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SAMSUNG 1650 mAh Replacement Battery for Galaxy S2
SAMSUNG 1650 mAh Replacement Battery for Galaxy S2
Price: £4.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Good replacement, 25 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Works fine, does the job.

Fashion Ladies Scarf Shawls Cat Print Scraves 100% Chiffon Wrap - Apricot
Fashion Ladies Scarf Shawls Cat Print Scraves 100% Chiffon Wrap - Apricot
Offered by Display Promotion Limited
Price: £2.45

5.0 out of 5 stars Good for the price., 22 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Good for the price paid. Very thin and not as long as some scarves I have, but a nice quirky accessory which people have commented and complimented me on when wearing it.

Pineapple Women's Raw Edge Stud Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Beautiful Blue, Large
Pineapple Women's Raw Edge Stud Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Beautiful Blue, Large

2.0 out of 5 stars Not true to size., 22 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Nice enough shirt but not true to size at all, it was way too small. I have a few Pineapple products and whilst I always buy next size up this was way too small and I had to return it.

Sell-Ideas® Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Leather Flip Case Cover Wallet Pouch Wallet Phone Case Book Case Protective Cover, With Free Screen Cover and Stylus Pen - Premium Quality PU Leather (Vertical Flip Case, Blue)
Sell-Ideas® Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F Leather Flip Case Cover Wallet Pouch Wallet Phone Case Book Case Protective Cover, With Free Screen Cover and Stylus Pen - Premium Quality PU Leather (Vertical Flip Case, Blue)
Offered by Think-Louder®
Price: £3.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent case for your S5, 22 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My Samsung Galaxy S5 fitted quickly and easily into the case with a secure click as I pressed it into the moulded plastic edging which holds the phone in place. The edging is backed by the sturdy leather case and the front part of the case then flips up over the screen of the phone and a magnetic tab at the top snaps down over the top of the phone to hold it shut.
The cover is perfect for the Galaxy S5 and the volume side button and camera lens etc are all visible and aligned perfectly with the spaces cut out from the case for them. The only niggle is ( and this was the same with my last case) that you have to have the case open to charge your phone, as there is no space cut out on the case to enable charging without the case open, but this is not a problem at all for me personally.
The magnetic tab doesn't get in the way at all when you are using the phone either to make or receive a call or when using it for any other function. It snaps shut easily and keeps the case securely closed.
The colour of my case isn't exactly the royal blue shade shown here on the photo, it has a slight purple-ish tinge, but I absolutely love it.

I had a similar case for my old S2 and it lasted 2 years before any signs of wear and tear and I loved it, so I had no trepidation about ordering this case.
Overall, this is an excellent case for the money and I am very happy with it. After nearly 3 months of use, it shows no sign of wear and tear and protects my phone perfectly.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Apr 13, 2015 12:20 AM BST

Different Shades Of Blue [Ltd. Edition Digibook]
Different Shades Of Blue [Ltd. Edition Digibook]
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £24.95

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Every shade of blue!, 23 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Before you actually play this album, the artwork on the cover stands out and it is interesting to note that the artwork is actually a metaphor for the album's creation.
A daredevil streaks across the desert on a ghostly-looking motorbike. Legs flailing out behind and arms clinging to the handlebars. The metaphor being that Joe was heading into the unknown with this album, as it is the first album he has made whereby every song features his own songwriting.
Previous albums have featured some of Joe's songs, some written by others and covers of songs dear to Joe's heart, therefore Different Shades of Blue is the first Joe Bonamassa-penned album.

After a brief instrumental intro, we are taken into 'Oh Beautiful' which is one of my favourites tracks on the album " Oh beautiful, if you were mine" sings Joe and alone without any musical accompaniment, he sings the verse with an almost haunting vocal and then suddenly the drums roll, the bass takes up the rhythm and the song crashes into a powerful instrumental riff, accompanied by Joe on guitar, before quietening again for another solo verse. You know what is coming when the big sound kicks in again, but this time you are treated to a longer instrumental, with a guitar solo from Joe that wails all over the place, before the song ends as it begun with Joe singing alone and unaccompanied. As openers go, this is absolutely breathtaking.
From then on every track has something a little different. All genres of blues are covered on this album which more than lives up to its title, but are all linked together by a modern contemporary feel throughout.
There are funky sounding jazz blues, brassy blues, swinging blues and blues ballads galore here to appeal to everyone. As Joe's long time producer, Kevin Shirley, explains, Joe shows you all the different shades of blues here - the turquoises, the sapphires and the navys.

I think the blues ballads have always been my favourite tracks of Joe's on all his albums. although I can quite happily listen to anything by him and never be disappointed, his ballads always touch something inside me. And here is no different with the ballad 'Never Give All Your Heart' quickly becoming my favourite track on the album. Although it starts a little heavier sounding, his guitar comes in and gives me goosebumps, before the music softens and the vocals begin. Joe has an amazing voice to match his guitar playing and really feels the song.
The guitar solos here are something else and really reach out and grab my heart and then the song closes with a solitary piano and Joe's guitar in the background. I love it!
Title track 'Different Shades of Blue' is another favourite of mine. It has all the elements of Joe's guitar playing and really showcases his talents. It starts off slowly and builds to a very catchy chorus which sticks in the mind long after the song finishes. ' I Gave Up Everything For You, 'Cept The Blues' also has a catchy chorus and is equally memorable, but in an older different style. The two are great examples of modern and older sounding blues, but which can happily sit together on the same album. It is quite unique in that different varieties of blues are included here, but the album flows well from start to finish.

Although I mentioned it is Joe's ballads which I favour the most, I did mention I enjoy listening to everything he has done. Indeed I can't recall a 'bad' track or one I can't really enjoy listening to.
Even though a ballad might be my favourite track on this album too, I must give a nod to 'Get Back My Tomorrow' as it is another stand out moment here. A strong track, both musically and vocally, it starts off slow, but quickly builds to a big chorus with an absolute stomping rhythm. It has Joe's band's big sound all over it too, but this doesn't overshadow his guitar in any way. " Take all the time you need" sings Joe and I followed this advice by promptly sticking this track on repeat a few times to take it all in on first hearing the album! It has stayed with me ever since.
Tracks such as 'Trouble Town' have a heavy brass content and my only niggle is that once or twice on the tracks which feature these instruments, they tend to overshadow Joe a little at times. Because of this, Different Shades of Blue' is not my favourite Joe Bonamassa album. I do still enjoy all the songs, but it was a very slight niggle. I can't bring myself to give this album anything other than five stars however, as I still love listening to it all from start to finish. Indeed I have had the cd in my car for 3 weeks solid now and am still enjoying listening to this new album over and over.

'So What Would I Do' is a piano led ballad to end the album which also showcases Joe's singing perfectly. When his guitar comes in for the solo, it is played with that crystal clear sound Joe has perfected and is both a moving and mellow end to the album.
I purchased the limited edition deluxe version of this album. The cd come is a hardback book-style cover and features an introduction from Joe Bonamassa, track lyrics, a list of guitars Joe used and band info. It also features You And Me - the continuing story of Joe Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley, exclusive photos from Joe's last tour and Different Shades of Blue - the making of the album, all of which makes for interesting reading.

The album is a definite must have for Bonamassa fans, but if you haven't heard him yet and are fans of blues-rock, Gary Moore etc, then give him a listen.
Comment Comments (2) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Dec 4, 2014 3:46 PM GMT

Eeny Meeny: DI Helen Grace 1
Eeny Meeny: DI Helen Grace 1
by M. J. Arlidge
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.59

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent debut!, 6 Oct. 2014
Young couple Sam and Amy, are hitching their way home in the pouring rain from a gig in London, where a number of cars had sailed past without a second glance. Soaked to the skin, they were just about to turn back when a van pulled over and they were offered a lift. Climbing into the warm, dry van they were even offered coffee from a flask.
Next thing they know, they wake up with pounding heads to find they are no longer in the van. Believing they have been robbed and dumped somewhere, they then realise they have actually been dumped at the bottom of a disused diving pool. There is no ladder and therefore is impossible to climb out of. All they have been left with is a loaded gun and a mobile phone which delivers a chilling message...

"Do you want to live?.... Well do you?"

I was gripped by this story from the first page as you can't help but put yourself in the position of the couple trapped in the diving pool with no means of escape. Imagine realising you will either literally starve to death or be shot by your companion? Would you take your only chance to live and kill your partner before perhaps they kill you? The author gives a good insight into the minds and thought of Sam and Amy as they consider their options.

As other victims are put into similar situations, all faced with the same terrifying choices, the author really gets into the minds of all the victims, and this, along with the task for DI Helen Grace and her team to find out who is responsible, makes this book quite a page-turner.
The story is both dark and clever and makes for chilling reading at times. I like how the mystery and suspense is maintained throughout and I thought it was definitely building to a terrifying climax.
Helen Grace is a bit of an enigma both to the reader and to her team at Southampton Central Police Station. We learn that she has her own secret way of dealing with both the stress of her work and the demons from her childhood and I am sure the author intends to relay more of her background in subsequent books to follow.
I couldn't quite make up my mind whether I liked her or not and this is something I still feel after reaching the end of this book. Still, there was enough to maintain my interest in her character, which at times was quite dark but in keeping with the rest of the story. Indeed there were a couple of surprises here in regards to Helen Grace's character and in some ways this was a welcome relief from typical female DI's in other crime thrillers I have read, as many seem to adopt a certain personality which makes for tiresome reading at times.

The character development is really good throughout. As previously mentioned, the victims are excellently portrayed, but Helen and her team and the minor characters are all equally interesting too. The fact the author has had success with writing and producing crime thrillers for TV really shows I felt, as the characters are brought alive by the writing here. I found I was able to visualise the characters and both see and feel the victims desperation. The book was brought to life from the start by the excellent writing.
There are no boring lengthy descriptions or passages of irrelevant information on police procedure that makes you fall asleep. Indeed just enough is given about each character and situation to maintain interest and suspense throughout.
You are kept guessing who the person responsible for these horrendous crimes is and even as the story deepens and I began to wonder about endings, I couldn't forsee how it would end.

The only niggle I have was that the ending seemed a little rushed possibly in contrast to the rest of the story, but it is only a slight niggle as maybe in retrospect I just didn't want this story to end! I raced through the pages and finished it in two days whilst on holiday. If I had been at home and on a day off work I think I may well have finished this book in just one sitting!
Overall this is a tense, dark thriller which makes you think. It has been likened to the film 'Saw' with its dark scenarios.
Whilst I would definitely say I could never shoot a loved one or friend or colleague, this book certainly makes you think and I couldn't help but begin to imagine myself in the victim's positions as they starved to death with no means of escape... At what point does your survival instinct take over? And is it enough to make you do the unthinkable?

Live from Nowhere in Particular
Live from Nowhere in Particular
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £7.94

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent!, 23 Sept. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Released in 2008, this double cd was released by Joe as a thank you to all the fans who have listened to him and saw something they believed in, especially in the early days. Joe acknowledges that without them he wouldn't have gotten this far.
It is actually his eighth studio release and as a live album, it shows Joe at his best, performing to audiences around the world.

The tracks featured here are live performaces of tracks which feature on his studio albums 'Sloe Gin,' 'A New Day Yesterday' and 'You & Me.' As is the norm with most of Joe's albums, you will find a mixture of self-penned songs, collaborations and covers of favourite tracks of his by other artists who have influenced him. For instance many will recognise the Free/Paul Rodgers classic 'Walk In My Shadow' here as well as ZZ Top's 'Just Got Paid' both of which are favourites of Joe's to perform live. However, for me personally, it is usually Joe's own work which I find I admire the most, with 'Mountain Time' being a firm favourite of mine since first listen, especially when linked with his 'India' instrumental opening which is included here -slow blues rock which begins quietly and builds and builds and I believe this is nothing short of a guitar masterclass from Joe who feels every note both instrumentally and vocally.
His notes are played with such clarity, I can lose myself in this man's work for hours.

It is not often, nor would you probably expect, someone who can play the guitar the way Joe Bonamassa does, to be able to put in a great vocal perfomance too, but Joe does not disappoint. He has honed his vocal ability over the last few years from a rougher growly type vocal to a smoother soulful sound which blends perfectly with his guitar to produce songs to rouse you or touch your heart.
I was glad to see the inclusion of the crowd favourite 'Sloe Gin' here which along with 'If Heartaches Were Nickels' just tears at my heart every time.

From the driving rhythm of 'Ball Peen Hammer' to the soul searching 'Asking Around For You' Joe gives a variety performance of all that he loves to play, here on this live cd. Each time I play it, I discover a new favourite part of a song or a new goosebumps moment and although Joe is known as a blues/rock guitarist, I believe such a label only describes one facet of his musical personality, as not only does he do it all from rock to blues, he also nods to other genres here too.
His playing appears effortless as he switches from electric to acoustic to slide and I must mention that he also has an excellent band on stage performing with him, consisting of Carmine Rojas on bass, Rick Melick on keyboards, and Bogie Bowles on drums. The cd is produced by Kevin Shirley who has worked with Joe for sometime and completely understands and pushes him as an artist.
Overall this album does a great job of capturing the experience of hearing Joe Bonamassa live, I like to listen to it with my headphones on and lose myself for an hour or so, but am equally just as happy giving it a blast in the car. It is enough to keep me going until I can get my next fix of seeing him perform live. If blues-rock is your thing, or you were a fan of the late Gary Moore for instance, I would definitely recommend you give Joe Bonamassa a listen, you may just be blown away too!

Matchbox Twenty: Storytellers [DVD]
Matchbox Twenty: Storytellers [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matchbox 20
Offered by hifi-media-store
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Every song tells a story., 21 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am a big fan of Matchbox Twenty and have been for a number of years now. I own all the albums but didn't realise until fairly recently that there was also two dvds to purchase of them playing live and so I promptly ordered them both. This Storytellers dvd is one of them.
Matchbox Twenty filmed VH1 Storytellers at a studio in New York in 2001. They were at the time considered to be the 'hottest new band in the USA' but were honoured and surprised to be asked and nervous about performing. They were putting themselves into an unfamiliar situation, answering questions from the audience and talking about their music and inspiration for their songs, but they more than handled the challenge.

For me personally, it was great to hear Rob Thomas explaining what each song was about and I was surprised to discover one or two were not actually what I had thought they were about.
For instance I will start with my favourite moment on this dvd, when Rob sits down at the piano and performs a beautiful slowed-down rendition of one of their most popular songs "3 AM." What I thought was a boy/girl love song was revealed by Rob Thomas to actually be a very personal song he penned about his childhood when watching his mother battle cancer. There is hardly a dry eye in the house as he performs this and the song suddenly takes on a whole new meaning which has never left me since.
The song which first introduced me to Matchbox Twenty was "If You're Gone" which I first heard on the radio when driving home one night and then went out and bought the album "Mad Season" on the strength off that song alone. It has remained one of my favourites ever since and I was pleased to see it included here. This was the other song which I was very interested to hear exactly what inspired it, because as Rob explains, many think it is a song about a break up, but it is in fact a song he penned to his then future wife, who had cold feet about marrying a musician and he was explaining to her what he would be like if she left. So as Rob explains it's a song about "If" you're gone and thankfully it helped his cause as they did get married.

Another of my favourites "Rest Stop" also features here, which Rob explains he wrote about being dumped as a teenager after spending the weekend with a girl who picked him up hitchhiking, but then suddenly stopped the car, woke him up and told him to go. He injects humour into the stories behind most of the songs and I found the 'storytelling' was as interesting as listening to the songs themselves. An added string section brings out the poignancy of this song, along with the band's performance and Rob once again taking up the piano.
Speaking of humour, the opening song "Bent" raises a few laughs as Rob explains that "Bent" in the UK means "Gay" and in Australia means "Pot smoker" so to make of it what you will, but points out how a poster of the band with "Bent" written underneath suddenly takes on a whole new meaning! The song is actually about people who are broken.
More humour comes with the question and answers involving the audience as Rob injects a Jerry Springer type spiel into the show.
"Push" is played straight here and then is played again as a 'country version' and features again on the dvd as an 'Extra', whilst "Crutch" is performed as a swing version. The band also play a cover of the Sun Records classic " Lonely Weekend" and these varying styles here shows of the distinctive personalities and strengths of each band member.

Other songs to feature here are the title track fromtheir second album, "Mad Season," as well as "Black & White People," and a beautiful version of "You Won't Be Mine," which Rob explains is one of his favourites.
The dvd runs for only 62 minutes but I enjoyed every second. I never saw this show when it was aired on VH1 and so I love the fact you can buy the dvd. You get a great insight into the meaning behind the songs featured here as well as Rob's funny explanation on why he is a singer. The other band members also speak about what they enjoy the most etc during the questions and answers session with the audience.
If you're a fan, you need to get this!

Tell No Lies
Tell No Lies
by Gregg Hurwitz
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not Hurwitz' best work., 21 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Tell No Lies (Paperback)
Daniel Brasher is about to leave his job as a probation counsellor working with hardened criminals to start a private practice. This isn't made easy however, when he finds a letter in his pigeonhole at work carrying a rather menacing note and a midnight deadline stating "Admit what you have done or you will bleed for it." Daniel then realises the note was not for him, but for someone else, but unfortunately the victim is already dead, having missed the deadline
More letters carrying death threats appear and Daniel finds himself caught up in a series of gruesome murders. Then he finds a note addressed to himself..

I am a fan of Gregg Hurwitz and was eager to read this book, however I found it much harder going than any of his previous novels. It was easy to get into, with plenty of intrigue and tension at the start, but then it slowed in pace and the middle section of the book didn't engage me which I found disappointing and is something I haven't experienced before with his work.

Daniel begins working with the police as he receives the notes and it seems like they just miss the killer each and every time, which was exciting at first but then started becoming predictable. Daniel has reason to suspect one of his group is involved and whilst parts of this figuring out process was interesting, his sessions with his group were often relayed and I felt this went on too long with some of it needless. The story seemed disjointed and it was a struggle to keep reading before it thankfully then picked up pace again. I had no idea who the murderer was, which was good, but when all was revealed I felt as if a major piece of the puzzle was still missing from the book.

I also didn't enjoy the characters the way I usually would in a Hurwitz novel.I struggled a little with Daniel, trying to work him out and his wife Cristina I found very difficult to warm to, with her use of "mi vida" at the end of many sentences when she spoke to him or addressed him, was extremely irritating. There were however some good characters in Daniel's group, which I did enjoy and felt they were developed and researched well. This made up for my disappointment with the main characters.
Tell No Lies was an average read overall, certainly not the usual Gregg Hurwitz standard. Some have enjoyed this book as much as his others, but I found it was lacking the usual Hurwitz sparkle.

Yankee Candle - fruit-a-licious 9 Melts - Summer 2014 - Boxed Gift Set
Yankee Candle - fruit-a-licious 9 Melts - Summer 2014 - Boxed Gift Set

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for tart lovers!, 9 Aug. 2014
The set comes in a pretty octagonal shaped box, which would make a lovely gift for a scented candle fan. Indeed I would be delighted to recieve this as a gift myself. It looks so pretty it was almost a shame to open it!
The nine fragranced wax tarts included in the Fruit-A-Licious set are :

Sweet Apple
Orange Splash
Black Plum Blossom
Sicilian Lemon
Pink Dragonfruit
Black Cherry
Summer Scoop
Vanilla Lime
Mandarin Cranberry
I was pleased to see the inclusion of a couple of my personal favourites here in this set such as Mandarin Cranberry and PInk Dragonfruit which are two strong fragrances from Yankee which provide a good throw and because of this, great longevity too.
I was also looking forward to trying a couple of the newer fragrances from Yankee which are included here, namely Orange Splash and Black Plum Blossom. Whilst Black Plum Blossom has quickly became one of my new favourites, offering a great fruity scent and longevity, Orange Splash was a little disappointing. I had been keen to try Orange Splash as I generally love all things orange-scented and whilst this particular tart smelled great whilst in its wrapper, I found that whilst melting in my oil burner the throw was quite weak and because of this, the longevity was not so good either. I have since bought another Fruit-A-Licious set and found the Orange Splash wax tart to be quite weak again, so unfortunately this doesn't seem to have been a one-off dud wax tart.
This was my only (slight) disappointment with the Fruit-A-Licious Set overall, as all the other fragranced wax tarts included here in this set offer decent longevity and gorgeous fruity fragrance.

Speaking of longevity, Yankee state you can expect up to 8 hours of scent from a wax tart, but I have found that very often it has been more than this and on the odd occasion, sometimes less.
I have found that every tart in this set exceeds the 8 hours longevity apart from Orange Splash, so the wax tarts included here offer great value in terms of fragrance and longevity overall in my opinion.
I can highly recommend Fruit-A-Licious wax tart gift set. I have purchased two of these sets to date as they do represent a saving on the individual price of a wax tart, but this set would also make a beautiful gift for any scented candle lover.

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