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Tennessee Bride
Tennessee Bride

1.0 out of 5 stars Full length book but not a full length story, 24 May 2014
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This review is from: Tennessee Bride (Kindle Edition)
I struggled with this book for many reasons. I found myself having to suspend my belief in reality both with historical accuracy as well as what needs to happen in order for the story to happen. There was supposed to be a theme of violence running through the story but with all the references the author made it was as if she didn't know how to go there and was unable to imagine it well enough to write about rape and domestic violence. In which case why write about it to start with. The love story was reasonably well written and there wasn't an overly graphic description of sex between the main couple. The naivety of Emma was strange. I can well believe that living in a remote part of the state on a farm she would be nave of the ways of the world but I find it difficult to believe that given the way she was supposed to grow up she would be as unaware of pregnancy as she is made out to be.

George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt (George's Secret Key to the Universe)
George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt (George's Secret Key to the Universe)
by Lucy Hawking
Edition: Audio CD

5.0 out of 5 stars So pleased I found this :-), 10 April 2012
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I am so pleased that I found this series. I recently bought this audiobook for my six and a half year old cousin, he has been studying Space as a project at school and we have recently seen evidence that he has Dyslexia (his Dad, older sister and our Granny have Dyslexia so we knew there was a chance he'd have it too). Because of the Dyslexia despite the fact that he loves being read books and is an active little boy there was very little that he would or could do to play by himself. Since he received this book he has been happily listening to the CD with the book on his own and has thoroughly enjoyed the story and the subtle learning. I love that despite being a story there are facts throughout, he has come out with some great ones and the adults are learning too. It is so great to have my cousin enjoying reading by himself and I have a happy Aunt and Uncle too.

Really hope that the Hawkings' write more of these great audiobooks and I will be getting the rest of the stories for upcoming celebrations.

by James Patterson
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 12.91

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not Quite Anything, 4 Jun 2011
This review is from: Toys (Hardcover)
I picked up this book because of the joint authorship with James Patterson, and my Dad picked it up a few days later for the same reason. My Dad has been of the opinion for a while that James Patterson has been lending his name to newer authors, without really contributing anything to the writing, in a joint capacity as he felt the joint books were of a different style to James Pattersons solo books. I'm sorry to say that this is the first book where I agree with him. It definitely does not maintain the same quality or style of a solo JP book, the plot is wildly different and the characters aren't as developed as a JP novel normally are.

I read all genres of books including Sci Fi and this book fails to put itself into any genre. The plot flits between sci fi characteristics, without developing them into true sci fi traits, and a crime thriller, again without developing them. In fact there are times where it could just be a student writing for a school english essay homework assignment.

The main fault with this book is that the dust cover is in the style of any JP crime story without any suggestion that this is a departure from the usual style. As such I didn't read the synopsis before starting to read. Upon reading the Prologue I was left with the feeling I'd missed a major historical event and used an internet search engine before turning to Chapter 1 and discovering that the book was set in the year 2061. With a JP novel you normally care in some way about the main character by at least the end of Chapter 2 and I failed to get that feeling for the entire book.

Normally I would have read the whole book in two or three days, after a week I had struggled to Page 43 and had considered taking the book back to the shop at least twice! On the whole it is poorly written, the plot is slow and there is no defined genre. If this is the quality of future JP books I'll be sticking to newer authors like Jonathan Kellerman.

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