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Black Heavy Duty Rubber Boot Protection Mat Liner for Citroen Berlingo / Multispace (2008 Onwards) - Trim for Secure Fit
Black Heavy Duty Rubber Boot Protection Mat Liner for Citroen Berlingo / Multispace (2008 Onwards) - Trim for Secure Fit
Offered by Motionperformance - Waxacar
Price: £11.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Far too flimsy!, 4 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this for my MkII Berlingo hoping to protect the carpet from my dogs. Why Citroen decided to carpet the back of the new Berlingo is beyond me! Anyway this seemed like a good idea but quickly found that it just got rolled back every time the dogs jumped into the car. Tried carpet tape to hold it in place but it still rolled up. It's simply too thin and flimsy. Probably OK if you aren't doing anything heavy duty but then what would be the point? My boot area is now a mess..

MHL to HDMI TV-Out Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 from G-HUB
MHL to HDMI TV-Out Adapter for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 from G-HUB
Offered by CAMAC ™ (Ceed Cable)
Price: £7.15

1.0 out of 5 stars Useless!, 4 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought this hoping to play videos and view pics from my Galaxy Note 2. Simply didn't work. P.O.S! Don't buy!!!

Grand Slam Tennis 2 (Xbox 360)
Grand Slam Tennis 2 (Xbox 360)
Offered by Global Xpress
Price: £11.92

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1.0 out of 5 stars Awful!, 11 Feb 2012
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
Really disappointed with this game. I quite enjoyed the demo and thought that maybe at last I was going to be able to play a tennis game with a decent control system unlike the over complex Top Spin and arcade nonsense of Virtua Tennis. But alas what we have here is a dumbed down, thrown together, arcade game that might appeal to non tennis fans looking to bash the ball back and forth. Because in essence, that is all this game is. Bash the ball back and forth till a player fails to return the ball. It's glorified Pong!

The ball never goes out. The net might as well not be there because the ball never goes into the net. There is no challenge system but then as the ball never goes out it doesn't need it. The commentary by Pat Cash and John McEnroe is nothing but a banal series of comments repeated over and over that becomes really irritating and I had to switch it off. The ESPN flash screen and between point animations become annoying very quickly and have you frantically hitting the A button to skip.

I played the game in Pro mode and won two tournaments and the Aussie Open without losing a game without even playing any of the training sessions. It's far too easy and is no challenge resulting in a very boring game. There seemed to be no difference between opponent players and the likes of Nadal and Federer were just as easy to beat as complete nobodies.

And for some unfathomable reason EA have decided it would be a good idea to have players from yesteryear in the tournaments. Even the Grand Slams! So you could be playing Nadal in one match and then Borg in the next. Complete with long hair, wooden racket and silly tight shorts. It's just completely absurd and takes away any sense of realism. The sound effects when hitting the ball are bizarre. Some shots sound way too loud and harsh and nothing like the real sound of a ball being hit by a tennis racket.

The games only redeeming factor is the serving mechanism which has always been a failing in tennis games but Grand Slam Tennis 2 actually does this quite well and I was able to serve aces quite easily. However, never netting the ball takes away any sense of realism once again.

This game only requires you to direct the ball and hit the A button and you will win everything. It's laughable! There is the "Total Racket Control System" of course where you control the ball by flicking the right stick in various directions. But it's a bit of a fiddle and really not worth the bother. Just press A to hit a flat shot, X to slice and Y for top spin. But to be honest there is little difference between the shots anyway. Slicing takes very little, if any, pace off the ball. Top spin does nothing different from a flat shot of any significance. Completely pointless!

Overall this is an awful game. If you want to play a decent tennis game I recommend Smash Court Tennis 3. It was far from perfect and looks dated now but it at least had actual elements of the game like line faults, a challenge system and a difficulty curve to provide some challenge and sense of purpose and unlike Top Spin has a control system that doesn't require finger gymnastics.

Straight onto my trade in pile. What a waste of money.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Feb 17, 2012 3:44 AM GMT

CiT Mars Midi Tower Gaming Case with 1x Red Fan and No LCD
CiT Mars Midi Tower Gaming Case with 1x Red Fan and No LCD

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Does the job and looks cool., 20 Jan 2012
I used this case when building my son's PC as he thought it looked "really awesome". At the price I was dubious about the quality and when I had a look at it it was clear that this is a very cheap case. It's flimsy there's no two ways about it.

However, I installed everything OK and it does the job. And it does look cool I have to admit with the red LEDs. How good does a case have to be at the end of the day? So for the price it really is a good buy and for that reason I give this five stars even though it is a cheap flimsy thing.

VTX3D 512MB Radeon HD 3450 AGP Graphics Card
VTX3D 512MB Radeon HD 3450 AGP Graphics Card

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1.0 out of 5 stars Fail, 20 Jan 2012
I tried installing this card on my son's P4 system running Vista 32bit to replace a working ATI X1650. I downloaded the most recent legacy drivers from AMD and although they installed OK the PC blue screened with a message about the AGP driver being in a loop. I tried cleaning out the drivers, registry etc and reinstalling but no matter what I tried the PC always either froze or blue screened after installation.

Gave up and returned the card and have now upgraded the PC to a PCI-E board. Goodbye AGP.

Dungeon Siege III: Limited Edition (Xbox 360)
Dungeon Siege III: Limited Edition (Xbox 360)
Price: £14.08

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1.0 out of 5 stars You cannot be serious!, 17 Jun 2011
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
I was sort of looking forward to this game after enjoying the original on PC and partly enjoying the second game. However, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement!

Where to begin? The graphics are worse than I've seen on some cheap rubbishy arcade games. The fixed, overly downward looking viewpoint and zoom level means you cannot see where you are going. The combat is basic button bashing. The inventory system cumbersome, clunky and unintuitive.

The cutscenes and story telling sections are little more than perfunctory visuals and inane drivel.

The co-op mode is little more than allowing two people to play at the same time with no actual gameplay designed around it. It isn't fun.

The entire thing has the gameplay and production values of a game made about 15 years ago. How this tosh got released is beyond me.

A complete load of. DO NOT buy this sorry excuse for a game.
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Numatic HVR200A Henry A1 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner plus Kit A1, Red/Black
Numatic HVR200A Henry A1 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner plus Kit A1, Red/Black
Offered by The Tech Lodge
Price: £139.85

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Simple. And best., 27 May 2011
It is clear from reading the reviews of the "Henry" series of vacuum cleaners that I am not alone in my experience of bagless vacuums and their supposed "no loss of suction". I have found the exact opposite to be true. Every bagless cleaner I have owned, and I have owned many, has lost suction within a month of use and been a horrible dusty, smelly experience of cleaning filters and pulling out the grey tangled mess that fills the containers. I decided to give one of these hoovers a go after reading reviews and talking to a professional cleaner. And I'm glad I did although in truth the machine is not without some minor failings.

First and foremost, however, is the suction which is second to none in my experience. After 3 weeks use and still using the first bag the hoover still pulls firmly at the carpet. Loss of suction? Using this thing I can't help but wonder what on earth the inventors of the bagless hoover were thinking!! And considering this thing has a 9 litre bag instead of the paltry 2.5litre dirt traps you get in bagless units it's not rocket science to see why this is a far better design. Some reviews I've read have complained that the main floor attachment is difficult to use as it scrapes the carpet instead of gliding over it. Umm...that's how it should be. It's lifting the pile to suck out the dirt! OK it takes a little effort but I'd much rather put in a little effort and get a clean carpet than use an ineffective hoover and there is something satisfying about being able to really dig into the carpet and I find it copes really well with the cast hair from my two dogs. Something my last hoover that was supposedly specially designed to do failed to do.

The bags are easy changed and are very cheap. They can't be emptied without being cut open and resealed somehow but as they are so cheap and last long this is not a concern. I'd rather pay a few quid and get some nice new, clean bags once or twice a year than put up with the disgusting mess of emptying a bagless contraption. As well as the bag there is a single large filter which so far in my vac is still pristine which shows that the bag is doing a first rate job.

The vacuum is exceptionally quiet which surprised me. My last bagless sounded like an F16! It's light and easy carried about but is strong and clearly built to last and with easily available spares and repairs I'm confident that I'll have this thing for years. The two power settings are a good feature with the default low setting being perfectly adequate for most cleaning with the high power being handy for anything that needs that extra oomph. The smiley face characterisation amuses the kiddies and scares the dog but it's an irrelevance to me.

Now the bad points. The metal tubes may be strong but they can make removal of tools and dismantling difficult as the metal is so smooth you can't get a grip. This is a problem I remember from hoovers decades ago. Plastic tubes would be better. The design of the main hose requires you to fit the first stage of the metal tubing to use any attachments rather than being able to fit an attachment directly. So in order to use the crevice tool you have to pull the first two metal stages apart. It would be much easier to just attach a tool directly to the end of the hose instead of wrestling with those slippery metal tubes!

The lack of spare tool attachment is a bit of a pain. Numatic have got round this by supplying a nice little bag to carry them about it but I'd like to have seen some more clips like the one that is on the rim of the machine. This allows you to peg one spare tool onto the hoover but a couple more wouldn't have gone amiss. The cleaner is very top heavy and is easily toppled over if you pull it without ensuring that it isn't going to trip over the cable and that the hose outlet is facing the right way.

These are fairly minor niggles it has to be said as the overall performance and quality of this machine is fantastic. I would have given five stars if it wasn't for the metal tubes and silly tool bag but I can honestly say I will never buy any other vacuum cleaner and cannot recommend this machine enough to anyone who is fed up with dirty, smelly, noisy, ineffective bagless monstrosities. Get one of these and enjoy proper cleaning at a reasonable price and enjoy the satisfaction that you are no longer falling for the con of "cyclone technology" and other overpriced, over complicated garbage.

Fable: The Lost Chapters (PC CD)
Fable: The Lost Chapters (PC CD)
Offered by Digitalville UK
Price: £9.89

7 of 11 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars How RPGs should be., 6 Oct 2005
I`ve always like the premise of RPGs but have never found them fun to play. They are usually either tedious or overly difficult. I had given up on the genre until I tried Fable out of curiousity. And I`m glad I did. Whilst my first impression was that it was a dumbed down console style game for kids I quickly changed my mind as I became absorbed in the most accessible and enjoyable gameplay I`ve ever encountered in an RPG. The balance between exploration and action is perfect. The combat system is easy but challenging enough to make it interesting on a higher level. Which is where this game excels. It has the rare ability to appeal to a wide range of players. From those who have never played a RPG before to old campaigners.
A must play.

Pinnacle PCTV USB 2.0
Pinnacle PCTV USB 2.0

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great device!, 5 Aug 2005
This review is from: Pinnacle PCTV USB 2.0 (Accessory)
Having tried various methods to capture video from a VCR to convert to DVD I tried this gadget. The TV tuner works a treat. Install drivers, plug the VCR or aerial coaxial cable in and auto tune. I was able to convert an ad filled two hour program from VCR to a one and a half hour ad free DVD with no problems using Ulead Video 7 to do the final edit after capturing.
ANY kind of video editing requires a powerful PC. The other reviewers giving this product poor reviews are more than likely not aware of this. You NEED XP, a 2.6ghz or over CPU which should preferrably be an Intel with Hyper Threading. AMDs are not the best for video editing. And you NEED at least 1gb of RAM. This is a great option if you are looking for cheap and easy way to record from any TV signal to your hard drive.

Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith
by Gordon Cooper
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Go Gordo!, 16 July 2005
An interesting read. The late great Gordo Cooper was the last American to orbit the earth solo on board his Mercury capsule Faith 7. And commander of the "Eight days in a garbage can" Gemini 5 mission alongside Pete Conrad. He later served as back up for some of the Apollo missions and should have been the Commander of Apollo 13 had NASA politics not got in the way.
As well as an account of his time with NASA Gordo also gives an account of what he did after resigning and gives some insight into his belief of UFOs
A great account of one the greatest pilots anyone ever saw.

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