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Grand Slam Tennis 2 - Move Compatible (PS3)
Grand Slam Tennis 2 - Move Compatible (PS3)
Offered by b68solutions
Price: 15.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Tennis Game, 24 Feb 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I really enjoy this game, brilliant feel to it and very realistic. This game is the only one that offers the green grass of Wimbledon.

The only negative aspect is the lack of female players, however don't let this put you off.

Great game, you can use 4 different modes of controller.

1. Move controller (best)
2. Move controller and nun chuck (difficult to use - similar to topspin)
3. PS3 controller analogue sticks
4. Standard PS3 controller with four buttons.

In the Devil's Name
In the Devil's Name
Price: 1.53

5.0 out of 5 stars Captive reading, 4 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Throughly enjoyed this book. Has the realms of the book 'The Gargoyle' about it.

The story is based on the old Scottish folklore Sawney Beane - cannibal of Ayrshire. The story interweaves through the main character and comes to a thrilling ending which leaves you wanting more. Yes there is room for more and I hope there is.

I guess you will like this book if you are into the Stephen King genre. Well worth the price so don't hesitate and grab a quick bargain, you won't be disappointed.

Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Great short story!, 9 Sep 2012
This review is from: Afterburn (Kindle Edition)
A great short story by an up coming author. Would recommend for fans of King.

Characters are well though through with a sense of humour in the story line. For the price worth a try.

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy)
The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy)

3.0 out of 5 stars Ever read, Battle Royale?, 15 July 2012
I must I found this book interesting and liked the story. However the more I read this the more I saw the similarities to Battle Royale. For me Battle Royale is a much better story. Sorry 3 stars for no originality.

Catching Fire
Catching Fire
Price: 3.23

3.0 out of 5 stars Middle of the road, typical 2nd book in a trilogy, 15 July 2012
This review is from: Catching Fire (Kindle Edition)
Found this story to really have no start and no particular ending. Pretty much similar to any middle story in a trilogy.

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy)
Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy)
Price: 3.23

1.0 out of 5 stars Struggled to finish this one, 15 July 2012
Not going to write too much about this book. All I can say is that I struggled to finish this part, it feels as if the author is just spinning things out to fulfil enough content to make a trilogy. Personally I would miss this one out after reading the 2nd one.

Beko DPU8360W 8kg Dry-and-save Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer - White
Beko DPU8360W 8kg Dry-and-save Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer - White

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1.0 out of 5 stars Very very noisy machine, 14 July 2012
Purchased this machine due to the economical rating (A+++).

However it must be said that this machine is very noisy. I queried this and used a dB meter from my work to see exactly how loud it was. Using a recently calibrated machine I was shocked to find the machine operated at 72dB. Now to put this into perspective my 1400 rpm bosch washing machine only managed 69dB when of full spin. To top it off the cycle on the Beko tumble dryer lasted 2hours and 25 minutes, this level of constant noise (apart from the initial 5 minutes and last 10 minutes of the cycle) is too much and would probably result in myself receiving an ASBO for anti-social behaviour or breach of the peace.

Needless to say the machine was returned.
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No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars 1 year later, 29 Sep 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have waited almost 1 year to provide an honest review.

Firstly the Kindle HAS rekindled my interest in reading. SInce the turn of the year I have now read 18 novels, I previously only ever managed about 4 per year as my book lay constantly on my bedside table and was only ever looked at if I wasn't tired when going to bed. The reading experience is fantastic, I am fully converted and can spend hours just engrossed in the words from the author.

The screen is perfect, minimal glare, easy on the eye and does not mark easily with finger prints like other devices (I rarely have to clean or wipe the screen) The best way to describe the e-ink to someone who has not seen a kindle in action is think of an etch-a-sketch, very very similar. Some people complain about reading in the dark or that the screen is not colour; however if the screen was colour then the battery life would not be 30 days, and believe me the kindle can easily achieve this. And I ask another question, do you read a paper novel in the dark - no. The kindle is amazons attempt to replicate printed paper in an electronic form, nothing else.

I have used the Kindle now on two holidays (U.S and Spain), I have found it to be great for keeping up to date with emails and news from back home when away. The only problem I have had is that although the experimental browser has Facebook as a bookmark, it does not really like loading pages from it and can sometimes crash my kindle - forcing a restart. As the 3G is free then I cannot complain about trying to access websites that have large pictures and graphics. I have taken the Kindle on many journeys and it makes them a pleasure, as it gives me time to read my little marvellous device in peace. The Kindle also works well on the beach or by the pool, I can listen to music, read or surf. To help protect my kindle when at these locations I use a zip lock bag, these are perfect for protecting against water ingress and very cheap compared to some of the over the top protectors available to buy. We have two kindles in our house hold, a graphite and white one (U.S only). We have found the white one to be better when in hot climates as the graphite ones case can get hot if left in direct sunlight. Finally when one holiday you never have to worry about being left short of reading material as books are literally 60 seconds away.

Customer service from Amazon has been explicitly first class, we purchased our Kindles in the U.S (significantly cheaper) and had a problem with the graphite one developing a crack in the corner of the screen. Amazon have since sent out a replacement free of charge and have asked us to return our faulty Kindle to the U.S ourselves. They will also refund any postage we pay in returning our Kindle back to the US. (Why we cannot sent it back to the UK we do not know, but as long as they are paying who am I to complain).

Our family have been so impressed by our Kindles, there are now 4 altogether. We have kept it un-syncronised and under the one account, that means we can all share the same library but read different books at the same time. Amazon allow up to 6 kindles to be shared on the one account. This helps save costs in purchasing books.

The amazon catalogue is also beneficial as once you have finished reading a book you are prompted with recommended suggestions, this helps you to find new authors and writing styles, giving you a wider range of reading materials. The content of free books is also surprisingly good, many classics are available as well as new authors, you just have to search for hidden gems. I even got 'life of pi' free once as it was on a promotion.

The mp3 player is best described as the similar to that of the older ipod shuffle, you can play, pause and skip forward (unfortunately not back). Sound quality is good and the noise level with the Kindle's built in speakers is impressive. The text to speech function (talking books) is also a bonus, does sound a bit robotic but the kindle has managed to cope well with what I have heard so far.

Since writing this review Amazon have announced 4 new kindles (kindle, kindle touch and kindle fire). However I am so impressed with my kindle I have no intention of changing or wanting to upgrade. One feature I enjoy about the Kindle is the keyboard, it reminds me of a Blackberry phone. How difficult are other mobile phones to text with after becoming familiar with a blackberry qwerty keypad? The new kindles will have an electronic keyboard, relying of navigating around with a 4 way directional pad (not my cup of tea). However it is apparent that the new versions are more of a direct attempt at competing with Barnes and Nobles Nook.

I had some ebooks from another manufacturer, hence a different format. There is a small program that is free to download called Calibre, this enables you to convert the file type and save it as a compatible Kindle file. Hence if you have a large selection of ebook all is not lost. The program works really well and I have had little or no problems with the conversions.

Finally I would like to thank amazon for continuously providing excellent customer service and driving the price of the Kindle down. Amazon are trying to bring down the price of ebooks aswell. The more people that buy a Kindle the more pulling power they will have, which in turn will benefit all readers. I was a reluctant buyer and considered buying a Kindle back in 2006, I waited for 4 years and that's the only negative thing about my review.

The Hidden Records: The Star of the Gods
The Hidden Records: The Star of the Gods
by Wayne Herschel
Edition: Paperback
Price: 18.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars More interested in the sequel., 15 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Although I enjoyed this book there are some points which made award a three star.

* The continuous quoting of "This will be revealed in the sequel", this happens at an early stage putting a dampener on the read, it's as though the author is trying to sell you the sequel prior to you finishing the book.

* The discussion of how the human body as of today is not genetically formed to suit planet earth. There is no collaboration with anyone in the medical field be it and institution or professional. It appears to be a stab in the dark by the author to reinforce his claims.

* It appears if 7 dots/marks where to be found on an ancient relic then it is Pleiades. I think not, some of the comparisons are completely off, for instance page 154 the author compares markings on a Sumerian scroll to be depicted as the constellation Pleiades, it looks nothing like it (for a start it has eight markings). You would be as well to through eight marbles on the ground and say 'here that is Pleiades'.

* In page 171 the author claims that a face is present on an Lascaux cave painting, it would have been nice for him to highlight this as I am unable to see this and neither is anyone I show.

* The timeline at the rear is fabricated without full reference, some if it is based on the book, however you cannot added material at the conclusion that has not been supported in the book (I will not reveal what parts as I would not want to spoil the book).

The book is written by an enthusiastic author who is eager to reveal his theories. This is apparent in the style of writing. I would say the author has asked some good questions and raised some interesting points. However I do not have the time to verify the diagrams and images, I just hope these are accurate.

FIFA 11 (PS3)
FIFA 11 (PS3)
Offered by Turbotrance
Price: 4.97

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cotton wool, 18 Dec 2010
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: FIFA 11 (PS3) (Video Game)
I recently purchased this game for 20 bucks. I am glad I never paid more, it is good but there are two flaws that really annoy me.

Loading times between pages take far too long.
It feels as if you are kicking a piece of cottonwool around, passes are slow, shots and crosses likewise.

Not as good as PES (which I have also) once you download the update files. But still a good buy for the price I paid.

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