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WWF: Wrestlemania X-Seven [VHS]
WWF: Wrestlemania X-Seven [VHS]

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wrestlemania 17, 29 July 2006
This is my favourite Mania along with Mania 19. This event has it all TLC,a fantastic hardcore match and a tremendous main event supported by to fantastic grudge. I would recommend this anytime.

1. WWF Intercontinental title match. Chris Jericho Vs William Regal.

Good opener which takes up a good amount of time and features some good moves. Jericho retains. 7/10

2. APA & Tazz Vs Right To Censor.

Short match which fits its bill of being a card filler. I used to hate the RTC so watching them getting trashed is great. 6/10

3. WWF hardcore title triple threat. Raven Vs Kane Vs Big Show.

This match is great it goes all over the building. Raven gets put through a glass window. Golf carts are also used. Kane wins from a leg drop off of the stage!!. 8/10

4. WWF European Title. Test Vs Eddie Guerrero.

Good match (what is Perry Saturn wearing!!) but it is a little to predictible. But still a good match. Eddie Wins! 7/10

5.Grudge match. Kurt Angle Vs Chris Benoit.

Match of the year contender. Fantastic mat wrestling. Every time these two meet it is a classic and this is no exception. Great match (this Mania just gets better and better) Angle Wins! 9/10

6. WWF Womens Title. Ivory Vs Chyna

Very short match and very one sided. Chyna gets her revenge. 4/10

7.Father Vs Son. Vince McMahon Vs Shane McMahon. Mick Foley Is Ref.

Fantastic match with a great Shane dive through the announce table. Thsi match really starts the Invasion angle. Linda McMahon gets up from her wheelchair and gives Vince a kick in the you no whats and Shane flys from one end of the ring to the other for the win. 8.5/10

8. TLC tag titles match. E&C Vs Dudley Boyz Vs Hardy Boyz.

THis is what i call a tag match table after table bump after bump what can i say. You can not put this match into words. Fanrastic but not as good as their Summerslam 2000 encounter. Winners E&C!. 9/10

9. Gimmick Battle Royal with Gene Okerland and Bobby Heenan as commentators.

I love this match as you can see some legends like The Iron Sheik(who takes ages to get to the ring) and STG Slaugter. Good if you are a fan of old school wrestling. Winner Iron Sheik. 6/10

10. Grudge Match. Undertaker Vs Triple H

Brilliant match. With action in the crowd and a chokeslam from 10 feet. I am a massive Taker fan so i was happy to see him win. This match is back and forward. Taker 9/0. 9/10

11. WWF title match. Stone Cold Vs The Rock

This match is one of the best main events you will ever see which has a shocking ending. This match lasts for 30 mins and does it get boring not a chance. You will have to watch to see the winner and the shocking outcome. 10/10

Buy this you will not see a better event than this in any WWF/E PPV.Only if it could be this goood now.

WWF: Royal Rumble 1999 - No Chance In Hell [VHS]
WWF: Royal Rumble 1999 - No Chance In Hell [VHS]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Royal Rumble 1999 "No Chance In Hell", 28 July 2006
The Rumble of 1999 had an amazing and brutal title match and of course the Rumble itself. But it's main problem is it has to many pointless matches. But still a good event but not the best of 1999.

1. Big Boss Man Vs Road Dogg

This was quite a long opener and was really just a card filler. Road Dogg does get quite a good match out of Bossman (Which is hard). Bossman wins from a sidewalkslam. 6.5/10

2. Intercontinental title. Ken Shamrock vs Bad Ass Billy Gunn

Quite a good match which is quite predictible due to Billy's injured leg which Shamrock works on. Shamrock retains. 7/10

3. European title. X-Pac Vs Gangrel

Short fast paced match. I enjoy these sort of Matches. But it is a bit short. X-Pac wins after a X-Factor. 7/10

4. Womens title Strap match. Sable Vs Luna

Poor match with Shane at ringside joining commentery. Tori makes her first apperance interfering. Sable retains. 4/10

5. WWF Title I Quit Match. The Rock Vs Mankind

Brutal is all you can say about this match. Mankind falls 10 feet onto a electric cirquit board. Ring bells, chairs and more chairs which Mankind must take about 12 of before finally giving up. Rock becomes new Champ. 8.5/10

6. The Royal Rumble Match. 1st entrant Stone Cold 2nd Mr McMahon

This match takes a while to get started after Vince escapes through the crowd and is pursued by Austin who is ambushed and taken away in a ambulance. The Undertaker makes a apperance abducting Mable(Viscera). Vince joins commentary and Austin returns eliminating all his foes until it is him and Vince. The Rock appears distracting Austin for Vince to push Austin over the top rope for the win. Winner Vince.8/10

WWE Wrestlemania XXII (3 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
WWE Wrestlemania XXII (3 Disc Box Set) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Wwe
Offered by muchmedia_wwe
Price: £24.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Wrestlemania 22, 28 July 2006
This Mania had some good battles like McMahan V HBK and the two title matches and of course the ladder and hardcore mtches were also fantastic. But every event has its sour points being the Boogyman V Booker T. I am going to review every match.

1. Kane & Big Show Vs Carlito & Chris Masters Tag Title

Good opener which is quite short with Kan and Big Show retainin the titles. 6.5/10

2. Money in the bank ladder match.

Wow!!! this match was great with great action like Flair being suplexd off of the ladder. Rvd emerges the victorin a great battle. 9/10

3. Us Title Chris Benoit Vs JBL

I personally did not like this match because the wrong man won and every match with JBL in it is boring. 5.5/10

4. Hardcore Mick Foley Vs Edge

If you like hardcore matches this is the one for you. Barbed wire trash can lids. And a flaming table. Amazing. 9/10

5. Boogyman Vs Booker T & Sharmell

This is shorty boring and just plain horrible. Boogyman wins. 0/10

6. Womens Title Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus.

I don't like womens matches but this one is ok. The crowd loved Mickie and she won the title. 7/10

7. Casket Match. The Undertaker Vs Mark Henry

Quite short match which was too predictible nice flying dive over the rope by taker. But taker is my favourite wrestler so didn't complain. 14.0. 7.5/10

8. No Holds Barred. Mr McMahon Vs HBK

Fantastic. Lots of action with Shane and the Spirit Squad interfering. Ladders and tables used with chairs. Ending you must see to belive. HBK is the victor. 9/10

9. World Heavyweight Title triple threat.

Good match but a little bit short. Good wrestling action but quite predictible with Rey winning in memory of Eddie. 8.5/10

10. Divas pillow match

Horrible not going to go into any details i skiped this match and can't remember who won. 0/10

11. WWE Title match. John Cena Vs Triple H

Great match with some good wrestling. The crowd were right behind this match but the wrong man won. Cena Retains. 9/10

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