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112 of 114 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Thought it was a risk....A GREAT ONE (a kids review please read), 13 Feb 2012
Ordered these with my parents or 'Santa' for Christmas 2011. I am 12 but please still read my review.

Great service. I'd been excited and nervous to order them. We did so, got an email taht they would be shipped the next day and should arrive within 5 working days. They arrived in 3 in orriginal Dr Marten packaging (to me joy). I oppened them up to make sure they were the correct pair. I ordered the dark purple Dr Martens 1460. They were beautiful; didn't want to wait for Christmas day!!! PLEASENOTE: IF THEY ARE NOT IN THEIR ORIGINAL DR MARTEN BOX THEY COULD BE DODGY. Service is 4/5

The product os beautiful;. I have had them for 3 months and there isn't a scratch on them. The sole hasn't worn down at all , unlike other shoes. There has been some complaints about comfort. I literally put them on my feet the minute I got them and I have felt no pain at all. I were bed socks with them purely for sze issues as I am not a proper size 3. I have had no trouble with colour rubbing off either. On the sole, mine say THE ORIGINAL so any complaints with the ones that say that may be purely unlucky people. They seem to be ab A beautiful sight for others as well. I wore them to school and received many compliment. They even made 'Doc Haters' look impressed too. Product is 5/5

The price was extremely reasonable from Amazon. On the Dr Martens UK website they were 80-85, whereas, on Amazon, they were 65!!! That is quite good to me. Price is 5/5

OVERALL Rating :
Likes: This product is completely likable. The only way you could dislike them is if they were dodgy. That is unlikely.
Dislikes: Nothing
Looks: They are beautiful, eye catching and unusual. There is nothing bad about the way they look. 5/5
Comfort:Very comfortable. No blisters or rubbing was experienced.I was actually getting ready for it but there was no need. 5.5
Whole product: 5./5
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Apple iPod touch 8GB - Black - 4th Generation (Latest Model - Launched Sept 2010)
Apple iPod touch 8GB - Black - 4th Generation (Latest Model - Launched Sept 2010)
Offered by Technoxpress
Price: 149.00

947 of 979 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely worth waiting for!!!, 13 Mar 2011
(A kids review but still read it please 11yrs old)

It took me a long time to save up for this and persuade my parents to let me get it. The best deal was definitely Amazon. Very pleased with delivery and price; it came 4 days early.

I've never owned anything like and ipod touch before. It's an amazing device with great apps (alot free too), great sound quality and loads more.

Set up:
It took and 30-45mins to sync the ipod and set it up. It isn't that long to wait since once it's done there's not really any more setting up required.

Good points:
The apps(even free ones are brill); Good qaulity picture and sound.
The video is the best bit and the camera is ok. It's not amazing but it's not poor.
Screen is all very fast and responsive with every click, important i think you may agree. I noticed it went a bit blue, but this was when i tipped it at a stupid angle.
Internet access is quick and easy to use. I've not yet tried facetime but i'm sure it will be good.
Easy to download music off itunes.
It was rapped it tighly and safely to prevent damage to the ipod on delivery.
My friend has a 3rd gen and the 4th is a very good upgrade. It's lighter, slicker and this one has a camera. Also the volume buttons have a space between each other.

The bad points:
It's easily broken so i would get a case. (What do you expect though)
A finger magnet and can get scratched easily.
Apple doesn't supply a mains charger so to charge you must use the USB cable.
When playing apps the battery runs out.
As far as i'm concerned i have no more bad points.
When you first turn on the ipod a little apple comes up. If you turn the screen to the side it goes gold, but it was tilted at a stupid angle.

Things to consider buying for the ipod.
A mains charger.Mains Home AC Plug Battery Charger Lead Cable in White - CE Certified - Compatible with for ALL Apple iPod & iPhone 3GS S 4G iPod Touch iTouch Nano Classic i-Pod i-Phone
A case/sock. 4G Touch Black Silicone Protective Armour Case + Grey Sock Cover & Screen Protector Kit for New Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation - 8GB 32GB 64GB
Screen protecter. 4G Touch LCD 6 Pack Screen Protector & Cleaning Cloth Kit for New Apple iPod Touch 4 4th Generation - 8GB 32GB 64GB

Overall Rating:
Set up 4/5
Internet 4/5
App/music store 5/5
Camera 3-4/5
Video 5/5
Screen (speed and accuracy)5/5


PLEASE comment with any questions and i will try and get back to you.
(I will update it if needed)

Thank you
p.s. Rate my review please :-)!
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