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Toshiba Excite Pro 10.1-inch Tablet (NVIDIA Tegra 4 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, Android 4.2)
Toshiba Excite Pro 10.1-inch Tablet (NVIDIA Tegra 4 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, Android 4.2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars I was sceptical, now I'm over the moon!, 31 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After reading reviews on both Amazon and reputable tech websites, I thought I was really taking a punt with this tablet and was going to end up sending it back. What I actually discovered when I received it is that for £169.99, I got an incredible deal.
The build quality is great, it is plastic but personally I have always preferred the material for mobile devices as its more resilient to dents and scratches. It still feel an very solid, if perhaps, not quite 'premium'.
The additional thickness and weight over some of the more expensive competition is a none issue for me. We are talking a hundred grams or so and a few mm. You can still hold it and carry it no problem. Most reviews these days seem to put enormous focus on these elements when actually, if manufacturers were given a bit more freedom here they could probably increase performance and battery life by many magnitudes.... But I digress.
Some have mentioned the port cover is flimsy, I actually find it to be reasonably well thought about in comparison to the usual ugly rubber bung(s) you would find. When in place its nicely flush and when removed the rubber cord let's it drop far enough down so that its out of the way of any connected cables. This cover is only for the micro SD, micro USB and Micro HDMI anyway, all of which I think would only get occasion use due to the separate 12v power adaptor for charging.
The headphone socket is a combo port that worked OK with my inline headphones and is outside of the port cover so is fine for regular access.
As others have mentioned, the 'harmon kardon' sticker is daft, clearly an after thought and I would like to take it off but im concerned it might leave a mark.
The buttons are well placed with volume rocker on the left with power on the top left (landscape mode). Rear camera is also top left.
As soon as you are ready to go, bare in mind you need to charge this thing up because it arrives with zero charge in the battery. Whilst charging you can boot it up and the first thing you will notice is the screen, its absolute best of class. Very bright and extremely detailed with great contrast and colour reproduction.
Next thing that's important is to run the updates in the settings/about device page. I didn't do much playing with the tablet while this was going on so I can't comment on performance pre-update. There is quite a few large files and they will take you up to android 4.3 which is respectably up to date. Yes, 4.4 is out but the differences will not be groundbreaking between the two in normal usage.
The thing i noticed while running these updates is that the wireless performance is blistering. This is one of few devices with wireless ac (dual channel 1Gb) and along with the new BT home hub which is also wireless ac capable, it was seriously quick to download.
Once I was back into Android, everything felt very 'Nexus'. What I mean by that is everything was largely untouched from how Google designed the OS and intended it to be. Companies like Samsung and HTC actually put their own skin on Android which some like and others don't. I personally prefer the 'stock' experience which made me very comfortable here.
From there I installed my usual productivity and entertainment apps and tested it out.
Skitch and evernote worked perfectly, as expected. The high density of pixels on the screen makes note taking and sketching an absolute delight. The standard Android keyboard is in use here and its very good, although a little on the bulky side, taking up half the screen. I think it could drop 10-15% in size and remain comfortable.
Next I tested out some video playback. To hit two birds with one stone I tried streaming from my NAS. Dice player didn't work very well and wouldn't play a lot of the high def videos, next i tried archos player (a few quid on play) and once I put all the codecs on it was flawless. 1080p serious high quality videos would play without problem and I could easily shuttle around the file without it struggling. The one thing I will say is that the speakers are quiet, the quality of sound is decent for tablet speakers but the level was dreadful.
For gaming I only tested bloons td5 which worked fine, its not as demanding game though so no surprises there. I don't tend to play many demanding games on my tablet as I have a high end gaming PC so I figured I would run a few benchmarks. GFX bench Egypt HD onscreen seemed to stutter a bit but got a decent 30fps, the Geekbench, Antutu and Vellamo scores were up there with the best mobile devices out at the moment. When I ran back to back AndEbench tests, the tablet did seem to heat up on the back left below the camera, as people have said. It did not get really uncomfortable though and I wouldn't worry about it affecting the health of the tablet unless I was playing demanding games for many many hours, even then I doubt it would be a worry.
Other points:
I like the separate 12v 3a power as it seems to charge loads faster than I'm used too with 5v devices. it also allows me to use the USB for a keyboard or storage device at the same time.
Both cameras are rubbish, but its a tablet, you don't want to be one of those dorks walking about recording with a tablet anyway do you? Front camera is a shame but it is good enough for Skype/hangouts.
Battery life is not as good as others on the market, but you are still looking at 6-7hours with moderate use I think.
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