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Price: 7.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lotus rise!, 12 Nov 2012
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This review is from: Lotus (Audio CD)
I've been waiting a new album from Christina Aguilera for two whole years after the release of the very controversial "Bionic", which by the way made me a big fan of hers. It was all over the place, but some of its tracks stood out very loudly. Its successor "Lotus" , though, is nothing like it. It's a very cohesive album, whose tracks are very carefully selected and placed in order to experience the album the way the artist meant you to. Beginning with a very interesting and mysterious intro, it moves to the empowerment anthem "Army of me", (Christina described it as "Fighter 2.0"). The beat gradually rises with some great tunes until it climaxes with the ultimate Max Martin/Shellback produced dance jam "Let there be love". After that, the beat goes down and up again and so on, since some upbeat songs are mixed with the ballads.

There are no fillers in the album, I mean none! Just some songs that are less good than the others. The ballads are not that good compared to those on "Bionic" but not bad whatsoever. I love "Cease fire", but the biggest surprise for me was "Just a fool (Featuring Blake Sheldon)" ; after hearing that she experimented on country music, I expected the worst, but the result was phenomenal.

In the dance compartment, the best tracks are: "Army of me", "Make the world move (Featuring Cee Lo Green)", "Your body", "Let there be love" (The best in the album), the grower "Circles" and "Shut up"; what can I say about this song. Christina is so fearless and fearful at the same time. Full of swear words, but she censored the poor thing. It still does the trick though. Want to sing the chorus to anyone who gets on my nerves!

The only LAME thing about this album is that, although it is labeled as "Explicit", only "Circles" is fully uncensored. "Your body" and "Shut up" ARE censored for some reason.

All in all, if you are a Christina Aguilera fan, but you were disappointed with "Bionic", worry no more; this is the album for you. It has everything, dance jams, ballads and classic Christina fun songs! If you are a casual listener you will probably enjoy most of the album, since it's filled with radio friendly material.

Glassheart (Deluxe Edition)
Glassheart (Deluxe Edition)
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: 5.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't mind if she breaks my Glassheart!, 15 Oct 2012
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I've been waiting for this album like FOREVER! After listening to "Collide", I started having a better opinion about Leona Lewis. I always believed she was, indisputably, a strong vocalist, but she never caught my attention. After thoroughly listening to "Echo" all summer (now being one of my favourite albums), my anticipation was building up. Then, she performed "Come alive" live and that was it, I was officially obsessed! I wanted "Glassheart" so badly; I wanted to discover all the surprises that the album had to offer. And my first surprise came along with the tracklist. NO "Collide"! I mean, who throws away such a great song? I was let down but still wanted to see how the album turned out. Finally, it's a bit safe with a few edgier tracks, but all in all a masterpiece. Better than "Echo", no. It will be difficultly topped. But that's A-OK! She managed to combine dark with happy, techno and dance with power ballads, all wrapped in one with a cute ribbon on it! The whole album managed to get an instant 5/5 in my music library. It touched my heart and haunted me with its lyrics and melodies.

The absolute highlights of this album are: Lovebird, Come alive, fireflies, I to you, favourite scar and the one and only Glassheart." Come alive" is a haunting techno ballad that one will fall in love with instantly." Glassheart" is the ultimate dance ballad that, if released, will be an unsurprising club jam and #1 hit; it reminds me of Justin Bieber's "Beauty and a Beat", but this is a lot better. The rest of the highlights are great ballads and mid-tempos whose melody will play on repeat in your head. As for the rest of the album tracks, they are pop gems, no fillers, no mediocrities.

The deluxe bonus disc includes acoustic versions of "Trouble", "Come alive" and "Glassheart", "Colorblind" taken from "Hurt: The EP", a brand new song called "Sugar" and Afrojack's remix of "Collide". It's a great addition to the album worth every penny.

This album convinced me that Leona Lewis is here to stay and the greatness of "Echo" wasn't something that accidentally happened. She is super-talented, fierce and proves that the artist's impact on a record raises it on a whole different level. The album would be best if it actually included the original version of "Collide" and used a better cover, but that's what Japanese releases are for, right?

P.S.: I would have lived without the single version of "Trouble" which features Childish Gambino, on the album!
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The Truth about Love [2CD Deluxe Edition]
The Truth about Love [2CD Deluxe Edition]
Offered by Popcorn and Candy
Price: 22.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars P!nk, pop, punk, rock... hallelujah!, 17 Sep 2012
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New material from our favorite foul-mouthed singer that doesn't hesitate to say everything as is, has arrived. She's fearless and her un-sugarcoated expressions get right to the point. The new album is a great and pleasant escape from the auto-tuned electronic noise that has polluted the music scene in the past 3 years (which noise I tend to enjoy but is unfortunately been overdone now). It includes from pop/rock jams to some powerful and stripped down ballads. Her style goes back to her rockier "Try this!" era and fusions some pop elements from her next eras and a pinch of acoustic ballads from "Funhouse". It all blends perfectly and the outcome is a fresh and unique album that you will play on repeat.

Her first single "Blow me (One last kiss)" is a powerful pop/rock break-up song that has played in repeat for hours on my computer and haven't get bored of it to date. It only foreshadows the greatness that is to come!
I was about to write a list of the best tracks, started naming most of the tracks and stopped because the whole album stands out, but I mostly favor the ballads. The only thing I can say is that the weakest track in the album is "The truth about love". Also, for those who hesitate to buy the deluxe edition, I have to say that "Run", which features uncredited vocals from the one and only Lily Rose Cooper (a.k.a. Lily Allen), is a very sweet ballad that's worth the extra money of the deluxe.

All in all, I believe it's, if not the best, in the top 3 of best albums in 2012 that's not gonna disappoint any P!nk fan or people that are tired of today's music. 5/5

P.S.: Try to say this review's title fast!
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Oops! I Did It Again - The Best Of Britney Spears
Oops! I Did It Again - The Best Of Britney Spears
Price: 4.77

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2.0 out of 5 stars A useless collection to cash in!, 21 Jun 2012
This is a collection of very random Britney Spears album tracks combined with 4 successful singles. It doesn't even contain her best album tracks, but rather forgotten tracks that nobody really cares. The only ones missing are "Dear diary" and "Lace and leather" to seal the deal of the worst best of album ever. The only good about it is that the cover is gorgeous and has a few bonus tracks that someone might not own on the original albums they were destined to be, like "Don't hang up" (which was a UK and Japan only bonus track). It doesn't even have a dignified booklet with unreleased photos to tempt hardcore fan to buy. I own all Britney Spears albums and DVDs (even paid a fortune to get some of her Japanese editions) but I will definitely not buy it; won't even consider downloading it for free!
It has RCA, trying to cash in on her X-factor judging role, written all over it!

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded

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5.0 out of 5 stars Nicki the Champion!, 7 April 2012
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Pink Friday: Roman reloaded, is a very unexpected album. I thought that, after hearing all the promo songs and that Grammy performance of "Roman holiday", it would be a collection of uninspired tracks mixed with a few dance songs to fool people to buy it. I believed it wouldn't top her debut album, and it doesn't. But it doesn't really matter at all, since it is a separate chapter in her music career. Though it begins with one of the, in my opinion, weak songs, it immediately catches up on the second track.
It is clearly divided in two parts, the hip-hop one and the dance. I wrongly believed that Nicki should only stick with hip-hop and rapping, but pop/dance suits her well.
There are some notable features from Lil Wayne, Chris Brown & Drake and production credits from RedOne and Dr Luke, as well as her featuring on David Guetta's "Turn me on" (Included only on the deluxe edition).

Best tracks:
Come on a cone, I am your leader, Beez in the trap Roman reloaded, Champion, Starships, Pound the alarm, Whip it, Automatic, Turn me on

Worst tracks: Roman holiday, Fire burns, Stupid hoe.

If you like her debut but listened to Roman in Moscow, Stupid hoe and Roman holiday and didn't like them, then buy the album without any hesitation. They are the worst tracks (Roman in Moscow not even included) and I don't know what she and her team where thinking when promoting all these trash, when they have so many gems on the album. Hope they turn it over and show the world the full potential of this album.

Offered by mrtopseller
Price: 4.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars The new DNA of Music!, 26 Mar 2012
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This review is from: MDNA (Audio CD)
It's WOW! If I wanted to describe it with just a few words, those wouldn't be disappointing, underwhelming or boring! It has everything you ask from an album, beats and fun from another time and space. As The Queen herself described this record, it's "unapologetically happy". It dynamically begins with hardcore electro-dance tracks and then it's gradually stripping down to more acoustic sounds. Imagine a graph that has "time" for (x) and "dance" for (y) and a line beginning at the top of (y) and slowly dropping as the time goes by. And the time passes damn fast! I listened to the whole album and thought "It's too short", but it seemed that 70 minutes had flown away.

Track by track review:
1. Girl gone wild: 5/5. It's a perfect warm up for everything that's going to follow. Dance-ready and hypnotic. Caught myself listening to it on repeat for half an hour when it first came out.
2. Gang bang: 5/5. My personal favorite. It's explicit, shameless and raw. A homicidal, almost whispered techno-ish track with samples of dubstep and a gun shooting, almost throughout the whole song. From start to end flawless! Drive B!**h!
3. I'm addicted: 5/5. So electropop that will have you hooked. It "fits like a glove" to this album.
4. Turn up the radio: 5/5. Do what she says! Reminds me of a remixed "Beautiful stranger", that for some reason failed to make "Confessions on a dance floor" and popped into the middle of MDNA to show everyone how music should be made.
5. Give me all your luvin': 5/5. Listening to it by itself gives you a wrong idea of the album and can't really love it, but it blends greatly with the rest of the tracks. It's bubble gum pop mixed with dance and hip hop (provided by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.).
6. Some girls: 5/5. Lyrically poor, but the beat ain't fooling around. Not that lyrics really matter, since you can't clearly make out what she says. At parts, it reminds me of the ending from "Intervention". Was destined to get 4/5 but its deep "electrism" won me!
7. Superstar: 3/5. Total album filler. Boring and "stale".
8. I don't give a: 5/5. No kidding, she really doesn't! She comments on her divorce with her husband and as she does, she raps her a** out. Nicki's part is the best!
9. I'm a sinner: 4/5. Listened to it a few times, but it still grows on me. It reminds me of her "Ray of light" era, which wasn't my favorite.
10. Love spent: 5/5. A great hybrid with a dance body and country parts. When I first listened to it, it reminded me of a Mexican telenovela. Maybe it's the intro!
11. Masterpiece: 5/5. A great acoustic ballad. Really dig the lyrics. It has also won a Golden Globe Award, so this must mean something.
12. Falling free: 4/5. A very calming ballad that travels you to medieval times. Maybe a thing that's missing is some dance breakdown at the end...

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

1. Beautiful killer: 4/5. It's good and could have easily been added at the main tracklist.
2. I f***ed up: 4/5. It's OK but not for MDNA, maybe for "Ray of light" since it's not that fresh. It sounds like it's an old unreleased track.
3. B-day song: 3/5. No comments but that it's really silly...
4. Best friend: 4/5. Maybe the best of the bunch on disc 2. I really love the fact that is feels like the bass is moving around!
5. Give me all your luvin' (Party Rock Remix) (featuring LMFAO and Nicki Minaj): 5/5. Great remix, but could have lived without it.

The bonus disc left me kinda indifferent, but every single song of Madonna's is welcome. The more the merrier!

Generally, MDNA has some elements from her previous works, but in a unique and fresh way that only Madonna could have managed to pull off. I haven't got that excited about an album for quite a while, since everything has become the same, and it was totally worth the wait. Recommended to everyone who loves pop, dance, electronic music and Madonna!
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Killer Love [Repackaged Version]
Killer Love [Repackaged Version]
Price: 6.71

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5.0 out of 5 stars A killer surprise!, 8 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I really didn't expect the album to sound that good! I thought that she was left with her Pussycat Dolls R&B style and wasn't interested. Even when I listened to the singles I though "Those must be the best songs on there". But (as always) I was proven wrong! The singles are actually weaker that some of the album tracks. A perfect example is the flawless dance track "Say yes" and "Desperate". Other highlights are the nostalgic "AmenJena", "Club banger nation" and "You will be loved".
The extra tracks in the repackaged edition are OK I guess, but nothing really special. Plus, the album cover is a whole lot improved that the standards edition one.
As for Nicole herself, what a beautiful voice!

Starships [Explicit]
Starships [Explicit]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great song, but that's not Nicki!, 7 Mar 2012
Starships is a great electronic dance pop song. It has "Summer hit" written all over it. I can imagine people dancing to this at a beach near me. There are some strong dance music breakdowns after the chorus and though it's written by RedOne, it would totally pass for a David Guetta song. The "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" sampling is just awesome!
Now, let's go to it's flaws. The lyrics aren't anything special (for a Nicki Minaj song anyway), her voice is auto-tune (which shouldn't since she has a great voice) and it's a totally unsuitable song for a rapper. I mean, it's great and all, but she's a RAPPER! I want to listen to her rhyming and flipping those she doesn't like off!

As a Nicki fan, the song is worth a big fat 1/5 stars, but as a pop/dance music lover and commenting on it individually, it's a 4/5! But I would really want to see artists getting out of they're "auto-tune safe house" and take a leap of musical faith.
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Give Me All Your Luvin' [feat. M.I.A.]
Give Me All Your Luvin' [feat. M.I.A.]
Price: 0.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Bubble-donna!, 4 Mar 2012
"Give me all your luvin'" is a kinda unexpected song from Madonna. She always follows the current trends or creating her own and this is a step backward. But it doesn't mean it bad whatsoever. It's a bubble gum dance pop track with a very catchy intro and an addictive chorus. It certainly separates itself from all the modern electric noise made out there at the moment. And the Nicki Minaj/M.I.A. verses really add up to the song.
Being VERY strict, this is a 4/5 song.

The Confessions Tour [CD & DVD]
The Confessions Tour [CD & DVD]
Price: 10.12

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5.0 out of 5 stars A live disco dancefloor!, 29 Feb 2012
I really have no word to say. Not being a big fan of Madonna, I watched the tour on TV and thought it was great. That was until I watch the full unedited version on DVD and convinced me it was a masterpiece!
The album being promoted by the tour (Confessions on a dance floor) is by itself one of my all-time favorite albums but with the live performances, she takes it on a whole new level. From the sets to the dancers and the dancing routines to the costumes, it is flawless.
My highlights performances from the DVD are:
- Future lovers/I feel love: Wasn't a big fan of the song, but when I heard it live, combined with Donna Summer's "I fell love", I really felt it.
- From "Confessions" to "Live to tell": Confessions is an act where three of the dancers take the stage, one at a time, to dance and somehow represent the stories that are spoken during their dance. It's very touching and is the prelude to the more personal songs that Madonna wants to perform. The comes "Live to tell", where Madonna appears hanged on a mirrored cross wearing a thorn hoop on her head, just like Jesus did. Though it was strongly criticized, I didn't really find it offensive but as a piece of art, and I'm an Orthodox Christian myself. And I actually touched me at some point. Then, "Forbidden love" and "Isaac" follow and travel you to another place. It greatly reminds me of Israel desserts!
- Finally, "Erotica": I don't get the original song, I really don't. But this version isn't like the song we know. From what I've searched, it's supposed to be an unused demo of the song, a way better demo. I contains alternate lyrics and I guess the song was remixed for the tour to fit in the disco vibe. Totally my favorite of the tour.
I truly believe that is the best pop concert to date and will be difficult to be topped. As a result, I started understanding Madonna's title as "The Queen of Pop". Her voice isn't the next best thing that happened to music but she's an innovative artist and way ahead of the trends of her time!

And apart from the DVD, there's an audio CD with highlights of the tour. It is totally worth for a ride that if you experience, as Madonna says "You will never be the same"!

5/5 with no further thought.

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