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15 Piece Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Kit With Case By Macallen TM
15 Piece Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set Kit With Case By Macallen TM
Offered by Paragon Enterprise Limited
Price: £5.50

2.0 out of 5 stars Maybe I have missed something, 15 Feb 2013
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First off, I'm no expert. I generally use whatever brushes/pads etc come with products, or free samples. So you can see I am not too fussy, but maybe I am also not experienced enough to appreciate these. I don't know.

I bought these as I felt my brush collection was a bit limited, and reading about makeup techniques they often suggested using a type of brush I didn't have. These seemed a pretty full set. The case is handy and there is a bit of everything in here. A good start. My first problem was that all the brushes are pretty flat - rather than a rounded collection of bristles (as in a shaving brush) they all lie flat (think more like a rake shape, in a brush). Sorry, these are the only examples I can think of! It's not the end of the world, but I thought at least one rounded one should be included, to cover all uses. The main problem I had with these brushes is that they are TOO smooth and synthetic. Maybe it's because of the sort I am used to, but these were too smooth to pick up much makeup or deposit it on my face. They just sort of glided over the make up and then my skin - not in a smooth gentle way, but in a pointless, leaving no trace sort of way. I had to put loads of powder on the brush for any to come off on my face, wasting a lot. When I did manage to get them to transfer the makeup, I found I was focusing so much on the technique of getting the makeup from container to brush, and brush to face, that I had totally ignored HOW it should be applied to my face, and it looked as thought I had applied it without a mirror - leading to me wiping it off and starting again with one of my old brushes.

The spongey eyeshadow pad (I did say I wasn't an expert) is ok, and the comb one is good. But overall they were a waste of time, and I am still ad-libbing with my old limited set of brushes. Now I am also scared to expand my collection because I don't want to waste more money on brushes that seem suitable but don't actually work when it comes down to it.

If anyone feels this review is due to my own lack of expertise, PLEASE feel free to offer advice of how to get the best from these brushes! I will be glad to be informed of anything I am missing!

Les Misérables: Highlights From The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Les Misérables: Highlights From The Motion Picture Soundtrack
Price: £5.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars How can it be highlights without some of the best songs, 15 Jan 2013
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My understanding of "highlights" is the best bits, or important parts? Not random bits of soudtrack? I sort of wish I hadn't bothered, as some of my favourite songs are missing.

Since seeing the film I have had Do You Hear the People Sing in my head and couldn't wait to have the recording - it gets 2 reprises in the film, features at pretty major points, and really reflects the spirit of revolution, so I don't see how it can not have been considered a highlight? Also, A Little Fall of Rain is one of the most moving songs in the film, and Who Am I is quite big, so I was disappointed neither of these are "highlights" either (although I accept these two could perhaps be more down to personal taste).

Instead, less memorable, more bland songs are on here. And some are pretty short, so I find it hard to believe there wouldn't have been room for one or two big anthems.

If my mom didn't particularly want this, I would probably have ordered another version that included the best songs. I feel a bit cheated, I can only assume its some sort of cynical decision for one reason or another, they can't genuinely believe some of the most memorable songs aren't the most popular?
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The Sleep of Reason: The James Bulger Case
The Sleep of Reason: The James Bulger Case
by David James Smith
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, if you are happy to form your own opinion, 2 July 2012
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First off, I bought this book to help get a feel of the case which is vital in my dissertation, and from an academic point at first I was disappointed. This is clearly well researched and is very detailed, but sometimes too much (for example, I didn't care about the family history of police officers involved) and a lot of the detail about the police side of things felt a bit dry. Most of the book was purely narrative detail, with no analysis. However, while originally I saw this as a fault, whilst reading I began to see it as an asset, as this allows the facts of the case (and the boys' lives) to speak for themselves. Without media twists and tabloid headlines, you get an objective account, which you can assess for yourself as you read, and form your own views. The detail provided about the boys reactions throughout the legal process, and especially the summary of the psychologists reports, are revealing and thought-provoking without needing explaining or interpretation.

Smith really comes into his own in the epilogue though, where he gives his perspective of why this happened. The way Smith interprets the boys' lives and feelings makes total sense, and seems like the most probable and realistic accounts - in fact, afterwards I wondered why the question 'why' even needed asking as Smith made it seem so clear. It really reflects the way a 10 year old thinks and sees the world, rather than looking at the boys' actions from an adult view as many people do with this case. Though short,Smith goes far beyond 'they were disturbed' to really consider why these boys went so far, beyond other disturbed children, and how specific elements of their lives may have led to specific actions. As introduction, Smith also sets out research on a number of historical and modern cases where children have killed, which puts this case into far better context than media reports which present it as unique and never before heard of.

If you want analysis, arguments and perspectives, this probably isn't the book for you - there are others out there that giv the writers views and emotional response. I did think a lot of the first half could have been cut to remove some dull police details. But if you want an unbiased account of the facts of the case, an eye-opener, or a sensitive portrayal of two very troubled boys (in parts it made me cry) then I cant recommend this book enough.

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