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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Superb quality, fit and materials., 4 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Absolutely love Else-style dress. A lot nicer than the Disney/supermarket franchise Disney equivalents. The material is soft and stretchy. It has the right amount of sparkle. The sleeves are full-length and 'icy' looking, whilst being soft and comfortable. The "bodice" is mini sequins and extremely nice, with the frost star decoration being an nice additional touch. The train behind is lovely and long, for whooshing Else-stlye round the house, with sparkles through it.
Having bought this half by accident as I had left it in the basket in error from previous browsing, I am very happy indeed that I did so and I thoroughly recommend this dress.

James Bond: The Ultimate Collection
James Bond: The Ultimate Collection
by Various
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars You will quite a vocal range to sing along to some of the pieces, but good for piano., 30 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is an up to date and comprehensive book of the Bond music and scored for relatively easy playing. Definitely not for the intermediate occasional player as playing these piece will take practice - some of the keys they're scored in are quite difficult to read.

It is an improvement on my older copy where you had sections ending a few bars after a page turn. So far none of that here. BUT, and it is a big but, if you're planning to sing along - be aware that some of the vocal parts are scored at the outside of a normal range - for example I was surprised (and disappointed) that Skyfall is scored so that the top note is a high C (C6). No-where near the pitch that Adele sings the piece and certainly not conducive to a general sing-along.

It's an attractive book and will stay open without music supports.
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Tippitoes Double Step Stool
Tippitoes Double Step Stool
Price: £12.99

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice, small step stool., 17 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very nice, compact and 'tasteful' step stool.

Anti-slip feet ensure it's solid in mats or tiles and it's a good height for loo and sink access.

The only thing I don't like is that the stepping area can be quite slippy as water will 'pool' on it and the plastic 'runkles' on the steps are not particularly anti-slip when wet. This is only an issue when we're using it as a bath step.

No issues with it as a step for the sink and loo.

Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat - White
Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat - White
Price: £5.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Superb - just like the BabyBjorn one (save it does not have the ..., 17 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Superb - just like the BabyBjorn one (save it does not have the mechanic that allows you to tighten it to the precise dimensions of your loo) , but less than half the price.
It fits all of our toilets - old and modern, does not slip and is very easy to clean.

Illuminated Globe Table Lamp 260Mm World Light - Color: Frosted Blue
Illuminated Globe Table Lamp 260Mm World Light - Color: Frosted Blue
Offered by Ryman Stationery and Office Supplies
Price: £19.99

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Looks nice, good as a child's nightlight., 17 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought two of these for presents. On one, the first time it was plugged in, the bulb immediately blew. The other seemed OK. I'd recommend getting replacement bulbs at the time of purchase. NB - the 'often bought together' bulb on Amazon is old-style and this item would be better with a low-energy or led bulb. It was difficult to fit the globe housing over the old-style bulb.

The globe looks really nice when it is lit - it also makes a great nightlight as it's not too bright. There is a joining line around the middle, which is very visible when it's lit, but this does not spoil the effect.

My 4 year old loves playing with it and finding countries that she can then 'sail' to (from within her bedroom). It has prompted conversations about the world and our place on it.

The main downside is that it is very lightweight, which means it does not turn easily on its stand (also very lightweight). it is a two-handed job to spin the globe, which will not please everyone. The upside of being lightweight is that it will not break if knocked off the table.

For the price (around £20) it is a nice globe for children. I'd recommend something larger or better-made for older children or for using as an actual educational item.

It has a black plastic switch on the cable a short way from the globe, which means it is potentially a good bedside or desk light.

House of Marbles : Cooking Play Set
House of Marbles : Cooking Play Set
Offered by Green Toys And Games
Price: £14.98

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Nice accessories, suitable for slightly older children., 17 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The is a small table-top play kitchen, made of wood, with metal, cloth and glass accessories. One of the saucepans has a real glass lid, which is not mentioned in the product description. It has a metal rim, so seems safe for play, but definitely one to check over occasionally.

We paid £19.99 for the item, which is a fair price for it. The accessories are very sweet, with tiny metal cooking tools (strainer, spaghetti spoon, fish slice etc), a tea towel, an oven glove (particularly popular with my children), a frying pan and two saucepans with lids (one metal, one glass).

The unit itself is not particularly sturdy - the backing wood is extremely thin and will break very easily if played with roughly. The main play area of the hob and hooks is pretty strong and should not break too easily.

It says that it will pack away, but this would be a job for adults as it's held together with screws and metal wingnuts that will easily go missing and are difficult to turn for children. It is not particularly easy to pack away as the housing is very flimsy. it's definitely not a travel toy.

I like it because it is small, has lots of sweet and realistic accessories which my children love (ages 3 and 4). It will be played with in a small playhouse and is therefore in little danger of being broken or parts being lost.

I'd say this would not be ideal for smaller children or where it will be a regular play item as it is just not very strong.

B. Symphony in B Music toy
B. Symphony in B Music toy

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely marvellous: engaging, tasteful and FUN!, 10 Nov. 2014
This review is from: B. Symphony in B Music toy (Toy)
I bought this on a recommendation from a friend for my 3-year old musically-inclined little boy. Like other reviewers, I was having some issues finding something for Christmas that was likely to catch his interest, since he's only partially interested in cars/dinosaurs/toys marketed at boys. I will update this after Christmas once he's played with it, but here's a review of my impressions as a parent.

The toy looks quite odd. It's like nothing else that we have, but the design is very engaging, with colourful pieces, lights, sounds and a very, very simple interface at the basic level of operation - pieces-pit, play-stop. There is a colour-match element and a shape sorting element as all the pieces have different shapes colours and matching slots on the toy. But this is a toy with layers, so don't stop there.

The 15 songs with which it is pre-programmed can be played by any combination of from 1 up to 6 of the 13 orchestra pieces. There are buttons that light up the instruments that will play harmony or melody (this changes song by song) if selected by the child, so you can have pure harmony (karaoke!), pure melody or a combination. I presently have it playing Beethoven's 5th for piano and guitar.

Then, once you have cracked the instrumental sounds and the harmonic and melodic interface, you can start playing with tempo and then it gets silly, which is probably the bit the kids will like the most.

There's a volume control, although the lowest is still quite loud and the loudest is bedroom-disco loud (which again they will love).

Finally, whilst the music plays, relatively subtle lights in the pit flash in time to the music, with a colour for each of the instruments you have selected.

So, it's now playing B.I.N.G.O. for tuba and xylophone. Much improved by the addition of clarinet.

There's a compartment in the back that the loose pieces fit into - so it can be packed away without much risk of loss or damage. The pieces are about the same size as standard chess pieces and are made of a nice tactile, flexible plastic. The item itself is surprisingly heavy - probably about 1.5 kg+. It has plastic table-protector pads underneath. There's a built-in carry handle, but it's unwieldy to use it to carry the items and I doubt that any small child would have the strength to carry it with the handle.

Which brings me on to my only concern: durability. I am not convinced that this toy would survive being dropped. The plastic housing looks crack-able and the electronics are all on view, so you can see how much techno-wizardry has gone into this toy. The given age-range is 3-13, however, I suspect that the smaller children will find this heavy and difficult to carry. I would suggest keeping it on a low shelf or table. It has a notice on the back saying to keep it out of prolonged direct sunlight, so this is something that should probably be treated like a proper musical instrument - played with and put away with care.

Overall, I love this toy and I think this will be a keeper (one for the grandparent box of toys we keep for the future). I will post an update on how we get on at Christmas.
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No Title Available

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very useful, some irritating design flaws., 20 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought three of these for my children (at the time aged 1.5 and 3). The bottles are very like a children's stainless steel version of a Sigg, so expect dents and paint flakes as they get bashed and crashed around. I don't mind this, but it does mean they will look well-used after a year or so. The 'silver' or plain steel bottle is more disappointing as the clear cover on the metal has perished and started to flake off, which is particularly unattractive. It will need replacing.

The bottle is great in that it has a detachable plastic straw inside (beware of losing it in the wash) and can be used with or without the straw. However, the design of the lid and straw leaves quite a lot to be desired. The lid has to be positioned exactly in the right (not fully extended) position or it sucks in air whilst the child drinks, meaning they use a lot of effort for not much water.

On the whole, I like this because it is steel and therefore very safe for children. I wish that the cap and straw design were better.

Playmobil 5435 Summer Fun Family with Camping Tent
Playmobil 5435 Summer Fun Family with Camping Tent
Price: £12.97

26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant camping playset, 19 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This set consists of:
- pop-up tent in yellow fabric with sewn-in groundsheet (same fabric). It has two little windows so you can see into the tent and a Velcro-fastened doorway. The tent looks nice and was immediately recognised as a tent by my 3 and 4 year olds. The doorway is a little fiddly and the dolls can't really 'do' much inside, but it looks good on the 'campsite'. The design of the tent means that you cannot lose any of the 'poles' and you don't need to deal with fiddly assembly, which is a clear plus for littler Playmobilers. You might want to add a little bit of double-sided sticky tape on the corners to keep it 'pegged out', as otherwise it sags a little bit.
- dining set with three extremely sweet folding fabric chairs - just like the ones you really have for camping, and a folding table.
- electricity hook-up with cable and pitch number box
- washing hanger for the tree with pegs (only two and they will quickly be lost as they're tiny) and two towels
- various crockery, tins, spray/bottles, mini-cooker and coolbox that 'really plugs in' and two pans
- there's also a cat and a kit box, which just about fits in the plates, cups, a pan and the stove - so is pretty good
- there's a camping lantern and torch
- a Mummy, Daddy (realistically stubbly) and little girl with a sweet napkin hat that matches her lizard-print t-shirt.
- a pitch divider with a great tree, bush and a couple of plants.

All-in-all, this is a great playset, especially if you are a camping family as your child will recognise everything. My children loved it, although I have withheld most of the really tiny pieces to save them for when they're a little bit older.

In my view, the set is clearly missing sleeping bags for the people - this would have made it absolutely perfect, but even so, it deserves 5 stars.

My only 'beef' is that the set does not come with a bag that you can pack it up into for a real camping trip, but we can improvise that for ourselves.
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Babymel Little Explorers Hearts Children's Rucksack and Lunch Bag
Babymel Little Explorers Hearts Children's Rucksack and Lunch Bag

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars High quality, hig-vis school/nursery bag, 15 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is a high-quality children's backpack that would be suitable for nursery or school. It's very bright pink, which has good visibility, but no reflective strips. The outside of the bag is padded fabric, which meant that we had to spray the bag with a waterproofing spray as it seemed to absorb rain quickly, although none seemed to get into the main compartment. This solved that problem and otherwise the bag seems sturdy and well-made.

It has wide comfortable straps and a top carry-handle. It is about the right size for ages 3-9. There is a pocket for odds-and-ends or a drinks bottle.

The lunchbag is detachable, which makes this pack great for occasional sandwich days and school trips/days out. You can remove the lunchbag when it's not needed and your child keeps their hands free if a lunchbag is needed. The lunchbag also has its own carry handle and is insulated inside. The lunchbag is heart-shaped, but is roomy enough to fit a large sandwich box inside. We use the Sistema Quaddie, which fits snugly, with some space for fruit as well.

Importantly, it's also fairly distinctive and easy to spot. You can also easily attach tags to the bag to differentiate it from others.

My daughter loves her bag and we would recommend it. The only issue is whether it would remain dry in heavy rain without the waterproofing spray. If it were waterproof, it would get 5 stars.

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