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Under A Blood Red Sky/Live At Red Rocks
Under A Blood Red Sky/Live At Red Rocks
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 21.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Glorious!, 4 Oct 2008
This is a great and very honest record! and, as someone here said before, it was made at a time when U2 wasn't that monster that is now. In terms of music, this is a pure, total and absolute rock and roll album. Damn! wish I was there...compared to the Pop Mart or the Vertigo tours, "Live At Red Rocks" is superior. It comes 25 years later to justify why U2 is among the greatest bands in rock. Personally, my favourite songs are "An Cat Dubh" - "Into The Heart" and "11 o'Clock Tick Tock".

Recently, when it was released the DVD "Vertigo 2005: Live from Chicago", it was those two songs (An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart) the ones that meant something for me, because I saw a moment of true communion between The Edge and Adam Clayton as long as they were playing those was like both of them were transported for one moment to the 1983 days...days of honesty and rock and roll.

That's what "Live At Red Rocks", the DVD, offers...honesty and rock and roll. Buy it, the packaging is nice and if you already have the remastered versions of the first 3 albums, then you got to complete the collection.

BBC Sessions
BBC Sessions
Price: 7.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Indeed, a very good band!, 1 Sep 2007
This review is from: BBC Sessions (Audio CD)
I am very happy to own a CD copy of this album. When it was released for a digital download, I felt a little sad because I am a real fan of Ocean Colour Scene, and an important record like this deserved to be printed on know, as some people still prefers a vinyl instead of a CD, I go for the CD instead of the MP3 format.

Well, the recordings date from 1990 and 1996-1997, the best years for OCS. And the selection is great. The sound for the first 4 tracks makes you reconsider if their debut album wasn't that good as they said. But the versions to "The Riverboat Song" or Ronnie Lane's "The Poacher" are worth too. These recordings sound more, let's say, naked. But "Riverboat" reaches some unespected sound as if it was played in a forest at midnight and around some fire with acoustic instruments...I don't know, it sounds good!. Highly recommended.

Weary & Wired
Weary & Wired
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 13.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Marc Ford is the `blackest' of the Crowes!, 12 July 2007
This review is from: Weary & Wired (Audio CD)
WEARY AND WIRED is the most rock and roll album from a former Black Crowes member. When I heard Rich Robinson's PAPER I thought that he was the owner of the Crowes' sound, but after listening to Marc Ford I found that I was wrong. He's a gifted funky guitarist and also a good singer.

With influences by Hendrix, Tom Petty and the Crowes, this album is a great choice for any rock and roll, blues or soul lover...let's support the man buying his record, he wont disappoint you!

Price: 12.47

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5.0 out of 5 stars Yes, they are back!, 19 May 2007
This is a very good album of pop-rock songs. Ocean Colour Scene has grown. Steve Cradock (I insist) is one of the best british guitarists right now. "Go To Sea" is among the highlights of this record and it reminds us all that rock and roll music and guitar playing are one for the other.

The influences and the style are clear. Calling them retro is meaningless at a time when bands like The Kings of Leon, Jet or The Strokes enjoy some success with a sound that's far from being new. The important thing is to deliver good songs, and Ocean Colour Scene knows how to make them. Maybe this is an advantage of being the non-favourites of the critics and count with their own record label, so they have all the freedom to play what they (and us) like.

"You'll Never Find Me" (a song that reminds me of "I'll Follow The Sun" from THE BEATLES FOR SALE) or "Don't Get Me", which features Simon Fowler's harmonica and the sing-along catchy melodie are going to be part of the classics by the band that delivered us "This Day Should Last Forever", "Foxy's Folk Faced" or "The Day We Caught The Train".

"Lonliest Girl In The Whole Wide World" could've been written as a B-Side for the MOSELEY SHOALS singles, just like "Huckleberry Grove" was. Another favourite is "These Days I'm Tired", an acoustic song with touches of the early 70's progressive songs with a melancholic sound.

The bassist Dan Sealey and the other guitarist, Andy Bennett finally receive their opportunity for being part of the recording of this whole new studio album. Sealey also makes his debut as a songwriter with "Man In The Middle" and the result is a good guitar-based song. Maybe the new blood of Ocean Colour Scene will lead the band to a new big time.

So I can say that ON THE LEYLINE surpassed my own expectations. It's a better album than AN HYPERACTIVE WORKOUT... or NORTH ATLANTIC DRIFT. It was ten years ago when MARCHIN' ALREADY went on to knock down Oasis from the # 1 in the charts; and this is what I see, a band marchin' already good again!...a quality album, buy it!

U218 Singles
U218 Singles
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 7.26

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4.0 out of 5 stars A good collection of songs, is that simple!, 9 Dec 2006
This review is from: U218 Singles (Audio CD)
U218 is a good collection of songs. It was designed to fit into almost everyone's taste. There's not a `wrong' song on it. Why?...well, just because every song on this compilation is a hit. Long time fans will condemn it to perdition, they will tell you that THE BEST OF 1980-1990 and 1990-2000 are better collections...and it's true! but that's not a reason to say that this album is a bad thing.

It opens with "I Will Follow" and then the chain of hits is unleashed: "Beautiful Day", "With Or Without You"...etc. The album offers two new songs. Both of them could've been better, I think neither the collaboration with Green Day or "Window In The Skies" are going to become U2's classics.

With this recent U218 celebration, there's a lot of stuff being offered. A single CD, a CD plus a DVD, a DVD...but the best of them all is the book "U2 BY U2"...that was designed for the long time fans!.

But U218 The Singles is a good choice por those who want to have all the best known songs in one record. The booklet has the lyrics and the packaging is a nice one. So if you're looking for that good gift for these Christmas, this one is going to make it for you.

It Ain't Easy (Expanded & Remastered) (International Release)
It Ain't Easy (Expanded & Remastered) (International Release)

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5.0 out of 5 stars It ain't easy to find a masterpiece!, 19 July 2006
This is one of those great albums that not everybody will have the opportunity to discover. I mean, if you wasn't there when John Baldry played guitar in Wardour Street, with an old hat full of pennies, and doin' that Boogie Woogie music, maybe you will lose the chance to listen to it. I wasn't there of course! and I am not sure how did I get the recommendation for "It Ain't Easy" but it has been one of the best albums I've ever bought.

It begins with what has been known as Baldry's biggest hit...and what a starter!..."Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll". It's pure and absolute rock and roll indeed! but the blues and the best pop music are present too all along this record.

"It Ain't Easy" is a song that I first heard with David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust album, and Baldry (With Maggie Bell on the vocals) does a great version of this song in a Stone The Crows' style.

The first part of the album runs produced by Rod Stewart, so if you love his Faces' Era it wont take you long to love this record too. And the other part, produced by Elton John is as good as the first one. It's more oriented to the pop side of the music, but it doesn't sacrify quality. It's curious, but there's a version of a Faces song, "Flying" under Elton John's production, very enjoyable by the way. And that smooth masterpiece, "Let's Burn Down The Cornfield"...WOW! it has it all, piano, guitar, feeling!.

It could be his voice, raised somewhere in the Mississippi and similar to Joe Cocker' if they were drinking some whisky or brandy just before they began singing, but the fact is that this guy knew how to do the blues!. I am glad to own a copy of this give a click on "Order Now" and don't forget to put it into your buying cart!

Live On The Riverboat
Live On The Riverboat

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great recording!, 21 Jan 2006
This review is from: Live On The Riverboat (Audio CD)
This is so simple. Two guys, their voices, a guitar and percussions...Simon Fowler and Oscar Harrison, the 50% (It was then) from Ocean Colour Scene playing a very enjoyable collection of songs. The crowd gets mad about them and we do too. It's one of those records that was made with the heart.
It has some of their greatest songs: "The Day We Caught The Train", "I Wanna Stay Alive With You" or "Mariner's Way" just to mention a few. But the best of this album is that makes you sing along and feel very comfortable, even if this band is not your favourite group.
So take your seat, be sure you're on the front row and have a good drink! Cheers! this will be an intimate evening with two good musicians.

As Is Now [CD + DVD]
As Is Now [CD + DVD]
Offered by Townsend Records
Price: 5.30

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great return of a living legend!, 14 Nov 2005
This review is from: As Is Now [CD + DVD] (Audio CD)
“As Is Now” is something like a statement of how the things are going to be done by Paul Weller. The future seems to be good, The Modfather and his band (White, Minchella and Cradock) returns with this album. It has the classic Weller style, but it sounds fresh. Again, Jan “Stan” Kybert is the producer, so from that point of view this album is very linked to “Illumination” (2003). But the reminiscences of “Wild Wood” or “Stanley Road” and the earlier Weller are present.
The first two singles “From The Floor Boards Up” and “Come On/Let’s Go” are really good. “From The Floor...” reminds me of “Vertigo” by U2...that kind of song is this one!, 2 minutes and 27 seconds of frantic rock and roll!. When U2 released that song many people said that the band returned to their “Boy” (1980) days, someone said here too, Weller returned in some way to his days with The Jam.
But since the very start the album catches you. “Blink And You’ll Miss It” opens with a classic riff by Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene) who has been playing with Weller for more than 10 years and has reached his maturity as a lead guitarist. “Paper Smile” is a song that could’ve been included in “Stanley Road” (1995), very similar to the self titled song on that album. “Savages” takes some of those days too, it’s one of the highlights on “As Is Now”, as a fact, it could be a single with no doubt.
Another good song is “Here’s The Good News”. A pop song with Weller on the piano and some horns behind; the Small Faces and the Beatles influences are there. In the same line is “I Wanna Make It Alright”. “Fly Little Bird” is an acoustic track with touches of Neil Young but it could have been arranged by McCartney too.
“All On A Misty Morning” is one of my favourites from this record. It starts with an acoustic guitar, almost a spanish one and unleashes a very rhythmic song with an easy to remind chorus. “Bring Back The Funk” is the funky (Obviously!) song from the album. The whole band pays a homage to the sound developed by some artists like Nile Rodgers (Chic) in the 70’s.
In general, it’s a great collection of songs. I think this album is better than “Heliocentric”, “Illumination”...even better than “Heavy Soul”...maybe I’m wrong, but I found this one a great buying. It didn’t disappoint me. We have Paul Weller for the future!

From The Six Corners
From The Six Corners
Offered by hifi-media-store
Price: 9.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great return!, 16 Oct 2005
This review is from: From The Six Corners (Audio CD)
After their debut album "Clear The Decks", Mick Talbot, Steve White and Damon Minchella return with this album, a very good one indeed. But this time they have some additions to their sound.
"Clear The Decks" was, basically, an instrumental album. It's very similar to a Corduroy album with touches of Booker T & The MGs. And now, they have included vocals. Kelly Dickson has come to give a soulful and a funky sense to the Players. I remember an Acid Jazz band called Incognito in the 90's, and I found their style in "From The Six Corners". But songs like "Find Your Way" show some other influences (Hendrix, Buddy Miles and Santana).
The album opens with "What's Your Problem?" and I would say that there's not a single problem with it. It reminds me of Macy Gray and the old days bands like Cold Blood. The next song "No Big Deal" goes in the same line.
Aziz Ibrahim (Who was part of the original lineup in their 2003 debut) plays guitar in "All The Good Things", and one of these good things is Mick's playing the keyboards in a very relaxing song. Now, Ken Papenfus is the guitarist (The first time I saw him was in Paul Weller's DVD "Studio 150", and he does it very well), he also sings and contributes in the songwriting.
The album is a fine work, it would be a shame if it doesn't reach a commercial success because it has everything to achive it, but the best of all is that "From The Six Corners" doesn't sacrify quality. That's something to have in mind!.

A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad
A Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad
Offered by westworld-
Price: 12.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars You got to listen to this one!, 3 April 2005
Like the good wines, Ocean Colour Scene is back with a great album. Maybe its title is a bit rare if we take a look to their past records, but that's something that I will not discuss. Now as a trio and with the collaboration of Dave Eringa as a producer (Manic Street Preachers, Starsailor, Ash), this band bring a good collection of songs. "Free My Name" is the first single. It has a sound and an arrangement very "Motown", going in the same line as thier past single "Make The Deal".
"Drive Away" is a great song, it passed unnoticed for me at first listening, but it's a real jewel, not only of this album. It reminded me another great song: "One" by U2, maybe it was its mood, maybe it was its sound. Anyway, this record has also some good covers. "Wah Wah" (George Harrison) sounds revitalized, not different to the original. "Start Of The Day" caught me since I heard it as a clip on the group's offcial website. It's a cover too, and even when I haven't heard the original, this is a good song. And in the final track "My Time", Oscar Harrison (Drums) makes his debut as a lead singer in an OCS record, and he does it very well.
In "Waving Not Drowning" the band has some special guests: Paul Weller & Jools Holland. And the result is a quite good acoustic song, it has it all: guitar, piano, harmonica...with an style very Rolling Stones (Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers) in its sound.
The classic rock-and-roll song from the band is "Everything Comes At The Right Time", the opener. A good guitar riff from Steve Cradock, very "sticky" this song, if you take my meaning. Just as "sticky" as "The Day Should Last Forever" with a great fiddle arrangment. A "good mood" song this one. And the whole album is a well done work. Maybe the weakest point of it could be "I Love You", a song that some of us knew when the band released "Live: One For The Road" last year. Maybe it's not the kind of song that fits Simon Fowler singing as well as others.
But, as a review I want to say this: it's simply a great record from a band, very under-rated and it's a good chance for them to get back to the spotlights. Buying it will not dissapoint you, I bet you wont be dissapointed...believe me.

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