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Broadchurch [DVD]
Broadchurch [DVD]
Dvd ~ Olivia Colman
Price: £9.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Drama of the Year, 3 Jan. 2014
This review is from: Broadchurch [DVD] (DVD)
I was shown Broadchurch very late in the game - about a week before the series finale. Using spare time during my college hours, I hastily watched all the episodes and was like the entire nation, hooked to the TV when the last episode aired.
Then upon rewatching it, I noticed all the subtle things that makes this show one of the best TV drama series' to come out of Britain for a very long time.
Set in a sleepy village where not much happens, it's easy for me to relate. Everyone knows each other, everyone at least gets a long vaguely and nothing is out of the ordinary.
The murder of a young boy sends the entire town into silence and shock, and we see DS Ellie Millar (acted by the superb Olivia Colman) struggle with her first real detective case, whilst being lumbered with hard-headed, unapproachable DI Alec Hardy (played by David Tennant)
Both actors show the pain and grief and heartache that a childs death can do to a small community, both dealing with pressures to try and find the killer but being met by secrets, lies and deception on every corner.
The end is extraordinary - you will never see it coming at all. All the actors give an outstanding performance, Colman in particular who is heralded for the role.
The most outstanding thing about this show is its realism. It's not all NCIS where they find the killer in a matter of days despite the complexity of the murder. It is difficult, the police are hounded by the press and the potential suspects are treated like animals by the general public resulting in catastrophic consequences.
All in all, even if you do not like murder mysteries, it would be foolish to give this drama a miss. Because though the murder mystery is there, the show depicts the complexities of human nature in the most articulate of ways that you will find yourself bubbling over with emotion
Fantastic series. 10/10

Hannibal - Season 1 [DVD] [2013]
Hannibal - Season 1 [DVD] [2013]
Dvd ~ Mads Mikkelsen
Offered by Venture Online
Price: £7.51

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5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously, watch this series., 20 Jun. 2013
So, my sister began watching this and told me it was something that I would be immensely interested in. I had no idea why, and to be honest, I knew very little of the genre built up around Hannibal the Cannibal. I of course knew bits here and there but I was too busy with other shows. My sister informed me that it was due to my psychological studies that I would involve myself with it.
Begrudgingly, hating that my sister is usually right in these instances, I tuned up and from the get go I was hooked. So much so, that I have invested in the set of Hannibal books, watched all the movies and other things identified with the character.
This series is nothing short of stunning. Both visually and in the dialogue and in the story-telling. It spurs the imagination into the darkest surpluses of the mind and with it brings fascinating points of interest. I had never heard of some of the things that occur in this show and was spurred to find out more.
Mads Mikkelson is for me definitely the Hannibal I most appreciate. He has taken a very different approach to Hopkins and Cox and not only has created a truly terrifying version but mixed it with so much humanity that I can believe this to be a real person. The manipulation starts right off the bat as Lecter takes Will Graham Alana Bloom (changed into a female by Bryan Fuller and was originally Alan Bloom) Jack Crawford and Freddy Lounds (also changed into a woman) These changes open up so many brilliant new ways to gain perspective on the original tales. In no way do the changes seem forced and actually suit the characters a lot better than whereas they were men.
Subtle hints and speech is taken directly from the source material, and is given so beautifully that it seems so natural.
Hugh Dancy is superb. His incredible performance makes you actually believe he's going mad and it's truly spectacular to watch not to mention completely heart-breaking. On occasion his accent does break, but it's easily ignored. Especially when you're so focused on the brilliant story-telling.
They use suspense so well in this show, you never see Hannibal actually butchering people, he is only shown to kill them or imply that he killed them. Nothing more. And it fixates you due to the fact that the audience knows this, knows that Hannibal is behind it all, and makes his jokes such as "It's good to have an old friend for dinner" much more terrifying.
I look forward to owning this DVD, and of course the season finale and even more so with the prospect that it has been renewed for a second series.
Well done NBC America and Bryan Fuller. This show will win awards for sure.

Samsung YP-Q1 8GB Portable Media Player
Samsung YP-Q1 8GB Portable Media Player

5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT, 23 Aug. 2012
I bought this item about 5 years ago with my birthday money and it is the best MP4 I have ever come across.
The picture quality is incredible, the sound system is brilliant, it fits well in the hand, is easy to use, easy to load music and videos and pictures.
It lasted well against spills, falls, knocks on the ground and on occasion being flung at my sisters head in annoyance.
I love this item. I really do, I can't hold it in higher regards.
I bought several portable music players since, and not one of them match up to the quality in this one.
The main reason I'm looking at this one now is I lost my previous one about a week ago, so as soon as it is back in stock, I will be purchasing it again.
Brilliant make.

New Ladies Off Shoulder Batwing Long Sleeved Womens Top - Red - 18 / 20
New Ladies Off Shoulder Batwing Long Sleeved Womens Top - Red - 18 / 20
Offered by ColourYourFashion
Price: £6.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love it!, 29 April 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this as a tester jumper, to see how it faired when I ordered the grey version for a cosplay.
Let me tell you now, this is absolutely gorgeous. It's a good colour and fits well, despite the cuffs being a little loose.
It sits well on the body and can be worn with jeans, skirts and leggings of course. It can be worn as casual wear, or as something dressy for a night out.
The day that I wore it to college I got wonderful comments about it. It arrived very quickly, within a day of dispatching and is just perfect. Definitely be buying this product again.

Being Human - Series 4 [DVD]
Being Human - Series 4 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Lenora Crichlow
Price: £6.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fang-tastic, 27 April 2012
This review is from: Being Human - Series 4 [DVD] (DVD)
Well, well, well...
I must admit that when I heard that about 75% of the original cast were leaving before the 4th series ended, I was sceptical at the prospect of Being Human without principle figures that held together much of the show.
How wrong was I?
As the series began with George's immense sacrifice, it makes for truly heart-breaking TV. But the show doesn't dwell on it, and some may even claim that it was wrong not to, I however saw it as something so much more, about just getting on and dealing with it because other matters were more important.
With this series, two new editions join Annie. Tom, from the previous series, comes into his own. His naivety and childlike nature develops over the eight episodes and is perfect when playing it against Hal, the prim, OCD new vampire. But in no sense is he a replacement for Mitchell, instead he is a wonderful character who is entirely his own. It is hardly believable that the actor Damien Molony is fresh out of acting school given is wonderful performance. In some cases I actually prefer him to Mitchell.
And Annie, oh, lovely Annie. Her wonderful presence is what holds the entire show together. Lenora is wonderful, as she always has been, really having to fend for herself now that George, Mitchell and Nina are gone. But eventually she learns to trust the new residents of Hondula Heights.
Aside from the three regulars, wonderful characters come and go; Adam (the horny teenage vampire from the previous series), Allison (A wonderfully quirky werewolf) Kirby (a ghost who is slightly in need of help...) Alex (Tomboyish lass from Scotland on a holiday) Cutler (Who I would be more than happy to make a return next series in a flashback...) Regus (the vampire recorder) And Mr Snow, whom, I shall say is one of the creepiest vampires I have ever laid eyes upon.
The series has reverted back to the premise of series 1, and focuses more on the comedy and the heart of Being Human, which is ultimately just humanity.
The DVD in itself is, unlike the previous three DVD sets, a lot more weighted with extras. The interviews with the cast, production officers and the writer Toby Whithouse give a greater idea to their plans. The deleted scenes are brilliant to watch, particularly the last one, which makes me laugh all the time. It also includes the prequels for the new characters and gives a trailer detailing the last three years of the show. And finally, the behind the scenes footage that the BBC posted during the show being on air are extended slightly to give a lot more depth.
A wonderful addition to my DVD collection and I still continue to be a loyal fan. Bring on series 5!

Monster High Operetta doll
Monster High Operetta doll
Offered by Brian Games
Price: £44.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Monster High doll is a show stealer, 12 April 2012
This review is from: Monster High Operetta doll (Toy)
My sister and I have been collecting Monster High dolls since September last year and have been avid fans with a substantial collection. Whilst her favourite has always been Frankie Stein, my heart was set on getting on Operetta since the release of her doll being a lover of the original book and musicals that followed in the Phantom of the Opera's footsteps.. Well a few days ago I finally got my hands on her and she is spectacular.
Her design is nothing I've ever seen before, especially with dolls which are manufactured on such a large scale that they almost become identical.
She is completely unique and the birthmark that runs down the left side of her face, extends on to her shoulder before replaced with by tattoo's on her left arm.
Whilst many would think that tattoo's are inappropriate for a doll, I beg to differ, because for one, it marks out individuality and says there's nothing wrong with these sort of things, and why should there be if it makes you into a strong person?
My sister and I both love her, her design is just wonderful - I will remark however that her victory curls do come loose when unboxing her, but gel or hairspray seems to fix up the problem wonderfully.
Well done Mattel for making this wonderful doll.

Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Graphite
Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Graphite

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful!, 18 Mar. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I received this Kindle just today for my birthday, after nagging my mother that I needed one for what felt like ages. Whilst most of my family are relatively... Nay-Kindle, (I beg to differ, as Stephen Fry once said, "Kindles are no more a threat to books than elevators are to stairs!") this device is just superb.
It's not difficult to work at all, after a littler tinkering with it, it just suits me to the letter T. It's light and slender and reads almost like a real book.
Even for the technological-illiterate, like myself, it is simple and easy to set up, although I do recommend having a copy of your wi-fi address on hand with you (an hour of searching for the blasted thing, had the entire family in a mess!)
This is a wonderful item. It really is and I don't think I could praise it any more than what previous reviewers have said before me.

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