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ELEPHONE P7000 (360° Touch ID,3GB RAM,16GB ROM) 5.5 Inch FHD Gorilla Glass MTK6752 8-Core Android 4.4 4G LTE Phone 13MP CAM 3GB RAM 16GB ROM (Black)
ELEPHONE P7000 (360° Touch ID,3GB RAM,16GB ROM) 5.5 Inch FHD Gorilla Glass MTK6752 8-Core Android 4.4 4G LTE Phone 13MP CAM 3GB RAM 16GB ROM (Black)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Value Premium Handset, 4 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I purchased this handset approx 3 weeks ago (white version from DigitalEra - fulfilled by Amazon) in July 2015, however I wanted to allow myself time to get to use the phone on a daily basis before leaving a review.
I will not be discussing the handset specs as you can view these in the product description (I may refer to one or two which may not be entirely obvious), I just want to give my overall personal view after my personal experience of using it the last few weeks.

Initial impressions:
Opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how slim the actual body is. The photos provided in the product description actually make it look a bit chunky, but once you get the phone in your hand, chunky, it definitely is not.
The overall build is very good, with a premium feel to the metal edges. It is tightly put together with the volume and power buttons feeling very tactile with good response.

Just to clear up, in the box, it comes supplied with 1x plastic screen protector, 1 x glass screen protector and also a screen protector which has already been affixed to the screen for you. I was initially worried this was a phone which someone had already used and returned when I noticed one was already on the phone, however other online reviews also confirmed this is the case with new p7000's

Anyway - this phone accepts all 3 types of sim cards. So I was able to basically plug in my sim, turn the phone on and I was connected.

Strangely, the micro USB lead supplied, did not fit into charging port on the phone, which meant this had to be thrown away.
The actual charger head, would also seem to be of poor quality too, as when I went to charge the phone, the charge time to full, displayed 6hrs!
I switched over to my old phone charging head (a Samsung head) and this changed to a more reasonable 2.5 hrs.
However don't let this put you off, as you can purchase a decent charger for not alot of money, or even use your old phone charger as I did.

User interface and general usage:
The phone comes with virtually stock android ver 5.0, which basically means the layout and menu system is untouched with nothing added. This was a very important point for me as I was sick of having to use non intuitive layouts - ahem touchwizz. The only pre-installed app here which wasn't stock was an app for Elephone's forum, which doesn't run in the background, so I can live with that.

The phone does not allow for apps to be moved to the SD card and vice versa, which was the first stumbling block I encountered.
Before moving to the P7000, I had actually moved all my apps from my old phone to my SD card expecting them to be read once I placed the SD card into the P7000 and powered it up.
Unfortunatley no, so I had to use an app to back up my apps (as apk files), then using a file explorer app, and install my old apps, this way.

Being practically stock android with no bloatware, the phone is very very fluid. I am a moderate to heavy user, mainly using my phone for internet usage, a bit of gaming, sending a few messages and e-mails.
The phone can get slightly warm - but not at all uncomfortable - when under heavy use, eg long gaming, however I have yet to encounter a single instance when the phone has lagged or stuttered.
I even had a few comments from friends who were actually surprised how "zippy" the phone felt, when they were having a curious "play around" with it.

The only drawback here, as Elephone aren't exactly a massive company, it's unclear if and when Android 5.1 will be rolling out anytime soon to the p7000.

Screen/camera and misc features:
The 1080p screen is good, the brightness is decent, with good viewing angles, however can be a bit dark outdoors. The screen itself does have a slight black border around the edges, which is something you will either hate or won't bother you. For the price of this phone, it is certainly something which I am happy to overlook.

The camera is good also, I wouldn't say it was great, but better than average. Pictures are clear and it is fairly quick to snap photos using the auto settings but can struggle in low lighting and colours can appear a bit bland. Overall the camera is adequate.

The fingerprint scanner is quick to read inputs and more accurate than not. It's not really a feature I would personally use over other unlock options, however it does allow a maximum of 5 fingerprints to be stored, so can be handy if you would like others access to your phone too.

The speaker is loud,its actually slightly too loud when on its lowest setting and slightly "tinny" sounding but overall quality is clear.
Please note, there is only one speaker, although the bottom of the phone has 2 speaker grills, so unfortunately no stereo sound.

You may or may not be aware that Chinese smartphone companies seem to be on the surge in recent times and you may be dubious whether to take the risk. That is something you would need to decide for yourself, however the quality from these companies (provided its not a copy) is very high indeed.
Overall I am more than happy with the handset and once set up to your liking, it is a joy to use. I initially purchased this phone as a cheap temporary phone to replace my failing one whilst I waited for either the next Moto X or Nexus handset to be released. However I am more than happy with the performance of the phone, that I think I will keep this for at least the next year.

Below are a list of my personal Pros and Cons.
*Stock android 5.0 with no bloatware. (Google play is pre-installed)
*Excellent build quality.
*Very fast and fluid user experience.
*Dual Sim (accepts all sizes of sims)
*Open to all 4G bands in the UK
*Expandable storage (accepts up to 64GB)
*Removable battery
*Comes bundled with glass screen protector and flip case.

*Does not allow moving apps to SD (unless you root)
*No NFC (eg wireless payments etc)
*Black border around edge of screen.
*No quick charging.
*Not a big variety of accessories (eg cases, covers etc).
*No optical image stabilisation.


5.0 out of 5 stars great, 9 Feb. 2012
Delivery was fast and prompt. Delivered before estimated time.

I've bought a few mesh cases before for my sensation xe and there has always been one problem. The cut out for the USB charger has never allowed the connector to fit properly so it kept falling out if I moved the phone in any way during charging.

This case though is different. You can tell the difference as the cut out for the camera on this case different. The camera hole has the camera hole and strips cut out above and below the camera. (That's the best way I can descibe it- look at the pic). the rubbish cases which are more common just have an oval cut out for the camera.

Overall the case is light, looks great on, cut out holes are in correct dimensions, will protect the phone from minor bumps and doesnt make the phone look bulky like many other cases do.
My only gripe is the varying prices. I paid £1.99. However i seen the same case listed many times by the SAME company at different prices ranging up to 9.99.
The case is thin plastic and definately not worth 9.99. So check through the results list before buying as you might save yourself a squid or 2.

Draper 73965 Brass Radiator Keys (1 Pair)
Draper 73965 Brass Radiator Keys (1 Pair)
Price: £2.33

5.0 out of 5 stars does what its meant to., 5 Feb. 2012
Item arrived quickly.
Great price, solid and well manufactured. Does what its meant to. Not much else I can say.
Overall. Very happy

Sigma-Accessories : 5 Pack Flexible Perforated Mesh Net Hard Cases Covers For HTC Sensation G14 / Z710e With Screen Protector - Black / Red / Blue / Pink / Purple
Sigma-Accessories : 5 Pack Flexible Perforated Mesh Net Hard Cases Covers For HTC Sensation G14 / Z710e With Screen Protector - Black / Red / Blue / Pink / Purple

4.0 out of 5 stars close enough, 23 Jan. 2012
For the price, this is a great set.
The cases look good, feel good on your hand and fit easily onto the phone. The only problem is the cut out space for the USB charger. The charger hole does not allow the micro USB lead to fit in the way its meant to. So once connected, if you move the phone in any way, the charging lead will fall out. Apart from the black case. If you look at the picture of the cases close up. The black case is slighly different. (You can tell from the camera hole space - there is an extra cut out for the small holes above and below the camera lense, compared to the other cases). This case seems to have been manufactured better dimensionally as the space for the charging lead allows it to be plugged in with out any problems.

My advice, would be to look for the better cut mesh cases ie the ones with the extra cut out holes above and below the camera as these seem to be manufactured better. However I've not seen any of these better cut cases in colours other than black.


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5.0 out of 5 stars best screen protectors so far., 23 Jan. 2012
Hi. I've ordered many screen protectors for my sensation xe and these are the best so far. Many others were far too small mainly to accomodate for the sensations curved screen edges. So once its on u can tell straight away there is a screen protector on it and looks a bit daft.

These ones are the biggest I've used. They fit pretty much, the whole screen. Approx 1 millemeter is left around the edge.
I will say because of the bevelled screen edge, there is a very slight line around the edge of the protector because of the lift but its less than a millimeter and hard to notice.
I've had mine on for a month and it looks no different.
Basically, if you are very careful and patient when applying the protector on, it should stay on no probs.

HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Sim-Free Smartphone
HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Sim-Free Smartphone

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5.0 out of 5 stars simply amazing, 31 Dec. 2011
Hi, I've had this phone now since the first day of release. Im constantly using it for this that and everything and ive never experienced such an effortless and pleasing experience.
I decided I owed it to the phone to review it. I won't go into detail too much on the phone specs as other reviewers have already done this, just what I like about the phone with how I use it.
here the main specs to consider.

1.5 GHz dual core processor
768 mb ram
4.3 inch QHD Super LCD screen
1730ma battery
Comes with expensive beats earphones.

I've had an iPhone for 3 yrs as a work phone, and a basic personal phone, since my iPhone meant I didn't need 2 smartphones. (Trying to save money during the recession, you know lol)
I knew back in march I would be leaving that job soon so started to look at getting a knew phone once I gave back the iPhone.

I debated between the original sensation and the galaxy s2. The s2 was too plasticky and the reviews for the the original sensations reported issues with deathgrip and battery, so decided to wait.

I'm so glad I did.

Luckily this handset was released in Oct as I was leaving my job in Nov. (not so lucky to original sensation users since the original sensation was only releases around 5 months prior).

I will mention the bad things first as there not many and its me just being gnit picky.
The ram could've been upped to 1gb. But 768 mb is still ample and the phone is still able to handle whatever I've thrown at it without crashing.

The super LCD screen. Text can look a bit washed when scrolling up. But are u going to be reading whilst fastly scrolling up?.
The auto focus on the camera is a bit hit and miss. The slightest movement can sometimes cause it to refocus and thus blur the shot.

The 1730 ma battery is ok, I'd get 1.5 days moderate usage from it. I've since bought a 2400 ma battery from amazon and get around 2 days now. (Only 12 squid)

And the HTC rezound. Got released not too long ago.( basically the exact same phone but comes with 720 p screen and 1gb ram) however this was a USA only non gsm handset. So you're never going to bump into anyone with it.

That's all I personally feel are downsides, which aren't even major issues.

Now the good stuff.

The first thing to note is that its lightning quick due to its 1.5ghz dual processor. To put in perspective. The iPhone 3gs, which I had, only had a processor of 600 MHz
Even the newer iPhone 4s only has a 1 GHz dual core.
The only time this phone has remotely struggled was when I was playing final fantasy 8 on it, but come on, its a phone working as a PlayStation. (yes I own a copy of the original game so nothing illegal here lol)

The design is top notch, deep black brushed metal casing with red accents. the red grill is what I love most.

The 4.3 inch screen is the perfect size for viewing the web on a handheld. And remember when zooming on a webscreen, as its running on android, the handset auto text wraps to fit the screen. (Which means when you zoom in, the text will be adjusted so you don't need to constantly move the screen left and right as your reading)

The sheer freedom I get with this handset is the next biggie for me. No more ball and chain that is iTunes.
Simply plug to my laptop and drag and drop whatever. No more stupid synching.
I realise apple have now added wireless synching to ios5.
However, I can even wirelessly connect the handset to my pc or laptop and pull my music or videos files off it via windows media player.

Even small things like, creating a shortcut to screen brightness on the home screen is another example. So u can customise your home pages to hearts content.

Although apple have more apps, android, in my opinion have more useful apps.
Eg on my phone, I've installed a video player for files like AVI files, the default player is ok, but there is better if u look.
Mentioned earlier, I have a PlayStation emulator, also, Snes and mega drive.
You can install different web browsers if you don't like the default one, or maybe a different touch keyboard.
I hated the fact I couldn't back up my contacts from my iPhone to the sim..and this phone is the same . But...
To steal a phrase, there really is an app for all that, but this time your selection is not dictated to you. Problem sorted.

In a nutshell the hardware coupled with the freedom of android makes it an amazing piece of kit.

I've named mine Ralph ... Only kidding.

MaryCom PREMIUM QUALITÄT silver Aluminum Case for the HTC Sensation & Sensation XE Smartphone
MaryCom PREMIUM QUALITÄT silver Aluminum Case for the HTC Sensation & Sensation XE Smartphone

4.0 out of 5 stars good solid case, 31 Dec. 2011
Very pleased with this case. As well as the usual amazon order confirmation, the seller also sends a confirmation of order also a dispatch note which I found handy, as it kept in the loop as how far along the order was. So thumbs up there.

Now onto the case. It's definately the best looking "metal" design case I've seen available for the sensation/xe. I particulary like the brushed silver effect with the grey border. It's solid and will definatly protect the phone from minor bumps.
My only gripe is that its not actually aluminium as the product description leads you to beleive. It's made from plastic. However its sturdy and you can't tell its not metal. So only knocking 1star from the rating.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: £9.08

15 of 18 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars rehash and more campers than ever., 17 Dec. 2011
I loved modern warfare 2 and black ops took a bit of getting used to but I enjoyed that. After getting modern warfare 3 I felt dissapointed. Now I do play mostly online so that is what my review will be mostly based on. The single player is what you'd expect from the cod series, massive explosions and chases. I really like the survival mode, where the player must survive waves of enemies, similar to zombie mode of black ops. However it has an arcade feel to it which I found refreshing. Sadly this was all I enjoyed of the game which is where I move to the online play.

Now this is my opinion and I would suggest renting before buying to absolutely sure this is for you.
The maps are aweful. Previous cods, its always been majority are good with 1 or 2 maps which are annoying to play. MW3 that's the other way around. I understand that the maps were designed to reduce sniper camping, which is why there are very few high vantage points. Which, ok , I understand , the flip side though since the maps are "flatter" with more twists and turns. The amount of corner rat campers are rife. As someone said in a previous review. Bullet damage is high so the campers are thus rewarded for camping. Since by the time you notice the rat camping in a bush/corner.... Your dead. The maps are maps of rubble and dust. Another major flaw is the slight lag. So many times in a firefight you think you have ducked around the corner for cover only to die. After watching the killcam it shows that you never actually got around the corner. So many times I've felt like snapping my controller. I thought maybe I was too used to black ops, but I have since prestiged 3 times and its as annoying as ever and the campers are getting worse. I will be trading in once metal gear hd collection is released

Gold 2430MAH High Capacity BA S560 Business Battery for HTC Sensation XE
Gold 2430MAH High Capacity BA S560 Business Battery for HTC Sensation XE

10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars great battery, 25 Nov. 2011
I bought this for my sensation xe. So I never had the battery problems that the original sensation had.
Anyway, the original xe battery is 1730 ma I believe. With moderate to to heavy usage. A few calls, text, bit of gaming and video. I would get around a day and a half of usage. (I am also very conscious of my usage and would also turn 3g and data off when not in use. Also shutting all apps when not in use.)

After using this battery for 1week now, battery life is slighly improved. Not as much as I expected. But I can't complain. I get around 2 days now with the same type of usage.
Another plus side was that I found that a FULL charge would take less time. Approx 2.5 hrs, whereas the original HTC battery took just under 3 hrs.

I would recommend it to xe owners(but don't expect it to be a miracle battery as I did) and would say its a must for original sensation owners.

Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £17.82

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars getting worse, 12 Nov. 2011
I really don't get what square-enix are doing. Are they they really trying to break new ground? Or trying to pander to people new to the genre. I've been a FF fan since 7 was rwleased. Since then I've played them all. 6, 7, 9, 8 being faves in that order. 10 is where it seemed to start going wrong.
Don't get me wrong, I still quite enjoyed 10, but this was where the linear corridors started. Tidus, also annoyed the hell outta me.
FFX-2 Made me cringe so many times I almost didn't complete the game as I was not sure I could take poppy girly cheese anymore.

FF12. I played for 4 hrs and traded in.

This one I had already seen the videos of gameplay prior to release and my heart sank a little. But being a big final fantasy fan I thought ill give it a chance and play it for myself. So I rented it played for around 5 hrs and my heart sank more.

Previous reviews have already stated it. Most of the characters are ok and yes graphically its awesome. However what I loved about final fantasy's of old was the freedom.
Freedom of controlling the characters as I wished.
Roaming around the world map completing side quests, talking to people in towns etc.

I just feel that makers have tried to entice people in and make it less dauntingto get into and in doing so it no longer feels like a final fantasy game anymore.


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