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ViaFosa Water Distiller
ViaFosa Water Distiller
Price: £165.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Still not clean...?, 12 Aug. 2014
Two stars for what is a brilliant product that makes distillation easy for people at home. Why?

Was not sure what to expect when I purchased this but coming from experience in distillation process in chemisty it was not long before I had a concern. Bought this to save money buying bottled spring water, although its crazy cheap (16L for £2.50) it often tastes like the plastic its been kept in for x amount of time. So I started using this with London's tap water. Had let it run to clear it out but noticed a taste I was not fond of, had put it down to the product being new so I discarded the water and let it run again. Second attept, same taste. Thought, hey I've not drunk distilled water before, although I can make my own with glassware I use it for cleaning and mixing herbal products... perhaps this is what it tastes like? Plan was to use this 'pure' water with glass bottles so I had some 90p per 1L bottled spring water and put it through the distiller. Big difference, a tangible difference in taste.

Now... I'd somewhat left my experience behind at the door on this one for some reason but I'm at this very moment running a test to find out what the taste and issue is. Well, firstly the taste is the same as that foul smell you get from the left over at the end of a 'run' (to use a distillation term) its distinctly the same smell - taste so., this boils down to two things....

1. There is not enough distance between the fan and the boiling water (filled to max) to allow heavier water still containing impurities to cool and fall back into the water while the 'pure' condensation goes over into the container. With chemical glassware you can have a short chain distillation process where water is boiled, the steam rises and is condensed in a coloum running 'horizontal' or paralell to the boiling flask with the water in it. This is second to the lowest quality distillation you can achive when using glassware, a retort would produce a lower quality output as it relies on the native environment to condense the steam and collect it in a very short chain process... distillers often run these types of process multiple times to achive a quality result be it in alchol or other processes.

This could be why there is such a difference in taste between the terrible quality tap water and the relatively clean spring water.... a better distillation process would use a vigreux column that stands above the boiling water allowing steam to rise and face a cooler environment for a longer period, the heavier particles would fall back into the boiling water as they are not able to carry themselves past a certain temperrature... a taller unit would need to be made to achive this in the viaFosa/Megahome devices putting more distance between the fill point and the cooling fan sadly does not help as the temperature created within the unit is constant carrying heavier particles to continue over into the end result.

2. This is the more likely scenario considering the similarity in taste between the distilled tap water and the funk thats left behind when all is said and done.... the process cuts off too late allowing stuff to almost burn at the bottom of the unit... with this and the above in mind, that the unit maintains a constant temperature that allows impurities to boil and carry themselves over into the end result this is likely the reason for the taste.

It is also noticeable that when kept in a glass bottle there is a difference in taste between the water at the top and the heavier water at the bottom of the container.

Am running the device now to determine whether this is all down to either factors but as it stands I'm now distilling spring water and only using tap water to wash with, hoping that using a timer to cut short the boiling time will prevent that taste and perhaps lowering the amount used will assist in the condensation process.

Sorry for the long review,, trying to not sound complicated. The device is good. I'd like to know if others have noticed the strange taste and can also compare it to the smell of the foul substance found at the bottom of the unit after letting it run. As mentioned I suggest using a timed plug to avoid the device boiling the heavier water left at the bottom.

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Nabuma Rubberband [VINYL]
Nabuma Rubberband [VINYL]
Price: £21.37

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3.0 out of 5 stars Lost their edge?, 20 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Nabuma Rubberband [VINYL] (Vinyl)
Have been a fan since they were a buzz word, seems I have to have all their albums (on vinyl) alongside what Koop had released with Yukimi .lol. Their introduction to the world, 'Little Dragon' is brilliant, no doubt about it, their other albums are good but not quite as good. Still, the curse of the first album follows many artists/bands, IMO much inspiration goes into the first work as a collection of past ideas and effort. Alongside that people become familiar with a sound and are expectant of the same after the first, often becoming dissapointed if the artist/group want to continue inspiring and introducing new ideas which rather than being concepts (as they would in building up the first album) are now contained within a time frame of label demands and expectant fans. Pressure serves not the creative. That being said this seems to be the furthest from what I'd expect to hear from them, more electronic than soul... and the album cover??? Wouldn't display this next to the others on a wall, depicts a down turn from Machine Dreams not one for us vinyl fans, they've lost a star from me there. This is their first departure from Peacefrog who only did a small run of their initial album on wax, Four Hundred from what I recall... will cost you £200+ if you wanted to hear how Analogue Synths and *that* voice sounds on vinyl. IMO this latest is not as atmospheric and consistent as their other work has been, what it lacks is almost shown in the uninspired cover art, can only hope their future isn't as bleak looking.

Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman (Exploited Earth)
Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman (Exploited Earth)
by Marjorie Shostak
Edition: Paperback
Price: £21.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Chilling, Cold approach to the study of humanity, 13 Feb. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I do not know how or why this book ended up in my possession, but its highly likely that I bought it while looking for information on the continent in order to better connect with its ancient history and culture from a spiritual perspective. The question why and how truly falls on why - I chose a book written by an anthropologist and how - I did not foresee the approach such a book would take.

It was chilling reading such a cold examination of "others" through this lens, at any one point the author may as well have been writing about aliens from another planet and you could say that is how it felt but with the again, coldness of evaluation and its innate acceptance of approach I could only stomach some 1/2 of the book. This is as close to the Victorian era explorers examining, "ethnic curiosities" as you can get without labeling it distinctly racist and no, insults need not be used for a person to express an aspect of racism. It is a sad fact that the study of others under this 'science' usually ends in the theft of knowledge and cultural heritage of those under the microscope, it would be good to know how much Nisa and her family have earned from being the curiosity of so many through this text. To add to my case and example, I will cite a film reference, it was not the industrialists and the capitalists who destroyed the world of the Na'vi in the Film, "Avatar" but, if you are at all perceptive, the anthropologist who worked for them. This isn't a slight toward the author but a mention of how myself and others find such studies and texts to be so cold and detached as to only highlight the lines in the sand drawn between us as human beings.

I would suppose that many Europeans and those of cultures who consider themselves (whether passively or actively) to be of 'superior worth' to others would find the weighing of babies by intrigued African people to be just as insulting.

There is no real connection made here, not in my eyes. For a real look into the culture and practices of the continent I would suggest those books written by authors such as, 'Alina Olomo' and others.

P.s: Stop the debt, end the exploitation, free Africa... free the world.

Avid 2014

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