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5.0 out of 5 stars the truth about our origins, 7 April 2012
Available for under US$10 from the author's website (free sample chapters are offered), Dorey has written 3 books based on stunning details found within the complex Dogon stories, reaching back through time immemorial, about our true origins: "The Master of Speech", "The Nummo" and "Day of the Fish", in that order.

In the Dogon's ancient and secret religion, rarely revealed to outsiders: something went terribly wrong at the beginning of humanity. Humans were the result of a failed biological experiment.

In this book the author provides amazing information about our origin and how, since then, our true ancestry has been deliberately hidden from us. In her second book "The Nummo", Dorey focuses on Dogon symbols misused by secret societies and how the Dogon religion underlies many tales and myths throughout history. Her third book "Day of the Fish" links alien visitations to our original worldwide Goddess religion and to most of the world's major religions.

Here, Dorey explains that aliens known as the Nummo (or Nommo) came to earth long, long ago because their world was dying. There was no intelligent life on earth back then. The Nummo's androgynous, but mainly female, physical bodies were not suited to earth's conditions so they needed to create a hybrid. They combined their immortal DNA with that of mortal earth animals to form an intelligent, androgynous and immortal earth/nummo crossbreed into which they planned to incorporate their consciousness so they could settle here.

The Nummo had the highest of intentions but, as they then discovered, the animals of earth carry part of the eternal essence of the earth which was corrupted when the Nummo tried to force their own essence into earth/nummo hybrids. Instead of Nummo souls activating all hybrids, corrupted essence controlled some of these bodies.

The Nummo realised this experiment had gone badly wrong when one (or some) of the hybrids turned out to be both mortal and evil (somehow neither spiritually linked with them nor with the earth). The Nummo eventually understood that the immortality of their entire species had become endangered. (Actually their mistake was so complex it was connected to the very fabric of the universe.)

They left for another solar system where they created 8 new androgynous and immortal earth/nummo hybrids in experiment 2, each with different DNA combinations. This also went wrong, but this time because of an "unauthorised" love affair between the 2 most genetically mismatched hybrids, which led to all 8 fleeing to earth. Unfortunately, experiment 1 had ended in worldwide devastation here.

The Nummo sent a group back to earth and covered the planet with (essentially) "corrosive foam" (and this is the core of the flood myth) that cleaned up the ecological disaster in what was known as the "scrubbing". Also, through the most genetically perfect of these 8 hybrids, they regenerated humanity in experiment 3.

"The Word" in Dogon religion symbolises DNA, which is a kind of language, so this ancestor of humanity is called the Master of Speech (but should have been Mistress of Speech) and is essentially identifiable as Mitochondrial Eve. In the field of human genetics this Eve is the maternal ancestor of all living humans, traced back to Africa about 150,000 years ago.

To a certain extent, the mistakes were quasi-repaired. However, the Dogon identify the taking of earth's DNA by the Nummo as theft, or even rape, and we - the results of these 3 experiments - are still suffering from the psychic traumas, which included that cataclysmic destruction during experiment 1.

The Nummo are expected to return again and the controllers here (the evil, psychopathic bloodline descended from Merovee, the child of the "unauthorised" mating) are terrified of this upcoming event, known by them simply as The Return. So terrified, that major media efforts - particularly Hollywood movies, using archetypes and symbolism that affect our subconscious - are currently underway to brainwash us all into believing that the Nummo are evil and demonic. This will not be difficult as the Nummo are ugly and green, with long fish-like or serpent-like tails. They look nothing at all like us.

Humans are separated from the eternal essence, severed from the truth of the universe. The "truth" we follow is manufactured to give some meaning to human life. The Return, expected by those in the know, is a continuation of the Nummo's work to right their wrongs.

As Dorey's books stress: the Nummo are actually purely spiritual, immortal beings who are very compassionate. Experiment 1 may have been their only hope for continuation as a species. They did everything carefully and lovingly. They went to great extremes to try to fix their mistakes despite the further, major setback in experiment 2.

Finally, in experiment 3, when the Master/Mistress of Speech (partly mortal, partly immortal) was said to be sacrificed to regenerate humanity, they had to remove some of their DNA from the hybrids. This took us back to earlier existence and made us mortal (and two genders), so that we could evolve into immortality and spirituality as we were originally meant to, had there never been any interference. (Since that time, so long ago, much else has happened.)

If you are the kind of person who requires evidence, please don't read this book as it will only anger you. (I wonder, though, whether you require proof of everything else you've been told? Have you seen a germ with your own eyes? Have you yourself checked incontrovertible evidence of traditional historical time lines fed to us at school? Just asking.)

If you are excited by SF/fantasy or conspiracy research and/or appreciate opportunities to perceive differently, you may find Dorey's books fascinating. Do these books reveal truth? In our current world where is the proof of anything that is beyond your ability to personally measure or check?

What is clear is Dorey's impressive translation of the Dogon symbolic religion into language we can understand and her connecting prehistoric Dogon symbols to those of so many world religions, myths and stories.
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Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World
Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World
by James DeMeo
Edition: Paperback
Price: £29.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars scholarly masterpiece, 9 Aug. 2011
This is the excellent review from The findings from James DeMeo's Saharasia show that

* Human Violence is Unnatural.
* Perpetual War is Not Inevitable.
* The Human Species is By Nature Loving, Cooperative and Peaceful.

This is the largest and most in-depth scholarly study on human behaviour and social violence around the world which has ever been undertaken. The findings cover the entire globe, from early prehistory into modern times, integrating on world-maps a full sweep of standard research data from the fields of archaeology and history, plus an in-depth cross-cultural review and mapping of data from over 1000 distinctly different human societies, from standard anthropological data bases. It employed standard cross-cultural correlation tables on over 60 different variables, plus geographical mapping and quadruple blind research procedures to insure objectivity, and all the basic starting assumptions are clearly elucidated in advance.

The work also incorporates his own personal field research in the deserts of the Middle East and Southwestern USA. No great knowledge of maths or scientific methods is required to follow the logic and research to their conclusions, though the book is clearly written for scholars. An early period of generally peaceful social conditions is documented in prehistory, but with a major shift towards patriarchal-authoritarian and decidedly violent social conditions across the Saharasian region after a major climate-shift from wet grassland-forest conditions towards harsh desert conditions at c.5000-4000 BC.

Major epochs of cultural diffusion are also presented on maps, showing how violent patriarchal authoritarian, sex-repressive and child-abusive behaviours were carried outward from their Saharasian origins to nearly every corner of the globe. It presents previously-unknown geographical patterns in dozens of different human behaviours, beliefs and social institutions representative of human violence and warlike aggression, such as slavery, castes, genital mutilations and a low women's status.

The findings have been praised by many, published in scientific journals and magazines, cited repeatedly, but in largest measure have been willfully censored out of the discussion by most within the editorial power-circles of modern academics and mainstream journalism, which continues to embrace the flawed and disproven theories of "violent genes" or other "original sin" concepts. None of those theories, nor anything like them, can stand in the face of the evidence presented in this book.

Unplugging the Patriarchy
Unplugging the Patriarchy
by Lucia Rene
Edition: Paperback
Price: £16.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars truth - hope - glory, 23 Nov. 2010
A brilliant overview of the patriarchal system on the esoteric levels absorbingly explained in the form of an astounding spiritual adventure about reversing the workings and constructs of the patriarchy. The author writes in several places about receiving golden healings; amazingly, as I reached those parts of the book, I found myself sharing these fabulously tingly and divinely feminine energies.

Told in the form of a fiction story, it nevertheless feels like non-fiction to anyone with shamanic, or similar inner-journey, experiences. Much of this book reverberates truth; the writer may have been concerned about criticism from those who cannot accept the deeper workings of the mystical tour offered here. Yes, there is also rather a lot of new age jargon, a surprisingly masculine approach, and a lack of humility - although if it IS true that just 3 women figured out the patriarchal system and channelled the immense energies required to undo the imbalances, humility would be inappropriate.

The book is also highly moral in pointing out how we each carry personal responsibilities for the current extreme imbalance in the female/male energies; that we have all - male and female - colluded in allowing the male energy to dominate the last few millennia. No victims here, although this aspect is not addressed in any real depth. In fact there is a disappointingly general (worldwide, not just in this book) lack of understanding about personal involvement - the only deep study I have ever come across is the "Right Use of Will" series of books by Ceanne DeRohan.

Refreshingly, much of this esoteric voyage, both inner and outer, takes place at heart level. It appears strikingly authentic - except for the last quarter (part 4) of the book, which is at a shallower head level (it's the only part that seems messy and unconvincing), until it reaches the last 3 chapters of the book and reverts to that wonderfully deep heart level. It is rare - and delightfully pleasurable - to come across a book written at this level.

Overall, it is an enchanting and gloriously gratifying book.

The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back
The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back
by Sidra Stone
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.91

5.0 out of 5 stars powerful, 24 Oct. 2010
This book enabled me to identify and release a patriarchal/matriarchal attachment about a decade ago. A month later I suddenly realised that a whole set of limiting beliefs about men were no longer operating within me nor controlling my attitudes to, and relationships with, men. Not just personal but business relationships were easier and have remained so.

I've given and received sessions in many kinds of spirit/energy-work over the last 2 decades including past life, healing, soul retrieval, spirit rescue, spirit attachment/release, and on and on. I still consider this particular session, over a decade ago and inspired by this book, has created THE single most powerful and measurable change in my decades of working on myself.

The colleague who supported me in this particular session, a powerful sensitive, was in turn supported to release her own similar (in type, but otherwise very different in feel) attachment. She recently commented that it had also created the single most powerful change of all such work she had ever done, which prompted me to look for this book, to recommend to a mutual friend of ours. In the course of doing so, I realised I simply must post this somewhat belated but well deserved review.

Gyn/Ecology: Metaethics of Radical Feminism
Gyn/Ecology: Metaethics of Radical Feminism
by Mary Daly
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars one of the most important books ever written, 14 Sept. 2010
I first read Daly's work decades ago and then somehow lost sight of it - yet, when re-reading this book, I could not understand why or how this had happened (but of course life happens).

Her work is indeed brilliant. She sees through to the core of this patriarchal world and her book is a merciless expose of the atrocities committed against women by men. Telling the truth about patriarchy requires the ugliness of men's evil deeds to be uncovered, like picking up a rock and seeing the squirming, slimy worms hiding underneath it; nevertheless she is not about hating men but about hating the world they have created (don't you?) and she is all about loving women.

In "Gyn/Ecology" Mary Daly (RIP) explores the methods that have been used to keep women bound, showing a relationship between many seemingly disparate phenomena including Nazism/fascism, Indian suttee, Chinese footbinding, genital mutilation (Africa and Arab countries), European witchburnings and American Gynecology (modern medicine - with its chemical and surgical "cures" for the disease of femaleness - now being understood by many but Daly was far ahead of her time when this book was first published in 1978) - how all these evils are proof of the deep hatred of male for female.

Daly explains in each of these types of hate-cripplings & hate-killings how the basic elements were/are identical:
1. fixation on "purity";
2. erasing male responsibility (Chinese mothers broke and bound their daughter's feet and African/Arab mothers excise their daughters' genitals, etc. This is done to ensure daughters' respectability and marriagability but it creates hatred of mothers);
3. how the maiming/killing spreads from upper classes to lower, in pyramid fashion;
4. women used as token torturers (in modern medicine, the nurses and the few women doctors - again creating hatred of women);
5. obsessive and repetitive (reptilian) in a compulsively orderly manner, with a fixation on details, which serves to misfocus attention from the fact of phallocratic evil;
6. all of the horror and dissipation/misfocusing of energy quickly becomes accepted as normal and remains so for hundreds, often thousands, of years;
7. the sado-ritual becomes legitimised by researchers and "scholars" who write with indifference and detachment and who minimise the sadistic nature of these acts - the basic cultural assumptions which make the atrocious ritual possible and plausible remain unquestioned, and the practice itself is misnamed and isolated from other parallel symptoms of the planetary patriarchal practice of female maiming and massacre - erasing their significance.

Worldwide and for thousands of years, four methods have been essential for mystification in the games of the fathers: erasure of women (massacre of millions of women as witches has been massively erased in patriarchal scholarship), reversal (Adam gives birth to Eve, Zeus to Athena, in patriarchal myth), false polarisation (male-defined "feminism" is set up against male-defined "sexism" in the patriarchal media), and divide and conquer (token women are trained to kill off feminists in patriarchal professions). Deeper and deeper layers of these demonic patterns are embedded in the cultures, implanted in our souls, and constitute mind-bindings comparable to the footbindings which mutilated millions of Chinese women for a thousand years.

From this book and also the second half of "The Great Cosmic Mother" (also a classic) I really felt deeply how all men need all women to be unhappy, that they need the energy sucked from women, who are the natural energy-creators - whilst denying what they are doing. The historical facts are well-researched and supported thru direct quotations from men who have perpetrated and defended the torture & killing of women in the name of "culture". Daly strongly refutes the argument that one society cannot judge the practices of another, proclaiming that the lives of women take precedence over such constructs as culture.

One of the most important books ever written.

Left in the Dark
Left in the Dark
by Tony Wright
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars fascinating brain information versus suspect historical claims, 15 July 2010
This review is from: Left in the Dark (Paperback)
The main premise of this book is that the left side of the brain creates a false version of life, overriding the reality perceived by the right side.

In Chapters 1 and 4 the authors refer to modern research showing that, when unfettered by the left brain, the right brain is far more capable than generally accepted. For instance, it is responsible for multi-level functions, originality, imagination, deep thinking, self reflection, musicality, enhanced visual acuity, and even the ability to heal more quickly.

It turns out the right hemisphere actually possesses far more complex abilities than the left but these are normally held in check by the left's inhibitory control, which increases with time. To illustrate, child musical prodigies and mathematical geniuses can lose a measure of their fabulous abilities as they get older and their left hemisphere control becomes stronger. Because of this increasing left brain dominance over time, we also get more fearful as we age, even though for the most part it is kept below the surface.

In chapter 4 the authors explain the left brain is actually dysfunctional and, because of it, we may even struggle with two realities. One is a right hemisphere reality based on true perception and experience and the other a left hemisphere version based on verbal stories it has made up to cover up conflict and in which it believes totally. Shockingly, research on damaged brains reveal we routinely make our decisions subconsciously but our left brain (conscious) rationalizations of these choices are pure fiction.

So, the left brain doesn't really experience reality at all and will always lie to maintain its subjective version. It appears disconnected from a truer perspective provided by right hemisphere function, meaning our whole lives may be based on denials, suppressions, and lies - we are all insane, in other words. As the authors point out: is it any wonder that our interpersonal relationships (individually, as groups and even nations) are fraught with difficulties?

The authors claim that the right brain enables peak performance whilst the destructive behavior of humanity is due to left-brain dominance, completely ignoring the large part played by our reptilian brain (the oldest and smallest region of the brain) which is blindly instinctive and responsible for ritualistic behavior, survival fears, domination/attack/fighting, preening and mating.

In chapter 6, the final one, there is a muddled exploration of processes that can reduce the restrictions of the left hemisphere. The authors in passing mention techniques for actively engaging the right hemisphere: visualization, mantra, meditation, dream techniques, use of consciousness-changing chemicals, refining nutritional intake and opening to the 'subtle energy' of spiritual locations such as cathedrals, stone circles or waterfalls. They claim that when humans started eating grains the production of melatonin and the size of the pineal gland were both reduced and refer to womb research showing that less melatonin is associated with more testosterone which creates greater masculization of the brain (in both sexes), in turn resulting in reduced social skills in life.

They believe that our long-ago ancestors suffered changes in brain chemistry that made the left side of the brain dominant over the right. While this might be correct, the greatest pity of this book is that the authors did not stick to left-right brain differences, which by itself would have made a wonderful book. Instead in chapters 2 and 3 they indulged in wild theories, presented as fact, pushing the benefits of a raw-plant-diet via completely unsubstantiated versions of anthropology and prehistory. They allege, for instance, that human teeth are mainly adapted to eat fruit and plant matter when in fact our teeth show we are omnivores, capable of eating either meat or plant foods.

There is no basis in anatomy or physiology for their assumption that humans are pre-adapted to the raw-vegetables-only diet. In fact, although vegetarians will hate this, there is actually much more basis for eating a high proportion of saturated fats (yup, saturated) and organic meat, as explained in books like "Trick and Treat" (fully backed up with research).

In chapter 5 the authors return to making wild claims, this time about fertility, which in humans has about a 5% success ratio to sex whilst in animals it's nearer 95%. A raw-food-diet apparently reduces libido in men, which appears to be seen as a benefit as "we are addicted to sex" (I'm betting most of us wish we were!). They consider chemicals like steroids, melatonin, serotonin, DMT, MDMA (ecstasy). They refer to the "second brain" in the gut, which contains a highly complex neural system and displays a great degree of autonomy. In a rather convoluted way, they try to link all this to what they allege was the original fruit-and-leaves diet of our forest ancestors. The valid claims in this book are tainted by far too many wild claims with hardly a shred of evidence behind them.

I was tempted to deduct 2 stars for chapters 2 and 3 and some parts of chapters 5 and 6 but on reflection felt 4 stars was deserved because of the original thinking evident in chapters 1, 4 and 5, offering their fascinating genius-right-brain hypotheses.

It's also worth knowing that, in "Walking Your Blues Away: How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being" by Thom Hartmann, he refers to research showing that learning to read and write (especially before age 7) actually creates left-brain dominance which also creates more disconnection from the emotional and empathic right-brain side. This means that we become more willing (or even driven) to use violence, particularly men against women.

Because literacy changes how our brains are forming as we grow and develop, we have no reference point for understanding how we may have been had we not grown up literate, and thus no ability to truly understand or empathise with nonliterate and nonviolent societies. The result is that we assume that nonviolent societies can't really exist, and that our type of brain development is "normal" for the human race.
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Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More
Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More
by David Icke
Edition: Paperback
Price: £16.59

46 of 57 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Imprinting, Denial & The Fall, 17 May 2010
This book should not be overlooked by anyone puzzled by the insanities reflected in this world, but equally it is not for mainstream readers who however should know that David Icke now receives standing ovations. His events sell out months ahead, proving that the corporate-owned mainstream media cannot fool everyone all of the time.

Icke shares esoteric information beyond most of what has been published elsewhere, hence 5 stars. I did however consider whether 4 stars would have been more appropriate since even Icke does not go far enough in the understandings that are necessary before we can begin to set right what has been rent asunder by buried belief systems that have been running us from our subconscious mind. However, he certainly deserves 5 stars for getting as far as he has.

Still, excellent as his information may be, actually, Icke doesn't even begin to consider the implications. If we are all one (as he repeats many times here), then "them" and "us" are all one too, which means we are they, at some level. (And no, that wasn't easy to say, since I mostly hate "them" and wish them the same slow, painful, and powerless death we experience, misleadingly called "getting older". Then I wonder how much of my own hate they are reflecting: what a vicious circle...)

Near the end, when Icke mentioned "denials", my heart leapt in hope - he'd worked out that "they" are reflections - of our denied hatred and other deep denials - but he turned out to be referring to our mass denials of the totalitarian world we are increasingly living in. He is not wrong, but denial goes much deeper, and is far more twisted, than is recognised...

For instance, "Left in the Dark" by Graham Gynn and Tony Wright shows that the left side of the brain creates a false version of life, overriding the reality perceived by the right side. The left brain doesn't really experience reality and will always lie to maintain its subjective version. It appears disconnected from a truer perspective provided by right hemisphere function, meaning our whole lives may be based on denials, suppressions, and lies - we are not sane, in other words.

Michael Tsarion, a revisionist historian, also offers a huge body of work on the real story of mankind, much of which can be listened to for free on youtube. Although he doesn't have everything right, he is probably the deepest thinker on our true and hidden past. He too understands that humans are not really sane: his belief is that we were deeply psychologically wounded during a global catastrophe thousands of years ago. He claims the world is mad, mad as hell, and again he is not wrong in this.

Icke has learned about the tragedy that happened to humans long ago - The Fall - but does not seem to have even a glimmering of what could have caused it to happen. Make no mistake, we ourselves had plenty of input into our Fall. This input has been identified by Ceanne DeRohan, whose "Right Use of Will" (RUOW) series of books feel deeply into "original cause". She explains how imprinting, or the blueprint in the subconscious, underlies everything and how we are all imprinted in ways that we have never been able to move past, no matter how hard we have tried.

Derohan's last book, "Feelings Matter" (which was mentioned to Icke), is in fact all about our reptilian brain, which Icke discerningly identifies in his book as a major factor in this mess. (BTW, why is so little attention paid to the limbic brain, the feminine aspect, in all this?!)

I happen to know that years ago the whole RUOW set was delivered to Icke's office in the Isle of Wight, but they don't appear to have touched him in any way. A pity, because we have little chance of creating the freedom Icke devotes his life to regaining without the understandings offered by DeRohan's unique body of work, nor can Icke hope to grasp the roots of what we are experiencing without a much deeper understanding of denial.

The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering The Religion Of The Earth
The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering The Religion Of The Earth
by Monica Sjoo
Edition: Paperback
Price: £14.99

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars a feminine masterpiece, 2 Dec. 2009
This book is obviously a labour of love, an important and powerful book.

I'm going to unashamedly quote from other reviewers of this book because they have already said it so well, starting with: The authors seamlessly integrate every branch of the social sciences - drawing heavily on anthropology and also on biology, history, comparative religion - you name it. Much theory is presented as fact, but this actually so in all works of scholarship.

Dubious? Take a look at "The Hidden History of the Human Race" by Cremo, which does a tremendous job of exposing the high degree of subjectivity that is involved in screening and evaluating evidence of the presence and lineage of modern humans. It credibly calls into question the established timeline and path of human evolution. The open-minded nature of its approach is unusually refreshing in a field typically defined by unreasonably hardened opinions and condescension.

Anyway, back to this book, which is intelligent, lovingly written, insightful, well researched, and remarkable in the interdisciplinary nature of its scholarship. It is a precious and rare source of validation for the feminine force, the co-creator of the universe, an adventure in discovery. It is a unique and critical examination and radical deconstruction of patriarchal religion and the devastating effects it has had on humanity and the natural world.

A must for all critical thinkers.

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
by Barbara G. Walker
Edition: Paperback
Price: £19.13

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars superb, 5 May 2009
Superbly researched, intelligent, and with a delightfully ironic take on the embarrassing convolutions of patriarchal versions of religion.

As other reviewers put it so well: "So absorbing I got utterly lost in it for hours and hours" and "This encyclopedia documents the subversion of global matriarchal cultures. It is immaculately well-referenced, much more so than the contrived versions of history that have been force-fed to us" and "a celebration of womanhood ... and an objective description and comparison of the assorted mythological deities worshipped over the millennia; what people believed - and how so many beliefs are mirrored in different cultures - different names, same stories."

The Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of a New Era
The Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of a New Era
by Steve Taylor
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.69

4 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars fascinating overview of how humanity went from happiness to misery, 27 April 2009
This is an inspiring and thought-provoking book. The author offers an excitingly different interpretation of history and of how the current pathological world culture was created. For over 100,000 years the world was seen as a paradise. People were in touch with, and felt part of, the essence of nature.

Contrary to current propaganda, life was highly civilised: completely peaceful (no evidence of any fortifications), abundant, sharing, caring and happy. (Don't you find it distasteful that archeologists actually specify that a site must have been fortified as part of the evidence for whether or not it is civilised? Surely a LACK of fortifications, indicating a peaceful culture, is MUCH more civilised...)

So, what happened?! Somehow, about 6,000 years ago, certain humans changed; the reptilian brain took over (although this is not how the author describes it - he uses the much-bandied term "ego" although no location in the brain has ever been identified for this). The reptilian brain is reliable but tends to be rigid, compulsive and - most of all - hierarchical. For those controlled by their reptilian brain, survival depends on domination and status.

Such peoples revere war and killing and can never get enough of it so, in just a few centuries, our world of peaceful, egalitarian, hunter-gatherer cultures was (so easily) taken over and became controlled by life-hating hoodlums obsessed by greed, domination and violence. All women and most men (except those at the very top) effectively became slaves. So began the kind of world where the top 1% own 98% of the earth's abundance and the rest must struggle. This Fall was virtually overnight and still continues today - aren't we all (wage) slaves?

The book skillfully blends history, psychology, sociology and spirituality to produce a radically different account of history that is not only thought provoking and enlightening but also enjoyable to read. This is a revolutionary view of why the world is in such a sorry state, how we got here, and a way out. (The last is where I disagree - research is increasingly showing that this horrifying reptilian brain domination is substantially due to the rigid way babies are being birthed and then looked after in their earliest years, as lucidly explained in "Feelings Matter" by Ceanne DeRohan.)

It might also be worth taking a look at Michael Tsarion, a revisionist historian who offers a huge body of work on the real story of mankind, much of which can be listened to for free on youtube. There is also Frank O'Collins of - amazing version of history and a fantastic body of law. Note that I am not saying they have the right version/s, I am just asking: what if it was the way they say it was, rather than the way we were taught in school?

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