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Being Jordan
Being Jordan
by Katie Price
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.39

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3.0 out of 5 stars A surprising read (but not necessarily a good surprise!), 19 Sep 2012
This review is from: Being Jordan (Paperback)
I picked up this book at a local bookstore as I was somewhat curious to all the hype and gossip surrounding the omnipresent Katie Price. She has flooded gossip columns, television shows and, now, literature book-lists as one of the highest grossing businesswomen of the millennium. I have never been extremely impressed with the media surrounding Ms Price, but thought that her autobiography might shed some light on what is behind all the harsh newspaper reports. What I found was quite an enjoyable read, for a few chapters anyway.
The first half of the book was quite surprising in that she goes into detail about her adolescent life, her inspirations surrounding pursuing a career in (glamour) modelling, and the very personal story of her experiences with a paedophilic photographer during her pre-adolescent teenage years. This I applaud her for, as I expect it is not an easy feat to expose personal stories like these, and hopefully will inspire people in similar situations to tell their stories as well, or at least seek help from the proper authorities.
This, however, is where my applauding halts, as most of the following chapters focus on her (very) publicised relationships. Plus, while this is expected, Katie goes into a rant of berating her ex-lovers' penis sizes, sexual performance and extremely shallow expectations of what a man's body should be like in order to acquire the authority to `date' her. I felt particularly sorry for Gareth Gates, as whilst I don't doubt Katie's words are in essence the truth, she really doesn't put him in a good light towards the end. How she can attempt to justify cheating on someone because she is in need of more sexual stimulation, or because she is simply bored is beyond me as you can bet that if these were the words of a man speaking, his book would most definitely not have been nominated for `Biography of the Year' at the 2005 British Books Awards.
Despite all of these negative aspects to Katie's first autobiography, I would still recommend that you pick up a copy if possible, and try to read with more of a psychological stance. It really is quite interesting to see how someone can justify their wrongdoings by using quite hypocritical methods of self-pity. This is not a book to find inspiration, and even after reading about her horrible adolescent experiences, this still doesn't balance out the shallow and self-advocating attitude she holds and expresses in vile language towards ex-lovers and men in general.

Love Sensation [CD 1]
Love Sensation [CD 1]

4.0 out of 5 stars Love Sensation CD1 - The beginning of a band!, 7 Sep 2012
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This review is from: Love Sensation [CD 1] (Audio CD)
911 were a band that dominated the late 90's English radio charts and I remember the single 'Love Sensation' all too well as their management company (Ginga/Virgin Records) had managed to attach this song to the new Casper film, 'Casper: A Spirited Beginning', released by Saban Brands. As a kid of the 90's I was a passing fan of 911 and I did enjoy the film once I had persuaded my parents to purchase it for me on VHS! The single itself is a very upbeat tempo, typical 90's boyband material. It was their second single released after their promo release of 'A Night to Remember', which you can buy on VHS from if there are available sellers as it has become quite rare to get hold of over the years.
The single, 'Love Sensation, itself, definitely managed to provide the boys with a standing in the boyband hype of the time, and it inevitably managed to reach the peak position of 21 on the UK Singles Charts.

On this particular single release you get:
1) Love Sensation (Radio Edit)
2) Bodyshakin (Radio Edit)
3) Love Sensation (Extended Mix)
4) Bodyshakin (Extended Mix)

'Bodyshakin' was released a bit later after their debut album 'The Journey' had become public, and it is nice to see it as a b-side here. The extended mixes are simply that - the original singles with a bit more uptempo pitches in betweeen the chorus and verses.
Overall, a solid introduction to what 911 promised to be a compelling career in the traditional boyband genre of music.

TIGI Bed Head for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel - 200 ml
TIGI Bed Head for Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel - 200 ml
Offered by HAIR ANGELS
Price: £6.74

4.0 out of 5 stars As good as hair gel gets!, 2 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bed Head is a relatively well-known company in the business of hair products within the haircare industry and I have always trusted them whilst having treatment in the hairdressers/salons. I have previously used the Bed Head 'Manipulator' product, which is a type of paste used for short hair. My hair is rather short and it is extremely thin and fine, making it very hard to style. I have never had such good experiences with gel due to my hair type being so dry and almost cotton wool-like. However, Power Play Firm Finish Gel has been very much a saviour for me lately, making my hair go in the direction I want it to go for a change, and keeping it there for hours after styling. I have always trusted Bed Head due to the Manipulator paste working so well in the past, so when I wanted a change and more of a 'wet-gel' look on my hair, Bed Head was the obvious company to go with and I have not regretted it. I may switch between the Firm Finish Gel and the Manipulator at times, but this gel has really helped my styling needs. A very much recommended product for those who have very fine, dry and coarse hair. You will feel so much more confident after looking in the mirror and seeing your hair styled like it should be, from a very trustworthy company.

Love Sensation
Love Sensation
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £10.78

3.0 out of 5 stars 911 - Love Sensation (single) - brings back old memories!, 20 July 2012
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This review is from: Love Sensation (Audio CD)
This single from the British boyband of the 1990s is taken from the film 'Casper: A Spirited Beginning', in which I was first introduced to the song. The single is catchy and, while the many remixes on the single can seem repetitive at times, I suppose that's what these maxi singles aim to achieve with their intended audience.
I was a big fan of 911 in the 90s when I was a young lad in primary school and it was only recently that I found one of their old compilation albums and decided to catch up on a few of their single releases, for some nostalgia.
This release of 'Love Sensation', produced by Ginga/Virgin Music and distributed by Saban Brands (the same company responsible for the 'Mighty Morphin'' Power Rangers') holds the following tracks:
1) Love Sensation (smash edit)
2) Love Sensation (club mix)
3) Love Sensation (Album version)
Please note that this single is, in fact, an import as it was released and distributed in America for the promotion of the aforementioned Casper film. The UK single release can be found on too and includes extended mixes of the two singles 'Love Sensation' and 'Bodyshakin'.
All in all, this is a thrilling trip down music-memory lane and will appeal to those who enjoy 90s pop music or who have a certain liking towards British boybands of the time.

Folio A4 Ringbinder
Folio A4 Ringbinder
Price: £9.79

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great quality, but limited usability., 3 July 2012
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This review is from: Folio A4 Ringbinder (Ring-bound)
I am a fervent purchaser of moleskin products and their quality standards surpass none. However, this ring-binder very much disappointed me due to the overall size and durability of the product. It was beautifully presented in typical moleskine beauty, but having a pocket in the folder itself that you have to store paper you have previously clipped into the folder just seems too tedious and impractical for me. In the end, I had to cut this pouch out of the folder completely just so I could keep my papers without the fear of screwing my documents up after attempting to squeeze them into this glued-in organiser. This obviously left the product a bit tainted and not as visually stylish as one would normally expect from a moleskine product; however this was in essence my decision and the outcome was primarily my fault. Maybe I should have opted for either a 'Q-connect' lever-arch folder or something similar from the 'Paper-chase' range that would have suited my purposes of storing documents and notes for my current Open University studies. I did, in the end, have to opt for a more conventional lever-arch binder from 'Esselte', but I am still using the ever-popular moleskine A4 rule-lined paper and in the future, I will more than likely only need to buy this partcular folder to store a few documents for either a presentaion or for storing purposes.

Star Trek: First Contact [VHS] [1996]
Star Trek: First Contact [VHS] [1996]
Offered by qualityfilmsfromuk
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek; First Contact VHS Video Review, 10 Aug 2007
Growing up, me and my family used to fervently watch the 'next generation' crew every single night. Presently they can name every single episode. However, me being very small at the time, I have just recently rekindled the 'trekkie' pashion. I decided to but 'First Contact' for the history that coincides within the Star Trek universe. It was very thrilling to see some of my favourite actors and characters hitting the big screen once again (the first time together was in fact 'Star Trek Generations').
The plot involves the crew of the next gerenation aboard their new ship; the Enterprise E. The original (Enterprise D) had in fact been destroyed in the earlier film. Captain Picard (who many deem the overall best of the Starfleet captains) is having dreams and thoughts about the Borg and their plan to attack Earth and take on Starfleet. Because of Jean-Luc's past experiences with the Borg, Starfleet intelligence decides to not put Picard into the same situation again and in stead of facing the Borg with the other Strafllet ships at the ready, he is ordered to patrol the neutral zone; in case the Romulans decide to take advantage of a bad situation. The crew of the newest Enterprise are sorely dishevelled at this, but decided they cannot disobey Strafleet command. However, they receive audio accounts of the current attack and decide to go maximum warp to the heart of the battle, ultimately in a direct violation of Starfleet's orders. When they get there, they find 'the defiant' struggling and Picard decides to take command of the fleet. His mind previously linked to the collective, he knows exactly where to strike the hardest. The borg cube is destroyed and a sphere disattaches and creates a temporal vortex. The Enterprise gets caught up in a temporal wake created from this vortex and soon discover the Borg have gone back in time and assimilated Earth in the past. They immediately decided to follow the Borg in to the past to stop their attempts and preserve their timeline. (it is noted they were saved from the changes to the timeline because of being caught in said 'temporal wake'.)
Upon entering 21st century Earth they discover the Borg sphere is attacking a missile complex somewhere on the surface and destroy the ship. Little do they know the Borg are aware of their immediate demise, and transport over to the Enterprise somehow not being detected by their scanners. Their plan is to assimilate the Enterprise from the inside out and call upon the 21st century Borg to assimilate Earth before First Contact happens on April 5th 2063.
On the surface, Diana Troi finds Zephram Cochran and the rest of the crew on the surface help him to re-build his warp engine so the Vulcans will take heed that Earth is developing inter-stellar warp capabilities(although he is more than reluctant to say the least).
Without going into much more detail as to spoil the rest of the story; Data gets kidanpped by the Borg Queen (wonderfully played by Alice Krige), Picard attemots to rescue him and I'm sure the day is well and truly saved by the end of the film.
The special effects are great! You get sucked into the graphics so fervently that you keep wanting to learn how to pilot any Starfleet ship. What I wouldn't do to be let wild in one of those rad ships!! The science fiction in unbelievable, yet believable. It's not too heavy so as to yet the general viewer be disuaded by technical science fiction, however not too easy-paced so the committed Trekkie does not get bored and/or annoyed. Characterisation is really pronounced and you can see how the script-writers plan to add more depth to the people the Trekkie community grew up with.
Some very entertaining moments, laughable omissions and excellent story conceptions make 'Star Trek First Contact' a film that you will definitely want to reach for again and again. It's Trekkie history in the making and you will not be disappointed in the discovery that unveils the perception of even the youngest viewer.

The Crone's Book of Charms and Spells
The Crone's Book of Charms and Spells
by Valerie Worth
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.07

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4.0 out of 5 stars Valerie Worth - Crone's Book of Magical Charms and Spells Book Review, 26 Jun 2007
This book isn't for immediate beginner's at all!! It is more directed to the advanced practitioner who can understand the hidden references or in fact, for anyone who has an interest in the occult and poetic literature. I can see how this well-wriiten book can speak to people with diverse interests in this genre. I am a practicing witch myself and I must say it's not really a 'wiccan' book; as it states it is a book of charms and spells which can be incorporated into everyday life (to a certain degree). The text is written in very olde English, but I think this is the plan of the author Valerie Worth. As it states in the prefix, she didn't write the book so the rituals could be practiced as such, but so that they could be read and respected in the honour of tradition. Moreover, I think she directed this to the reader more than the practitioner, so one can use their imagination and interpret the old ways for themselves. I, myself, would never practice from this book as there are so mny simpler ways nowadays to use witchcraft to benefit oneself. I might use one of the amulets for self-power, but would never directly spell-craft. All in all, Valerie Worth portrays traditon in a poetic sense and delivers stories as well as practices. This is a great read whatever your beliefs, in order to get into the heads of many diverse practitioners of Valerie's time and how the culture was understood and used throughout the spiritual year.

Stand Still Look Pretty
Stand Still Look Pretty
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £14.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Wreckers - Stand Still Look Pretty CD (Import) Review, 22 Jun 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Stand Still Look Pretty (Audio CD)
The Wreckers is a band like no other. It is a collabaration between country singer Jessica Harp and alternative pop sensation Michelle Branch. I've been a fan of Michelle Branch ever since I heard 'Goodbye to you' on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Charmed'. I noticed this band when I went on Michelle's web-site and it redirected me to the website of said band. I was instantly awe-struck by the background music of 'Leave the Pieces' and found myself visiting the web-site just to listen to the song. Therefore, knowing I couldn't just keep coming on-line to listen to a song, I decided to purchase their album from I have never been more happy with a purchase. The album is flawless! It's interplay of Jessica's country and Michelle's pop makes an extremely well-rounded, inspiring, emotion-wrenching, heartfelt piece of art. It has a song for whatever mood you are in at the time; even if you don't particularly like country music, this will not disappoint you. The album's first track is 'Leave the pieces', which I previously stated stays in your head dangling on your heart-string when you so sorely need a boost of inspiration in your everyday routine. This song also did very well in the American charts and along with 'The Good kind' made the wreckers ever more famous in their home country. Said song is also extremely emotional, but oddly in an up-beat way. It's very hard to explain, but the Wreckers give you a sense of accomplishment like no other before them. They are both exceptional musicians. In between Jessica's more solo track 'Tennesse' and Michelle's solo track 'Rain', you feel an array of memories, imaginative sub-text, incredulous sorrow and up-beat irony (not necessarily in that order). It really makes you feel alive in a vast majority. Even at the end track 'Crazy People', which is a song for anyone scorned by love in any way, you are wanting the CD to keep playing and playing. You will never get enough and keep wishing for more, which I know is always a good feeling. Therefore, if you want your senses pricked, shaken, or stirred, this is the album that will open you up to a new generation of music and maybe even change your attitude of the world to a certain degree. I hope you enjoy this masterpiece as I have.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [PC CD]
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [PC CD]
Offered by Digizoneuk
Price: £9.91

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4.0 out of 5 stars Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone PC CD-ROM Review, 20 May 2007
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
The PC game incorporates a lot from the playsatation game of the same title and a lot from the book that wasn't included in the movie. For example, in the game, you get to dispell Peaves, where as in the film the character is never even mentioned. This makes the game very well adapted because it is one of the few out there that tries to stay very closely acquitted to the book itself. The gameplay is fair and very fun. You mostly follow the on-screen challenges as you learn new spells in the various lessons you attend including charms and defense against the dark arts. Primarily, you act as Harry, exploring the castle when you get the chance and following the storyline from said book. It's pretty easy to master the controls. Along your journeys,you get to learn new spells, collect Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (which can be found around the castle in chests, cauldrons, suits of armours and on the floor directly), play Quidditch, duel against Lucius Malfoy and collect Witches and Wizards cards among other things hidden in the game. At the end of the game, if you have collected all said Witches and wizards cards, you get a special reward. I presume this is the 'Harry Potter' card that is stated in many faqs and guides I''ve read. The good thing about the game is that it's quite easy to get into andit gets you wanting to stay with it till the end, much like the book in that fashion. The graphics aren't exactly the best around, but for the time the game was made in, that can be expected. Though the storyline and adaptability more than makes up for it truthfully! It is a must have for any Harry Potter fan and a great game whatever your genre preference.

Power Rangers S.P.D. Annual 2007
Power Rangers S.P.D. Annual 2007
by No Author
Edition: Hardcover

3.0 out of 5 stars The S.P.D. Rangers Team Up to Continue the British Annual Tradition for Another Year!, 1 May 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The British hardback Annual has become somewhat of a stocking filler tradition in UK households on Christmas mornings over the last few decades or so. In contrast to the American Annual format, which largely refers to the comic book industry, the British Annual is more of a yearly activity book aimed at the younger audience, with sometimes comic-strips, puzzles, colouring-in activities, etc. which relates to the book's subject matter.
The Power Rangers Annual for the New Year of 2007, published by Egmont UK Limited in November 2006, focuses on the 'S.P.D.' team of Rangers, which was the series that aired within the United Kingdom during that particular time. Within this sixty-eight page publication, there are a number of activities, including giving colour to the Rangers' costumes, mazes, mathematical puzzles and answering Ranger-oriented questions. Also, there are a number of comic strips specially made for this annual that introduce new storylines and a few new characters and villains that were, as yet, to be introduced within the S.P.D series. I felt that these comic strips were the highlight of the annual as they are presented in a colourful fashion, which fit nicely into the Power Rangers Universe.
All in all, the 'Power Rangers S.P.D. Annual 2007' is a fun little taster of what the series has to offer, which is ultimately aimed at a younger audience, though still retains a large cult following since the initial series' inception. Plus, since Saban bought its brand back from Disney as of 2012, it is an interesting side-step for Power Rangers fans to experience what the series had to offer during the so-called Disney-era of its production history.

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