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Price: 7.58

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5.0 out of 5 stars Symphonic Tribute, 12 Mar 2012
This review is from: Damnation (Audio CD)
Love this album..A fair bit of credit has to go to Steven Wilson me thinks..Lovely Mellotron drenched compositions, great lyrics, Musicianship, a real tribute to the Floyd, BJH, The Moody's, Procul Harum, Early P. Tree...Cant get my head around some of the other Opeth albums..Grunting, howling...Just gargle some TCP mate that'll sort it...but thats just musical taste, no offence meant to all you die hard Opeth fans..Great album this, a definate 5 stars from me

Price: 15.59

5.0 out of 5 stars A Tribute to Classic Prog!, 3 Mar 2012
This review is from: Frequency (Audio CD)
I must admit before buying this album i only owned 2 IQ albums, the first being 'The Seventh House' and the second in my opinion the far superior 'Dark Matter'...For me the latter was pure Prog Perfection, it could not be beaten...and so it goes without saying it was a good while before i actually bought 'Frequency', maybe because Martin Orford had left the band and his influence on 'Dark Matter' was was like listening to a (dare i say it) a classic Genesis album in the 1975-77 era..and before all the IQ fans bombard me with comments, IQ have an original sound, no doubt about that, its just the classic Genesis sound is there for all to hear, just like early Porcupine Tree reaked of classic Pink Floyd..this is not in any means a complaint, IQ are probably producing music that the first wave of Genesis fans wished that the famous threesome would have faithfully continued...Harry Connick jnr and possibly early Micheal Buble loved the big band sound, so they produced a very successful interpretation of that Genre on they're respective albums, everyone loved it..Now before i stray too far from the featured album, i decided to listen to the amazon samples and read the reviews and so bought the album..Wow..What an album, musically tight, vocally superb and compositionally brilliant..The new Keyboard player fits in perfectly plus brilliant drumming from Andy Edwards taking over the sticks from Paul Cook..i would just shade this album over 'Dark Matter', production maybe, the drumming a little tighter maybe, but although this is undoubtedly Neo/Nu Prog it is along with 'Dark Matter' an un-ashamed tribute to the Classic prog sound of the 70's, heavily influenced or even a homage to the distinctive sound of the 1971-77 version of that dinosaur that was ...Genesis..Cheers

Smallcreeps Day
Smallcreeps Day
Price: 18.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Why no Remaster?, 26 Feb 2012
This review is from: Smallcreeps Day (Audio CD)
A lot of people have said Phil Collins was the ruination of the band Genesis...ive always thought no, it was a 3 way thing..Hackett had gone and even though 'And then there were three' was a really good album..after no no....Ok listening to this album you kind of get a sense of Mike Rutherfords writing sensibility's, the musicians around him are extremely capable, vocally this album is strong, compositionally there i was a bit of time on my hands listening to this album and it really struck me 'And then there were three` by Genesis was such a strong Rutherford/Banks album it followed that the album that followed..'Duke' for me the first album that reaked of Genesis the 'pop' group and coincidently the first album to feature a heavy Phil Collins influence compositionally, i could be wrong but the fact that 'Smallcreeps day' was recorded before 'Duke' kind of convinced me that maybe Mr Collins had some influence in the demise of Genesis the prog band and was instrumental in the creation of Genesis the pop band...fair do's there are few high points in the later albums..Home by the sea, Fading lights, Second home by the sea etc.. but there were a lot of ordinary tracks not really worth mentioning and not worth compering to the classic Genesis era..Maybe this album was the end of an era, maybe..if you like genesis circa 1977-8 i think you will like this...of course, just my opinion x

Calling All Stations
Calling All Stations
Offered by MMT-UK
Price: 13.55

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not a bad Effort, 17 Oct 2011
This review is from: Calling All Stations (Audio CD)
I think all these reviews have good points (except the person who thinks 'In the air tonight' was a Genesis song)..I think we need to put this album into context, if we are looking at 'Abacab' onwards i would say this isnt a bad album at all, well constructed songs and as mentioned a lot darker than certainly the last 2 albums and hardly a drum machine to be heard..One thing that did grab me was the drum sound, there was a raw energy about it, personally i was getting a bit tired of the gated drum sound that collins had used on previous albums, i know Collins fans will disagree, dont get me wrong, as a drummer Phil Collins is a legend but percussionally i enjoyed this album. The guitar work was neat and tidy, very safe (Rutherford is no Hackett, but i dont think he's trying to be)..The keyboard work is well layered, lots of strings and pads used by Mr Banks although there's no real 'solo's' a la 'Cinema show' or even 'Fading lights' by far the strongest track from the previous album.In all honesty its not needed in these compositions. Ray Wilsons voice is excellent, powerful, distinctive..Its kind of in cooking terms.. put peter gabriel in a large bowl, add phil collins after that add just a touch of paul carrack, stir and put in the oven for 35 minutes, let it cool, and there you are youve got the perfect ray wilson!..For many years i would not listen to anything Genesis beyond 'Wind and wuthering'..once Hackett left the progressive tag was lost (although the next album was a fair effort) and i must say i still think 1970-77 was they're strongest period, but as ive got older i have kind of made peace with the later material (except 'Abacab'..i just dont do..'Abacab'!) so bearing in mind this album is no 'Selling England by the pound','Trick of the tail`,'Foxtrot' etc. in the context of the last 4 albums id say its a pretty decent effort.

Offered by Empor UK
Price: 16.14

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2.0 out of 5 stars Solo album, 31 May 2011
This review is from: Zoom (Audio CD)
There are some fairly decent tracks here, but basically its not an ELO album, its a Jeff Lynne album.. ELO fans must have really anticipated something special from Jeff Lynne especially after the awful ELO2 thing..but this is ordinary at best..for me after `Out of the blue` it all went a bit pop and synth driven...may`be a bit unfair `Discovery` and `Time` are pretty good, but after that very i say..including this..x
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The E.N.D
The E.N.D
Offered by filmrollen
Price: 3.93

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2.0 out of 5 stars 2 Decent tracks, 19 Dec 2009
This review is from: The E.N.D (Audio CD)
Lets be honest theres only 2 decent tracks on the album...Fergie for has got a really good voice but alas not on this album....too many synthesized effects on the voices for me....compositionally very poor....Thank God for Amazon, my wife wanted this for christmas but when she heard the track samples on here she soon changed her mind...Bloody awful in truth...

Price: 5.24

3.0 out of 5 stars Slightly Disappointing but Great Production!, 25 Mar 2009
This review is from: Discovery (Audio CD)
In all Honesty I thought ELO peaked with `A New World record`... `Out of the Blue` had its great moments but overall it was`nt as strong as ANWR compositionally and production wise.To be fair I think the production on `Discovery` was far superior to `Out of the Blue`though at the time I was disappointed with the songs bar may`be `Midnight blue`, `Shine a little Love`, `Last train to London` and maybe `The Diary of Horace Wimp`...`i` did`nt like the sentiment of `Dont bring me down` which was supposed to be Jeff Lynnes dig at original founder member Roy Wood who without his foresight ELO would never have been...30 years on i`m still really impressed with the production and I`ve even warmed to more of the tracks.To sum up I would agree as far as the classic ELO sound went this was the last of the Big sounding albums and things would never be quite the same again...For the Great albums listen to `Eldorado`,`Face the music` and `A New world record`...3 masterpieces..though `Discovery` is by no means a bad album, just the end of a musical era.
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Wind and Wuthering [Hybrid SACD + DVD]
Wind and Wuthering [Hybrid SACD + DVD]
Offered by musik-markt
Price: 30.87

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2.0 out of 5 stars Dry Mixes, 18 April 2008
Right boys lets remix this album and lets make it sound a little bit like `Abacab` take away all the reverb and the lush sound of the original 1976 album and while you are there turn down the guitarist on the mix he`s not in the `trio` so just ease down on his part on this album. I bought this album and sold my 1994 remix on ebay looking forward to a new millenium remix of one of my favorite Genesis albums and what I heard shocked me, its like all the reverb and for want of a better word all the `Lushness` was taken out of the remix...I was gutted! You cannot take a classic Genesis album from a classic prog era and try to remix it and make it sound as dry as `Abacab` and the silly albums that followed.All the albums from `Duke` onwards were `Phil Collins` albums and what is more disappointing is that Banks/Rutherford never took the ascendency and kept the band in the Pink Floyd/ELP classic Prog Genre there is a lot more cred in prog rock right now, listen to Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree,IQ, Pendragon,Fish etc. just listen to `entangled` on the CD/DVD version of `Trick of the Tail` and the end section will tell you this is a poor remix, trying to bring a late seventies un-remixable mix to the new millenium....And as and extra to this review i have just bought the 1994 versions of these albums of which I sold before I bought these 2 packages came up, and all I can say apart from the DVD extras buy the 1994 remixes..Just my opinion of course
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Mustard... Plus
Mustard... Plus

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterpiece, 21 Mar 2008
This review is from: Mustard... Plus (Audio CD)
Let it be known now without this man there would be no ELO.....Basically 10538 Overture was an ordinary possibly deletable Move song, it was`nt `til Roy Wood started Overdubbing Cello`s over the existing recording that the ELO sound was painfully born. I guess if Wood would have stayed with ELO, of which he has later stated he wished he would have for at least a couple of years more.... I guess they would have recorded `See my Baby Jive ` and `Angel Fingers` as well as `Showdown` and ` Roll over Beethoven` and `Wizzard` might never have been? Who Knows?!....OK What I am trying to say is that `Mustard` for me is what ELO possibly would have sounded like if Mr Wood would have stayed with the Classical/Rock outfit...No?....Well just Listen to `The Rain Came Down on Everything` and `Why does such a pretty girl`....and especially `The Song` and for me is the best ever RW solo song and was as classical as anything on the ELO album released the same year `Face the Music` which was heavily pushed in the US, not like `Mustard` which for me was equally important because Wood was basically the inventor of ELO, OK Jeff Lynne is a master songwriter and took the ELO sound to new commercial heights, but i feel the time was right in 1975 with `Mustard` to unleash Roy Wood to the States and the Management at the time totally failed to do they`re job...and I guess the rest is all history.So I`m sorry I did`nt concentrate on the `Mustard` album more but what is more important to me is that because of the poor management 1975 should have been the time Roy Wood became a state side superstar...But I guess Thats History and I guess its a bit wierd with all the EMI re-releases (ELO1,ELO2,Message from the Country,Wizzard Brew,Boulders) RW has become quite popular again more accessable than Mr Lynne may`be...But what really pisses me off is that the Wood/Lynne partnership could have been the next Lennon/McCartney...Yes...Well its been revealed that rather than just abandoning ELO, RW was rather pushed out by the the so called management because Wood wanted to keep the Classical element to ELO where as Lynne wanted to take them to a more Commercial sound and of course mr arden went in favour of lynne and suggested the pair split and concentrate on seperate projects...Lynne left to run ELO and Wood left to do what he wanted and therefore `Wizzard` was formed, a project that was initially and commercially far more succesful than ELO but was again was ignored by the management as far as exposure to the USA was involved...All the money and publicity went to the struggling ELO which OK paid dividends for the management, but if only Wizzard had had the same exposure to the frustrates me...and as there seems to be no plans in the future for Mr Lynne to work with Mr Wood again thats the end of that chapter...Rock`n`roll Snobbery on the part of JL I think!
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Price: 6.03

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2.0 out of 5 stars Squashed Tormato, 17 Feb 2008
This review is from: Tormato (Audio CD)
I am quite amazed that people are actually giving this album 4 and even some of them giving it 5 stars.Lets go back to the release of `Going for the one` 5 amazing compositions drenched in reverb, choirs, church organs, jon andersons angelic voice, steve howes amazing guitar work with the climatic last track `Awaken` leaving us in Prog Heaven!.This for me even super seeded `Close to the Edge` which up `til GFTO was my all time favorite Yes album. Yes were flying high! I was horrified when i played `Tormato` back in `78 there was no musical cohesion and apart from may`be `Dont Kill the Whale` `Madrigal` and may`be `On the silent wings of Freedom` compositionally this was a poor offering, how could a band produce such a poor album 12 months after they had produced they`re best album since CTTE.To be fair there were explanations on the remastered CD booklet,apparently Anderson and Wakeman wanted to go back to Switzerland to record the album but Squire and Howe objected to travelling due to the fact that they had spent most of the year touring and were completely knackered and unfortunately they got they`re own way!The Guitar work on this album is dreadful and it was noticable that Howe tightened up his guitar work after this on the much better `Drama` album and the subsequent Asia albums.I give 2 stars mainly for the 3 tracks highlighted above. The follow up to `Going for the one` was never going to be easy, but as bad as `Tormato` I dont think so.

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