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Samsung 32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Ultra High Speed Memory Card 75MB/s Read 20MB/s Write with Komputerbay SD Adapter and Micro USB Reader
Samsung 32GB Class 10 MicroSDHC Ultra High Speed Memory Card 75MB/s Read 20MB/s Write with Komputerbay SD Adapter and Micro USB Reader

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good price, not quite Class 10 though, 8 May 2013
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For a 32GB Micro SD card, £19 is a fantastic price. The reader that it comes with is convenient if you do not have an internal card reader. The transfer speed will be very limited by the USB bus, around Class 5/6 speeds at most, and even with a high speed card reader (SATA 3GB/s) it still didn't reach Class 10 speeds. Good to see a card like this at such a good price. I've yet to find any other fault with it in 6 weeks.

Crysis 2 (PC DVD)
Crysis 2 (PC DVD)
Offered by Technomobiles
Price: £5.35

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1.0 out of 5 stars Gameline GmbH - Avoid these con men at all costs!!, 27 Dec 2012
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This review is from: Crysis 2 (PC DVD) (Video Game)
UPDATE 2: I've noticed another name change (after the most recent comment brought me back here). They're now called "Gameline GmbH" and have, in all likelihood, changed their name inbetween my last update and this one. This constant switching only goes to prove that they are con men. I want you all to be as informed as possible in your decisions and, as such, would recommend you make your purchase from another, more reputable, seller. Best of luck, everyone.

UPDATE - This company has changed its name to Digitalville UK. This is clearly something it will do frequently to try and lose all of the negative reviews associated with its old company name; I'm sure this isn't the first time it will have done this. Again, it's now Digitalville UK.
Avoid buying from these crooks AT ALL COSTS!

The game is itself excellent. Stunning visuals, even by today's standards, intuitive controls, sturdy storytelling back up by good pacing and exemplary gameplay. 5/5 to the good people at Electronic Arts.

However, assuming they're still allowed to trade at this point, make 100% sure you DO NOT buy this game from Software Central UK! None of their copies of Crysis 2 have a valid CD key (meaning you can't actually access the game) and when challenged on the issue rather than doing what anyone who has ever worked in customer service would do (i.e. apologise, listen to the problem, attempt to rectify the solution) they responded with rudeness that needs to be quoted to be believed! Had to go and buy a copy from a local highstreet retailer instead! Let's just say they know a lot about GAMEs and I've bought many a GAME from them over the years ;)

My message to the seller - Cut down so it didn't take the whole page ;)

"I received my copy of Crysis 2 that I ordered from you this morning. The CD/DVD itself isn't damaged. However, the serial number given (needed to activate the product) on the manual is invalid. Having contacted EA customer service I have been instructed to contact you [Software Central] regarding obtaining a replacement code...While I am aware that illegal distribution takes place I am willing to accept that this may be a single, isolated error that can be quickly resolved by yourselves" ...etc etc

The reply:

"We dont sell anything illegal. We had purchased over 2000 Crysis 2 they are all genuine and brand new never been used. We are in this business for over 6 years and buy directly from EA Distributors. You can email them your UPC Code and they will tell you if it is illegal copy or not. Please do NOT insult me with this."

You'll notice there's no attempt to actually rectify THEIR mistake, just astounding levels of aggression, rudeness and egotism.

My reply (hoping to actually get a replacement):

"I simply informed you of the steps I have taken and wanted to make it very clear the disappointment I have had in your service. Furthermore, I simply quoted what information I received from EA and Trading Standards. It is a shame that you would seem to take this as some sort of personal attack as I said I was willing to accept that this wasn't the case and allow you to rectify your mistake. I feel that the level of aggression in your response was completely unwarranted and would suggest that you deal with your product's defectiveness in a more professional manner from here on in."

The reply:

"Well I am sorry if you think that I wasnt professional but please understand I make living from Amazon and feed my kids and I would never risk this with selling anything illegal. I stand behind my products and have proof of purchase from legal game distributors from all around the world. I even personally met with Cevat Yerli in California last year at Game Expo, He is the founder, CEO and President of Crytek."

A sob story that's completely irrelevant. Does anyone else find it hard to believe the rest? I know I do. Again, no attempt to help their paying customer (and apparently no attempt to use proper grammar).
This went on and on. I gave them the very simple (and you'll agree reasonable) solution "If you could e-mail me a valid CD key for the product I shall consider the matter sorted and leave it at that". Agreeable, right? Evidently not.
He was totally dumbfounded by this! I explained "without a VALID Serial Number I cannot activate the product...rendering it useless to me." You'd think he should know that, given he sells games (admittedly of varying levels of legitimacy).
All I got was a simple "I am not going to argue with you". Useless or what? Imagine if someone talked to you like this in a real shop. You'd call the manager and they'd get the sack there and then! I should know, I've seen it happen. Yet somehow these people are allowed to keep trading on Amazon.

To summarise: Crysis 2 = Great game. Amazon = Great company. Software Central UK = Bunch of crooks. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!
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Aerocool V12XT LCD Large Touch Screen Fan Controller
Aerocool V12XT LCD Large Touch Screen Fan Controller
Price: £41.00

4.0 out of 5 stars The good, the bad and the ugly, 27 Dec 2012
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I've always found this style much easier to read and equally as detailed as an essay style review. So here it is:

The good:

Effective fan controller - Does what it says on the box
Appropriate viewing angles
Simple and appealing interface - Colourful but not garish
Thought out controls - requires reading of manual; which is itself very well designed

The bad:

Not tricky to install, but can be quite fiddly
Cannot get accurate CPU or VGA temperatures outside of the BIOS because the sensor would have to directly contact the cores - If you don't understand why that's an issue then maybe you should get some help installing it ;)
Lots and lots of cables! - Cable management needs to be thought out in advance (Trust me!)
No option to not have the temperature sensors - Personally I'd rather do without them
The beep (when you press on the screen) is very loud and unappealing - Should be softer, really needs the option of turning it off...badly.

The ugly:

The gaps at the top and bottom between the bays (in my case inbetween 2 optical drives) are very noticeable, even with the case lighting turned off! Will require something to plug the gap.
Runs the fans at top whack on startup - No idea why, mild annoyance given that it obviously doesn't need to be re-programmed each time.

In conclusion:

If I wasn't satisfied with this I'd have returned it and given a worse rating. I'd rather have given it a 3.5/5 if that was available, but as it's flaws are outweighed by the fact it is actually a good little device I'm sticking with the 4!

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