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E.maniac "shadowyimmortal" (UK)

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out
The Simpsons: Tapped Out
Price: £0.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Update now ready for kindlefire, 1 Jun. 2016
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This review is from: The Simpsons: Tapped Out (App)
It's took a long while but it's now there ,you are not alone , happy playing .

Devil's Third (Nintendo Wii U)
Devil's Third (Nintendo Wii U)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £22.91

3.0 out of 5 stars Objectively bad, but still quite fun, 18 May 2016
This game was in development hell for years before nintendo picked it up to fill in their meager release schedule.
Its a mystery why this game took so long to produce as the engine is clearly not built for the wiiu and must have been radically reworked from the original xbox/ps3 planned release. The issues are legion, dated graphics (think middle of the road ps2 style) hideous glitches, horrendous AI, linear game play, dreadful sound effects(genuinely some of the worst gun sound effects i have ever heard, wimpy doesn't even begin to describe how poor the sound stage is) and a increasingly absurd story.
Despite all of this i believe the game still deserves a 3 star rating because i still managed to enjoy it! The old skool mindless shooting/hacking up of enemies, gratuitous profanity and over the top boss fights somehow charmed me in a way i didn't expect.
The beginning of the game is more of a chore and doesn't quite seem to work, but as you progress through the game it becomes increasingly more fun with more varied environments and some almost suda 51 style lunacy boss fights.
Dont misunderstand me, the game is objectively no good and will have virtually no longevity, but i did enjoy it while i played it. Do i have a burning desire to revisit it? not at all but it was fun while it lasted.

Price: £7.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Shallow but fun, 2 May 2016
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This review is from: Pan (Amazon Video)
Definitely a bit messy and not really aimed at older audiences but it's a bright, kinetic adventure which was a fun ride while we watched it. Hugh Jackson seemed to be having a great time as the big bad guy and stood out as a high point whenever he was on screen. Don't expect the world and don't over think everything and you will have fun

Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Metal church are back!, 20 April 2016
This review is from: XI (Audio CD)
Album 11 is the point of return for my personal favourite Metal church singer, Mike Howe. And what a return it is!
This is seemingly what metal church needed to get everything aligned once again. Although the last 4 albums with Ronny singing had their moments (and generation nothing actually seemed to be steering the good ship back to safer waters) Something has been missing since Mike Howe left metal church in 1994. The material wasn’t as solid with less memorable hooks,
As much as the new album heralds the return of the power house voice of mike, the new album is not all about mike, Kurt and Rick lay down some blistering riffs with some ingenious and exciting solos (with Kurt seemingly upping his game to match the return of mike) while Jeff plate and steve unger keep the rhythm section solid with some exciting fills and driving beats.
Kicking off with the blistering Reset, you quickly realise that mike has lost none of his range since leaving music back in the mid 90's. Killing your time and No Tomorrow continue to deliver catchy melodies with aggressive, melodic vocals. These songs will easily sit alongside the classic era of metal church, and will fit into the live arena perfectly. This is what you have been waiting for.
The album has no shortage of future classics the punchy With Signal Path, the more sprawling and slower pace of Sky Falls in, the creepy "dark" inspired Shadow and the climatic Suffer falls all deliver the goods and hold up to repeated listens.
It is not as good as Blessing in disguise or The human factor, but lest be honest, not allot is. However this is a great return to form for this perennially underrated band.

Temples of gold (1990)
Temples of gold (1990)

4.0 out of 5 stars Another solid entry for the German masters., 30 Mar. 2016
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This review is from: Temples of gold (1990) (Audio CD)
Temples Of Gold is Victorys 5th proper album and once again Fernando Garcia is on vocals and he slays all of this material no matter if it is a slow power ballad or a balls to the wall rocker. For my money Fernando is the best singer the band have ever had.
Herman Frank (the one constant in Victory) and Tommy Newton delivers once again on guitars, the hooks may not be as deep as they were on "culture" but they are most definitely not slouching. The guitar work is intricate, immediate and memorable.
Fritz Randow and Peter Knorn on drums and bass guitar respectively never fail to keep it interesting with Fritz especially putting in some peak performances. Always knowing when to embellish and when to sit back and allow the beat room to breathe.
Standout performances are the upbeat "rock and roll kids forever", the heavy, driving "Hell and Back" Arena filling "Temples of gold" and Staple power ballad "fighting back the tears".
Coming hot of the heels of 1989's peerless "Culture Killed the Native" victory had allot to live up to. While not in the same league as the preceding album, "Temples of Gold" offers another slab of 80's rock/metal with enough edge to keep it interesting 20+ years later. Definitely recommended if you are in to 80's rock/metal or if you have heard and liked any previous victory album.

Shadows Of The Dying Sun
Shadows Of The Dying Sun
Price: £12.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Dying Suns create great music, 29 Mar. 2016
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Insomnium are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Shadows of the dying sun is a faultless album, from the slow burning The Primeval Dark to the harrowing closer of Shadows of the dying sun this album delivers a rollercoaster ride of the very finest melodic death metal.
The production is hard to describe in words, but i think the best way to describe it is, as a wall of sound. Everything seems to be playing on the same level, nothing louder or quieter in the mix. I could appreciate why some people wouldn't like it (dynamic range is something that happens to other people) and i'm not sure many bands could pull this off but somehow insomnium manage it.
Its the sonic equivalent of being alone, at 01:00 on a barren hillside with the mother of all storms brewing on the horizon.
The guitar work is astounding with some terrific lead work, crushing atmospheric riffs and fantastic melodies. The vocals deliver both on the heavy, death metal style and the soulful sung passages. The rhythm section never seem to stop with some furiously intricate and punishing drum work with the bass always locked down and keeping it moving.
Standout tracks are While we sleep, Black Heart Rebellion, Collapsing Words, The Promethean Song and the title track.
I cannot recommend this album enough - A truly phenomenal piece of music.

InVader Special UK Edition, featuring bonus track
InVader Special UK Edition, featuring bonus track
Price: £9.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Is this NSYNC or reckless love?, 11 Mar. 2016
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After the nearly faultless "spirit" a few years earlier i thought "invader" would be a slam dunk, sadly something has gone very wrong in the finish glam metal camp.
The main culprit is the frankly horrible production, the drums are so dry and clean cut they may as well be sampled, the vocals are so ridiculously clean and polished i wouldn't be surprised to hear it was all auto-tuned. The bass is fine but hardly a show stopper. The only thing that keeps this album alive is the guitar work, even some of the solos on some of the frankly horrible songs at least sound alive and with some spontaneity ( i wouldn't be startled to hear that they were recorded months after the rest of it.)
A good half of the songs sound like 90's boy band twaddle - Opener "we are the weekend" kicks things off with something that should rock but sadly comes off as the first in a long line of sub par pop leaning rubbish. "Hands" tries a little harder with some limited success but the productions incessant sheen takes any bite and spontaneity away from it. The awful "monster" gives a horrible NSYNC taste which sadly doesn't wash out with the trite "children of the sun".
Things pick up a little with "bullettime", this kicks along with a classic 80;s guitar riff but oli's vocals again seem so processed and polished it pulls it back from true goodness,
But then they decide to follow the first good tune on the album with "Scandinavian girls", a pop tune that has so much sugary sweet pap your body will never produce enough insulin to digest this sugary bile.
"pretty boy swagger" tries again to walk the boy band/rocker line and for the most part falls as flat as all previous tracks - again the guitar is the stand out which keeps it from being just a boy band cast off.
"rock it" is more successful which is mainly thanks to the impassioned guitar work and shameless nods to def leppard's back catalog
"Destiny" sounds like several of their older (better) songs mashed together but works pretty well for the most part, again the production is doing its best to dispose of any energy and enthusiasm but passable at least.
"Lets Get Cracking (Thwp)" sounds more like classic 80's rock/metal than anything else on the album, his voice seems to have more of his snarl and grit which the rest of the album has been so desperately crying out for, the guitar work is another stand out again but even the drums seem to have more "hiss" and a bit more bite. So a true classic? think again! because that little "Thwp" bit at the end of the song title is a bizarre piece at the end of the actual track which i'm sure seemed like a great idea in the studio but completely falls flat when played out through the album.
"keep it up all night" is just bad. It immediately makes you think of backstreet boys crossed with the sub par kiss track "uh all night" and quite frankly either of those options would be preferable. (this is not a good thing!)
Some of these tunes may work live when they have some energy and play live music (and i really hope they do as i have tickets to see them already!) but on this album they are sterile boy band wannabe rubbish.
Thoroughly disappointed.

Personalised Engraved Gift - Lighter engraved with your Message
Personalised Engraved Gift - Lighter engraved with your Message
Offered by 1stclassgifts
Price: £2.52

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 12 Feb. 2016
Very happy with item, arrived on time thank you .

Personalised Identity Dog Tag Army Identity Pendant Necklace - Engraved With Your Details
Personalised Identity Dog Tag Army Identity Pendant Necklace - Engraved With Your Details
Offered by Engrave It Online
Price: £13.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 12 Feb. 2016
Very happy with item ,arrived on time thanks .

Symphony For The Lost
Symphony For The Lost
Offered by ZeitGeistErleben
Price: £15.06

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Symphony Of delight, 13 Dec. 2015
This review is from: Symphony For The Lost (Audio CD)
The idea of paradise lost performing with an orchestra might have been a complete shock back in the early doom days of the 90’s but here in 2015 it makes perfect sense.
The band has gone through many phases and styles (with hopefully more to come) which have seen them grow in every way. This has made the decision to perform with an orchestra a no brainer.
So first up this package includes 2 cds and the DVD of the gig. On the DVD you have your standard sound mixes (5.1 etc) the show and a nice little documentary.
The video quality is good (although slightly disappointed we don’t get a blu ray option) the sound quality is also very good but for me I would have liked to hear more split with the orchestra in the rear speakers and band up front.
The show is split into two halves with and without the orchestra, the tracks chosen by the band for the orchestra part are not “obvious” choices and in that alone it is nice to hear some more obscure tracks.
The orchestration works tremendously well, it accentuates and enhances what the music is doing rather than battle with it (Metallica S&M I’m looking at you) There is also a large choir backing them which really adds gravitas to the proceedings. The moment of the guitar solo kicks in for “Over the madness” made my arms explode in goose bumps.
The conductor has done a fantastic job and I think you can see some genuine enjoyment from not only the conductor but the whole choir/orchestra (even some devil horns being thrown up by some of the choir ) There is an obvious respect from both the classical and metal sides. Despite what the ever cheerful northerners say, Paradise Lost are a musical force to be reckoned with and the orchestra only enhances that.
The second set is a standard live set with just the band. This is as powerful and enjoyable as ever, with some tremendous performances of some classic tunes. To list the highlights of this show (with and without orchestration) would be pointless as the whole thing is just an exercise in how to a) plan a set and b) how to perform it with passion and verve.
The truth is that behind their self-deprecating exterior is a band who are at the peak of their career, this is because they have stayed true to their beliefs and do what they think is good, not what they are told is good. They seem to be more at ease with their age, their history and the future of the band than I have ever heard them before. This bodes well for us all, as Paradise Lost is one of the finest bands working today.

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