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500g Chocolat Mathez Fine French Cocao Powdered Chocolate Truffles Fantaisie
500g Chocolat Mathez Fine French Cocao Powdered Chocolate Truffles Fantaisie
Offered by Micronutrients Ltd.
Price: £8.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Delectable delight., 11 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Delicious truffles. So glad I have been able to find them here as have been searching for a while to find them, but no shops seem to stock them.
I first tried some years ago when a friend was given some for Christmas and I have been looking ever since, and now so pleased to have found them still available online.
They are the most delectable truffles with a thin dusting of cocoa powder, not too much, and melt in the mouth consistency.

The Agatha Raisin Radio Drama Collection (BBC Radio Drama Collection)
The Agatha Raisin Radio Drama Collection (BBC Radio Drama Collection)
by M C Beaton
Edition: Audio CD
Price: £48.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hilariously entertaining., 11 Dec. 2014
I didn't know what to expect as had never encountered Agatja Raisin before, but was overjoyed with the whole set.

Immensely entertaining and interesting.Penelope Kieth is truly excellent as Agatha, as is the actor who plays James Lacey, Agatha's on/off boyfriend.

Up until the Curious Curate story, the character of Bill Wong the policeman is played by Ben Crowe and fromthe Curious Curate onwards, a different actor takes over the role
Also the character of Roy Silver, Agatha's outrageously camp and funny good friend, is also played by a different actor up until the Curious Curate story, when another actor takes over the part. I preferred Ben Crowe's version of Bill Wong as when the different actor takes over, he sounds rather too gruff to the Bill Wong we had become accustomed to hearing, but I actually preferred the second actor who took over the part of Roy, though the first was okay, the second one to play the part of Roy was so much more suitable I feel and certainly much more hilarious to listen to. A lot of the dialogue between Agatha and this character is so laugh out loud funny that I'm sure the neighbours must hear when I listen in bed and can't control a laugh out loud moment at one of Roy or Agatha's witty remarks or banter. Agatha is anyway acerbic and funny most of the time and I can highly remommend these CDs to anyone who enjoys light hearted but interesting fun but with a darker element thrown in.

Stargazer Nail Polish 102 UV Neon Yellow 14ml - STGSGS106-102
Stargazer Nail Polish 102 UV Neon Yellow 14ml - STGSGS106-102
Offered by Blue Banana Alternative Fashion
Price: £3.94

1.0 out of 5 stars Misleading. Actual colour is orange, not yellow., 10 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This looks a lovely bright yellow in the picture, but in reality it is orange, not yellow. In fact it is almost exactly identical to the other bright orange nail polish I have by Stargazer . The one I had already is number 103 and is not listed as neon, even though it looks a bright neon orange. I ordered this one because I wanted yellow, and indeed the label stuck underneath the bottle states: "neon yellow" but it is not yellow.

I don't know if Stargazer, for some obscure reason, have made two different versions of this polish, but after looking online for images, I have seen some looking the lovely bright yellow it looks here, and in others, it shows as the orange colour I have been sent.

On the side of the bottle's top, it states "nail colour 102" but on the label underneath the bottle it states: "nail polish 102B neon yellow"; so I don't know if the B means it is the orangey shade and maybe if it states just 102 it is the yellow, but I have been unable to find out any information about whether or not there are, in fact, two versions of this polish.

Anyhow, it is watery and a waste of money seeing as how almost the same as number 103. I know images can sometimes look deceptive online but I had also viewed a Youtube video where the reviewer had this polish and it looked bright neon yellow, not at all the orange shade it really is.

Very disappointing, and puzzling as to how the colour shown in the picture can look bright yellow, when in reality it is a mustardy orange colour.

I have a bright green and a lovely bright sparkly neon pink by Stargazer so I had high hopes for this one, but sadly it is not at all as I anticipated.

Yellow should mean, well, yellow, not orange. Mystified as to how they can sell something obviously one colour and call it another.

Add on note: it is now 17 December, a week after I wrote the above review, and I see that the picture has been changed to now show a darker colour, more representative of the colour it actually is. So I guess the darker mustardy shade is how it is meant to be, not how it was shown originally. (Still doesn't explain the Youtube video of it though, where it was a vibrant neon yellow, not like this at all).

Counter-Measures: Series Two
Counter-Measures: Series Two
by Matt Fitton
Edition: Audio CD
Price: £35.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Pains me to say it, but such a let down after the excellent Series One. ., 6 July 2014
I loved the first Counter Measures and thought this would be as good if not even better, but it was such a let down, and so disappointing I hardly know where to start.
I did not enjoy any of these stories. Too noisy in places with quite horrid sound effects, especially the more revolting sequences.
I don't know what they were hoping to achieve with this, after such a promising start in the first set of stories.
The people playing the parts of the Counter Measures team cannot be faulted, but the stories were dire, and tedious to listen to. That said, I do like the Counter Measures theme tune and think it fitted the series' time well but these particular stories have let this series down badly.

If you want a better representation of what this team can achieve then check out the first series if you have not heard it. It could not be more different in how good that was compared to how bad this is. As already stated, it is the stories that let this down, not the acting ability, the actors do as good a job as they can do, given the subjects they have to deal with. Everything just fell flat and extremely boring to listen to, whereas the first series was interesting and uplifting, this had a deadening effect. I was hoping after the first series this would be a regular thing, but after enduing this dreadful second series, I'm not so sure.

GUMI from Megpoid Native formula or remain (PVC Painted) (japan import)
GUMI from Megpoid Native formula or remain (PVC Painted) (japan import)
Price: £46.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Gumi figurine by far!, 11 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am so pleased with this. It is absolutely beautiful. I've not heard of the company before (Aquamarine) as it has always been Good Smile company on the other figurines I have bought, (Miku, Madoka Magica, Megurine Luka and Black Rock Shooter) and of them, the Miku figurine's pigtails broke off as soon as I took the figure out of the pack, and could not be put back on as they had broken off and were not re-fixable, the Luka top half fell off but at least fits back in but falls off at the slightest touch, but with this figure there is nothing to fall off and no loose parts, everything intact and beautifully made, so much better than the other figurine I have seen of Gumi, who is one of my favourite Vocaloids. So I have no hesitation in recommending this figure to anyone who is interested.

Now if only they would release similar versions of Yowane Haku and the Rotten Girl Hatsune Miku variant (as in the Grotesque Romance video!) I would be eager to buy them!

Japanese Kit kat strawberry mini 12.3 g
Japanese Kit kat strawberry mini 12.3 g
Offered by After You
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious but ridiculous price. The most expensive candy I ever bought!, 8 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For some reason I seemed to think I was getting a pack of 3 'normal' size KitKat bars in strawberry flavour. They are, indeed, in strawberry flavour, but the pack is just one, same size as a regular KitKat British bar, but containing three small mini KitKat bars. - Making this the most expensive candy I have ever bought, for the size.

Attractive packaging and absolutely delicious, but nearly £9 for a regular size KitKat just to get the pretty pack and lovely flavour is a bit much! Okay if you're a millionaire but not if you're not!

Why oh why can't Nestle release this delicious variant in the UK? I hardly ever buy KitKat bars, can't remember the last time I did, and have no interest in the various flavours they have put out in this country, except for the white chocolate version which I bought cheaply with around six bars in a pack, but that was nothing special, but these strawberry flavour versions are just delectable, and if sold in this country, at the 'normal' price, then I would be buying them regularly! .

Battery Operated Fairy Lights with 20 Blue & White LEDs by Lights4fun
Battery Operated Fairy Lights with 20 Blue & White LEDs by Lights4fun

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely little lights. (20 bulb light blue and white)., 14 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I love these little lights, they are just what I wanted.

When the Christmas lights come down on January 6th, everything seems so dark and depressing, so I had an idea that I would like some blue and white fairy lights that instead of Christmas lights, I would think of as just winter lights. I didn't hold out much hope that there would be such a thing as specifically blue and white fairy lights but I did a search anyway and found these.

I was so pleased when they arrived and turned out to be exactly as I'd imagined. And no unnecessary packaging either, they came in a small box with a picture on as shown here on amazon.

So now, when the Christmas lights come down, I can look forward to putting up my little blue and white fairy lights instead. I call them my January lights. It is something to make one of the darkest months of the year much nicer.

I also got some pink flower fairy lights, (also from Lights4Fun) for February, and some green fairy lights for Halloween. And, from a different company, got some bright yellow LEDs for Easter, so well set up with fairy lights for special occasions now, but these are my favourite. So nice to have the blue and white together in one string of lights, instead of having to buy two strings to twine together and having to use two sets of batteries which I thought I would have to do to get the blue and white together. So, just right.They are very bright too and they last ages on their batteries. Perfect.

(As Amazon puts all the reviews together for all the different lights, just to be clear, I am reviewing these: Battery Operated LED Lights 20 Bulb Light Blue and White- Static by Lights4fun )
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Generic Hatsune Miku 1/8 Scale Painted Figure 18cm with Box
Generic Hatsune Miku 1/8 Scale Painted Figure 18cm with Box

3.0 out of 5 stars Be aware, very weak where pigtails join head. Not a toy!, 14 Mar. 2014
Lovely figure, good detail, but the pigtails were flexible and moving backwards and forwards and at first I thought they were meant to be like that, as maybe meant to be moved into different positions on the figure, but no, they soon broke off with hardly any movement, first one then the other. I have had to order another identical Miku figure so worked out very expensive.
At first wondered if I had been sent a fake, but everything seems to be correct as regards the packaging , (Good Smile company), so I guess the weight of the pigtails being on such a very small join is too heavy for the figure to sustain without the risk of breaking off with very little encouragement.

Certainly not suitable to give to children as a toy. I wouldn't even think it would be safe to let a child hold it in case they break off the pigtails.

I tried superglue but it was not possible to mend, probably owing to the position and the weight of the pigtails. I have managed to tie them in place with a see-through piece of plastic pulled tight into a band, but looks awful and of course they wave around now.

These figures are for display purposes only and then probably best left in a glass case, as long as they get taken out to air every so often because apparently they can get affected by heat and give off toxic substance, according to a youtube video I have seen.

I ordered this Miku figure from here on Amazon but it is not showing as a verified amazon purchase, probably because of a fault on their site which seemed to think I had purchased a Super Mario toy instead and had put this review on the page for that, luckily I saw what had happened before it stayed there for long and deleted the review from the Mario toy and posted it again under the correct item. I see that amazon have also mistakenly put another reviewer's review for this item, under the super mario toy as well, so no idea what happened there, but really annoying and amazon should make sure this doesn't happen.

Anyhow as well as this Miku figure, I also ordered the Luka one and as Luka does not have pigtails to break off I had hoped that figure would be stronger, though you only have to touch it and the top half falls off, so again, for display purposes only, and will be difficult to even dust it without the top half falling off and risk getting broken.

I also ordered a Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Black Rock Shooter figures, so really hoping they are going to be stronger, but I doubt it somehow. It seems these pvc figures are notoriously weak and liable to getting damaged, so great care needs to be taken when handling them and to make sure they don't get dropped.

To look at though, they are lovely, just a shame they are so weak.

I wish there was a proper scale model of Yowane Haku as well, I know she is classed as not a true Vocaloid but a Voyacaloid instead, but such a lovely character. Would love a proper figure of her. Also the UTUAloids Momo Momone and Kasane Teto, so pretty, they would be lovely in any collection of figures and I'm sure would be very popular if they were released onto the market. If only the makers could make the figures stronger.

Nikon COOLPIX L27 Compact Digital Camera - White (16.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD
Nikon COOLPIX L27 Compact Digital Camera - White (16.1MP, 5x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD
Offered by Picsio

10 of 13 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Terrible zoom, not as good as the L22. And extremely slow response time., 27 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I thought this was an upgrade to the L22 but it is not as good. (Unless I have been sent a duff model.)
The zoom on it is terrible, goes completely out of focus and blurred, especially in the video mode. The L22 was very good at video and zooming in on distant objects, but not this one. Also, taking videos in low light is awful with this camera. The L22 was very good for that, but this one makes the videos really dark, I suppose because it cannot cope with the low light conditions even though it is supposed to and as the L22 which is supposed to be less good than this was ecxellent at low light conditions for video, I really cannot see why this one is so bad at it.

The sound quality is again not good sound like on the L22 but extremely hissy and sibilant, really annoying to listen to.

Also, this camera has an extremely slow response time. It takes a long time to take the picture once you have pressed the shutter button. This no doubt adds to the high number of blurred pictures, not a problem with the L22, which was not perfect by any means with it's battery door problem, but at least it was good at taking pictures and videos.

Another thing is, the battery indicator has only ever worked once to show the battery was low. What happens with this camera is the indicator shows the battery is fully charged and then the camera will just suddenly switch off because the battery is actually run out of power but the camera still indicates the battery is good when it isn't.

Also. the calender aspect, when you scroll back, the calender picture on the L22 used to show the picture that started the day's recordings but on this one, it does for a while, but then if you take a few more it will show one from near the end of the day's recordings, meaning you have to then go back through the recordings to find the one you want rather than forward. (This matters when you make a lot of recordings as I do!).

I received this from Amazon and to all intents and purposes, it is indeed new, I am reluctant to have to go through all the process of returning it for a replacement, as no guarantee that any replacement would be any different. The only reason it has a greater zoom is because the picture is further away to begin with on this camera. Very disappointed.

PS. Update on 11 August 2013: As an example of how slow this camera is at obeying commands, I saw a lovely blue hibiscus shrub in a front garden when I was on a bus the other day, I tried taking a picture of it whilst the bus was stationary, the camera took an age to fire up before it was ready to take the picture, but at last it did and the bus was still stood at the stop, so I pressed the shutter button, but nothing happened, so I pressed it again, and by the time it actually took the picture the bus had started moving so was just a blurred picture of coloured lines which I had to delete, and this is the kind of thing that happens all the time with this camera.

Hard Candy Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 100ml
Hard Candy Eau de Parfum Spray for Women 100ml

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious. Love it. Love it. Love it., 14 July 2013
What more can I say? I love this scent so much. Amazon seems to be only selling the green bottle, I have this and the pink one too. Same design bottle but instead of the green the colour is pink. They are both the same scent but different sizes. As another reviewer has noted, smells very similar to Pink Sugar, very sweet and candyish.

I don't agree with people who say these are only for very young people, it depends on what type of person you are. Some people are old at 25, some are still young at 65. If you love vanilla type, candy, toffee apple, caramel, sweet shop, delicious, sweetness and yummy smells and like to smell like this yourself, then you can't go wrong with this scent, and economical too as the bottles last for ages.

For those who say they cannot wear perfume as it changes on them to something different, some perfumes do that anyway and don't smell as good after hours of wearing, but some people do alter the scent so it does not smell so good after a while; for instance, I have noticed with some much older ladies that all their perfume seems to smell the same, like the typical old lady cologne type smell, and they can't all be wearing the same perfume, so it must be something in their body chemistry that changes the smell of the scent after a while, and even some young people change the smell of a perfume and can smell quite unpleasant on some and lovely on others, so, to get round that, if you have this problem, I would suggest spraying it onto something you can wear, like a scarf or coat (though don't spray directly and closely onto clothes) or spray into the air and walk through it or spray around your hair or on a hanky or jewellery, that way the smell will stay truer to how it is meant to be. That is a tip I read in a magazine somewhere to help people who find perfume changes on them so they are disappointed, but that is a way to get round that.

Anyway as for this Hard Candy perfume, I have found it to stay true even hours after to how it is when you first apply it.
Some years ago, Hard Candy did lipglosses that smelt delicious (Baby Doll springs to mind) and I always said they should make a perfume that smells the same, and though this is not exactly the same smell, it is just as scrumptious. I can't say enough nice things about this perfume. It is just so very, very delicious. Yummy yummy yummy.

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