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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Edition - Upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (PC)
Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Edition - Upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (PC)
Offered by uksoftwareseller
Price: £99.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant so far! But would only upgrade from Vista, 28 Oct. 2012
Having lived with windows vista on my dell PC since 2008 iv been endlessly frustrated by its slow processing of well....everything! I download a lot and need to be able to move files between computers on my network as well as onto and off of my external hard drives. However i was put off upgrading to windows 7 because of the price (poor student here).

The price of the downloadable windows 8 package was the deal maker for me ultimately (£25 until 31st Jan) so after backing everything up i opted for a clean install (more for my own need to rid myself of any memories of vista!) which took about 45 minutes in total and was completely drama free.

Having read several of the reviews on here, iv been compelled to write my first review as my feathers are slightly bristled at the number of people leaving low reviews based on the fact they haven't read the minimum spec for windows 8 thoroughly and/or don't know the spec of their own computers! therefor causing problems. As for the different look that comes with windows 8 i haven't found it that hard to get used to if i'm honest, but i did have an issue with finding the setting menus for the apps which was rectified in 5 minutes with a quick Google search!.

One thing i did notice was that the 400 GB of files from my old OS were partitioned off into a random folder called windows.old which i deleted after making sure everything was as it should be so that wasn't really a problem. This can be easily avoided by just deleting everything before you start!. Also the loss of a number of the programs i used with vista hasn't had any impact as there are versions compatible with windows 8 that are available or the programs capabilities are built into the new OS.

I find they everything transitions smoothly and there isn't any lag like i had with vista (i wont however, be investing in a touch screen...imagine putting a screen protector on 20 inches?! i can barely cover my 10.1 tablet without air bubbles and lint!). Aside from that there are plenty of apps you can download to restore the old start screen if you feel that raw about it.
Another thing i noticed was that my boot/shutdown time is VASTLY improved as is the transfer of large amounts of data so im pleased about that.

Overall my experience so far has been very positive and although the new windows looks very different it (for me) does exactly the same as when i had vista but a hell of a a lot faster! One thing i will say though is that if id had windows 7 i really doubt i would have upgraded as the difference between the twos capabilities in negligible but those of you with vista will know its like getting blood out of a stone to get it to run smoothly!!!.

I guess my take home message from this review would be: upgrade if you have vista, don't waste your time and money if your have 7 or XP (and your computer is running well) i have a long standing love for XP so i doubt i would have upgraded from that!
Read ALL the information given by windows 8 and find out the correct spec of your computer (if you don't know how ask someone ) before you install, its very easy to lose everything especially if you haven't backed up and really not worth the heartache

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