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5.0 out of 5 stars You have to listen alot, but it becomes fanntastic!, 13 Jun 2001
This review is from: Amnesiac (Audio CD)
If you read many of the scathing reviews of this album beware, this is radiohead we are talikng about. Having set themselves very high targets with Ok Computer and Kid A its very hard to judge in context how good this album is. But, i can safely say its better than what any other band could produce and is really very very good, any fan of innovative rock music must have this album.
Packt like sardines, the opening track combines warm synths and a funky electroica feel. Another outstanding opener and is reminiscent of Everthing in its right place and idioteque.
Track two as with most radiohead albums is the best (pyramid song). It is a contender for the best radiohead song since Ok Computer. It has an incredibly difficult time signiture but the moody pianos and strings make it unforgettable. But most importantly, it has the most inspiring thing in music, a radiohead climax. Absolutely amazingly fantastic.
Track three (Pulk/pull revolving doors) is in a word - weird. Don't just leave it out but know that this is very hard to listen to all the way through simply because the sounds are so coarse.
Number 4, You and whose army? best demonstrates the diversity of the album. It is very old fashioned. At the start its just acoustic guitar and thom which sounds as good as ever. It builds into a nice climax with the whole band joining in. It's quite a nice short and simple piece.
Track five "I might be wrong" is very funky with a very cool riff and good tempo. Just as you think its gone on for a bit too long it stops and out of nowhere comes thoms bird like voice and a beautifully harmonic ending. One of the most beautiful moments on the album.
Track 6 is "Knives out" and it is simply an outstanding song. It is the basic three guitars, bass and drums and is reminiscent of Street spirit. It is very easily to listen to and probably the second best song after Pyramid song.
Next is a remake of Morning bell, one of the best from Kid A. This version doesent quite live up to its sister-song due to a lack of the climactical ending but is just as eerie and frightening.
The next song is "Dollars and cents" and is another brilliant song. It has a nice build up to the point of multiple thom's voices working incredibly together. It has a very cool bass riff which isn't too repetitive and still keeps the electroic and experimental feel.
Track 9 is the short instrumental "Hunting bears" Like Treefingers from Kid A this is hard to listen to all the way through. It is very slow and repetitive at the start but then gets really good towards the end when the harmonies kick in.
Next is like spinning plates and is absolutely fantastic. Again it has a diffucult beginning with sounds reminiscent of Pulk/pull, because of this people don't really listen and it is the most underated song on the album. Towards the end beautifully soft keyboards with amazing harmonies work prefectly with thom's amazing voice. Truely fantastic, dont let the beginning put you off.
The last but by no means least is "Life in a glass house" a absolutely cracking new orleons funeral march style song but with a bit of radiohead angst thrown in. This is the third best song on the album, a more traditional style and very emotional. A fitting ending to an amazing album.
Every Radiohead album i've heard, ive not liked straight away. It always takes a while for you to realise just how good it is. I used to think Kid A was too weird and disjointed when i first heard it, now i think it is the most amazingly flowing masterpiece of music since Ok Computer.
Some of the songs don't seem as good as others on the first listen but perceviere and they will all join together and flow effortlessly to form one beautiful album.
Just for Pyramid song it should get five stars, just for the fact it has many outstanding songs it should get five stars, but im giving five stars cos i know as i listen, it will get better and better and better.

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