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Apple Box Set
Apple Box Set
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £319.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Some Reasons For What Is Missing, 12 May 2012
This review is from: Apple Box Set (Audio CD)
Hello All,

What's included in this box is a great variety of superb music, some with much help from a Beatle or two or three; plus some appearances by Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Steven Stills, Ginger Baker, Ray Charles (!) and others. Many tracks have no hands-on Beatle help but are still excellent, highly enjoyable music. The box focuses on the large amount of fine music released by Apple Records from 1968-1974 by artists other than by the Beatles or John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr solo material. The purpose of the rest of this review is to shed a little light on what was originally released by Apple, but isn't included in this box set.

The Iveys (early Badfinger) 1992 cd "Maybe Tomorrow" and Badfinger's 2010 "Magic Christian Music" cd share 12 tracks. These 12 on "Magic Christian Music" 2010 are remixed, alternate and mono versions of the tracks from "Maybe Tomorrow". Disc 16, exclusive to this box set, contains mono versions of 'Dear Angie', 'Think About the Good Times', 'No Escaping Your Love', and 'Yesterday Ain't Coming Back'.

The 9 tracks *only* on the "Maybe Tomorrow" '92 cd are these in stereo: 'See-Saw Granpa', 'Think About the Good Times', 'Yesterday Ain't Coming Back', 'Sali Bloo', 'I've Been Waiting', 'And Her Daddy's a Millionaire' (original version, '92 mix), 'No Escaping Your Love'. In mono: 'Mrs. Jones' ('92 mix), and 'Looking For My Baby' ('92 mix). So this box set excludes *any* version of only one Ivey's song, 'Looking For My Baby'. Whew! Clear? Then explain it to me.

Mary Hopkin's Those Were the Days was also released on cd in the UK, 1995. It had some of the "pop music" songs of which Mary has made clear she was not too fond, and are not included in this box set. These songs are: 1.) 'Temma Harbour', 2.) 'Knock Knock Who's There' (both Top Five UK hits), 3.) 'Think About Your Children' (Top Twenty UK), 4.) 'Que Sera Sera'(produced by McCartney, musical contributions by McCartney & Ringo), 5.) 'Lontano degli occhi', and 6.) 'Heritage'. Also a b-side that has never made it to cd, 'I'm Going To Fall In Love Again'. The songs from this album that Mary preferred have been added as bonus tracks to Postcard and Earth Song, Ocean Song.

Allen Klein (ABKCO) apparently owned the film and soundtrack rights to EL TOPO and Come Together Soundtrack, which were released via Apple. ABKCO released "EL Topo" as a dvd/cd El Topo, El Topo Soundtrack [DVD] A Film Of Alejandro Jodorowsky. The film or soundtrack of "Come Together" remain unreleased.

Raga, Original Soundtrack LP by Ravi Shankar has been sold, licensed, or loaned to Ravi's own label, East Meets West, as part of Ravi's 90th-year reissue series. The (former?) Apple film and soundtrack have been released on dvd, Raga: A Film Journey to the Soul of India with the soundtrack additionally available as a download. The download names all the same titles as the Apple lp, and even thought the total time of the lp (38:20) and the same download tracks (38:49) are close, the different timings on some of the individual tracks vary from a few seconds to several minutes! The download adds 4 bonus tracks, 3 of which are Ravi speaking. Total download set clocks in at 49:29. The Apple double-cd Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan in Concert 1972 was issued on cd in the UK, 1996. It may also appear later on Ravi's label, though as of April 2012, it has not been issued. Two new East Meets West Ravi albums have been announced, neither ever on Apple.

Yoko Ono reissued her four Apple albums - "Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band", "Fly", "Approximately Infinite Universe", "Feeling The Space" - and three Apple albums with John Lennon: "Unfinished Music 1: Two Virgins"; "Unfinished Music #2: Life With The Lions" (on Zapple); and "Wedding Album", all on the RykoDisc label, 1997, along with the rest of her catalog to that time. The Plastic Ono Band's "Live Peace In Toronto 1969" had an Apple/EMI cd release in 1995.

"Phil Spector's Christmas Album" was released first on Spector's Philles label in 1961, and after it's release on Apple in 1972, has appeared on the Warner-Spector label and others - now on cd as "A Christmas Gift for You".

The Delaney & Bonnie album was cancelled by Apple, but is available on cd as "Original Delaney & Bonnie: Accept No Substitute". "Listening to Richard Brautigan" a cancelled Zapple lp, was issued by The Collector's Choice label on cd, 2005.

One song by Trash, 'Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight' is on "...The Best Of Apple Records". As far as the rumored Trash album, and unreleased recordings from the group Mortimer, Apple knows, Apple decides. Same for "The Beatles Christmas Album" of comedy skits including bits of music. It is available in edited version as an extra on the Beatles "Rockband" game software.

David Peel's album "The Pope Smokes Dope" has been released on cd twice; an import version in 2000, and again on Peel's own Orange Records label, date unknown - but never officially by Apple.

So what Apple albums are still unreleased by any label on cd? 1.) "Brother" by Lon and Derrek Van Eaton (One track is on "Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records", included in this box set), 2.) "Elephant's Memory" by the Elephant's Memory Band. Also missing, the Ravi Shankar and Chorus e.p. "Joi Bangla/Oh Bhaugowan/Raga Mishra - Jhinjhoti". As far as singles: two A-sides - 'Road To Nowhere' by Trash, 'Goodbye Sweet Lorraine' by Chris Hodge; and 11 B-sides by Black Dyke Mills Band, Trash (2), Brute Force, Hot Chocolate Band, Mary Hopkin (1 - see above), Ronnie Spector, Lon and Derrek Van Eaton, Chris Hodge (2), and Sundown Playboys.

Since John Lennon and Yoko Ono produced, recorded, and performed with the Elephant's Memory Band, that album may be owned by the Lennon Estate. Likewise, ownership of the Billy Preston and Radha Krishna Temple (London) Apple albums are listed as owned by Umlaut Corp., a branch of the Harrison Estate, on the "...Best of Apple Records" cd booklet.

As far as the packaging, I was hopeful enough to think it would be in a little wood crate. But it's cardboard (think of a cereal box). Not the best choice, but also not as flimsy as some descriptions I've seen. Who knows how much a wood or plastic crate would have added to the price (and detracted from the "green" aspect)? But a firm box, such as with the box sets by the Beatles, Lennon, and Harrison seems reasonable and is an odd oversight.

To a point raised by another reviewer here, about George's Dark Horse label and Starr's Ring O'Records: Two Ravi Shankar lps from George Harrison's Dark Horse label, plus one previously on Angel Records (Capitol's Classical label), and an unreleased film are available on the beautiful box set "Collaborations" (3CD/1DVD). The 3 cds are available separately as downloads.

Sorry, but I have no info on the status of Ring O'Records or Ringo's early 2000 Pumpkin label.

I hope this helps to answer some questions. Information about Apple Records releases comes from my own personal collection and from the book "All Together Now: The First Complete Beatles Discography 1961-1975", by Harry Castleman & Walter J. Podrazik.

Taylor Mead, a Simple Country Girl (Bowery Poetry)
Taylor Mead, a Simple Country Girl (Bowery Poetry)
by Taylor Mead
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.93

5.0 out of 5 stars If brevity is the soul of wit, this is a soulful masterpiece. Plus reasonably short paen to and info-graphy of Taylor Mead, 11 Mar. 2010
Taylor Mead's writings are completely unique and to me, they are wonderful and brilliant. "A Simple Country Girl" is a perfect book to read at home, in bed, in the bathtub, on the toilet, in a park, or take with you on a bus, cab, train, or to a Doctor's waiting room. There is one piece of writing per page, ranging from brief to very brief. Yet in his brevity Mead speaks volumes, volumes that impact me more each time I read them. Most of what he writes makes me smile or laugh out loud, other things are more serious and have a bite to them. Any fragile soul offended by such things as free speech, swear words, or topics such as sex might want to pass on Meads' works, as these things do pop up from time to time.

This is his latest book, his first since 1986's "Son of Andy Warhol". Prior to that book was "On Amphetamine and in Europe" from 1968. If you get the sense that Mead doesn't flood the market with 'product', you'd be correct. I own and love "A Simple Country Girl", as well as the two aforementioned books. With the exception of parts of "On Amphetamine...", the other two books I own by Mead completely forsake plot and narrative in favor of poetry, statements, stream of consciouness writings, random notes, etc.

So if you're looking for Tom Clancey - or for that matter even for Burroughs or Ginsberg - look elsewhere. If you long for something totally, completely unique and - dare I say it? - often charming, you've found it. And you'd better get it now, because Taylor's books unfortunately don't seem to stay in print very long, and forget about reissues. It's a sad situation and the only people who benefit are used book sellers who sell Mead's out of print collector's items for $100 and up - if you can find them at all, that is.

I think the Amazon description lists this as Mead's fourth book, but from what I can tell it's at least the fifth, if not the seventh. Prior to the above mentioned three books, I've read that 1961 saw the release of "Excerpts From the Anonymous Diary of a New York Youth" (and seen the cover reproduced in another book), followed in 1962 by "Second Excerpts From the Anonymous Diary of New York Youth". "On Amphetamine and in Europe" and "Son of Andy Warhol" were titled volumes 3 and 4, respectively. A search savvy friend of mine turned up mentions of two other writings by Mead, "Impressions: France Mexico USA" 1969, and "Poems For Marilyn", 1962. Three books in two years - a prolific time for Taylor! I only wish he'd kept up the pace somewhat so that Mead addicts such as myself had more to read and reread.

And maybe rereading is a key; for me definitely. My first exposure to Taylor's writings left me thinking: 'What?' 'But this isn't...' 'Or is it? What is it?' 'He can't - but he has' and other such erudite musings.

Aside from being a writer, Taylor has appeared in more underground or independent films and plays than probably any other actor, beginning in Ron Rice's 1960 film "The Flower Thief", and Rice's 1963 "The Atom Man Meets the Queen of Sheba", (which Mead himself restored, preserved and edited in the early 1980s), Robert Downey Sr.'s "Babo 73", appeared in 11 Andy Warhol films from 1963 to 1968, and about 50-100 films later, turned up in Jim Jarmusch's 2003 "Coffee and Cigarettes" - the dvd of which has a 5 minute Mead interview as an extra. He won a obie award for his performance in "The General Returns From One Place to Another", a play by Frank O'Hara.

Taylor Mead is definitely a rennaisance man, and to quote a piece from his "A Simple Country Girl": 'I Am a National Treasure / If there were such a thing'. And to that I say that there is such a thing, Taylor Mead is one, and it's just too bad that he lives in a country that doesn't recognize, honor, and support such Treasures.

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