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Road Warrior: Confessions of a Male Stripper
Road Warrior: Confessions of a Male Stripper
by Nick Molloy
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.00

4.0 out of 5 stars A World Without Pity, 10 Nov 2009
Whilst Road Warrior is a frank account of a successful UK male stripper it is equally about the confessions of a serial non-conformist. The life of Nick Molloy has been anything but a straight and narrow path, more akin to a dark labyrinth laden with pitfalls and demons.

If everything the author reveals about the industry is to be believed then as a professional Drag Queen I am one of those demons by default and the manner in which he mounts his chosen profession onto a cold hard slab and uncompromisingly peels away one layer after another made for a compelling read. Whilst the book remains one mans account and is not an entire blueprint of the stripper circuit many of Molloy's experiences did evoke an uncomfortable resonance of familiarity.

His thought-provoking narrative pulls no punches as he questions the often shocking behaviour of his fellow performers and audiences. Yet the author would also appear to be his own greatest tormentor as he equally dissects his own alter-ego and the damaged relationships with family and lovers it has resulted in. By his own admittance Molloy is an exhibitionist and given his disillusionment with a society that lacks all meritocracy it may well explain why he chose to shun a six-figure sum salary and instead bare his body with the defiance of a true rebel.

Asterix And The Falling Sky
Asterix And The Falling Sky
by Albert Uderzo
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 8.85

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1.0 out of 5 stars Asterix and the Falling Sky, 24 Mar 2006
Few Asterix fans would would not want to give Albert Uderzo credit for keeping the much loved series running single-handedley since the untimely death of partner Rene Goscinny. Every four years, without fail Asterix fans have a new album to enjoy and though the scripts have never quite managed to equal Goscinny's talents, Uderzo has done a more than capable job on that front, notably 'Asterix and Son' and the more recent 'All At Sea' being just as good as Any Asterix classic.
Which is why it hurts to admit the great man just may have finally run out of ideas. Asterix and the Falling Sky is quite simply the worst Asterix album ever. Aside from having the most improbable (and fairly ludicrous) plot, there is not one outstanding moment in the entire book.
An encounter between Extra-terrestrial good guys and bad guys reigns overhead whilst Asterix and company mostly observe and occasionally get involved. Had the adventure actually taken place in outer space it may well have been improved but you get the impression Uderzo just didn't have the energy to create an entire new world, and just settled for these non-spectacular Aliens (including a host of Arnold Schwarzenegger clones) slugging it out over the village we all know and love so well.
Without wishing to give away any of the plot (no danger of that when there isn't one) this is little more than a few half-baked ideas strewn together. The good guy Alien (named 'Toon') ultmiately rewards the villagers for their half-hearted assistance by erasing their memories so that they would have no recollection of this entire adventure. If only he could have done the same for me.

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