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Amperors Voltz Music Pedal Board Power Supply System Kit
Amperors Voltz Music Pedal Board Power Supply System Kit

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5.0 out of 5 stars best high current supply hands down!, 15 Aug 2013
up to 10A of power! (up to 90w/9v=10A) expandable to more isolated outputs than you'd ever use.. completely silent it seems-i did an a/b with and without power supply and there was no difference.
will power your ridiculous effects like eventides and line 6 without any extra noise. its quite plausible stuff bigger than pedals could be powered too.

i'm powering about 10 pedals, including eventides and big digital units. the battery lasted an hour without indicating <85% so i don't think there is a chance it can run out, but can be played whilst charging if does.

i didn't have to expand the supply from the stock set of isolators that come included, although i did need a daisy chain, and a 1/8" converter as i would with any supply.

compared to voodoo labs, cioks, decibel 11, and even the supplies like the godlyke power-all that look cheap but require a ton of attachments for the larger digital board: this is a) the cheapest b) the most capacity c) the quietest by design.

The main disadvantage is its large, but i can be hidden under a pedal riser, or in some types of raised pedal boards.
Another problem is due to a pretty common colourblindness (1% of males, but i'd imagine the version affecting 6% to have the same problem) i can't tell the colour coding between yellow and green on the LED. it flashes when its really low though and turns red when running out so shouldn't be too bad.

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars exactly what it says, 14 Aug 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not a review of the substance(s) themselves, as i'm sure more helpful information can be found around the web.

Its recommended to take Choline with this, as it will prevent a side effect of headaches. Also, taking with fats e.g. washing down with milk rather than water potentiate the effects.
I only noticed mild headache with the sulbutiamine however, but rather take the choline for safety- it only improves memory and other nootropic qualities too...

The problem is with the free aniracetam powder. You need to take 750mg, and this stuff tastes awful and upsets my stomach. It gave me a massive headache before i started taking choline and finding the info on taking it with meals, but no longer does now i follow these guidelines that aren't on the packet.
The included spoon is ridiculous, as the powder is very fine and sticks to things, worse than icing sugar, so it was very hard to take the spoon out without half the contents coming with it and spilling- had to shake the spoon in the pack and then just roughly estimate how much there was when i cleaned it off in a glass of water i then drank.
The pack is misleading, as it states the weight of 1/8 teaspoon, yet comparing to my 1ml measuring spoon by filling it with water they are exactly the same- which is 1/5 to 1/6 teaspoon. this would give about 260mg rather than 200mg stated.

nonetheless its free- i'm not sure why. Racetam doesn't seem to be as good as sulbutiamine, although its a popular 'stack' to take those two+choline.

Iceland (Bradt Travel Guides)
Iceland (Bradt Travel Guides)
by Andrew Evans
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars some important printing errors, 28 Dec 2011
whilst i am yet to go to iceland, the guide seems fine and stands out particularly to get past the obvious places such as geysir, or blue lagoon which are great, but never seemed to me like the whole iceland experience of vast natural landscapes unique only to iceland, such as vatnajokull area, which the book outlines in accessibility and guidance of the best way to get there.

mine however has some errors. the maps are terrible: the first leaving out all the non-english alphabet in a printing error, so leaving you guessing what '_r_j_kull' is for example. some other maps aren't very in detail, such as the vatnajokull section has pages on certain places which aren't even on the map.

the only other problem was that there is no price indication for the accomodation. a classification system is used instead, but this can have a range of £50 for the budget ones (6,000-16000) which isn't ideal. its useful to have some idea even if price have changed by the time you go.

Fujifilm FinePix S4000HD Digital Camera - (14MP, 30x Optical Zoom) 3-inch LCD (discontinued by manufacturer)
Fujifilm FinePix S4000HD Digital Camera - (14MP, 30x Optical Zoom) 3-inch LCD (discontinued by manufacturer)

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3.0 out of 5 stars plenty of faults, but it is about a third of price!, 4 Oct 2011
whilst looking for a camera in this price range i was lucky to find a bridge camera in the same generation as some that are over £300. i was expecting to have to buy a second hand compact as i need a camera quickly after deciding to keep all my film cameras for planed shoots-not holidays.

I warn you though, don't expect this to compete with cameras of the same generation. buy this as a budget camera.

These are the problems i experience which are self-imposed limitations set by fuji. they are set in the software as hidden menu options-lets hope someone hacks this like the canons. what is the point in self-imposed limitations! i never get this!
-extreme noise reduction cannot be controlled leading to 'painting' or cheap magazine like images. you CAN minimise this as it is graduated as iso64-200= low, 400-1600=medium(toomuch), 3200-6400=high. however, useful noise reduction is not there, e.g. the long exposure NR is only available after 2 secs(no option of selection).
-no manual focus, and the auto focus isn't that good. just taken woodland shots where everything is a few metres away and the majority were out of focus.
often in macro i see the focus go in and out but never stop in focus and this limits the closeup range.
-a fixed infinite focus is available, but only in fireworks where over 2 sec exposure is used.
-short shutter speed for those interested in night shots. there are ways around this however such as layering multiple shots in PS.
-no RAW shooting, so all the processing is done in camera and you don't have the choice to do it properly afterwards.
-has custom white balance through metering but no opportunity to adjust colours manually through level sliders.
-yet still crams in useless options such as digital zoom bracketing!

and some limitations with the actual hardware:
-no aperture selection. has a devious farse which introduces ND filters and calls it aperture priority. damn! this camera is starting to be overtaken by my phone! i think this may be common though, although my £5 XA2 film camera has slide-in apertures which is better than nothing even if not an iris.
-what the hell is face recognition and blink detection and all these useless options meant to do? these cameras aren't aimed at the blind so i'm not sure why we need this.

i'm ambivalent about this camera. whilst i got it for a very low price(relatively) and couldn't afford a canon or sony, it takes some very good photos, but it happens to only do this about a third of the time. i use cheap film cameras too, the most @ £40 and i'd compare this with my pocket compacts (but say there's more to go wrong here) than with my SLRs or even bridge cameras..

Uniross 4pcs High Capacity AA NiMh Rechargeable Batteries & Mains/ Car Chargers + Soft Case for Super Zoom Digital Cameras Fuji S4500 S4530 S4400 S4300 S4200 S4000 S3200 S2980 S2950 Canon SX40 SX30 SX1 Nikon L150 L130 L120
Uniross 4pcs High Capacity AA NiMh Rechargeable Batteries & Mains/ Car Chargers + Soft Case for Super Zoom Digital Cameras Fuji S4500 S4530 S4400 S4300 S4200 S4000 S3200 S2980 S2950 Canon SX40 SX30 SX1 Nikon L150 L130 L120

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars great value, 21 Sep 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
first of all this save a lot of money compared to some of the others on offer. i haven't had it for long so can't comment on long term reliability though.

the case isn't as small as made out by the other comments. an s3200 fits snugly in the main part, but its not hard to put in. and batteries and memory cards fit in the front: there is no zip or anyhting on the front but i doubt anything would get lost-the more you have in there the less likely to fall out(i have 4 aa batteries and 3 memory card cases). unlikely to fit the unofficial lens adapter, or filters but we barely use those as they are expensive for just using a polariser/UV.

The charger has one flaw, (as does my camera), because it doesn't tell you how much charge batteries have or when they are fully charged. luckily they last a few days, but if you want to charge them overnight you have to have some guess work: divide the number of pics taken/ by the advised capacity in you camera manual, and work it out by that ratio from the 18 hours(or other charge time). overcharging is dangerous and this charger doesn't seem to switch off- i accidentally left for about 28 after forgetting to turn off before going to bed. was still charging and hot to touch, and probably only needed a couple of hours after giving the camera a test run..
this is only the mains charger-the car charger LED turns green when charged, but mains only orange all the time when batteries of any charge are inserted.

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