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GameCube Controller Clear & Purple
GameCube Controller Clear & Purple
Offered by Games.C
Price: 55.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars What controller?, 9 Oct 2002
This controller...the one in your hand...
This controller is just so comfortable, its sometimes easy to forget your holding it. The buttons are placed perfectly, and I mean perfectly, so that they are just where you want them. At first, the B button seems small and too difficult to hit properly, but it soon "grows" and you'll wonder why you thought it was a difficult button in the first place. The only problem is perhaps the START button, which can be difficult to press at time, if you have short thumbs at least.
The shoulder pads are analogue, meaning you can kind of "squeeze" them, but at the bottom they have a very nice, digital "click", allowing for more commands in-game.
The analogue sticks are also placed wonderfully, especially for First-Person-Shooters, and the D-Pad is wonderfully clear and definite, unlike the X-Box pad.
I really dont know how anyone can complain about this joypad, but you should ignore them.
I dont know if I can stress enough just how comfortable this controller really is, its so soft and gentle, but yet firm. The PS2 controller is good, but this is just fantastic.
An extension of your arm almost...

WWE Wrestlemania X8 (GameCube)
WWE Wrestlemania X8 (GameCube)
Offered by media-4-u
Price: 9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Can I have the rest of the game as well please?, 30 Sep 2002
Where to begin...
The controls could have been put together better by a dog (no offence to dogs). The controls are very similar to that of Smackdowns, but much worse. Simple commands, like irish whipping an opponent into the ropes, can be difficult, making you run away or to your opponent instead. Also, you only have 5 moves at you disposal (10 including grapples from behind), and as a result, matches get very repetitive.
What about the AI? (Artificial Intelligence) Well, they may aswell have just called it artificial, as there is absolutely no intelligence to be seen here. Triple threat, and sometimes fatal four way bouts will quickly see all the computer controlled opponents ganging up on you, and it can be difficult to win these matches because of this. While in reality wrestlers do team up at times in matches, they never do it to quite this extent. Ladder matches too, suffer from poor AI. While an opponent is grabbing the belt, the other computer player will continue to attack you, instead of preventing a loss.
There is no story or serious career mode to speak of. Career sees you competeing in one match after another, with varying numbers of matches depending on the difficulty of the belt (WWE Title will be 12 matches for example, hardcore 5 matches.)
There are a fair few wrestlers however, including RVD and the nWo, but there are also a few missing, such as Spike Dudley and Goldust, both of whom were in the WWF before the nWo. And if you wanted to create your own wrestler, I wish you luck. There are very few options in comparison to other games. Them Hardy elbow pad things, Austin's waist coat, and HHH's leather/denim jacket combo (to name a few) are seemingly exclusive to those particular superstars, and this detracts from any creation you make. Also, the music and sound effects are terrible. The crowd ooohs and aaahs every so often, but is otherwise silent, and entrance themes are missing. Rollin' is there, by Limp Bizkit, as is Moterhead's "The Game", but what about Booker T, Hardys, nWo, Ric Flair and Tajiri's, for example?
The TV style presentation is good, but there are too few arenas, and you can't go backstage. On the plus side, the graphics are very good, but dont push the GC as much as they could. The match options are extensive, and Hell in a Cell matches are great fun, as are Table, Hardcore, Ladder, TLC etc. The reversal system is refreshing and effective, although sometimes it leaves you worse off than before.
In summary, this is Smackdown, with better graphics, poorer controls, fewer options, and even worse sound. A sequal to No Mercy would have been much better, but as it stands, this is a poor man's Smackdown.

WWF: Back In Black [DVD]
WWF: Back In Black [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by Amazin Deals *****
Price: 19.78

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3.0 out of 5 stars nWo 4 life--DVD 4 a while, 23 Sep 2002
This review is from: WWF: Back In Black [DVD] (DVD)
A much needed and long awaited DVD has arrived, a biography if you will, of the new World order. The dvd starts off well. Very well, in fact, giving a little information about Hogan, Hall and Nash before they joined WCW, and then shows the "Invasion" angle that kick-started the whole new World order storyline. We get to see the Outsiders turn up unannounced on Nitro etc, leading to Bash at the Beach where the nWo storyline came to fruition. After the surprise that was Hogan joining the Outsiders, the DVD continues, highlighting the nWo's rise and rise. Unfortunately, the further along the DVD goes in the nWo timeline, the thinner the highlights become, until eventually the lights are just turned off. Yep, of a storyline that lasted approximately 5 years (off and on) we get to see about 3-4 months properly, while the rest of about 8 months is skirted over with quick still pictures or short video footage. While the nWo may not have been a success later on in its life, these parts are just as relevant and just as important, and the DVD is lacking because of its refusal to allow these parts to be shown.
So the DVD skips from where the Giant joins, to the present day, where Hogan, Hall and Nash re-join the WWF. The DVD goes back into a lot of detail again at this point, and from there-on-in, we are basically shown what weve seen over the past few months since the nWo arrived, up until where x-pac makes his appearance. Thats it. Yeah, you get exclusive interviews with Hall and Hogan (where was Nash?) during the process, but the WCW chapter in the nWo's life is too big to be missed, and its a shame it wasnt included in any proper way. The extras arent that impressive either, with only a few matches from the WCW days, and a few more of recent times.
For what was arguably the greatest pro-wrestling storyline to ever grace a ring, this DVD does little to do such an accolade justice.

Beyond The Mat [VHS] [2000]
Beyond The Mat [VHS] [2000]
Offered by dyerwilliams
Price: 4.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Beyond.....the truth?, 2 Sep 2002
Beyond the Mat, a video launched amid much hype over its revealing and graphic content with regard to the world of professional wrestling;Focused mainly around three wrestlers any self respecting fan should recognise, (Terry Funk, Jake Roberts and Mick Foley) the director Blaustein follows each on their travels over a course of about 4 years, although the tape covers little of the earlier years in the documentary. Blaustein shows the tough world of pro-wrestling at different levels, whether its Jake's fall from grace, Terry's retirement plans, or Mick's role at the top of the profession. It’s insightful, but only to a certain extent, such as talking to Mick about his kids and how he feels knowing they watch him risk his life. Beyond the Mat also shows the younger athletes who have yet to receive their big break, showing where they train and how they wrestle in car parks and armories. It was nice to see two young guys get their chance in the WWF, but little else is shown of them.
While I first enjoyed this video, and to some extent still do, my viewing pleasure is slightly tinged by the fact I know different to what is being portrayed in this video. An interview with Roberts, breaking his silence on the subject of Beyond the Mat, later revealed that certain parts of the documentary were either deliberately fabricated, or just not entirely accurate. While what you see on the video is interesting, remember that what you see is edited to make for an entertaining couple of hours in front of the TV. You won't get to see the wrestlers sitting at autograph booths, or waiting for their flight to LA, or training heavily in the gym. Instead you see wrestlers being severely injured, taking drugs and meeting their long lost daughters.
While this is entertaining, it’s not wholly accurate nor is it true for the majority of wrestlers, just the more "interesting" minority.

Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows [VHS]
Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows [VHS]
Offered by Discountdiscs-UK : Dispatched daily from the UK.
Price: 11.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars UN-BELIEVABLE, 20 Aug 2002
This video is just incredible. It covers a year of bret's career in the wwf, unbeknowst to all that it is to be his last year with the company. The director couldnt have possibly timed this any better to catch pretty much the whole story. His luck is also our luck, as this documentary is one to be treasured, and i know you'll find yourself dusting it off every so often and re watching it in absolute amazement. This video hasnt received 15 "5 Stars" for nothing, and it will keep you entertained for a long time, much like the hitman himself.
No die hard fan should be without it, and much like bret, this video just could possibly be, "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!"

WWF: Survivor Series 1997 [VHS]
WWF: Survivor Series 1997 [VHS]

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3.0 out of 5 stars Nothing amazing., 19 Aug 2002
Dont be fooled by the infamous screwjob incident that occurred at the end of this ppv, although i imagine its the only reason you would want to own this video. The mid card is pretty rubbish, although mankind and kane put on quite a good match, although the ring is bathed in red lights, and its less of a match than it is a brawl. Austin and Owen go at it in austins return match after owen broke austins neck at the 1997 summerslam (yes, it was an accident, but it was also legitamate.) The final match is good, and old time fans will get that nostalgic feeling at seeing the end of an era occur at the final bell. Whoever said bret refused to lose so he could go on nitro the following night with the belt, is wrong, and obviously hasnt seen wrestling with shadows. I would recommend that video to anyone interested in the bret/vince screwjob saga, and it paints a much better picture of what really happended than this survivor series video will ever do.

WWF: Undertaker - This Is My Yard [DVD]
WWF: Undertaker - This Is My Yard [DVD]
Dvd ~ Robert Ginty

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars One Badass dude, one Badass DVD, 16 Aug 2002
I bought this DVD a few months ago, and i still watch it now. It goes back to his early days in WCW, and tells how he first got into wrestling. It does then of course move forward in time, with the Undertakers debut at the 1990 Survivor Series, and his first title win. The hour long DVD then for some reason skips over a few years. Highlights of his ministry character are shown and his most famous fueds are talked about, including his battles with Hulk Hogan and Kane, although i could think of a few infamous battles that were left out for no apparent reason.
The DVD does of course focus mainly around Mark Calloway, with exclusive interviews with the 'taker himself giving a brilliant insight into what keeps the deadman going.
The DVD extras are good, although there are only 5 matches, and go only as far back as the first Hell in a Cell with Shawn Micheals, although the extras last longer than the DVD itself. I personnally would have preferred seeing some of his classic matches with Mankind, the fake undertaker and Bret Hart, to name a few, but thats just me i guess.
While most DVD's from the WWF these days focus on short moments in a wrestlers career, ie; the past 2 years or so, this DVD tries to be different and cover more than just takers "American Badass" personna, but doesn't do it very well unfortunately.
If you want a DVD that shows the "American Badass" in his full glory, with a bit of what went before, then buy this DVD. If you want a bit more detail on his early days in the WWF, then you might want to buy this DVD in conjunction with some of his older videos, such as "The Phenom" and "The Undertakers Gravest Matches"

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