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Spigen Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S3-Transparent
Spigen Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S3-Transparent

2.0 out of 5 stars You'd expect more for the price, 28 Aug. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A review for the product which is over 2 lines long and after the product has been used for a length of time? Ok, here we go!

I bought these protectors for my new S3 on someone else’s referral. I didn’t mind spending a bit more for a premium quality product…but, unfortunately, it is not one.

The box I received had 3 protectors in. One was faulty to start (some dust had got onto the underside of the sheet prior to application) so I only had 2 to work with. The application is described as ‘easy’. It depends what you classify as easy. If easy is pealing a back film off whilst holding the item, spinning it around 180 degrees, lining it up so that all of the buttons/holes/camera aren’t covered, slide the protector on whilst also trying to keep the line and peeling the remainder of the film off and not getting bubbles…then yeh, it’s easy!

To compare against the product details:
- Easy to install / Remove – I think the above sums it up. It’s not “easy”. It’s standard.
- Non-tacky adhesive: Removed easily without leaving residue – I’ve not taken the one that is on off yet…but the other (which was faulty) was quite tacky
- Cut smaller to prevent bubbling around edges of curved screen – I can agree that it is cut smaller (too small; you could even get away with another 3mm around the edges with ease as this is the gap between the edge and my case (which lips a lot around the S3)). Bubbles aren’t easy to get out once the screen is on
- Premium Silicon Adhesive: Bubble Free Application – I had about 5 bubbles from a smooth application and getting them out was pretty tricky, even with the plastic applicator the protectors come with. You have to apply a lot of pressure.
- Marks and Fingerprints wipe away easily – at first, they wipe away with ease. After 4 weeks, it becomes a lot less smoother to wipe and smears a bit more
- No Interference with Touch-Screen Responsiveness – at first, the protector gives a rougher effect to the screen but you get good response. After a while, this improves a lot and it is a good feature. However, the compensation comes with the above (wiping smears away)
- Hard coated for Scratches and Scuffs Proof – this is an interesting one. My phone is either on a flat surface, in my pocket or docked. I can currently see 2 bad scratch area patches, one edge (just above home key) slightly raised, 5 significant ding marks (can be seen in any light) and 10 minor ding marks. These will be from general activities (coins in pocket, rubbing against something else) and nothing like dropping. To proclaim it is scratch proof is a bold statement.
- “High quality film with a hard surface” – very shiny, not too hard, good quality. That would be more accurate
- “It protects the LCD screen from scratches and features an advanced optical enhancement layer that improves viewing on LCD screens” – we’ve covered scratches but it would be interesting to see how it improves viewing scientifically. Also, the statement is applicable for LCD screens; the S3 uses AMOLED

The summary for this product, to which you could probably guess, is overall negative. It does the job of protecting the screen (but not all of it with the gaps) but it doesn’t live up to its own billing. I won’t be buying the product again and will be giving other protectors a try. I would compare this to something you could pick up for £1, not the £3.63 you pay here. I’m getting close to wanting to change the protector already which doesn’t represent value for money. I would recommend trying something else.

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer
Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer
Price: £19.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars We are so disappointed, 29 July 2013
We bought this after hearing really good things about it. We were desperate to find a way to keep our baby in bed instead of him getting up at 5am so this sounded like something we definitely needed.

We are so disappointed with it though. You would expect better from such a reputable company. I don't know if we have a faulty model but even if it worked I can see many flaws anyway.

Our main issue is that it doesn't work properly. We set the time for the sun to come up but then when that time came along the sun never appeared. our little boy didn't know what he was waiting for seeing as the light had gone off this anyway and the moon had disappeared showing only the time if you actually got up close. I tried to read the instructions to see if we were setting it incorrectly but they are not clearly written so it's impossible to know if we are doing something wrong or if the clock itself is faulty. I have just spent an hour now fiddling with it and it just won't work, it makes no sense to me at all and I am a well educated person.

I hope that someone can shed some light on what is happening, am I doing something wrong or is this clock faulty? I need something to work to help our little boy understand when it is acceptable to get up.

Fisher Price *Barnyard Basics*farm Lights Rooster
Fisher Price *Barnyard Basics*farm Lights Rooster

5.0 out of 5 stars Fab buy, 18 Aug. 2011
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:4.0 out of 5 stars 
My daughter fell in love with this toy when we came across it in a shop. It is such a basic idea yet has provided endless hours of fun already and I know it's going to remain a firm favourite for a long time!

It works by pressing a button hidden beneath his tail and this then opens up the beak which creates a musical noise and also lights up the torch. The torch is hidden in the beak and only turns on when you hold the button down. This is quite a bright light so it's very effective and can be seen on surfaces so my daughter likes to shine this around to see what it looks like on different textures and surfaces and things.

The button is large so it's easy to press for small fingers and hold down for a few minutes if they are wanting to keep the torch on.

The noise isn't very loud so it's not irritating like some toys can be.

It's robust as it's made from solid plastic and it has withstood being thrown around a lot so can conclude it's toddler tough!

It is a great buy, my daughter loves it and has so much fun with this. She is 2.5.

Mookie Scuttlebug Flowerbug Trike (Pink/Purple)
Mookie Scuttlebug Flowerbug Trike (Pink/Purple)

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great little bike!, 7 May 2011
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Bought this toy for my daughter for Christmas (she's just turned 2) and she absolutely loves it! It was a big hit right away and I am so glad we bought it.

It's very low down to the floor which means that I don't feel anxious about her scooting around on it as I know that she hasn't got far to fall! She is capable of getting on and off the seat herself too thanks to it being low down so it's teaching her to be independent. The seat is only narrow which means her feet touch the floor without any problems giving her lots of space to move her legs to push herself along!

It's only small and it gets smaller as you can fold it up! We never fold it up as our daughter is always jumping on and off this bike and loves it too much but if we had to put it away for a while it wouldn't take up much room and it would only take a few minute to collapse the legs down so it's very simple and straight forward to do.

It comes in a variety of colours, we have this pink and purple one and it looks a little like a bug which is cute. A few people have commented that it looks very unstable due to how narrow it is and how light it is but this hasn't been a problem for our daughter who has remained on the bike the whole time and has had endless hours of fun with it!

It's suitable for inside and outside play and is very easily cleaned. This means if you do take it from the garden back indoors then you don't have to be concerned about dirt ending up on your carpets. I've found that a baby wipe takes off the dirt easily so it will be clean enough for being inside.

Since my daughter has been using this bike she has learnt how to navigate and steer her way around corners. At first she would get stuck and become frustrated but within just a few days she mastered this new skill and now doesn't have to think twice about going round corners and things.

Because it's powered by your toddler pushing themselves along it can go a variety of speeds depending upon how speedy your toddler wants to be! It's fantastic!

What I like is that it's light so I can easily move it or put it in the car, it's provided my daughter with lots of fun and it's only small so doesn't take up lots of room.

What I don't like about it? It causes arguments as my daughter refuses to share it with any of her friends!

Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor
Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor
Price: £75.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A God send, 7 May 2011
When we were still waiting for our daughter's appearance our local health visitor came round and spent a good twenty minutes scaring us both senselss about cot death and how it can be reduced. Although she had told us the ways to ensure your baby is as safe as possible- no co-sleeping, checking the correct temperature of the room- we were still slightly paranoid so we decided to purchase this angel care monitor.

The monitor, is basically a sensor mat. This mat is extremely sensitive. It detects the smallest of movements and wil alarm if these movements stop. It is also a night light and a baby monitor. Considering how very complicated this mechanism must be to be able to detect such tiny movements I thought it would be complicated to use but it's so very simple which is lucky as when you have a newborn you don't have time to read instruction manuals!

The sensor mat- which is the size of a face cloth- is placed underneath the mattress of your baby's cot/moses basket. the matress is then replaced and you can put your baby to sleep on the mattress without them noticing the pad beneath. The pad is linked to the 'angel' which is the main body of the machine. It has two switches either side- on and off and light. You turn the switch to 'on' and then leave your baby in peace for the night.

Should your baby stop breathing the angel will alarm and if you have a large house or you want to monitor your baby's snuffles and whimpers you can take the handheld monitor around the house with you like you would any normal baby monitor.

The sensor mat can be turned up and down depending on how sensitive you want it. We have never had it on anything but 5- the most sensitive.

The handheld monitor detects the temperature in the room. This is an important factor in cot death, it's important babies don't over heat so you can rest assured just by glancing at the large numbers on the screen to see what the temperature is in the room your baby is sleeping.

The nightlight function is brilliant, I always turn this on at the same time as I turn on the sensor mat as a way in wihch I can know that I have definitely turned it on.

The main body has a light section where there are LED lights down the middle- one showing that it is on, another that the power is lost, another when the alarm sounds and one which flickers as your baby moves. These lights are so tiny that if they are in the same room as you you don't notice them.

This sensor mat is extremely sensitive. It's amazing to think it can pick up the tiny movement of your baby as it breathes even through a thick mattress. It is, vital that you do not put a fan on in your baby's room whilst using this. The motion from the fan is enough just to confuse the mat and make it pick up on the motion from that so if your baby did stop breathing it wouldn't alarm.

It is also important to remember that sometimes babies have dreams and whilst dreaming they can hold their breath. The mat sensor alarms if your baby has stopped breathing for 20 seconds. We have had one occasion where it alarmed whilst my daughter was being cheeky and holding her breath mid-dream.

Also, as your baby gets more active they can roll off the mat and so the alarm can go off. I, however, think it is far better to be over sensitive than under sensitive and it has only done this 3 times in the whole of my daughter's 8 months of life.

The machine plugs directly into the mains although there is apparently an option to use batteries but we have never looked into it. If you lose power supply the machine makes a noise so you are alerted to it, this is a different noise to the alarm so you don't panic!

We recommend this highly. Yes it is v ery sensitive so we have had 3 horrible moments in the middle of the night when we've heard teh alarm go off but we've also had 8 months worth of sleeping with ease. When our daughter started to sleep through we didn't worry, we didn't start to question 'is she okay? We've not heard a noise from her all night...' because we knew that if anything was wrong the angel would have gone off. We didn't have to keep getting up and checking on her and when we had the very hot nights in the summer we were able to rest assured that the temperature was under control as we could see what it was.

I don't know whether if our daughter did stop breathing whether the fact we'd be alerted to it straight away would make much difference but it does give us that reassurance that she is okay.

I honestly could not do without this product now. I know a lot of people say it's just a bit extreme and leads to paranoia but it does just the opposite. We know of people who keep peering into their baby's bedrooms to check that they're okay when they've had a cheeky lie in, we know of parents that get up and down in the night as they're so worried but we don't. We can sleep soundly knowing that the angel is looking out for our baby for us.

If I was to improve this mat I would make it have an ability to be bigger. I think it's the size it is as it fits nicely into a moses basket but in the cot it looks a bit lost, it would be good if you could increase its size in due course
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Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Group 0+ Infant Carrier Car Seat (Black Reflection) 2014 Range
Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Group 0+ Infant Carrier Car Seat (Black Reflection) 2014 Range

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best car seat there is!, 7 May 2011
I had absoloutely no knowledge about car seats and what was the 'best' on the market before having my baby. People recommended all different kinds and after consulting Which magazine I decided to go for the Maxi Cosi.

I am more than happy with it's performance so far. It is a cosy-looking seat as the head hugger- suitable for younger babies and is removed once the baby gets too big for it- moulds nicely around my baby's head and makes her feel as though she is still being held.

It isn't a car seat which makes the baby look all hunched up and so I am not concerned about having her travel in it for up to 3 hours. my baby seems very happy with it too.

It's very practical as it's easy to get in and out of the car so easy in fact that it often doesn't wake my baby if I lift the car seat out whilst she's still asleep which is obviously a huge bonus if you're trying to just nip around the supermarket etc.

The fastening is very easy to use, you don't have to fiddle around with getting arms and legs through loops and things, it is very straight forward and eay to use.

It comes with a sun sheild which easy locks away which is also useful to pull up to shelter the baby if it's raining and you need to carry the seat from the house down the driveway to the car/across supermarket carpark etc.
It is also compatable with many sets of wheels so you can transfer the car seat onto wheels without having to mess the baby around- again another bonus if the baby is asleep.

I am yet to find any disadvantages of this car seat, even the price is reasonable compared to other products on the market.

The Very Silly Sheep (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
The Very Silly Sheep (Peek-a-boo Pop-ups)
by Jack Tickle
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book!, 7 May 2011
We bought this for our daughter to enjoy and I am so glad we did as she certainly loves it!

It is a lovely, brightly coloured book showing a variety of farm animals going about their every day business. As you turn the pages the animals leap off the page as they pop out at you! This always results in a great amount of laughter and excitement from our 2 year old.

The pictures are all really bright which captures her attention and the animals are very cute with big eyes and smiles so very appealing to young children.

The pop up work is fantastic, they are the best that I have seen as they are extremely effective. You do just have to take care that little fingers don't rip them else they won't work!

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars I think it's great, 7 May 2011
It is suitable for babies from 4 months unlike with the other pushchairs i had seen which suggested suitable from 6 months. This is due to the fact that the back of the seat fully reclines and so babies do not have to have the same strength back and neck muscles as a 6 month old.

It lies back to almost flat which is a good selling point and it is really easy to do so. I looked at it and didn't have a clue how to do it but once I was shown how I realised it was really simple. You simply just pull a little lever at the back of the seat and pull the seat as far back as you want it to go. To sit it up again you simply pull the straps which go through the handle until it is tight enough to be as upright as you require. It is very straight forward and you don't have to be strong to do it at all!

The pushchair seat itself is a nice size, some of the cheaper puschairs i'd looked at hardly had any 'bum space' at all and looked very uncomfortable but this one has a larger area and it's padded nicely so I expect is very comfortable for my baby.

The wheels are only small so its not a very smooth ride unlike with travel systems that tend to have bigger wheels. They also have absolutely no treds on them either, I had only walkd up the road and it looked as though the wheels had been all over the countryside they looked so suddenly worn and scuffed so this isn't exactly a selling point. You can buy new wheels though so if they do become too damaged you can replace them although I'm not sure of the cost.

Another downside though of this pushchair is that the brakes are a bit 'dodgy'. I THOUGHT they worked but then I realised when I was on the bus the other day that they actually don't work very well at all! The back wheels work off the one lever which you simply press down with your foot and the front wheels have two separate brakes- one each. The front brakes seem to work fine and are very good but the back one is hard to press down and then it doesn't go down very far which isn't a problem if you're just putting th ebrake on whilst you're putting your baby in or stopping for a moment or two but when you're on the bus and it jerkes it somehow manages to make the back brake jerk a little and so came off! I kept trying to get the brake to stay on but it just wouldn't stay on, luckily the front brakes were much more hardly and did as they were told but I was not at all impressed by probably one of the most important features of a pushchair- the brakes!
The other safety aspect of the chair is the straps and these work fine! They wrap around the baby's arms so that they are secure and it's not too fiddly to do as the straps unhook from each other so you don't have to start trying to bend your babies arms into awkward positions to try to get them through! They then clip into the bottom section of the belt and your baby is secure. The straps all have adjustments on them so as your baby grows you can ammend the amount of required strap.

The pushchair has a rather large hood which is good as it pulls forward and there is a little bit of 'mosquito net' at the bottom too which adds another section to help protect your baby from the elements. At the top of the hood is a see-through section so you can see your baby when looking down instead of having to keep stopping and peering round the side of the pram! As well as the hood the pushchair comes with a rain cover which clips on easily and folds away nicely. It isn't a fantastic fit though as it gapes a little at the sides so not necessarily the best but it has worked just fine for us so far- I may change my mind on this one when it's the winter though!

A little feature which I love about this pushchair is at the back is a little pocket which is great as it saves me having to rummage around in my bag/pocket etc for my keys or phone. It's really handy to just have my useful items like these close to hand.

The folding mechanism of the chair is the same as others on the market- you simply pull up a lever and then fold the chair forwards until it's collapsed and to put the chair back up you just unclip two levers and press down on the bar at the back as it forms it's shape. It's really very simple which is just what I was looking for!
It also has a carrying handle which is a big long strap down th eback which is useful although it has managed to unclip itself a few times which isn't quite so useful!

The look of the pushchair is really nice, it's silver bars are rounded which I think looks much better than the square ones and it's fabric is black with very dark grey circles on. You can get different coloured varieties of this, I have seen a black and red one and one with bright white circles on. It looks nice and compact and comfortable too.
I haven't been able to check how easy it is to clean as we haven't had it long enough but there aren't lots of parts to it like nuts and bolts and what not which are always a nightmare when cleaning baby/toddler equipment is concerned and it looked as though it would be easy to wipe down or run the hoover on it when my baby does start to have snacks whilst travelling along!

It also comes with a cup/bottle holder which attaches to the back near the handles which moves so you can reposition it where you like. And also the shopping basket underneath. The basket is very small though so you couldn't put much under there but it is useful to have for the odd item or two

It's easy to push as it's light although, like I said previously, it's not very smooth. It's easy to turn corners and negotiate steps and getting on and off the bus so a really decent push chair.

I have had a look at the website for silver cross to get some further details concerning the specifics for size and they are as follows:
Height: 107cm
width: 49 cm
length: 80 cm

width: 28cm
Height: 27cm
length: 105 cm
and the weight is: 7.2kg.

I do really like his pushchair despite it's few little issues I would like Silver Cross to improve. I think it's really easy to use, easy to push and very easy to get my baby securely in and she finds it very comfortable as she always nods off whilst in it!
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Lamaze Soft Shape Sorter
Lamaze Soft Shape Sorter
Offered by Bargainmax Ltd
Price: £19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Interactive toy, 7 May 2011
It's a soft toy sorter... it's a soft, fabric cube with different shapes cut into teh sides. The different shapes correspond to the separate 'toys' that come with the box. The different toys are all different shapes- square, triangle, circle and egg-shaped. They fit through the holes when pushed.

The separate shapes are made from fabric of different textures- soft, cord, silk which gives babies the chance to explore different textures of material whilst playing.

The shapes can be pushed through the holes in the side of teh cube or put straight into the cube by lifting the lid at the top. The patterns on the cube are very bright and stimulating for the baby to play with.

I particularly like this toy because it is soft. So many shape sorters are wooden or plastic bu this is soft so makes it chewable which, i'm sure you will know if you have a baby, is a bonus! My baby is always chewing on things so these shapes are really good for that! Also with it being soft she doesn't start screaming when she drops one onto her foot like she has with other toys!

I think it's a really nice toy to buy and it has definitely attracted my little girl's attention although she can't directly play with it properly yet as she is too young. The recommended age is from 9 months as this is when developmentally babies are able to push shapes in and out of holes and understand differences with shapes but there is no reason why your baby can't familiarise itself with this toy earlier as it is soft and very light and teh shapes are really good sizes, perfect for holding in the first instead of mummy's hair!

Lamaze Octotunes
Lamaze Octotunes
Price: £11.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great toy for your baby!, 7 May 2011
This review is from: Lamaze Octotunes (Toy)
I bought this for my 4 month old daughter and she loves it!

It's a brightly coloured soft-toy octopus with a different 'activity' on each of it's tentacles. It's bright colours help attract her attention and the different textures on the tentacles also help her to interact and stay focussed which is important for her development.
The different activities include a spinning star fish, a teether (which doubles as a clip which will attach it to a pram/cot/high chair), different materials, squeeks and crinkly noises as well as differen pictures.

It says it's suitable from 3 months but I don't see why it can't be useful for earlier as it is so bright in colour it would be perfect for newborns who can only see short distances and bright colours only.
It's really child friendly as it's soft and fun and interesting. It's surface wash only as are most kiddies toys. It's smiling face is really cute and definitely has won my baby over! She loves him! It was a great purchase!
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