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Panasonic DMR-BWT735EB Smart Blu-ray Disc Recorder with 1TB HDD and Twin Freeview+ HD Tuners
Panasonic DMR-BWT735EB Smart Blu-ray Disc Recorder with 1TB HDD and Twin Freeview+ HD Tuners
Offered by Tribal UK
Price: 379.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars NOW IS THE TIME FOR A PANASONIC DMR-BWT735EB, 20 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly thanks to Amazon for the rocket delivery service as it arrived the next day and thank you to Mr Brian Lee of Preston for his excellent and comprehensive review.
I have a complete SONY system comprising TV, 3D-BLU-RAY, PVR 1TB, HOME CINEMA and a HD SKY BOX. However I have been having trouble with the SONY PVR which keeps locking up (functions freezing)and finally I could not reset it.

I got quite fed up with it as this is the second one we have had in just over a year!! Before I bought the SONY PVR,I looked at the then PANASONIC PVR which had a built in BLU RAY RECORDER, however I did not like the price and the adverts which appeared in the EPG!!

After searching for a replacement I thought I should check again to see what PANASONIC had available and hey, presto I found the new DMR-BWT735.
This is real value for money as you get built in WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY, 3D-BLU-RAY RECORDER/PLAYER and HD PVR all in one box for 385 approx. if you check around.

Out the box it is quick to set up all the channels and you are ready to go.
Picture quality is excellent on standard and high definition, in fact it is better than the SKY BOX!!
It is pretty quiet and quick in operation using the HDD.
Simple to operate from the HDD as a PVR which suits me fine as I will worry about other functions such as copying at a later time.

I think this product is wiping the floor with other manufacturers, as it seems to have got a lot of the operational things right and of course a Blu-Ray recorder which you can use to archive items from the HDD is exclusive to PANASONIC.

So I recommend this as a quality piece of kit.
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Melkco Luxe Jacka White Handmade Genuine Leather Slimline Case for iPhone 5 / 5S
Melkco Luxe Jacka White Handmade Genuine Leather Slimline Case for iPhone 5 / 5S
Offered by Alida Systems ®
Price: 17.95

5.0 out of 5 stars SUPERB IPHONE 5 CASE, 29 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After going through many other makes, I have been using one of these on my IPHONE 4 for the last 2 years and it has protected my valuable device for that long and the leather is still im very good condition. After all once you put the phone into it, there is no need to take it out at all.
This new white case is for my new IPHONE 5 which is also in white and once again the quality of the leather is superb. In anycase why spend all this money on a phone if you dont protect it with something of the same quality.
Why not just buy one at the same time you buy the phone.

Apple iPhone 5, White, 16GB
Apple iPhone 5, White, 16GB

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5.0 out of 5 stars IPHONE 5, 28 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After spending two years with the iphone 4, I like this model even more especially as its even faster and just as simple to use. It is a great organiser based on the APPS you can buy for it and is well ahead of the phone companies in the UK as there is only one company that will allow you to use the faster 4G connectivity already available in this model at the moment.

To set up this new phone, just connect it to ITUNES and tell ITUNES to restore from BACKUP, once you've put your new MICRO SIM into it. You can restore from ICLOUD as well, if you have this set up. My main moan is that most of my iphone 4 connectors and accessories will not fit.
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Sony Europe Ltd KDL46HX823 Sony 46" 3D Freeview HD LED Television
Sony Europe Ltd KDL46HX823 Sony 46" 3D Freeview HD LED Television

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5.0 out of 5 stars DYNAMIC EDGE SONY KDL46HX823 TV, 14 April 2012
We decided to buy a new internet TV and as we have had Sharps, Sonys and Samsons in the past, we decided to replace a Sony with another Sony. We considered HX923 models which is Sony's flagship Direct Backlit LED version which cost a further 600!! Using our eyes and the same programme sources, it was very difficult to justify this massive price jump compared to the HX823 and we appreciate that this type of technology is expensive to manufacture (just look at a 40 inch B&O Direct Backlit at around 10000!). However we felt that the money was better spent on a new TV stand and some other peripherals.

The first thing that you will notice about this TV is the clean dark lines of the black Gorrilla Glass screen when it is switched off. An excellent design statement which will enhance your living room. When you switch it on, it really comes to life with a mouth watering picture in standard definition and especially when connected to an outdoor aerial. So if you spend all this money on this TV, then spend a small amount to have a good quality outdoor aerial installed.

The quality of the High Definition picture is excellent. We have it connected to a 3D Bluray player and of course it has a built in Freeview HD tuner. In addition we have a Sky+ HD box connected as well.
Set up from out the box to watching TV will take between 30 minutes to one hour according to what you have to connect to it. You can make adjustments to suit yourself as you get used to it, because it has comprehensive adjustment controls.

Sound quality is very good for such a thin panel set, they have managed to put three rear facing speakers in the back. However in our case we are using an existing Audio System, which makes it sound even better.
Connections are provided for HDMI sources, USB's, Scart adaper and more, so you can connect old and new technology. However you do not get the connectors you will need to connect the various components. So I would suggest you start by buying 3 HDMI cables, an optical cable if you intend to connect an audio system and possibly a SCART cable if you intend to connect a DVD/VCR.

-Picture quality in Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) is excellent
-Adjustments are comprehensive
-Built in WIFI for internet access, include BBC iplayer, Love Films, SONY network is excellent
-Proximity Detector; if Kids are sitting too close then a message and sound warns
-Face detection; switches of set if no one is watching or is active after a certain time
-Records programmes onto an externally connected hard disk drive via one of the USB connectors
-All connections are placed on the left rear of screen and makes it a bit easier to arrange connections/cables
-i-MANUAL; much more comprehensive than the small paper one provided and its on the TV via the remote.
-Five years free SONY guarantee (if you shop around)
-Energy consumption is around 103 watts in use and less than 0.5 watts on stand by.
-SYNCHS with other SONY BRAVIA components. So we have bought a 8 to 1 SONY remote called the RM-VLZ620T in
which we have integrated 4 SONY components and a SKY box.
-SKYPE enabled; you will need to buy the mic/camera unit.
-3D enabled; you will need to buy the 3D glasses
-Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)is well organised, excellent
-Use your mobile phone/PC (Media Remote)to control the TV, excellent idea


-Recording to an external Hard Disk does not allow you to watch another programme at the same time; you have to
stop the recording if you want to do this. So this is not a replacement for a Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
-3D glasses do not come in the box, plus they are expensive to buy at typically 60 each. So if you have a
family of say four then this will soon add up! I found the glasses rather uncomfortable to wear for a long
time. This 3D system is classified as an ACTIVE 3D SYSTEM which has been adopted by a few manufacturers such
as Samsung, Panasonic (do ACTIVE and PASSIVE systems)etc. However I tested an LG PASSIVE system which uses
the same polarized glasses you get in the cinema when you watch a 3D movie. As I am not a real fan of 3D; it
was not a major factor of this purchase for us.
-Internet Browser; this is very poor and it seems to go straight to the SONY website each time. The text is far
too small for this size screen and there is no obvious adjustment of the font size! Perhaps a software
update might help to solve this. You are better off connecting your laptop computer if you want to take
advantage of this large screen.

All in all this is an excellent TV and the PROs well outweighs the CONS, to watch the latest entertainment on and fulfills our internet needs of being able to stream things like films from Netflix etc, catching up with BBC i-player, playing our favourite DVD/Bluray and the games consoles can be connected when needed. In addition it looks stunning and at this size can be easily enjoyed by a large family and we fully recommend it
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Sony RMVLZ620T Universal Remote Control
Sony RMVLZ620T Universal Remote Control

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5.0 out of 5 stars REMOTE GODSEND SONY RM-VLZ620T, 13 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What a Godsend this is! I have just reduced five remotes to one for the following devices. SONY Bravia TV, SONY surround sound amplifier, SONY Blu ray player, SONY PVR HDD recorder and SKY+ HD Box. The learn function works a treat and I had to use it to teach a few buttons for the PVR HDD recorder functions. This seemed strange as I thought all the SONY products would have been pre programmed!

You won't be able to match all the buttons on some of the original remotes, but what I found is that you won't really miss them because you probably rarely use them.
The buttons are of a good size and the remote is comfortable to hold. Build quality is good and comparable to the ones it replaces and the price is very good at around 23, most remotes that can replace more than eight devices and offer this level of functionality tend to cost more like 40+.

Watch out!! The first company I tried sent the wrong one without the four colour buttons as indicated by previous reviewers. So get rid of the remote clutter and get this.

Origin II S2 Flat Panel TV Stand in Black
Origin II S2 Flat Panel TV Stand in Black
Offered by The Plasma Centre
Price: 253.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars ROLLS ROYCE QUALITY ORIGIN S2A STAND, 3 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is an excellent piece of engineering. It is securely holding my SONY 46 inch and the colour matches the Sony's black glass front with the Blu ray machine, AV sound system and SKY box all sitting pretty underneath.
Easy to assembly,it comes with every screw nut and bracket cable ties etc you could possibly need.
They say you get what you pay for and I beleive it is more than worth it's premium price.
Some improvements that could be made:-

Improve shelf system as they tend to rotate slightly when you put the units on them. However once set up why you you want to fiddle with them?

Put a few more holes in the plate that holds the TV so that the height can be raised say another four inches, mine is set to the top limit.
Put a few more holes in the column so that the shelfs can go up as well.

It comes with a 13 amp extension block of four outlet sockets, however for me this was not adequate so I have replaced it with one with six outlets as I plan to put maybe another box and some more items on a further shelf instead and I have secured it around the column with four of the plastic cable ties which I have linked together. To finish it off all the cables a hidden behind two removable plates, which I think is a great idea. So you need to get one for your new or existing TV before the price goes up. Fully recommended.

Ingersoll Gents Black Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch
Ingersoll Gents Black Dial Brown Leather Strap Watch

5.0 out of 5 stars INGERSOLL IN4701BK GEM, 24 May 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When you open the box, the first thing you want to do is put it on straight away because the build quality is excellent. In fact you would expect to pay at least ten times the price for this engineering and aesthetic masterpiece.

I wanted a watch with a different face colour as most of the watches I have, has white or yellow faces, which usually makes reading them easier. However with this dark colour I was not disappointed because the gold numbers and hands seem to stand out well and certainly compliments this face colour. Most of the photographs I have seen of this watch do not show the detail of the gold rim and other detailing very well. Infact the details are truly excellent. The date windows could be a little wider, but you soon get used to it.

The strap mechanism is a bit of a pain to open and close and in my case It will not slide over my hand without totally opening it fully. However, I have lots of trouble with watch straps so this is no different and in anycase I am beginning to get used to it. By the way, did I mention the quality of the leather used on the strap, it is excellent and in that respect the strap mechanism will help to reduce wear.

Did I mention that you do not need any batteries as it is automatic, so long as you wear it throughout the day and or wind it as per the instructions. So if you want a quality watch with looks to match at an affordable price and beleive it or not. the price I saw on Amazon was at a discount, so you need to snap this up quick before their gone.

Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black
Apple iPhone 4 16GB Black
Offered by Britfones
Price: 273.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT ORGANISER & COMMUNICATION DEVICE, 10 April 2011
Over the last 30 plus years I have had a PSION and two SHARP electronic organisers which were very advance at their respective times. In addition I have had numerous mobile phones especially for business use and some were the size of a brick! Now on the market is this IPHONE, which is a very good mobile phone that is dependent on the quality of the various mobile networks just like the other phones out there.

However, for me, where this device outperforms anything on the market at present, is its ability to do everything a PAPER organiser and old electronic organiser can do and integrate a lot of tasks with the TELEPHONE function and then it throws in some ENTERTAINMENT options as well, and all this in a small package that can fit into a shirt pocket.

A lot of people who buy this will probably only buy it for its looks and status symbol and to that end they might not realise the power that they have in their hands. There are many moans and groans about problems of functionality, but I think this will be sorted out by apple in the future when they introduce the IPHONE 5. However this should not put you off buying this device, especially if you will use it for more than just a phone.

So if you are a serious user needing to organise yourself as well as communicating with others then here some useful applications APPS)you will need.

1 PASSWORD PRO secure place to lock accounts details etc
REMINDER PRO for birthdays and aniversaries and more
TODO can't remember what to and when, well this is it
NOTEBOOK Although you get one already with iphone, this one works with TODO
MY CONVERT want to convert from feet to metres etc
WORLDCARD CONTACTS Although you get one with iphone, this is better and works with WORLCARD MOBILE
WORLDCARD MOBILE want to convert those business cards, well this is it, and you can put the details in
ADVANCED ENGLISH DICTIONARY This is just great to have
UK TRAIN TIMES This is brilliant, when you want to travel on the trains
UK MAP Ideal when you don't have any internet signal and you want to get around
YELP Want find out what's nearby you, such as banks
LAYAR Check for yourself
BBC NEWS The best news service

There are numerous APPS out there so it is likely that you will find one to suit your tasks.

I do not have any problems with the AERIAL and reception is still affected by the lack of signal from the nearest mobile transmitter as was all the other moble phones I have had. I do recommend you buy a case to put it in for protection of such an expensive device! This brings me to my main moan, the price is rather high, you cannot change the battery easily and you cannot add any additional memory. However I can still recommend it as a very useful tool to have now.


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3.0 out of 5 stars DISAPPOINTING LEATHER IPHONE FLIP CASE, 28 Mar 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This seems excellent value at Amazon, I would have thought it would cost twice the amount. It holds my iPhone 4 snugly in the three clips without any obstructions. The holes cut out for the camera align perfectly on the one I have and does not obstruct the lens. The magnetic clip works perfectly when you close the case. The whole thing fits into my shirt/jacket breast pocket.
There is a small eyelet at the top right (your right when open)which you can use to thread one of the camera lanyard/straps through and then you can wear it round your neck. Perfect!!

Since owning this case for just under a year, the two plastic clips at the bottom have broken off, which now renders it useless as it is no longer capable of securely holding my () Iphone 4!! I am now buying a different make. Well only time will tell.

Samsung LE32C580 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD
Samsung LE32C580 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Allshare LCD TV with Freeview HD
Offered by TODO! TODO!
Price: 399.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quality Bargain Samsung 32" TV LE32C580, 2 Jan 2011
I was looking for a TV for our bedroom, and as we already have two SONY BRAVIA`S, which are excellent TV`s but come at a premium price, it was tempting to buy another SONY. Having read numerous professional and user reviews I came upon the SAMSUNG LE32C530 which was the next model down with Freeview and Full HD at a sensible price. Whilst out shopping for Christmas bargains I stumbled upon the C580 which has Feeview HD and amazingley was being sold at a cheaper price than the C530 model, so I snapped up this bargain.

Styling is excellent and fits well in the bedroom and in fact would go just as well in the living room. The first thing you notice when connected to an outside aerial on the roof, is the very good performance from Freeview and the current Freeview HD channels. Performance from a connected Blu Ray HD source was excellent.
Sound was good and quite adequate for the bedroom, however you cannot expect a lot from these thin speakers which is the same from most thin profile TV`s. I would definately recommend an aditional sound system to go with it.

Set up was straight forward and it vertually did every thing for you once out the box. All the current channels in my area were sorted and we were watching TV within about ten minutes. A good range of connectors are provided and in fact it will accomodate most of the current range of DVD, SKY boxes etc.

There is plenty of options for you to make adjusments to suit your taste, however I found the instruction book dreadfull in places and quite frankly it needs to be rewritten by Samsung (I hope they are reading this). For example I wanted to turn off the sound that plays when you switch the power on or off and had trouble finding it. I eventualy found it on page 19 under the sub heading of "Melody (Off/Low/Medium/High), but how do you get at it? Press MENU, navigate to Plug & Play, press right arrow key, then press down arrow key until you get to General, then press select (I hope this proves helpful).

My other other moans; is where is the external controls situated? Because you cannot see them either in normal light or in the dark. The front panel (lower right next to the RED on light); quite frankly they are too feint and needs to be back lit.
When changing channels the INFO BAR/BANNER does not come on as it does with other sets and you have to press the INFO button separately to get progam information. Perhaps this is hidden somewhere in SET UP MENU, but for now I will live with it as it is!

If you buy a Samsung Blu ray player then you don`t need to fiddle around with two remotes and in fact you can use the TV remote to control both devices. So all in all, this is an excellent value TV with very good quality off air pictures, excellent HD source pictures, excellent styling and a few gripes,which I can recommend.

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