I'd change it, because the one it has is incredible.

There was just one other factor that was preventing me from clicking the buy button on this. Most other cameras now have 1080p, which is a higher HD setting (more pixels and that), whereas the flip is only 720. BUT, I use but in the good sense here, 1080p actually makes videos a nuisance to upload or send anywhere, because it takes much longer. PLUS, the flip 3rd gen is using 50fps (frames per second), which is actually where the better image is coming in. There's little difference with the 1080, because of this faster frame. So I was back to the flip.

Now, if you've done any research, you'll probably know that the kodak zi8 or playsport is the camera really competing with the flip right now. If you watch video comparisons side by side, the kodak looks brighter and clearer. BUT (I'm using it again), the kodak has a terrible shake issue. A surgeon could hold it and it'll still shake like an earthquake's taking place. So that somewhat ruins the clear picture, not to mention giving you horrendous motion sickness within a few seconds. ALSO, the flip has much better image quality in the dark anyway. The kodak only stands a chance when outside in bright sunshine. And let's be honest, how often in England are we filming outside in clear, bright sunshine? So now the flip was up two: it's shake stabilisation is actually amazing (because it works!) and it was the best camera I could find for filming inside. Which is when you're probably going to be using it most.

There were smaller factors influencing me about the flip too. Its size is brilliant. It really can fit in your pocket and is a joy to hold. It's one of the few cameras that can stand up alone (which for some reason really drew me in). If you want to put it on a side and film yourself, it can do that. Its flip out USB port is so handy too. I originally thought I'd prefer a cable, but I have no idea why now. You can plug the flip into any computer because the software's in it (you're out at a friends, need the video you've just taken? Plug it into their computer and off you go). I'm using a mac and the height fits almost perfectly so that the flip is supported by the desk or table when plugged in. And while you're sorting your videos out, it's charging itself back up so it's ready to go again! It's like a little alien trying to please you all the time. And it takes batteries!

I takes less than three seconds to turn on. Sound from the front and behind (I actually filmed a pantomime on it and you could hear every word) is crystal clear, to go with the bright, clear picture. You can take pictures off the footage too, which I've found look better than conventional photos (no cheesy grins and composure in a video!). The software is great for organising, but I am using the mac's iMovie to edit, but I expect window users could use movie maker (do you still use that?) or something, as the videos are so easy to import. It doesn't get dirty. Mine has yet to have a scratch. The black part is slightly rubbery, so it has grip, plus scratch and dirt control. The case is less shiny than the 2nd gen, so it doesn't smudge or scratch either.

I take mine everywhere. In my pocket, in my bag, I'm ready to film. You can turn the recording light off so no one knows you're doing it (hehe) or wander around vlogging. We're actually using mine to make our video year book with, so it's definitely high quality stuff, even from unbiased people who don't own one.

If you want a portable camera, you want this one. The 3rd gen is THE one to beat. Buy a Flip Ultra 3 Alien today. You'll love it.
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Braun Silk-épil Soft Perfection 3170 Epilator
Braun Silk-épil Soft Perfection 3170 Epilator

41 of 41 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Exactly what I wanted., 28 July 2010
I normally wax and then shave the regrowth, but I was getting so bored with the time it took and the pretty rubbish results it gave me. So I went for an epilator, and I chose this one for the price (as I didn't know if I would like it), because I heard many good things about it and because it says it's 'soft'. So far, I'm not disappointed.
It's a great shape, it fits nicely in your hand (as that is important!). Plugging it in's no problem providing you have a shaving socket. Because it plugs into the wall it doesn't lose any power, so you don't have to worry about it dying. So far we're ready to go.
I'll admit, I was nervous about how much it was going to hurt. Everyone says it does, and to be honest, it does hurt. But not unbearably so. The first time I used it I had it on the low setting, and it just feels like you're being stung many times. But if it gets to much, you can simply lift it away from your skin, so I wasn't worried once I'd started using it. Going faster with it means it picks up less and hurts less, but you have to go over the same patch a few times. I found doing this was better, because then I could go slower when less hair was left, meaning less pain. It hurts less though every time you use it. I've had it a few weeks, and I have no problem using it now: the pain is barely there. You can still feel it, but it doesn't really hurt.
Time-wise, it does take longer than I thought, but no where near as long as waxing, and I think it yields better results. And when you've done it once, it's much quicker, because less hair grows back. It's so much easier than waxing too. It does sort of leave the tiny hairs a bit, but this decreases every time you use it, and it does take quite a while to grow back. I've been exfoliating as well, because that prevents in-grown hair. It takes longer for the hair to grow back each time I use it, so I'm definitely impressed: time is saved, I look better for longer, and less hair is coming back.
I think it's a brilliant product, because if I'm short on time, I can quickly go over trouble areas, rather than use up chunks of time waxing my whole leg. It's really easy to get everywhere, it doesn't hurt too badly (and it gets less each time) and hair is decreasing. Would recommend to anyone: I would be highly surprised if you found better results for this price.

I tried it on my underarms, but that did really hurt. I'm trying for more and more each time until it hurts less. Just a small warning. Try from the outside in, because it's easier to pull away.
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