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Beauty Behind the Madness
Beauty Behind the Madness
Price: £9.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Madness behind the Beauty, 28 Aug. 2015
If the publicity garnered for an album is indicative of an artist's relevance and success, then The Weeknd will soon become a household name, and "Beauty behind the madness" will be huge. Evidently it is not only his most accessible set so far, but also a compelling crossover album. Sonically, it is a bigger departure from his older work than most would have liked for it to be. The Weeknd, not the same self-destructive, depressed 20 year-old anymore, but now in a better place, is true to himself and consistent still; the material is still raw and honest, the production is always on point, the lyrics are still dark and cynical, the delivery mesmerising and haunting as ever. Real artists are supposed not to ever sit stagnant. No legendary artist made music that sounded the same. With so many references to his previous work, this is hardly the watered-down generic pop album all those negative comments over the internet are speculating. The Weeknd has all it takes to become a contemporary megastar, so he is experimenting, expanding, opening himself to a new demographic, trying to become monumental. It is all about progress. In fact, with this very record he gives traditional pop a foundational makeover, one that has not happened since the times of Prince and Michael Jackson. The sound is radically different; but the message has not changed, only the way it is delivered. Still suicidal, sassy, sensual and scandalous, always seductive and startling. Top male album of 2015, without a doubt.

In A Bunch - CD Singles Box Set - 1981-1993
In A Bunch - CD Singles Box Set - 1981-1993
Price: £109.99

16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Goin' bananas, 28 Aug. 2015
Recent Bananarama album reissues were among the best in recent years. From the extensive booklets, the hardback binding, to the actual song and video contents, Edsel has to be acknowledged for and congratulated on taking on the demanding task of presenting an artist's work with such great care. Considering that for so many years there was no Bananarama in print, it is unbelievable that, as of 2013, their complete catalogue has been brought back to life. Just like those deluxe editions of their 6 albums, this brand new singles box set, also, has been researched and compiled by someone who knows their bananas, and it shows by a mile. With a 300-track tracklist, of which more than 100 songs being exclusive to this set, noone can possibly fault the amount of material that has been put together to produce such a mammoth box set.

With such a comprehensive tracklisting, it is probably safe to assume that any missing songs do not exist, are long-lost or on spoilt master tapes. Plus, we should not forget that the girls have made it known in the past that they do not want their unreleased songs released. Many rarities are finally available in CD quality, the sound is nothing less than amazing - almost making somenone forget that this is old material - so, excellent remastering overall, period. On top of this, Edsel have put some great touches for Banana fans, as far as the presentation is concerned. Retaining most of the original singles artwork, with minimum alterations, this is what "remaining as faithful to the original as possible" is about. It is literally like a dream come true having the 12" singles artwork replicated as CDs, with the fonts and illustrations of the original sleeves.

The booklet is absolutely stunning. 48 generous pages full of gorgeous photos and loads of memorabilia depicted, discography, lyrics, and sleeve notes, make for a thorough and fascinating reading for anyone who wishes to go a trip down memory lane. And there are more goodies inside the box to enjoy (we are talking about a really special treat, but I will not say more)! The box itself is designed to look like a box of bananas. Fans will easily spot the nod to the "Robert De Niro's waiting" sleeve, although I am suspecting that many will find it dated, amateurish, tasteless even. Those who liked better its first version will be pleased to know that the back of the box features that design illustrating all the singles sleeves in thumbnail size. The more I look at it, the more I think that both covers work better like this, when seeing the full box.

It is a shame that the box covers only the group's London Records years, thus, leaving little chance of their singles released from 1993 onwards ever getting that special treatment. Other than this, this must be one of the most comprehensive releases ever put together for any artist. It truly does set the standard for how these types of projects should be done. Personally, I was never more than a casual Banana-fan, so probably this is too much for me. But I have to say, the attention to detail is exceptional and the execution is exemplary. Previous album reissues and this singles box set are perfect companions, offering a complete overview of Bananarama's fantastic output. I was quite overwhelmed by the news of this box set's release, and now that I am holding it, I can admit that it has been totally worth the wait. "Wow!" is the word!


CD 1. AIE A MWANA (1981)

01. Aie a mwana
02. Aie a mwana (extended version)
03. Aie a mwana (dubwana)
04. Aie a mwana (US extended version)
05. Aie a mwana (US dub)

CD 2. IT AIN'T WHAT YOU DO IT'S THE WAY THAT YOU DO IT (with Fun Boy Three) (1982)

01. It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it
02. The Funrama theme
03. It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it / Just do it +
04. The Funrama theme (extended version)

CD 3. REALLY SAYING SOMETHING (with Fun Boy Three) (1982)

01. Really saying something
02. Give us back our cheap fares
03. Really saying something (extended version)
04. Give us back our cheap fares (extended version)
05. Really saying something (US 7" mix)
06. Really saying something (US extended version)
07. Really saying something (US instrumental)

CD 4. SHY BOY (1982)

01. Shy Boy
02. Don't call us (aka "Boy trouble")
03. Shy boy (extended version)
04. Don't call us (aka "Boy trouble") (extended version)
05. Shy Boy (US 7" mix)
06. Shy boy (US extended version)
07. Shy boy (US dub)
08. Shy boy (instrumental)

CD 5. HE'S GOT TACT (1982)

01. He's got tact
02. He's got tact (alternative mix)
03. He's got tact (instrumental)

CD 6. CHEERS THEN (1982)

01. Cheers then
02. Girl about town
03. Cheers then (extended version)
04. Girl about town (extended version)
05. Cheers then (instrumental) *


01. Na na hey hey hey (Kiss him goodbye)
02. Tell tale signs
03. Na na hey hey hey (Kiss him goodbye) (extended version)
04. Na na hey hey hey (Kiss him goodbye) (na (dub) hey)
05. Tell tale signs (extended version)
06. Na na hey hey hey (Kiss him goodbye) (alternative 12" mix)
07. Na na hey hey hey (Kiss him goodbye) (instrumental) *


01. Cruel summer
02. Cruel summer (cruel dub)
03. Cruel summer (extended version)
04. Cruel summer (summer dub)
05. Cairo
06. Cruel summer (digital mix)


01. Robert De Niro's waiting… (7" version)
02. Push!
03. Robert De Niro's waiting… (extended version)
04. Push! (extended version)
05. Robert De Niro's waiting… (instrumental) *


01. Rough justice (7" version)
02. Live now
03. Rough justice (extended version)
04. Rough justice (album version)
05. Rough justice (original 12" mix)
06. Rough justice (instrumental) *


01. King of the jungle (7" edit) +
02. King of the jungle (cold end version) +
03. King of the jungle (extended version) *
04. King of the jungle (unsegued version)
05. King of the jungle (instrumental) *

CD 12. THE WILD LIFE (1984)

01. The wild life (7" version)
02. The wild life (album version)
03. The wild life (dub mix)
04. The wild life (7" edit) +
05. The wild life (extended version)
06. The wild life (instrumental)


01. Hot line to Heaven (7" version)
02. State I'm in
03. Hot line to Heaven (album version)
04. State I'm in (extended version)
05. Hot line to Heaven (album edit)
06. Hot line to Heaven (instrumental) *
07. State I’m in (instrumental)
08. Hot line to Heaven (Radio 1 Jingles) *

CD 14. DO NOT DISTURB (1985)

01. Do not disturb
02. Ghost
03. Do not disturb (extended version)
04. Do not disturb (instrumental) +
05. Do not disturb (bananamix) +
06. Do not disturb (original mix) *
07. Do not disturb (alternative 12" mix) *
08. Do not disturb (Radio 1 Jingles) *

CD 15. VENUS (1986)

01. Venus (7" edit)
02. White train
03. Venus (extended version)
04. Venus (dub)
05. Venus (hellfire mix)
06. Venus (hellfire dub) +
07. Venus (fire & brimstone mix)
08. Venus (original mix)
09. True confessions (7" version)
10. Venus (original 12" mix)
11. Venus (Radio 1 Jingles) *


01. More than physical (7" mix)
02. Scarlett
03. More than physical (garage mix)
04. More than physical (dub)
05. Scarlett (extended version)
06. More than physical (musclebound mix)
07. More than physical (DJ edit)
08. More than physical (album version)
09. More than physical (garage mix edit)
10. More than physical (original 12" mix)
11. More than physical (muscle dub) *
12. More than physical (instrumental) +
13. More than physical (Radio 1 Jingles) *


01. A trick of the night #1 (aka 7" mix)
02. A cut above the rest
03. A trick of the night #2 (aka alternative version) +
04. Set on you
05. A trick of the night (the number one mix)
06. A trick of the night (tricky mix)
07. A trick of the night (dub)
08. A trick of the night (instrumental) +
09. A trick of the night (tricky mix 7" edit) +
10. A trick of the night (UK video mix)
11. A trick of the night (US 7" mix) +
12. A trick of the night (original jolley & swain 12" mix) *
13. A trick of the night (original PWL remix]) *
14. A trick of the night (tuesday mix)
15. A trick of the night (US instrumental) *
16. A trick of the night (Radio 1 Jingles) *

CD 18. I HEARD A RUMOUR (1987)

01. I heard a rumour
02. Clean cut boy (Party size)
03. I heard a rumour (horoscope mix)
04. I heard a rumour (dub)
05. I heard a rumour (miami mix)
06. I heard a rumour (house mix)
07. I heard a rumour (original mix) *
08. I heard a rumour (original 12" mix)
09. I heard a rumour (wacky vocal dub)
10. I heard a rumour (instrumental) *


01. Love in the first degree
02. Mr Sleaze
03. Love in the first degree (jailers mix)
04. Love in the first degree (escapee instrumental)
05. Love in the first degree (eurobeat style)
06. Mr Sleaze (rare groove remix)
07. Mr Sleaze (rare groove 7" remix) +
08. Love in the first degree (jailers mix with intro)
09. Mr Sleaze (US 7" mix) +
10. Mr Sleaze (instrumental) +
11. Love in the first degree (hard vox 7" mix) *

CD 20. I CAN’T HELP IT (1987)

01. I can't help it
02. Ecstasy
03. I can't help it (extended club mix)
04. Ecstasy (chicago house stylee)
05. I can't help it (the hammond version excursion)
06. Ecstasy (wild style)
07. Ecstasy (edit) +
08. I can't help it (US 7" mix) +
09. I can't help it (instrumental) *

CD 21. I WANT YOU BACK (1988)

01. I want you back (7" version)
02. Bad for me
03. I want you back (extended european mix)
04. Amnesia (extended 12" version)
05. The Bananarama megamix (10" version) +
06. Love in the first degree (house remix)
07. Amnesia (7" edit) *
08. The Bananarama megamix (12" version)
09. Love in the first degree (love in the house mix)
10. Love in the first degree (house dub)
11. I want you back (original 12" mix)
12. I want you back (instrumental) *


01. Love, truth & honesty
02. Strike it rich (7" version)
03. Love, truth & honesty (dance hall version)
04. Strike it rich (full length club mix)
05. Love, truth & honesty (balearacidic mix)
06. Love, truth & honesty (hot power 12")
07. Strike it rich (edit) +
08. Love, truth & honesty (balearacidic dub) +
09. Love, truth & honesty (hot power dub) +
10. Love, truth & honesty (hot power edit)
11. Love, truth & honesty (hot power 12" US re-edit) +
12. Love, truth & honesty (original 12" mix) *
13. Love, truth & honesty (instrumental) *

CD 23. NATHAN JONES (1988)

01. Nathan Jones (7" mix)
02. Once in a lifetime
03. Nathan Jones (extended version)
04. Nathan Jones (instrumental dub) +
05. Nathan Jones (psycho mix)
06. Nathan Jones (bass tone mix)
07. Nathan Jones (1987 7" mix)
08. Nathan Jones (dave ford mix)
09. Nathan Jones (psycho mix US re-edit)
10. Nathan Jones (original 12" mix)
11. Nathan Jones (bass tone dub) *
12. Nathan Jones (bass tone percappella) *
13. Nathan Jones (alternative 12" mix)
14. Nathan Jones (12" mix)
15. Nathan Jones (dave ford instrumental) *

CD 24. HELP! (with Lanananeeneenoonoo) (1989)

01. Help!
02. Help! (aka straight version)
03. Help! (extended version)
04. Love in the factory
05. Help! (instrumental) *

CD 25. CRUEL SUMMER '89 (1989 ...duh!)

01. Cruel summer ('89 swing beat version)
02. Venus (the greatest remix edit)
03. Cruel summer ('89 swing beat dub)
04. I heard a rumour (corporation of bananarama mix)
05. Venus (the greatest remix)
06. Cruel summer ('89 swing beat instrumental)
07. I heard a rumour (corporation dub) +
08. Venus (desire dub) +
09. Cruel summer ('89 swing beat 7" instrumental) *
10. Venus (the greatest remix instrumental) *
11. I heard a rumour (corporation instrumental) *
12. I heard a rumour (drumappella) *
13. I heard a rumour (fb dub 1) *
14. I heard a rumour (fb dub 2) *

CD 26. MEGARAMA '89 (1989 kidding!)

01. Megarama '89 (alan coulthard's edit)+
02. Megarama '89 (dimitri's edit)
03. Megarama '89 (alan coulthard's full-length version)
04. Megarama '89 (dimitri's full-length version)
05. The greatest hits megamix +
06. The greatest hits megamix (7" edit) +
07. Tempus fugit mix
08. Tempus fugit mix (instrumental) *

CD 27. ONLY YOUR LOVE (1990)

01. Only your love (7" mix)
02. Only your love (milky bar mix)
03. Only your love (youth & thrash on the mix)
04. Only your love (hardcore instrumental)
05. Only your love (the monkey drum mooch)
06. Only your love (a tribute to barry mooncult mix) +
07. Only your love (paris, texas instrumental) +
08. Only your love (youth & thrash on he mix CD edit)
09. Only your love (hardcore instrumental edit)
10. Only your love (love mix) +
11. Only your love (original 12" mix)
12. Only your love (7" instrumental) *

CD 28. PREACHER MAN (1991)

01. Preacher man
02. Megalomaniac (7" mix)
03. Preacher man (shep's club mix)
04. Preacher man (shep's dub mix) +
05. Preacher man (shep's instrumental edit) +
06. Preacher man (ramabanana alternative mix)
07. Tripping on your love (sweet exorcist dub) +
08. Preacher man (bonus beats dub) +
09. Preacher man (shep's instrumental) +
10. Preacher man (alternative 7" mix) *
11. Preacher man (original 12" mix)


01. Long train running
02. Outta sight
03. Long train running (alma de noche mix)
04. Long train running (the romany dance mix) +
05. Long train running (the pacha mix)
06. Long train running (flamenco mix) +
07. Long train running (sparky's magic button mix)
08. Long train running (flamenco CD mix)
09. Long train running (instrumental) *


01. Tripping on your love (7" mix)
02. Tripping on your love (metropolis mix)
03. Tripping on your love (euro trance mix)
04. Tripping on your love (indika dub) +
05. Tripping on your love (instrumental) +
06. Tripping on your love (dance floor justice mix)
07. Tripping on your love (we're all doved up dub) +
08. Tripping on your love (dance floor justice instrumental) +
09. Tripping on your love (silky 70s 7" mix) *
10. Tripping on your love (silky dub) +
11. Tripping on your love (smoove radio mix) *
12. Tripping on your love (e -smoove chant mix) +
13. Tripping on your love (maurice's wicked mix) +
14. Tripping on your love (maurice's dub) +

CD 31. MOVIN' ON (1992)

01. Movin' on (7" mix)
02. Treat me right
03. Movin' on (straight no chaser)
04. Movin' on (bumpin' mix)
05. Movin' on (the spag-a-nana dub)
06. Movin' on (the "norty" banana mix)
07. Movin' on (original 12" mix)
08. Movin' on (movin' mix)
09. Movin' on (thumpin' mix)
10. Movin' on (snappin' mix)
11. Movin' on (nrg mix)
12. Movin' on (alternative reprise) *
13. Movin' on (jumpin' dub) *
14. Movin' on (instrumental) +
15. Message from Bananarama


01. Last thing on my mind
02. Another lover
03. Last thing on my mind (fxtc dub)
04. Last thing on my mind (the tone tone mix)
05. Last thing on my mind (hi-nrg mix)
06. Last thing on my mind (tone's instrumental)
07. Last thing on my mind (xtra nrg mix)
08. Last thing on my mind (extended version)
09. Last thing on my mind (instrumental) *

CD 33. MORE, MORE, MORE (1993)

01. More, more, more (7" mix)
02. Give it all up for love
03. More, more, more (12" mix)
04. More, more, more (i can't techno more mix)
05. More, more, more (remix dub)
06. More, more, more (original 12" mix)
07. More, more, more (extended version)
08. More, more, more (more tech no dub)
09. More, more, more (album instrumental) *
10. More, more, more (7" instrumental) *

* previously unreleased worldwide
+ first time on CD worldwide
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Heaven on Earth (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Heaven on Earth (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Price: £8.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Heavenly, 22 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Following her self-titled solo debut of 1986, HEAVEN ON EARTH (1987), proved to be Belinda Carlisle's breakthrough album internationally, and also her most successful. "Heaven is a place on earth" reached No. 1 all around the world; "I get weak" and the hauntingly beautiful "Circle in the sand" were smashes, too. Clean of drugs, happy with her husband, and basking in the adoration of millions of fans while on Good Heavens! tour, Belinda's confidence was newly restored since the Go-Go's split, taking her to great - personal as well as professional - heights. Along with Madonna and Michael Lackson, Belinda was on top of her game during those years, establishing her name for good with her sleek 1980's power pop-rock quality. "Nobody owns me", she claims on one of the album highlights, and that was possibly true then. This is the album which subsequent releases had to compete against, and even though commercially it remained unsurpassed, the next 3 albums all improved on this, song-wise. "Heaven on earth" could not have been more prophetic as a title, this is a heavenly record in every sense.

Runaway Horses (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Runaway Horses (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Price: £9.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Wild horses, 22 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
RUNAWAY HORSES (1989) arrived 2 years after Belinda Carlisle's HEAVEN ON EARTH breakthrough. Although it maintained her popularity, it did not reach that album's commercial peak. Apparently, there were disagreements regarding promotional tactics; it did not help either that US so-called music experts snubbed it at the time. Still, "Horses" sold very well worldwide, reaching gold, platinum and double platinum status in many markets. It spawned 6 hit singles (arguably all 10 songs could have been released as singles), an impressive accomplishment on its own, even more so considering the circumstances. The pop brilliance encountered on this record is unparalleled, that is why it is considered to be Belinda's magnum opus, a bona-fide record, a pop landmark; it is indeed all of the above. Her personal favourite song is included here ("Summer rain"), mine, too ("Vision of you"), though special mention has to be made for the gorgeous flamenco-flavoured "La luna", and the sublime rocking "Leave a light on". 1989 was a great year for pop music, "HORSES" is one of the reasons. Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Live Your Life Be Free (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Live Your Life Be Free (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Price: £9.19

5.0 out of 5 stars Live your life B C, 22 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
LIVE YOUR LIFE BE FREE (1991), Belinda Carlisle's 4th solo album, found her in the midst of a severe drug problem. Interestingly, and ironically enough, this set of songs is the most optimistic and carefree of her career; plus, she looks at her absolute best on videos and photo shoots from that era (the unforgettable "Do you feel like I feel" video is simply iconic). Dangerously poptastic, full of catchy choruses and addictive melodies, the album sounds effortlessly engaging. Considering the cancellation of the promo tour due to her pregnancy, it faired pretty well, despite Belinda claiming later on that this is her least favorite record. Obviously this has to do with the fact that she was not pleased with how her label was handling her music at the time. But with so many brilliantly crafted pop gems one after another, "LYLBF" is one of her all-time best, a close second to RUNAWAY HORSES. "Half the world" is the ultimate highlight on this set, but make sure you also listen to "You're nothing without me", "Emotional highway" and the superb cancelled single "I plead insanity". And take notice of the great statement the anthemic title track makes, thanks for that Belinda!

Real (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Real (Remastered & Expanded Special Edition)
Price: £9.19

4.0 out of 5 stars Really real, 22 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
More guitar-based and raw, REAL (1993), Belinda Carlisle's 5th studio album, was a departure from the perfectly polished pop of previous albums. Affected by motherhood, Belinda consciously chose to change direction with this, offering a more personal and mature set of songs, which lacked the immediate, broad commercial appeal of past albums. A change in her image was obvious, too, hardly wearing any make-up on the stark cover and inside photos, as if trying to strip altogether (hmmm, please do!). Contributing to the overall sincerity is the fact that she co-wrote most of the songs, which also explains the intensity of her delivery. "Lay down your arms" and "One with you" are the record's instant grabbers, the rest of the album calls for repeated listenings before coming to appreciate it. "Too much water" and the almost religious "Where love hides" are also standouts, though more quiet, while the atmospheric "Tell me" should have been given a single release. Although it was hugely ignored, REAL remains one of BC's most consistent and rewarding recordings. This is the real deal. Really.

A Woman And A Man
A Woman And A Man
Price: £10.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A woman and ...amen!, 22 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: A Woman And A Man (Audio CD)
After briefly re-uniting with the Go-Go's, Belinda Carlisle returned to the recording studio, and resumed working. In 1996, she released her 6th solo album, A WOMAN AND A MAN. Consisting of slick, finely-crafted, perfectly accessible songs, this is Belinda's most safe and balanced album. This was her gift to the faithful fans, who stood be her since the very beginning (thanks, our pleasure!). Showcasing an artist at her most confident and alluring state, on this album she shines vocally, exhibiting precision and emotion simultaneously. I fondly remember her tres-chic UK TV appearances for the promo of "Always breaking my heart", where she wore some lovely dresses with cherry prints on them, what a classy lady! The album included several hits, and revitalized her solo career in Europe. As a result of this success, it was released in the US, a year later, but with no much luck. Highlights are the exquisite title-track, lush "Love in they of C", "I won't say I'm in love" from Disney's "Hercules", and the cover of Marianne Faithful's "The ballad of Lucy Jordan" (last 2 tracks are included on the CD+DVD edition). A fan-favourite.

CD Singles 1986 - 2014
CD Singles 1986 - 2014
Price: £109.99

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Belle in da box: The singles, 22 Aug. 2015
This review is from: CD Singles 1986 - 2014 (Audio CD)
Following on from the gorgeous repackages of her 7 studio albums which brought back to life her hard-to-find or out-of-print albums, and breathed new life to those forgotten classics, 4 new retrospective releases ["The Collection", "The Anthology", "The very best of" (all great), and "The greatest" (skippable)], 2 live sets ["Live from Metropolis" (good), and "Access all areas" (better)], and a fine box set ("The complete studio albums"), Edsel now presents "The CD singles 1986-2014" box set, the final instalment in the Belinda Carlisle series. BC has had her entire discography remastered, repackaged and re-issued, but was among the few who were lucky to have been given some extra special treatment in it. All too often reissues are fragmentary, and one has to buy more than 1 disc just to have a certain song or remix that does not feature on a CD they already own, but hers were impressively comprehensive.

Naturally, this box set is expected to be equally brilliant. Unfortunately - and rather surprisingly - this is an almost missed opportunity to present a superb collectible item. Although there was very little material that was not put on previous reissues, neither that nor much else is offered on here as an extra to entice potential buyers. With just a handful of songs released outside Belinda's recorded discography, it is even more frustrating that not all of it is featured on here as it should have. Once again "I wouldn't be here if I didn't love you" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" are not included. Also, no "Dancing in the city" (7" single edit), no slow version of "I won't say (I'm in love)". Even the original "I won't say... " is not featured, which is odd as Disney had allowed Edsel to use it previously, but apparently refused to licence it for this. And "I feel the magic"'s 7" single version is absent once again...

Which brings us to the box set's crowning jewel: if there was one reason for fans to rejoice, that would be the inclusion of the ever-missing BC track fans have been longing for, the mighty "In my wildest dreams". One would have hoped that after all these years the master tapes were finally traced, and thus the song is presented in all its glory on this special occasion. Well, the song makes its appearance on here in poor quality, almost making one suspicious of the source it was ripped from. Definitely a great addition, it is just evidently sonically below the level of the rest of the songs. I appreciate Edsel's good intention of including this hidden treasure, but perhaps it would be preferable to exclude it, instead of spoiling an otherwise excellent and thoughtful presentation, especially considering the high price of this item (by the way, amazon at £110 has overpriced this).

On the plus side, has to be the splendid artwork which is meticulously replicated from the original singles covers, the informative 24-page booklet (wish it was longer and richer, though), and the box's simple but elegant sleeve design. I am pretty sure the price of this will very soon drop significantly, so do not rush to get it. I ordered mine from Belinda's official store, as I wanted a signed and numbered copy (it cost €105,85 + €15,93 shipping which is €121,78 - that is £88 in total), and I feel less cheated, but I wish the whole thing was perfect. All in all, this may not be the premium product it could have been (especially when compared to the other singles box set released next week, Bananarama's "In a bunch: The singles 1981-1993", which is truly and honestly beyond compare), but, aside from the "In my wildest dreams" dud, it matches up with the album re-issues and compilations.
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White Lilies Island
White Lilies Island
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sensory pleasure, 21 Aug. 2015
This review is from: White Lilies Island (MP3 Download)
Not many would dare to follow their successful debut album by doing a complete turnaround on their sophomore, but not all artists are primarily concerned with commercial success. Natalie Imbruglia proved her artistic integrity by taking the pop-rock sound of "Left of the middle" more than a few steps further, by presenting a set of songs that almost felt like some kind of re-introduction to the world, complete with her new image. While maintaining her established pop appeal, the new songs (on all of which she shares a co-writing credit) were not directed in one way, but are a perfectly balanced mix of pop, rock, indie and electronic music, exhibiting NI's maturity and confidence in the best possible way. This diversity is more than obvious in the singles chosen off the album: "That day", an angst-ridden guitar ballad with a violin (!) bridge, an unexpected choice for first single, yet, a most striking one; "Wrong impression", a sunny, super-infectious pop ditty, the happiest NI has ever sounded; and "Beauty on the fire", a subtle/euphoric electronic midtempo, so elegant it almost hurts! Special mention for the haunting "Do you love", the most introspective song with the most universal appeal, simply amazing. But then again, most songs on here are brilliant, with beautiful melodies, thoughtful lyrics, robust choruses, strong vocals, fine production. Surely Natalie's finest moment, this is a great - and greatly underrated - album, just as gorgeous as the woman on its cover (and we are talking about possibly the only female popstar that has never used her blatant good looks for attention-seeking). Make sure you find your way to "White lilies island", it is one of those places/records you owe yourselves a visit/listen to...

Price: £9.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars A pale male, 21 Aug. 2015
This review is from: Male (Audio CD)
Those bee-stung lips, those razor-sharp cheekbones, those ice-melting eyes, Natalie Imbruglia's fine beauty makes her one of the most gorgeous ladies in pop history (sigh). The fact that she may be the only female popstar that has never used her blatant sex-appeal for attention-seeking is probably one of the reasons she is so underrated, but is definitely to her credit. Looking at the album's ominous cover art - further proof of her moral integrity - showing her near-perfect face framed by a man's tattooed arms, it is most admirable how it juxtaposes female vulnerability and male power in such a simple way. No stranger to bringing a song out of obscurity and giving it mass appeal (as happened with her 1997 debut smash and signature hit, Ednaswap's "Torn"), NI's first set of songs in 6 years comprises songs originally sung by her favourite male artists. Not the greatest idea for a comeback, but a welcome return nevertheless, "Male" fares reasonably well for a covers album.

Mostly acoustic and stripped down, the production matches her smooth voice, delivering a pleasant set of songs. However, with just guitars and little else, things start to fall flat after the album's first and most engaging half. Sure there are some great tracks (delicate "Cannonball", bittersweet "Goodbye in his eyes", and arresting lead single "Instant crush" are standouts), but the safety in production and song selection make "Male" sound weak, ironically (especially when considering the bite of Tori Amos' 2001 "Strange little girls" album of female reinterpretations of male songs). This could have been a much more interesting and punchier project, had the songs been at least arranged with more diversity and flair. As much charming and beautiful as it is in parts, the record is neither overwhelming nor ambitious, overall. That, of course, matches with Natalie's low profile, but for her usual high standards "Male" is rather pale. Those who have her "White lilies island" album know what I mean...
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