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Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedicure Foot Soak 150 ml
Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedicure Foot Soak 150 ml
Price: 6.15

4.0 out of 5 stars Feet first, 16 April 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I must admit that I hadn't used our foot massager for ages prior to getting this, but out it came from the cupboard that time forgot (the one with the spare coffee machine, sandwich maker and popcorn machine in) to try this new foot soak out.

The first thing you notice is the smell, certainly far from unpleasant but quite strong all the same. It's hard to describe it, but it does smell a bit like the sea after a rainy day. Luckily, the liquid is pretty concentrated and only a small amount is actually needed to mix with warm water.

The effects on my feet were fairly surprising, I could feel the difference even in the water itself and my usually hard skin on the heel of my foot felt a lot softer after using this. The foot massager may have had a new lease of life had my youngest daughter not broken the control knob off when she tried switching the bubbles on. Looks like I might have to search Amazon for another one now...

1 - Life On The Limit [DVD]
1 - Life On The Limit [DVD]
Dvd ~ Paul Crowder
Price: 10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating insight in to the issue of safety in F1, 27 Mar 2014
This review is from: 1 - Life On The Limit [DVD] (DVD)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Life on the Limit focuses on the trends in the Formula One championship of old to expect drivers to put their lives on the line and the pivotal events that led to a change in these ideals, leading to the far safer sport we have now.

Michael Fassbender is certainly an interesting choice of host for this documentary film but easily fits right in from the first few minutes of dialogue, while famous names in the history of the sport give their opinions and memories of the fight for a safer sport.

During the 60's and 70's (the latter era being the important turning point) several fatal accidents were witnessed by worldwide audiences thanks to the sport's then growing market. The footage doesn't flinch from the horror of these events and really hammers home the reasons for drivers to get together to demand better cars and tracks. But this film is as much as story of missed friends, heroes and bravery (however foolhardy it may look to people watching now), as it is about the dangers of the past. While not a celebration, it does make you realise that there was a lot more in stake for the drivers of the time.

Powerful and full of interesting footage and interviews, Life On The Limit is a great documentary for anyone interested in the history of Formula One.

Rosewood Combo Comb and Moult Stoppa, Small
Rosewood Combo Comb and Moult Stoppa, Small
Price: 14.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars Really easy to use, 27 Mar 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
My little Shih Tzu still has her baby fur at 8 months old. As it's almost time for her to get her adult fur, the baby fur can get pretty matted, even with regular brushing and grooming.

This combo comb makes it easier to comb the heavy fur and, using the smaller cutting blade on the bottom, cut out any matted hair (which you really need to do at this stage unless you trim the dog completely). The cutting side comes with a plastic cover which keeps it safe when you're using the long metal comb side.

Both the comb and the cutting side are easy to use and work far better than the brushes and standard combs we've used in the past, so I can honestly recommend the comb to anyone else with small dogs that are facing similar matting issues.

The only disappointing point was the packaging. The comb needles were already pointing through the parcel in the post and the postman had to warn us about it when handling it over.

Pharmavits 100mg Raspberry Ketones Vitamin Supplements - Pack of 60 Capsules
Pharmavits 100mg Raspberry Ketones Vitamin Supplements - Pack of 60 Capsules
Offered by PremiumBrands-4-Less
Price: 9.53

1.0 out of 5 stars Big Raspberry to this product, 27 Mar 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I tend to get plenty of spam from the company that produces Raspberry Keytone, promising big results with the abiltiy to burn more fat and produce weight loss.

After trying this for almost a month none of these claims seem to have any basis in fact and I'm struggling to see any benefit from taking them. I stuck to exactly the same diet as normal, didn't have any less hunger due to the tablets or deviate from the diet and lost no weight as a result. The only fat I was burning was in raising my arm to my mouth to take them.

Aside from the nice aroma and easy to take form, there's really nothing I can recommend about these Keytone supplements at all.

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation - 80 Bronze
Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation - 80 Bronze
Price: 8.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Whipped up good, 27 Mar 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Interesting name aside, the Max Factor Foundation is a typical foundation creme in application.

Using my wife as a guinea pig, the foundation was surprisingly solid close up without the usual paint/powder effect you get with some foundations. The matte effect means that it's not overly shiny but more natural.

The colour is pretty light and therefore covered up most blemishes fully with only a small coating, useful for multiple applications without worrying about the pot running out.

Overall, this foundation is of a pretty good quality for the price and well worth picking up for a more natural look.

Netgear R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
Netgear R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router
Price: 159.87

5.0 out of 5 stars Great BT Hub replacement for Infinity, 20 Mar 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
This is the first replacement I've made since getting my new BT Home Hub for BT Infinity (Fibre).

At first I was hesitant to change, hearing all the horror stories of changing settings and getting set up with a third party router, but I shouldn't have worried.

The Netgear R7000 is a router rather than a modem/router, so it still requires that big BT box which the engineer installs with Infinity. The router simply plugs in to this using the same colour coding as the wire and then all your Ethernet cables come from the router.

Physical installation is simple, but you will need to screw the 3 antennas in to the back of the unit. Then simply connect the Ethernet between the BT box and the Router and your other cables to the back of the router.

The software installation is just as easy, even without the supplied software. Just sign in with the provided IP to access the menu and set the options for BT Infinity (username and password is left blank) and that's it.

There are many other options that you won't really need to touch if you don't want to get your hands dirty, but which do provide some impressive services. Advanced QoS is one of these, meaning that it will manage streaming and bandwidth to certain devices. For those who stream a lot of video or use their internet for gaming this is a big help and will optimise their experience. Far from just sales talk, I found this worked really well.

Lights give you a good indication of what is in use or working (4 Ethernet lights, 2 USB 3.0 lights, WPS, internet signal etc) and there is an easy to find WPS button on the front (which is far better than awkward ones often found on the rear or side of a router) to easily connect to the growing number of WPS enabled devices. It's also worth noting that some of BT's Hubs don't have their WPS enabled at all.

USB connection is easily set up and automatically adds the folders to your devices if they use standard DLNA. My Sony TV, Blu-ray player and laptop all found the hard drive with no further setup needed and as a USB 3.0 connection it seems to work pretty well even on large files (though the TV struggled with big videos while the Blu-ray worked far better, even over our homeplug network)

The WIFI signal was also much stronger in rooms further away than with BT's Home Hub 4, helpful for games consoles being lugged around the house to other rooms or for iPads.

Overall, although the Nighthawk may look expensive, you do get what you pay for. I'm impressed by the features and ease of setup and can recommend this to BT Infinity users.
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The Princess and the Foal
The Princess and the Foal
by Stacy Gregg
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars An inspirational story for children, 20 Mar 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
My eldest daughter hates 'princess' stories. This, though, is not a typical pink princess floaty fairy adventure, despite what the colour of the pink dust jacket might suggest.

Loosely based on a real story, Princess Haya of Jordan's tale is one of ups and downs and it's as much an insight into a real princess's life as it is a story of difficult choices and ways that people can learn to overcome even the hardest of life's trials if they focus on the things they love. For Haya it was horses and, in particular, her own horse Bree.

The story is wonderfully told and never feels like a dry account of events (though obviously embellished to make it more exciting) with an easily read narrative suitable for 8 years and above. My daughter also enjoyed reading this to her 7 year old sister.

Tenda P200 PowerLine Mini Adapter Kit - (Pack of 2)
Tenda P200 PowerLine Mini Adapter Kit - (Pack of 2)
Offered by Areema Online
Price: 19.95

3.0 out of 5 stars Easy to install but slow to use, 4 Mar 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
As with other Powerline adaptors, these Tenda plugs simply plug into a wall socket or extension and let your mains wires act as the equivalent of an Ethernet cable, allowing you to have a physical internet connection wherever there is a plug socket in your house.

This device is a lot smaller than some on the market, which may appeal to those with sockets in small areas, and the light up display is clearly labelled and easy to read. Build quality isn't all that great, but as long as they are not constantly moved I can't see this being an issue.

The Powerline standard means that these work with all other 200Mbps and 500Mpbs Powerline kits and they worked straight away with my TP-Link kit. Setup and linking took less than 5 minutes and was hassle free.

The only issue with these is that they seem to be slower than my equivalent TP-Link adaptors which should be the same speed. I've used them in the same wall sockets but for some reason they're just not as fast. It's not a huge issue if you're just using them to stream standard movie content or music, but if you do need the extra speed it's worth noting. For now, though, I'll stick to TP-Link adaptors.

Practise & Learn: Mental Maths (Ages 5-7) (Practice & Learn)
Practise & Learn: Mental Maths (Ages 5-7) (Practice & Learn)
by CGP Books
Edition: Paperback
Price: 3.95

4.0 out of 5 stars A helping hand, 26 Feb 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The Practice & Learn books I've used with my children have all been great at boosting their own school learning and this Mental Maths book is no exception.

The book is split into sections that nicely mirror maths lessons for both my 7 and 9 year olds, though the latter half aim towards the higher end and it will depend on your child's ability in Maths.

To keep things interesting, the book contains plenty of colourful pictorial representations of Maths problems so that it's easier to visualise the questions and these are designed to appeal to both boys and girls with everything from footballs to ponies and robots to seals. Pages are also well laid out and clear with brief but clear instructions.

Overall, then, a great additional aid for those parents who want to give their child more practice at general Maths work after school.

HP Pavilion 15-e000sa 15.6-inch Laptop (AMD Quad-Core A8-5550M 2.1 GHz, 4MB cache, 4GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm SATA, Windows 8)
HP Pavilion 15-e000sa 15.6-inch Laptop (AMD Quad-Core A8-5550M 2.1 GHz, 4MB cache, 4GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm SATA, Windows 8)

4.0 out of 5 stars Good all round cheap laptop, 19 Feb 2014
Just to be clear (and because Amazon lump all these reviews together) I'm reviewing the A8-5550 version of this HP Laptop.

I was quite surprised to see a recent A8 laptop going for under 400 and one that has a fairly high speed thanks to the Richland architecture. The clock speed is between 2.1 to 3.1 GHz depending on the task (the higher speed is turbo boosted, useful for gaming).

Speed wise the CPU is roughly equivalent to an intel i5 3339Y or currnet gen i3, but as this is an APU it also has a built in graphics card in the form of a Radeon HD 8550G. This card uses system memory, though, so only leaves just over 3GB RAM for the laptop to use. There are a lot of naysayers out there who will attempt to rubbish anything that isn't Intel, but I've used plenty of AMD desktops and laptops and these APUs are pretty solid workers.

Luckily, the laptop comes with an extra dedicated card with 1GB RAM that will only turn on during more graphic intensive tasks such as gaming. There have been issues with these cards not being detected and a recent Bios and Graphics Driver update should fix this, though it's disappointing that the laptops are often not working as they should from new. That said, you'll find that most tasks and even a lot of games are perfectly playable in the standard resolution using just the built in APU graphics.

For those looking at this as a cheap portable gaming laptop, it can play most modern game at low to medium (mostly low, though) in native resolution but will struggle at 1080p in more recent games. Adding another 4GB RAM, and ensuring you get matching RAM to the 4GB already installed, will vastly improve the ability to play games. I wouldn't recommend this deliberately for gaming but it can certainly handle most games if you're prepared to play them at lower settings.

The keyboard is wide as it has a keypad, which I find essential for anything involving figures or using Excel. It does make the device as a whole slightly wider, but this is standard for most 15.6" laptops and it easily fits in the laptop case and bag.

Weight-wise the laptop is heavy, but not overly so. The design is fairly pleasing to the eye, a silver shiny finish that doesn't attract fingerprints as much as other laptops, and a plastic body which feels fairly sturdy but not overly so. It's not built for ruggedness but should be fine if looked after.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the device at this price point as an all-round laptop for every-day tasks and some gaming.

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