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Taylors of Harrogate Espresso Coffee Capsules Nespresso® Compatible Colombia Huila (Pack of 6, Total 60 Capsules)
Taylors of Harrogate Espresso Coffee Capsules Nespresso® Compatible Colombia Huila (Pack of 6, Total 60 Capsules)
Price: £17.94

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Flavour = good, Look and Feel = Substandard, 29 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These are very nice in flavour and a really good thing to see other manufacturers making coffee capsules for Nespresso machines now that the patent for the capsules has been opened up to all. I would however say that the statement on the product about reduced packaging is a little rude and incorrect! There's not only MORE packaging on these but the capsules are made from plastic and foil so cannot be recycled. My point being if you're going to make a song and dance about the produce being better, then make it better - simply put Taylors are barking up the wrong tree here. Not only this but it's not like the capsules are any cheaper by much margin than original Nespresso ones.

Although the foil doesn't seem the same quality of the OEM Nespreeso items they seem to work ok, albeit a little stop start with some capsules. The machine I have is the Nespresso Pixie

The flavour is very smooth and I like the fact they make a good espresso or watered down they also make a great americano if put thru on a long and short button press with a shot of milk (makes half a cup). With the fact the flavour is so good I would have rated them a 4 but the fact of the matter is that if you buy some of the other capsules and empty them into another container you'll end up having a game of russian roulette as they all look the same. The original Nespresso capsules do at least have the names and colours of the capsules allover them to allow you to see which one you are using.

Great coffee but please change the wording in your product description or pricing if you want to come into the "buy our capsules" over original Nespresso items because.......... <--- ill in your answer here ( is it A) Our products are cheaper then original OEM or B) Our capsules are better because....) In a nutshell you'll need to really like the coffee or be a tailors fan to pay the same price for a what appears to be a lesser product, having tasted them for free I like them but wouldn't have take the punt with my own money!

FURTHER TO THE ABOVE - Now 60 Capsules in to the batch, my Nespresso Pixie now seems to lose half f the best Crema into the catchment tray. The pods don't seem to be sealing in the machine area properly. For this they get marked down, I also agree with some other reviews on strength as these are fairly mild too. Not the strength suggested.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Nov 6, 2015 4:10 PM GMT

Tefal Cook4Me Smart Multi Cooker CY701840, Interactive Control Panel - Black
Tefal Cook4Me Smart Multi Cooker CY701840, Interactive Control Panel - Black
Price: £169.99

6 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Re-inventing the wheel and well done too., 27 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Some very good points and a few bad points…. Lets start with the good as there’s more of them to go at. For convenience from a cooking, time saving and less washing up perspective this is very well accomplished. I would describe it straight off as a up to date computerised pressure cooker which has bells and whistles.

I cooked a risotto in this for the first attempt and all I can say it WOW, 8 minutes of cook time to get the end result I would have to constantly be standing over the hob strong and adding stock. The end result was pretty impressive given I hadn’t beat all the starch out of the rice to make the risotto creamy. Soups are just as easy and I have also crafted my own Tarka Dal in it too.

The keep warm functionality is great too, I found it doesn’t keep cooking your food, it does actually keep it warm without drying it out. Using the dial wheel to select things is all very easy too, the only option I struggled with initially was selecting the off button.

This device is not a slow cooker, quite the opposite - the sort of person that would but it could well be the same as this has good value in a bedsit or flat with lack of cooking facilities. You could easily get by with a microwave and one of these. And yes you can even cook a chicken in it too, it’d need to be a small one or jointed up to fit it in but it works and takes less than half an hour too.

The less great things with this are price, a unit that costs this much needs to have more inbuilt recipes or functionality to add more in a very easy way. fine I can adapt recipes and put other items into preselected recipes but that not quite the same. Storing under a cupboard is ok but every time you want to use you’ll need to pull it out other wise the lid won’t open enough to operate it - then there’s the steam release which you won’t want under your cupboards either… The unit is quite big so if you have a small kitchen with lots of other counter top gadgets you’ll need to think about this prior to purchasing it.

The name should really be Cook4Us as the phrase Cook4Me indicates it’ll cook just for me alone, it cooks for 2, 4 or 6 persons at a time. Therefore if you want to use it to cook for one you’ll be having larger portions an wasting more food than you need. There is a review online from one of the UK’s leading food critics, I feel he has some fair points but the unit is better than made out, overall the put off factor is the price combined with a limited array of inbuilt recipes.

I've always been put off by having a 'pressure cooker' and never thought them safe to use, this is of course my opinion and you get used to the way you cook, this is an automated one which allows you to leave it well alone and there's no scary noises or surprises when using it either.

If you want to really speed up your cooking and are the sort of person that loves good food but really hates the hassle then get one of these and add a garlic press, onion chopper and great veg peeler. You’ll be knocking out meals that take 30 minutes plus traditionally in minutes. From and OCD point of view the front panel is not central it has more depth on the right hand side for some reason, not a reason to not buy it but does make it look odd. Could also do with angling the screen upwards for adults stood at a normal height, you end up bending down to use it.

Rexel Mesh Bags with Black Zip (Pack of 10)
Rexel Mesh Bags with Black Zip (Pack of 10)
Price: £20.80

4.0 out of 5 stars Handy woven bags for varying uses., 27 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Very handy for documents (especially travel documents to save them creasing easily) and filing of other items which could include stationary or recipes. My only reservation is the material (plastic) resembles that of outdoor material type greenhouses available in garden centres, because this fabric over time gets brittle and leaves the fabric in tact but lots of holes. This could be different so don't quote me on that as the review is based on low usage.

Needless to say they are of high quality and the zippers are not flimsy either - should stand the test of time.

Russell Hobbs 21800 Clean and Clear Pro Window Cleaning Vacuum, 130 ml - White and Blue
Russell Hobbs 21800 Clean and Clear Pro Window Cleaning Vacuum, 130 ml - White and Blue

5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Near perfection but more used than just a window vac, 8 April 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I’ve been looking at these for some time and after hearing good things from other people knew it would be worthwhile. From what I can tell it looks to be very similar or almost identical to that other well know black and yellow brand!

In the box you get a spray bottle, two vials of cleaning solution (20ml each), two microfibre window cleaning pads that clip onto the spray bottle, two different sized vacuum heads, the window vacuum itself and a nice compact charger.

The battery lasted about 10 minutes from its shipped state, I charged the unit up which took just over an hour from recollection, this then lasts somewhere in the region of 30 minutes.

The cleaning solution (20ml) will fill the small spray bottle with an additional 210ml of water. Therefore with both vials you get enough solution to clean an average 3 bedroom semi-detached house inside and out with a little left over.

Good points are the ease of use, you leave your window frames and window sills dry and free from puddles that an ordinary squeegee would leave. Noise levels are pretty quiet too, less noise than the old hand held dust busters.

Bad points, I’d prefer to see the charger being a standard kettle lead and inverter to charge the battery built into the vacuum, this would save the confusion of which adapter fits which unit you inevitably have these days… The shape of the unit is ok until you have a sticky our radiator almost level with your windows sill, a deep windowsill such as a bay window or patio doors going right to the floor, this is because the issue you now have is you cannot angle the unit properly. In these instances you end up having to go sideways for the bottom section. Not that much of a problem but it’s just awkward. Would also like to see more cleaning solution provided.

I found out that you can use this for all sorts of things, I did put half a glass of water into my wooden floor somewhere around 200ml and this unit vacuumed it up in around 5 seconds! Perfect for parties with spillages… I quickly rinsed my back garden glass patio table and then sprayed with the window solution and vacuumed it dry - streak free in less that a minute! Kitchen cupboard doors were looking a little greasy, a quick wipe over with a kitchen cloth then vacuumed left them streak free, they reflect a lot of light and you can usually see all the cloth marks, not now! I will more than likely use this on my car too.

If you have old windows that suffer vast condensation this also help that problem, whizz over them with this to remove the standing water from ruining your windows. Overall I’m more than impressed and with a couple of design changes for the points raised above this could be a 5 star item.

Canon Powershot SX530 HS ( 16.8 MP,50 x Optical Zoom,3 -inch LCD )
Canon Powershot SX530 HS ( 16.8 MP,50 x Optical Zoom,3 -inch LCD )
Offered by DB Technology srl
Price: £244.45

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Super bridge camera and well priced, 8 April 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Firstly I have to say that this camera can take a little abuse, the couriers decided to start this part of the product trial process for me, being away for the weekend they ‘delivered’ the item into a ‘safe place’. This was over my very high side gate and left in a wet puddle to get slightly more wet overnight! Upon opening the amazon box, the manufacturers box was also dented as one corner was properly stoved in and this box was also fairly moist! Never the less the camera worked like a charm and still does. Courier test complete and passed…

The camera itself is well accomplished, I would however like to see RAW File formats on here, to me a bridge camera is a unit that offers great zoom and features of a SLR without all the lens swapping / still has easy features to guide you across when your ready to. Missing off the RAW Format is a big for me, this further demonstrates the power of photography giving you a second chance at the photo.

Zoom range is incredible and even at the long end of the 50x zoom (which I think is equivalent of 1400mm zoom lens, or should I say telescope!) the detail in the recorded shot is pretty good, we’re not talking 1D crispness here but the the kind of results this camera is intended for. Focusing is pretty fast but lacks a little accuracy and speed in lower light conditions, patience is the key and ensuring that you don’t fully depress the shutter button until you see your in focus. Depending on what your shooting you will see chromatic aberration, this probably isn’t a major concern given the audience it is intended towards, you’ll have to be really picky to notice. For anyone not knowing what this is don’t let it concern you, it’s merely to do with crispness of parts of your image.

The battery could be bigger in my view as I think there’s more room for it where it fits, the battery is no bigger than you used to see in the icus range the same size as a deck of cards (the icus that is!), the battery is also powering a lens motor so to save on usage whilst out and about I tend to leave it powered on between shots. A full afternoon at a local aviary and some 200+ pictures I’ve still got 1/4 of the battery left. Perhaps I am being greedy wanting a bigger battery but I do feel it would benefit from it.

Button layout could be better, the on / off button is not in a brilliant place for me, medium sized hands and short nails. i feel I have to pretty much dig my nail in to switch it on. Also I keep mixing up the zoom in / out button for the on / off switch as this is where Nikon SLR switch is located! The zoom button doesn’t feel like it has a end point as such, it rotates perhaps 20° in each direction but gets increasingly harder towards the end of the press, i’d prefer a definitive end point. Changing the ISO levels is easy and less hassle than I’ve experienced on other cameras. Again the little joystick style button could be slightly bigger for people that have hands larger than a 12 year old…

Other good points which are minor but good, lens cap clipped to a strap so you don’t lose it! goodness knows how many I’m up to with other cameras! Remote shooting via Canon Camera Connect iOS App, this sets up in seconds and allows me to view the content in the card and shoot remotely via Wi-Fi. The good point with this is that it’s not just a remote trigger, you actually get to view what’s in vision of the camera on your phone display, just like connecting via USB with older models.

Video recording is good but don’t think you can replace a reasonable HD video camera, this is still a stills camera with added features. What it does do well though is refocusing that many other don’t do at all and some other make excessive noise when doing so. Again it’s not as fast at doing this as a dedicated video camera but it aint too shabby! if you’re into stills more and still want the capability of some HD video then this is a fairly good choice.

Would be nice to see cameras coming with more comfortable straps these days, they haven’t moved on in 15 years. The material is harsh on your shoulder after a few hours of carrying, not from the weight of the camera but other items you have on your shoulder like rucksack etc. I have had stretchy foam padded straps with clips built in from the states previously and these were cheap as chips, be nice to see bigger companies looking at all aspects of the gear in the box and not just the camera.

Field Punishment No.1 [DVD]
Field Punishment No.1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Fraser Brown
Price: £7.99

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Truth and horror of war, 3 April 2015
This review is from: Field Punishment No.1 [DVD] (DVD)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Without going into the intricate details of the film like many other reviews I feel it pertinent to share what it invoked in me and why I wanted to watch this. Being a huge fan of fact based war movies and having relay enjoyed the likes of Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

You get to feel the emotion of the characters immediately and the thoughts and feelings they are going through, not the biggest budget movie you'll see by far but the acting is great and you can start to connect with the plot and where's it's going easily. Throughout I was gripped and 'kind of' enjoyed the way it was portrayed due to its true believability.

If you're into war movies with truth and want to connect with the movie this is right up your street. I'd like to share more but feel that it would spoil the movie, take my word for it that you will connect and be fed truth, put this along with reading other reviews you'll know whether it's for you or not.

Philips GC7635/30 PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron - One Perfect Temperature, 240 g Pressurised Steam Boost
Philips GC7635/30 PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron - One Perfect Temperature, 240 g Pressurised Steam Boost
Price: £132.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Trying to be too clever, never the less a good start at improving this type of product, 3 April 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Upon receiving the initial brown amazon box you can tell it’s smaller than most steam generator irons. This in itself if you were to compare them side by side (this one to older different brands) would have you thinking it was the lesser model. Needless to say that size isn’t everything and this model proves this.

Unboxing is a doddle, not too much gubbins’ to unpack. The iron is the carry handle as it locks in place onto the base. So long as the latch doesn’t easily break this will remain a great feature. It feels a little dubious when I filled it full of water though. Water filling is supposed to be effortless by simply opening the little hatch at the front pointy end of the iron. Filling up and emptying the water pre / post usage as outlined in the manual is awkward, as it requires tap water and not filtered getting the filling spout under the water is tricky and then having to carry the iron back to the sink is frustrating, a pull out water system like others that are available saves anyone with a bad back having to pick up the extra weight.

Bundled with the iron are two of the water filters, these are fundamentally philips version of a brits water filter and about the same size of a Maxtra filter. I assume giving philips a little credit here is that the filters do a little more than a standard water filter to prevent all forms of limescale. My previous steam generator iron did take about 9 months of my very hard water (pH 7.2 and upwards) before it started calc’ing up, this was without undoing the anti-calc thingy-me-bob either. Therefore I would go as far as saying that you could probably push the several month usage of the cartridges a little further. I say this from the point of view that you have already shelled out for the iron and you then have the running costs of the filter system to keep up with. I will report back in several months with an update on this front, something that cannot be reviewed instantly…

There’s only a few buttons on the base, power, start and Eco, this keeps the ironing simple and dare I say it man-proof! The iron works out what you need and it does the rest! You can even leave the iron flat on the ironing board and walk away without any risk of burning the ironing board / cover as the iron adjusts the temperature itself as its designed to do so.

Steaming, very powerful and continuous too, the only issue is the delay, other steam generator irons I've used int he past (some 4 models of different makes) are almost instant. At first I figured it was due to this being new and the anti calc filter sorting itself out, after an hour of ironing this proved it was the design. Simply put if you started pressing the button to steam (or double click for boost) you could have done the shoulder area and half of the T-Shirt before the steam comes out, at this stage you place the iron down to adjust the garment and guess what, the iron is still steaming away due to the lag. You pick the iron back up and it's stopped steaming giving you the lag factor once again. This for me is the real show stopper and gets very frustrating. I will add that this is one of the more budget steam generator irons that has some other trickery up its sleeve too but not steaming when you need is a real flaw! Not so much pure steam but pure delay.

All in all a great device but you could potentially get better with less of the issues I note above. I fell harsh scoring it a 2 but only just about merits a 3 star review...

Essentials EC Meter
Essentials EC Meter
Price: £42.36

4.0 out of 5 stars Comes with a case, works every time. Keeps its accuracy between calibrations., 2 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Calibration is very easy but I do feel the unit is highly priced compared to some of the other good named brands such as HM DIgital. None the less it's hopefully going to stand the test of time. It takes around ten seconds to give an accurate recording. The lack of buttons neither make it better or worse to use in my opinion, it makes you read the manual to know how operation works! I use this for hydroponics but it will also be useful in aquariums too.

Oral-B Vitality Plus FlossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush
Oral-B Vitality Plus FlossAction Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush
Price: £29.86

4.0 out of 5 stars Great brush at a great price, 2 April 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The unit itself is vey standard across the Braun range, some have a few more bells and whistles but is more really required? Being more than happy with the basic functionality of the brush and lack of battery power until it’s about to run out completely is good.

It features a 2 minute notification indicator system in the form of a simple and effortless slowing down and speeding up of the brush head to indicate you’ve been brushing for the optimum 2 minutes. The brush will keep going after this so no panic that you’ll have to turn the brush back on, it’s merely an indication of the duration you’ve been brushing for.

New brush heads are very good and feel quite firm in the mouth compared to normal short bristle variety. I did get a little gum bleed in areas that weren’t used to the new style of brush head but this stopped after the first few brushes (a day or two). The new brush head features plastic strips that aid the bristles in removing debrit.

Charging is simple, plug the supplied power chord and charger base into a shaver outlet or plug socket converter (not supplied) and after a few hours the brush will be back to full charge status.

My only gripe and this goes for the entire range of this style of brush is the shape of the unit. Why oh why would you design it to be narrow at the base and larger at the top, Aesthetically it looks fine but from a functional side it tends to be the first thing to fall over if you brush past it, it’s like trying to stand a pen upright. Overall though a well accomplished electronic toothbrush and at a great price. Loses a mark for the design mentioned here but from a usage side it is super.

Cole & Mason Beech Wood Precision Grind Windsor Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set, 12 cm - Black Gloss
Cole & Mason Beech Wood Precision Grind Windsor Salt and Pepper Mill Gift Set, 12 cm - Black Gloss
Price: £30.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Looks great, feels great and works better than you'd expect, 26 Mar. 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Beautiful quality as always from Cole & Mason. Presented in a gorgeous box these are a great gift for any occasion.

They grind and adjust precisely as they should do, profiled with salt and pepper these are hassle free grinders that are finished in a great gloss black, almost a piano black finish. This is a little negative point if you have a guest (or yourself) that uses the grinders with slightly unclean or very greasy hands, they are then left with residue on them and if you're like me you'll be constantly cleaning them to keep them looking pristine.

When it comes to grinding you also don't have to keep cranking them round and round to get a good amount out of them, I would go as far as saying that using these you are probably only having to grind 2/3 of what you normally do with a standard brand grinder, I guess this is because they are precision instruments and as soon as the discs / teeth crushing the salt and pepper is emptied it is instantly replenished with their technology. You certainly do get what you pay for!

I would however have liked to see the actual grinders featured in the mini almost too small to read manual that is attached to each grinder but that is as nitpicky as I can get with them.

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