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by Morrissey
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars Morrissey Autobiography Review, 18 Oct 2013
This review is from: Autobiography (Paperback)
It's been nearly thirty years since I was first hypnotised by Morrissey's words. Defined by their impact, I cannot comprehend who I would be without them or how the lonely teenage years, shut in my room, with only his voice, would actually go on to form the basis of so many of my adult friendships. Like minded souls, drawn together by our mutual love for the enigma that is Morrissey.

Despite my longing to read his self-told story, I wasn't quite sure what to expect but by this epic line on page 10, I was hooked...

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Top 100 Pasta Dishes
Top 100 Pasta Dishes
by Annabel Karmel
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Annabel Karmel's Top 100 Pasta dishes is a saviour, 4 Jun 2010
This review is from: Top 100 Pasta Dishes (Hardcover)
I have been a fan of Annabel's books for more than 10 years. My children have all been brought up through their different food stages with the help of her books and this new addition to her catalog doesn't disappoint. Packed full of dishes for the whole family to enjoy. Quick five minute meals through to freshly made pasta.
This book is an essential to any family.

Mozipedia: The Encyclopaedia of Morrissey and the Smiths
Mozipedia: The Encyclopaedia of Morrissey and the Smiths
by Simon Goddard
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mozipedia - A must read for any Morrissey or Smiths fan, 23 Sep 2009
Everyone who knows me knows that I have been a huge, massive Smiths fan since I was twelve years old. A little too young perhaps but I have big brothers who influenced my musical taste massively (apart from their Iron Maiden and Hawkwind phases that is!)

I cried myself to sleep every night throughout my teenage years listening to Morrissey's prose and queued for hours wearing my Smiths T shirt in the harsh midlands wind and rain with my big bro in the hope of getting into Mozza's infamous Wolverhampton free gig for him to abort a couple of tunes in due to the mobbing of his fans.

That may have been back in 1988 but as some musical tastes came and went I have never stopped listening to Morrissey and The Smiths and I have to admit that it does make me smile when I hear my 5 & 7 year old girls singing along to This Charming Man - or their current fav 'I Have Forgiven you Jesus'!

I have soaked up every written word on Morrissey and Marr through the last 25 years or so years and I know that their music had a huge effect on who I am as a person. That intrigues me.

Who would I be today without that huge influence?

Whilst knowing with adult clarity that my hero was not who he seemed at the time. Outwardly dressing in 'charity shop' clothes whilst blowing thousands of pounds in Richard Creme's Manchester fashion forward boutique.

The Smiths were full of contradictions that as a teenager I didn't have the ability to see. Yet this has in no way clouded how I feel about them or their music.

Morrissey it seems is not a nice man. Prone to firing people through his PA, only to re hire and fire them once again. His fellow Smiths (bar Marr) have all at one time or another been wrangled up with the courts vying for a fair and due settlement of monies made during their hey day.
Alas Morrissey and Marr had failed to put their verbal agreement with their fellow Smiths past a single lawyer and quite rightfully the courts saw their 'agreement' for the true act of bullying that it was.

For once Morrissey's charm failed him and the judge stated that he (Morrissey) was "Devious, truculent and unreliable when his own interests were at stake."

But unable to accept the courts (fair) ruling, Morrissey did what he does best - and turned the whole sorry affair into the controversial track 'Sorrow will come in the end' and took the case to the appeal courts. An action made all the more ridiculous for the fact that Marr didn't contest the courts original ruling.

The case was rejected and Morrissey complained to then Prime Minister Tony Blair (who was not interested) and even more oddly to the Queen! (yes she of all the earlier lets bring down the monarchy 'The Queen is Dead' et al).
Unable to stir an interest with those that he had striven to fall he decided to move to America rather than paying the cash that was quite rightfully owed.

The Smiths - their new legacy, tainted by the money that had seemed so carefree back in the halcyon days of NHS glasses and Gladioli spilling from pockets.

All this aside. Morrissey remains as one of the biggest influences on my life. I have teenage friendships formed through our shared Smiths love that time and distance cannot sever.

I chanced upon one of those stupid Facebook apps recently 'Which Smith's song are you?'
Unable to resist I duly typed in my answers to rewarded with "Reel Around The Fountain" (at least in my personal top five Smiths songs, along with if you are interested - Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me, Never Had No One Ever, I know It's Over and There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.)

My eighteen year old son loves them and my next door neighbour (the only one I have in our little village) is as big a fan as me! My children moaned beyond their days when I announced that I had tickets to this years tour (only for it to be cancelled... a sore throat apparently though he had seemed fine when given that rather uncomfortable grilling on Jonathan Ross's show). They wanted to see Morrissey sing too - and more than Girls Aloud(?!)

I have passed on my love of The Smiths to all of my children without uttering a single word about what they mean to me. Which I guess is proof (not that I ever disputed it) that their music shaped me.
For 5 and 7 year old girls whose regular music tastes go no further than the obvious Hannah Montanna, The Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, Girls Aloud (and the odd bit of Take That). I do find it odd that they know all of the words to (at least) ten Smith songs...

I have been (like a true fan) taken completely away from what I sat down to write tonight - and that is a review of the newest and most comprehensive insight Morrissey and The Smiths.
Mozipedia, is a total must for any fan but be prepared to have your inner beliefs to the trueness of 'the great Morrissey's' gift for putting your inmost turmoil into song rocked to the core as Simon Goddard painstakingly lists all of the movies and plays that some of your top all time lyrics were blatantly lifted from!

Yet still, my love cannot be tainted! Mozipedia is quite simply one of my favourite books of all time. The only downside is that my enjoyment of it has been restricted to home - as it's just too big and heavy to stick in your bag to read on the train (perhaps his enigma is fading for me, there was a time when that wouldn't have bothered me at all!)

I can only marvel at Goddard's thorough and unrelenting shredding of everything that I believed in during my teenage years but I really struggle to put the (huge) book down.

If you love The Smiths - or someone you love, loves The Smiths - there is no better declaration of your love for them than buying this book.
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Annabel Karmel Family Cookbook Spring 2009
Annabel Karmel Family Cookbook Spring 2009
by Annabel Karmel
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Annabel Karmel Summer Bookazine is fab, 17 July 2009
I just love this range of bookazines from Annabel Karmel. They are a kind of cross between a magazine and a book at a really affordable price. They are quarterly and each one is packed full of original seasonal recipe ideas for the whole family to enjoy. A good way to continue to enjoy Annabel's fabulous food as your children grow.
I had so much fun making the bunny cookies with my children!

Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner
Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner
by Annabel Karmel
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £10.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best weaning book, 14 May 2009
I bought this book when I was contemplating weaning my first baby as I didn't have a clue where to begin - and it quickly became my feeding 'bible'. The recipes are simple to follow and easy to make and I really enjoyed working through them and introducing my daughter to new foods.
Without it I would never have thought about cooking up batches of foods to freeze and use when in a hurry.
I have recommended this book to so many of my friends. Without it I am sure that I wouldn't have had the confidence to introduce such a diverse range of foods into her diet.

The Coochi Coocoose Baby Bathing Apron/ Towel
The Coochi Coocoose Baby Bathing Apron/ Towel
Price: £24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Coocoose a must have product, 13 Aug 2008
This is quite simply one of those products that as a mum you cannot do without. It makes bathtime so much easier due to the fact that you have two hands to bath your baby. If you are looking for something to buy a new mum then I cannot recommend the Coocoose enough.

bibi day-time BPA Free silicone soother, cherry shape, Tiger, (6 months+)
bibi day-time BPA Free silicone soother, cherry shape, Tiger, (6 months+)
Offered by The Planet Store
Price: £7.25

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars This dummy is top class, 9 May 2008
I have been through so many dummies with my four children and I have never stayed loyal to a brand - until now that is. The Bibi soother looks so funky and my daughter absolutely loves it. It is also not made from Bisphenol-A, which is a nasty chemical that is widely used in baby bottles and dummies.

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