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Woodworm Durable Rubber Darts Mat
Woodworm Durable Rubber Darts Mat
Price: £32.02

2.0 out of 5 stars Warning!!, 23 April 2012
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I've never written a negative review before so let me be clear - this is an excellent product, durable, looks good, strong and heavy (which is good in this kind of product) but....

It smells SOOO bad. I've got a 2 up 2 down and its smell has spread through every room. I've had to return it because I just can't live with it. Such a shame because the product is excellent, but its impossible to live with.

Guess thats what I deserve for looking for the cheapest. Now sat here with a house that reeks of rubber and a banging headache.

Perfect Symmetry
Perfect Symmetry
Offered by b68solutions
Price: £3.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, 20 Jan 2009
This review is from: Perfect Symmetry (Audio CD)
Perfect Symmetry is a truly awesome album. However, don't expect more of the same, the 3rd album from Keane is a new direction but it is fantastic.

It works on so many levels, its a great CD to pop in the player whilst your getting dinner ready, background music you might say.

However, it gets better when you actually pay attention to the superbly written lyrics and soaring melodies. Its a very mature collection of songs and when you key into it and really listen there are some very special tracks on here.

Perfect Symmetry is Keane's "Fix You" moment, its a truly awesome song that will prove very hard to better. Spiralling is just a great track, very fun, very hard to stay still to, just a belting opening track.

Black Burned Heart is my favourite track however, the lyrics are sublime and the whole song is a complete treat. Its one of those "where's the repeat button?" moments.

Just go and buy this album, its superb and you will love every minute of listening to it.

Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant., 3 Mar 2008
This review is from: Rockferry (Audio CD)
Having been enchanted by the single Mercy, and Duffy's live performances of Warwick Avenue and Ready to the Floor (A cover of the Hot Chip song) I was much looking forward to purchasing Rockferry.

I was slightly apprehensive that Mercy would turn out to be the only song of note on the album but my apprehensions were massivley misplaced.

Every song on the album is excellent, the stand out tracks for me are Warwick Avenue, Syrup and Honey, Hanging on too long and Delayed Devotion with Mercy of course a further highlight.

I think to fully enjoy this album you need a hot drink, a quiet room and time to relax.

An absolutley superb debut album from Duffy and the 5 starts are thoroughly warranted.
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Beautiful World
Beautiful World
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £4.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars Its good to have them back., 8 Jan 2007
This review is from: Beautiful World (Audio CD)
A really good comeback album from Take That, one that indicates there will be more great albums to follow. I could go on and on about this album, but i'll try some up each track for a quick overview of the album:

Reach out - Uptempo start to the album, very catchy, you'll be signing the chorus over and over after just one listen. I was! 4/5

Patience - Don't need to say anything do I? Class! 5/5

Beautiful World - Really nice song, sung by Howard mainly and his voice really works on this track. Deserving of title track status 4/5

Hold On - Mark takes over vocal duties on this track, one of my personal faves and kicks off a superb middle section of songs. 4/5

I never loved you at all - Gary back on vocals and my god, what a song. Really catchy in a uptempo ballad kind of way. Marvellous. 5/5

Shine - Back to Mark, great song, very catchy and uptempo, if it is the next single it has No1 all over it 5/5

I'd Wait for life - A real grower. Classic ballad from Barlow and he sings it very well, lovely bounce to the song and its a real sing-a-long too! 4.5/5

Ain't no sense in love - My favourite track on the album, a Gary led song but classic Take That, brillaint. 5/5

What you believe in - Mark on vocals, a nice song, not a standout but very good all the same 4/5

Mancunian Way - Probably the weakest song on the album, I don't really get it to be honest but its inoffensive enough. 3/5

Wooden Boat - Jason on lead vocals, a folky number that is a real grower 4/5

Overall, 4.5/5


Offered by meliarecords
Price: £3.69

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very, very good, 10 Aug 2006
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This review is from: Undiscovered (Audio CD)
This album stands out for 2 reasons. One, the songs on it are really rather good. And two, Morrison sings each one with such passion that can't be found on other albums. You can tell this guy writes his own songs, he really believes in them and his production team have done a brilliant job leaving in the raw passion but just polishing up any rough edges.

Stand out tracks for me are Wonderful World, Undiscovered and This Boy. In truth all the album is excellent, every song is different.

His voice will always be compared to others, to me its a mix of the rawness of Kelly Jones and the natural talent of an english Jack Johnson, particulary on "This Boy" and then tops it all off with the musical intelligence of Chris Martin.

This album is an exciting cocktail of raw passion, well written songs, superb instrumental accompaniments and superb production. A must by for anyone into genuinley good music slightly off the beaten track of Radio 1 but not to far away to pop in every now and again to say hello.

Back to Bedlam
Back to Bedlam
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £6.77

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5.0 out of 5 stars "You're Beautiful", no James, *its* beautiful, 27 Jun 2005
This review is from: Back to Bedlam (Audio CD)
Ok, before I start my review I'm going to set myself a target. I am going to try and use the word "amazing" a maximum of 3 times, a tough ask perhaps...and no, that does not count as one use.
To the album then. Its amazing. Dammit, 1 down, 2 to go. From the first track to the last the album takes you on a wave of acoustic led emotions, images tossed around your head like a flickering array of past experiences. Blunt's war-based history leads to some amazing (1 to go) song lyrics, unique in the fact that when he sings "i've seen brother's lying in shallow graves", you know he has. When he sings "A nation blind to their disgrace, He has been here." you know "he" has. "No Bravery" is a particular highlight for its stunning lyrics, the idea of "He" is spooky, eerie and irresistable in the most perculiar way. Never before has war been such an interesting place to be, although, you're not there, but you feel like you are.
Other highlights of the album are "Billy", "You're Beautiful", and it is beautiful, and the breathtaking "Cry". But to pick out highlights would be unfair on the other songs, I could list the highlights 10 times and give you a different list each time. The album is only 39 mins, but thats not a bad thing, Blunt has left out any weak songs and the shorter time means you can hear the over and over again more often!
This guy has a big future in music if he can continue to find inspiration for such lyrical works of art. I would say "Buy it", but I know if I say that you'll think "nah..I don't really know this Blunt guy". So instead i'll say "this album might not change your life, but it will certainley enhance it, ten-fold."
Keep up the good work Mr Blunt, an amazing album (3 used, 0 left! Result!)

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