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My World
My World
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 1.17

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5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely Under-Rated, 24 Oct 2008
This review is from: My World (Audio CD)
With Bryn Christopher, it's very much Gnarls Barkley meets Amy Winehouse.

Some songs are dark, sensual and passionate while others manage to explode from the speakers in an array of delightful pop, soul, r n b and jazz.

The opening single, Help Me is a fast paced bout of jazzed up dance which immediately gets the feet tapping, setting you up for the album's notoriously slick track lineup.

And the haunting smilin' may remind fans of Gnarls Barkley's summer smash hit Crazy, especially with its cool drum beat, modest riff and insanely catchy hook. The track is easily comparable to Barkley's crazy and arguably remains the album's dark horse.

While you'll notice positive elements of Winehouse and Gnarls Barkley in Christopher's music, The Way You Are even draws similarities to Macy Gray with Christopher's impressively varied vocals.

Other noticeably standout tracks are The Quest, Found A New Love, The Way You Are and the infectious album title, My World.

The closing track my kinda woman may at first seem like a wishy-washy love ballad, yet when you let Christopher's raw voice and sentimental song writing take over, the song melts into a heart warming slab of magic. And when you give the closing song a few minutes you'll notice Christopher's bonus song Taking Me Over, an under rated gem with slow, catchy build ups and an explosively passionate chorus that.. well.. momentarily shocks you with its awe and takes over..

I'm not exaggerating when I say that there's not a bad track on the album. Every song is smooth, slick and refreshingly powerful. Make no mistake about this talented singer and songwriter. Bryn Christopher's My World is incredibly under-rated.

Songs For You, Truths For Me
Songs For You, Truths For Me
Offered by b68solutions
Price: 2.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 22 Oct 2008
Morrison's opening single The Only Night is an unusually upbeat pop record for the album, setting the mood for a mixed bag of gems that throw you a variety of moods from happiness to sorrow.

The next two singles, Save Yourself and You Make It Real have James Morrison written all over them.. in a good way. There's a part of me that feels You Make It Real's chorus resembles a more down beat version Simply Red's stars, if only for a second or two. You Make It Real still manages to be an utterly original and sensual melody, paving the way for a variety of even more appealing single releases.

The dramatic, melancholy collaboration with Nelly Furtado might remind you of Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright's brilliant Set The Fire To The Third Bar and Precious Love puts Morrison's vocals to an emotional high as he wails powerfully through the song's smooth and catchy chorus.

If you were a fan of Morrison's first album, Undiscovered, you cannot afford to miss out on songs for you, truths for me. James' new album is everything it's first had.. and more.

Bright Idea
Bright Idea
Offered by simply-well-priced
Price: 1.25

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3.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, Orson or Awful?, 28 May 2007
This review is from: Bright Idea (Audio CD)
Like most fans, Orson's opening singles "No Tomorrow" and "Bright Idea" proved enough persuasion for me to go out and buy the album. Now we're all wondering, what's the rest like?

For me, Orson's "Bright Idea" is an album suited to eventful preparations (weekends out etc) because it oozes with a slick, uplifting vibe from track 1 to 11. Whereas some tracks may feel a little repettetive, the majority of the album's aura is a grattifying one.

The smooth and striking "It's Already Over' may even have you singing along to the track's satisfying vocal range and morbidly upbeat 'breakup' nature.

And the harmonic 'Happiness' doesn't fall short with it's sensationally icy vibe and rocky choruses.

Even after a few weeks of not playing the album, I suddenly found myself humming the slow but euphoric 'Last Night'.

The album turns out to be a sweet slice of satisfaction but unfortunately it lacks an elemental lasting impression. My main botheration is that 'Bright Idea' consists of similarly predictable light rock/pop and chances are you've probably heard similar stuff. It's a good album but, excluding the first two trakcs and several exceptions, don't expect anything vitalising. While many will be pleased by it's congenial sound, the album is not an exhillerating spectacle.

(Consider this a high version of 3 stars)

It Won't Be Soon Before Long
It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 4.44

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4.0 out of 5 stars It Grew On Me, 27 May 2007
My first impressions of the album were at first a little muddled. "Makes Me Wonder" and "Wake Up Call" were definitely standout tracks, but I felt other songs were lacking a memorable melody and distinction.

When I played 'It wont be soon before long" for a third time, I suddenly started to notice songs I'd sworn weren't there in the first place. "Little of your time" had Maroon 5 written all over it; packed with a spicy punch, synthesized chorus and a tinge of techo electricity.

"Kiwi" is in my opinion another awesome track. The song starts off with an element of jazzed up, light rock and then kicks in with a huge explosion of fast paced Maroon 5 rock.

With every play the album seems to gather more and more stregnth, slowly unfolding its star quality. It is clear from the distinctive instruments to the tiny touches betwixt songs that this is an album produced to a high degree of quality.

Although some fans may feel a little bit of the magic from Maroon 5's first album (the cd that brought you 'This love', 'Harder to breathe' and 'Sunday morning') is missing in the followup, 'it won't be soon before long' is still an ice-cool, primo delight. Fans of alternative, indie, rock, techno or dance music will find this album an absolute treat. Anyone who liked 'Songs about Jane' should definitely give this a try.

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