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Price: 5.95

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1.0 out of 5 stars Terrible quality - broke before it even got used once., 29 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
You'd think it would actually get me through its first plane trip - it didn't even make it through take off.

Now, I never give bad reviews on products, but this was ridiculous.

I got on the plane, found my seat, and reached into my hand luggage to take out this neck pillow, only to find it had a small tear to which THOUSANDS of white tiny micro beads came SPEWING out of it, all over me, the plane seat, and the contents of my bag - to which I recieved quite a few funny looks from people who probably thought I was smuggling what looked to be cocaine!!!! I tried to stop it, push my coat over it - but any movement made it spew even more. In the end I shut the bag and apologetically dusted myself off, dreading the transit through Dubai of all places where you get arrested just for carrying painkillers. There were things in my hand luggage that I NEEDED for the journey but I was too scared to open my bag because of the SPEW of the trillions of beads. My journey was far from an at-ease start, and very, very uncomfortable.

And so, then, the curse of the tiny white beads began. They got into EVERYTHING. In all my documents, my passport, my medication, my change of clothes for the 18 hour flight, in my friends' apartment, and in my hotel room, and of course, I'm still finding the beads here, back at home over a week after my trip.

So flimsy a material and so poorly made just touching it caused it to rip / explode before I even got a chance to use it.

Rubbish. I'll buy something more legit at the airport next time.

Roxy Coline Super Women's Shorts Super Light Blue Medium
Roxy Coline Super Women's Shorts Super Light Blue Medium

4.0 out of 5 stars Very pleased., 20 Sep 2012
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Finally some low-rise denim shorts! Can't find any these days, all of them seem to be high waisted and unflattering if you're a skinny thing like me! Soft material, casual looking, quality pair by Roxy for a great price. Very pleased.

2 Soft Warm Fleece Pet Blankets 80cms x 120cms Black And Beige
2 Soft Warm Fleece Pet Blankets 80cms x 120cms Black And Beige
Offered by stansbargains
Price: 5.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Great buy., 3 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought these for my 7 month old rescue kitten, as were a great price for two. I was concerned they wouldn't be soft our large enough but they are big and supppperrrr soft! My little man was sleeping on these the first day he arrived happily, and has since. He prefers to sleep on these than the bed I bought him! Great to have two so there's always one out if one is in the wash. Great value, very impressed overall.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD]
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kristen Stewart
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 2.72

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1.0 out of 5 stars Anti Climax..., 8 Dec 2010
Wow. Considering this is one of the most favoured books of the series - this was a poor effort. The fact it was released at the Cinema so speedily after New Moon was a warning tell-tell sign already, and evidently - you can see it was RUSHED purely to keep up with the MANIA surrounding these books / films and make profit profit profit. Sadly, in the process - the film suffered from this, and it showed. The whole thing looked rushed and shoddy.

The first Director - who directed Twilight, captured her passion for the books and the telling atmosphere that Meyer wrote about in this little area of America - and made it visually haunting, mysterious and strangely beautiful. It's Forks. It rains alot, and its cold all the time. There were some fantastic shots of the landscapes in Twilight, and the use of the blue / violet filters on the cameras really set up a distinct atmosophere visually, in itself. However... in this film - most of the shots in Forks and the surrounding area look like California. Unusually sunny, despite geographically this should not be the case, and also despite the fact Stephanie Meyer hammered it into us in all the books that this place was freezing, and wet most of the time. The fact that already the film asthetically looked like another movie set - this cost the film any atmosphere it had left at all, and frighteningly so. I could see it coming in New Moon though, there were bits of it then... but not like this. Is the director ashamed of the world Stephanie created? No need, if your gonna mess around with the plot (which he did do) leave the atmosphere Stephanie captured us with in the books, and was captured perfectly well in the movie of Twilight. This is a moody story, let it be brooding and unusual from what's out there already in every box office.

Rosilie's back story, and Jasper's - just like the rest of the film were rushed heavily. Something seemed very wrong with the period-flashbacks. It looked like a phoney set with extras in obvious costume. Of course this was the case in film making reality, but everything looked brand new and 'animated' in period style - not quite real, not like the actors had 'lived' in those clothes, which can give a sense of reality and truth when its historically correct and the production source real antique clothing, or fine replicas. Surely they have enough money to employ a few historians to work with the costume department like in any film with a historic story or twist within it? Check out the scene where Rosilie is walking with her fiance in what looks to be a park... you'll know what I mean about the whole thing looking phoney. Jasper's flash-back scenes were equally as dissapointing. Despite being a fine actor, his southern american accent seems to get thicker and thicker as the film goes along. It just gave the impression the director was asking him to ham it up hard.

Could not take my eyes off Bella's wig... it was so obvious! Again, where was the money in this film? Did the cast and production team pocket it for more plasma tv's and indoor swimming pools - than on the actual film itself? This film looked shockingly cheap - and it was the Twilight movie that was apparently low budget! Just goes to show that time, sensitivity and effort can really make a film's quality. It just seemed like nobody working off set could be bothered - "It makes millions, why make the effort anyway?"

The graphics were pure cringe... as well as the wolves looking somewhat more Disney than they were in New Moon - the killing of the newborn vampire graphics were TERRIBLE. Stephanie describes Vampires skin to look like marble... but the director, once again didn't get it, and whenever a vampire got decapitated - say by the head and neck - it would look straight out of a cartoon in quality (seriously it looked like early 1990's graphics we laugh at today) and there were no physical innards! Not to love anything grizzily, but realistcally there wouldn't just be a beige slab for a neck like an actual broken statue! Despite vampires being technically dead, their bodily internal organs would still be intact... not magically dissapear! Who did they employ for graphics? A Fresher at University happy to work for free so they can spend more cash on the off-set buffet? Most of the scenes were done on blue-screen too, not on real locations like in the first film - which gave reality and depth. Again, blue-screen is actually cheaper to use funnily enough... but where have all the millions of dollars gone on this film? There were some amazing shots of landscapes on Twilight, but no they stay in a Hollywood studio set the majority of the time despite the fact they had so much more money than Twilight's production, and in some ways more artistic freedom because of this...

The kissing scene between Jacob and Bella is SUCH a crucial part in this story, in fact - that's what the first 2 books and films were leading to... and it was such a throw away scene in the film! Really, it seemed the actors couldn't be bothered and the Director couldn't either. There was no tension, no reference to Jacob's abnormally un-human body heat, his living heart opposed to Edward's cold, dead one... the whole scene was a limp, weak kiss to some god-awful music that could have been bought and played behind any scene from any action/romance film... no unique atmosphere with music choice unlike the Twilight film, as well as how the whole thing was shot. The actors, particularly Kristen and Robert seemed a bit bored, like most reviews are saying. I completely agree. The Volturi cast also made a poor monotone effort, and with Jane's obvious black eye makeup (when do Vampires have time to put slap on? Were the make-up artists trying to create a 'scary' look? Because it just looked phoney) and her brother looking frighteningly 'current' like Justin Bieber (I guess they sold out to catch more 12 year old fans) why bother having the Volturi as bad guys? And why had the new director ignored yet again the first person narration of events by Bella? Twilight kept the inner narration, but again, the Director wanted this to be like any other movie.

All in all the film was rushed, and it was all about making money rather than telling the STORY, like how it was done in Twilight. It's dissapointing when the director who had the balls to put it out there as a film in the first place doesn't continue with the series (and yes I'm also talking about Harry Potter!) and some other big shot Hollywood Cheese steps in and ruins what the author set out to create, and what the initial director was intent on retelling visually. I LOVED the books, and I LOVED Twilight the movie... but after the semi-let down of New Moon and this complete blag of a film... I'm really let down and feel the story has become a little tainted.
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