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The Thin Red Line [1999] [DVD]
The Thin Red Line [1999] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sean Penn
Offered by streetsahead
Price: £3.05

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5.0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece, 18 Feb. 2010
It appears The Thin Red Line is a bit like marmite. I love marmite and I love this. It's beautiful, profound and moving. How many war films have we seen with blood and guts and thunder? Why would you want to keep watching the same war film with just small elements changed? This is a different take on war, or more sensitive, emotional and philosophical outlook. Not just the good guys against the bad guys.

One of the main themes is the juxtaposition of war and nature. I thought that was achieved brilliantly. Some of the shots are so beautiful. Some people dismiss these types of films as pretentious, which is a shame. It seems unfair to say some people just don't get it. I like to think it is just that some scenes and dialogue don't evoke the same thoughts and feelings. So they appear pointless to some. When the bird is struggling for life you may think: How did that bird get there? Where is its nest? Could someone help it? Is this bird dying because of this war? Is a soldier somewhere struggling like that bird? Is his life more important? Is this war more important than the animals it will kill? Etc. If you feel there is little or no value in a bird's life you may well just think: What has this bird got to do with war? Where's the explosions?

I think the dialogue is some of the best in any movie. Some of this deep and poetic dialogue may stay with you long after the film. Many parts of this film remind me of Buddhist philosophy.

I can see why some people wouldn't like it. If I put this on in front of my old Sunday league football team I am pretty sure they'd all hate it and say that I had wasted their time. A great bunch of guys, but not all that sensitive and thoughtful.

There are some great action sequences, if that's what you mainly want to see. The storming of the hill and the attacks on the villages are exciting and very well shot. I think the calm and contemplative atmosphere before these occur are a brilliant contrast and highlight the brutality.

I think everyone should give this film a try.

Me and You and Everyone We Know [DVD] (2005)
Me and You and Everyone We Know [DVD] (2005)
Dvd ~ John Hawkes
Price: £10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars I loved it, but I can see why others wouldn't, 18 Feb. 2010
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I really enjoy reading all the reviews on Amazon and seeing how divided opinions can be. I loved this film, but I thought I would because most of my favourite films are a bit unusual. I really didn't want it to end.

Yes, it is a bit of a plotless indie film. But what's wrong with that? In a previous review someone said the characters aren't believable. Yes, they are unsual. They are supposed to be; that's one of the things that makes the film interesting and enjoyable. And there are people on this planet who are far more eccentric and unusual than the people in that film, so to me they are believable.

A few highlights (without spoilers):
There is a brilliantly emotional scene with a goldfish, and the scene when the brothers are on the computer together had me in stitches. The child actors in the film are very good, especially the youngest one.

I can't think why there would be any damage done to any of the child actors in this film, as a few other reviews suggested. Children are far more aware and intelligent than many people give them credit for. In my opinion there was nothing disturbing in it. There was total naivety from a seven year old and some teenagers experimenting.

I thought it was an intriguing, artistic, quirky and heart warming film. It contains some original ideas, and some brilliant moments that might stay with you for a long time. I really enjoyed it, but I dont think my Dad would.

Magic Potion
Magic Potion
Price: £37.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars Not as immediate but pure class., 6 Oct. 2006
This review is from: Magic Potion (Audio CD)
This is more of a slow burner compared to their other albums. Maybe a little slower but after repeated listens it seems to have even more blues, soul and heart. It's also a little more polished than their earlier work. If you have any of the Black Keys work and like it buy all of their albums, because everything is of such an amazing standard. Hope this doesn't sound sexist but it really feels like mans music, telling it how it is for us. It's not whining, or angry but cathartic and life affirming. If you ever get the opportunity to seem them live, do it, because you will be enveloped in an amazing cascade of therapeutic blues rock that you will never forget. You won't believe that just two guys can make that sound. It's the sort of music where you have to have a fair amount of life experience to truly appreciate. But even if you don't, get it, because the music is amazing. Favourites: Just Got To Be, Just a Little Heat, Modern Times, Give Your Heart Away and The Flame.

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