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Beautiful Sheep: Portraits of Champion Breeds
Beautiful Sheep: Portraits of Champion Breeds
by Kathryn Dun
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.39

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read, 17 Aug 2014
Some men likes women,
Somen men likes boys,
But my sheep's warm and beautiful,
And makes a baaaaring noise.

Slime 700c x19-25c Presta Valve Road Bike Inner Tube x 1
Slime 700c x19-25c Presta Valve Road Bike Inner Tube x 1
Offered by Service Champions
Price: £5.90

1.0 out of 5 stars DOES NOT WORK - rubbish, 16 Jun 2014
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My new bike had kept on getting punctures, even after having upgraded to Armadillo tyres, so I thought these would together would sort it out. So I bought a pair of these, both of them punctured within one or two days of putting them on. The self-healing mechanism does not work, all that happens is that in addition to having a puncture, you also get a load of green material coming out of the inner tube and making a mess of the inside of your tyres. The instructions say that they can repair punctures up to 3mm in width, both of the punctures I received with this were less than 1mm but it still had no effect whatsoever.

The Tesco own-brand tubes I have brought for half the price of these have held together without puncturing for much longer than these lasted. Do not buy.

Fat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar
Fat Chance: The bitter truth about sugar
Price: £3.59

5.0 out of 5 stars now I am becoming obsessive, 13 May 2014
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The main point personally is avoid all sugar, don't mix carbs and lipids and maximise your fibre intake, and then you will improve.

Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Godlike bassist doing what a godlike bassist should do, 15 Mar 2004
When i first heard Primus album i thought that Flea was the greatest bassist of all time. 30 seconds later my mind was changed. Being a bassist myself I dont understand how Les Claypool manages to play so well and fluently and be able to sing at the same time. Unlike most bands where you can bearly hear the bass here the bass is dominant with a frenzy of slap/pops, hammers, strums and other bass techniques used perfectly. Les's voice is great on this album although he bearly sings in tune his high pitched yells and strange voices create a fantastic effect that moulds into the music perfectly. Larry and Herb work very well with Les but their talents on this album are not nearly as great as Claypools yet produce a perfect sound to mould them toghther. Also Les and Larry play completely differnt parts as Les plays the main riffs and Larry makes backing sounds. The Politically inspired lyrics are also fantastic and they are able to take serious issues in American life and create a great song around them so that people will be informed about them. "Fish On" has the greatest bass intro that I have ever heard and this will take the listener to a boat on a lake. The best songs on this album are"American life" "Tommy cat" and "Is it luck?" Overall this a completly original and imaginative album from one of todays best bands and is a vital part to any bassists collection.

Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Price: £8.84

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4.0 out of 5 stars Darker but still good, 15 Mar 2004
Overall this is a very good DT album with great attempts by all members. The riffs are fantastic as we are used to them being and the band themselves still work toghether perfectly. The complexity and technicality of Dream Theater has progressed more on this as it is a frenzy of guitars, drums, keyboards and well applied vocals. Petrucci works very well with some great guitar solos. On the first Cd the first song "The Glass Prison" is the best on teh album and it deeply shows Drummer Mike Portnoys alcoholism and Jamies Labre uses his voice very well on this. The first cd contains only 5 songs with an average lenght of over 10 minutes.The Other tracks on this side particulary "Misunderstood" are still very good and Great Debate shows the opinions of Genetic engeneiring well. On the other CD is a huge 45 minute epic song which is broken into 8 parts on 8 tracks and this ruins the effect of one long song as there is quite a long pause between the tracks. The Lyrics on this epic are not that good as other songs on the Album or their previous albums. Overall this is a very good semi-concept album which should not be expected to be like Scenes from a Memory as they are more quiter and are using more FX and settings. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess has peformed better on this album though as he has grown into the brothership of the band more and their are some excellent bass parts by John Myung. This is not as good as Scenes from a Memory but both of these albums are true masterpieces and this along with Images and Words is required in any modern progressive rock/metal fans collection.

Train Of Thought
Train Of Thought
Price: £5.52

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3.0 out of 5 stars Oh dear or not, 11 Feb 2004
This review is from: Train Of Thought (Audio CD)
Hymn when i first listened to this New album i wondered if this was the Ruling Dream Theater that we are used to with our precious Images and Words and Scenes from a Memory. The song went on and it was still good but not as good as they could have been. Yes if they spent the last decade doing Images and Words again and again it wouldnt be progressive and just another good band (which is increasingly hard to find today). So they "progressed" and turn out much heavier than they used to be and in more than many places this is a bad thing. In the future dream theater should not return to their Old format but not move in this direction which does nothing for their progresion and puts them in a genre which is not nearly as expressive as good old Proggressive rock. The music is still much better than any other living band apart from Yes and Rush but they have been aroudn for 15 years and in some parts i can year the Nu-metal trash through that has come around in the last 5 years. For a band that is trillions times better than Linkin Park they should not be takeing off them just following whatever their fingers play. The musicans themselves still uphail with epic songs and Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci remain dominant on the Album with the occasionall cool keyboard sounds but Myung does not seem to apply his excellent bass playing as well onto this album as he has done. As over here on this side of the Atlantic this band are virtually unheard of (well atleast with all people my age) they seem to be adapting themselves for greater audiences while sacrifficing the originality of the sound which creates a moulded effect which will make the teenybopper new metaler fans like them but just cheapens their compositional mastery. Sometimes it seems that this album is designed for nu-metal want to mosh fans as Vacant just seems to be the quiet introduction for Stream of Conciousness and it just a seperate track so that the metallheads dont have to stand around before they mosh. The lyrics however are not nearly as good as on previous albums and James Labre still sings talentedly as he is the best Heavy Singer around but he copies other peoples voices too much and this makes them lose their patented Progressive-fusion fans sound that we all adore. Overall this album is still a good album but should be put in a different part of ur record collection from their earlier/better work. If you like Metallica and Linkin Parc and dont like quieter deeper stuff but just like music that is heavy enough to mosh to then this will be the best recently released album for you. However if you are an old progressive and/or Progressive fan then buy more of their previous albums.

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