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Disney Solos for Mallet Percussion
Disney Solos for Mallet Percussion
Price: £9.60

4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, 9 Dec. 2015

The Endless River
The Endless River
Offered by NextDayEntertainment
Price: £9.36

4.0 out of 5 stars This album sounds like what it is - a tarted up jamming session, 24 Nov. 2014
This review is from: The Endless River (Audio CD)
I'm a long time Floyd fan, so disclaimer made up front.

This album sounds like what it is - a tarted up jamming session. This isn't so much a criticism as a fact - if you listen to this album with this in mind, it's unlikely you'll be disappointed.

It doesn't really go anywhere as an album, but it is definitely a celebration of Floyd's inimitable style - lingering on the sound most commonly recognisable across DSOM / WHWH and Division Bell. On that level it is most enjoyable.

'Louder than words' is the only track with vocals and I think it is a song truly worthy of The Floyd. It captures both their essence and the finality of the album perfectly. At nearly 70, Gilmour still has a great voice.

Billion BiPAC 7800N Dual WAN ADSL2+/Broadband Wireless-N Gigabit Firewall Modem Router
Billion BiPAC 7800N Dual WAN ADSL2+/Broadband Wireless-N Gigabit Firewall Modem Router

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Very disappointed., 2 Oct. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like many others on here, i was swayed by the numerous positive reviews, so decided to get a decent wireless router after my old ISP freebie packed in the game.

Amazon were brilliant (as usual) with their 1-day delivery. Setup was pretty straightforward. Download speed (wired) came in at a consistent 11-12.5 Mbps down and 1.02 up (as much as I can expect on my line).

As noted in other reviews, this router is packed with features to give a detailed control over setup. Securing was easy and all the devices attached wirelessly with no bother. So far, so good.

Then the wireless started failing. Basically, it provided the same sort of connection speed as the wired for about 10 minutes before dropping to 2-3 Mbps. When reset, it was the same - 10 mins fine then nada. All the while, the wired connection is consistently providing the figures i mentioned earlier.

I got inSSIDer and checked what else was sharing the space. After changing the channel to a relatively free zone (8 neighbours were on channel 6, so i opted for 1 - shared with only one neighbour) there was no improvement.

Getting packed up and returned to Amazon. I guess it's just your luck. If you get a 'Friday' router, then your going to be very disappointed (like me) and think it's not remotely worth it's cash. Shame.

If it had worked well on wireless i could see the great potential of the abundant features. No replacement ordered - i don't want to risk the same thing again. TP-Link for me i think.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Oct 4, 2012 10:34 AM BST

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3)
Offered by trguk
Price: £6.00

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Modern Lagfest 3, 25 Nov. 2011
I like COD and generally prefer the Activision versions to the Treyarch versions.

This is pretty much like MW2. They have adjusted the perks and streak option, which is quite smart. However it's a fast run'n'gun type game...which leads to my point about a negative at the moment...

The lag on the MP is terrible. Games aren't connecting at any less than 100ms ping and I often leave and give up after an hour. Also, the in-game chat quality is atrocious.

Bearing in mind this is often the case with a new MP release, i'm prepared to give it another few weeks. If it doesn't improve however, i'm afraid i might just sell it on...

LEGO Star Wars 8095: General Grievous' Starfighter
LEGO Star Wars 8095: General Grievous' Starfighter

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 10 Oct. 2011
My son and I have enjoyed making a number of Star Wars Lego models and this is by far the most disappointing.

The engine pods are too heavy (due to poor design), consequently they keep falling off. There are a number of other 'bits' that do not stay on when this model gets played with.

It is fairly complex to assemble, so is challenging from that perspective (which is good).

Poor show overall though, especially considering it's not cheap.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)
Offered by Games World Inc
Price: £10.84

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Delaying Judgement, 11 Nov. 2010
Ok, so Block Op's has been out for 2 days at the time of writing (11-Nov-2010) and this is an honest review on experience so far.

I only really play the MP aspect, so that is what this review is going to be about.

Graphics are good - if you played World at War, then the visual impact of the maps is going to feel familiar in terms of colour rendering and detail. Some people (probably including myself) prefer Infinity Ward's graphics, but at the end of the day, it's not a show stopper for me.

The system of ranks and weapon unlocks is innovative - an example is that you earn COD money by playing, which can then be used to purchase weapon attachments. There are numerous tweaks to the user experience in terms of customisation options and this is certainly what Treyarch excel in.

Bad points so far are the usual title launch issues.

So far on the PS3, there have been connection issues for matches, party connection issues, frame rate and lag issues. These I have experienced. I have read of glitches (cheats) which I have not, as yet, experienced.

Kill Switch [DVD]
Kill Switch [DVD]
Dvd ~ Isaac Hayes

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1.0 out of 5 stars Off Switch, 28 April 2009
This review is from: Kill Switch [DVD] (DVD)
Bizzare is the only word to describe this film. 'Return to form'?? maybe they just mean that he hasn't used voice-over dubs in this particular outing, preferring a contrived southern drawl.

A film of two halfs - 'Killswitch' gives you the impression that 2 seperate directors were responsible for this film. The first half tries to blend 90's Van Damme action shots (multiple shots of the same incident cut/repeated numerous times to show the same event) with annoying general scene cutting while the second half tries to be Silence of the Lambs meets *insert name of randomly selected serial killer film in here*

As to the 'storyline' - where do i start?

Jacob King, apparently traumatised by witnessing the seemingly random murder of his brother (i think) as a young boy, is a policeman / serial killer profiling genius.

Not content with one serial killer, this film brings us two. No real explanation of why/where they came from and with no apparent connection to each other (from what i can see, they also have no relationship to the incident in King's childhood), their primary purpose appears to be to provide Stevie boy with opportunity to indulge in some gratuitous violence.

Serial killer number one (SK1) gets beaten (literally) by King and subsequently released after the charges fail due to Kings apparent planting of DNA evidence. SK1 is seen following King, leading us to conclude that things will get personal, soon.

Meanwhile, serial killer two (SK2) is happily murdering people and leaving astrological 'codes' which, yep you've guessed it, King deciphers (cos he's a genuis). The FBI gets involved and sends an attractive young female agent who proceeds to get treated like something King's stepped in. This doesn't change throughout the whole film and you end up wondering why she was included at all....

You would be forgiven for thinking that she was there to provide the love interest, but that seems to fall to a nice looking female detective he appears to have set up home with. In a couple of scenes, she seems ready for some action herself, but King is too focused on getting SK2....

After some inspired detective work and to cut a long story short, King catches up with SK2 and dishes out some 'pre-justice system' justice via a hammer making contact with most major bone groups in SK2's body with considerable force.

Returning home after a hard day's detecting, King finds that SK1 has broken into his house and tied up and murdered his girlfriend / partner / wife. As SK1 is still in the house, we cut to the action pretty quickly
where a knife fight a la 'Under Seige' ensues. Outcome is as expected but inexplicably, King disappears from the scene, leaving his partner and the fed a note.

Cut to a random scene where King goes into a house, with an attractive blonde and a couple of young boys (who look suspiciously like him and his brother in the opening sequences of the film). Surprise! Turns out that this is his family......

Go work that one out.

And while you're at it, work out what the cannibal eating a clown joke (does this taste funny to you?) is doing in this film.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jan 5, 2011 9:50 AM GMT

Call of Duty: World at War (PS3)
Call of Duty: World at War (PS3)
Offered by EVERGAME
Price: £12.55

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Good Game BUT...., 9 Jan. 2009
A big fan of COD4, i was somewhat reluctant to go back to WWII. However, COD5 has been something of a surprise.

Single player
As intense (and some bits are quite gruelling), as you would expect for a COD title. Not being an expert on graphics, all i can say is that they looked good to me. Absorbs you in the story.

Compared to COD4, the maps are huge. Gametypes are the same as COD4 (Team Deathmatch, HQ, etc), with the new option of running in a co-op mode where you can re-do the missions with your mates!


There are a number of glitches in the online game modes (HQ, TDM's etc)which are being exploited by cheats. A common one is the 'under the surface' glitch where the cheat goes beneath the surface of the map, can see and shoot you from beneath the map surface, but you cannot see or kill them (the kill-cam replay of your demise is the only way you can tell).

I gave up playing online last night due to the number of glitchers online and went back to COD4. Until Treyarch sorts these glitches out, i rate the game as only 2 stars.

Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far
Wayne Rooney: My Story So Far
by Wayne Rooney
Edition: Hardcover

4 of 9 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars mmmm,, 30 Aug. 2006
A talented individual no doubt - destined, i think, for great things. However, he hasn't done/lived enough to justify a biography - even a 'story so far': - read a half decent biography about, say W. Churchill and you'll see the difference.

The Final Cut
The Final Cut

25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Dark,, 22 Nov. 2004
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Final Cut (Audio CD)
melancholy, powerful and introspective. This isn't one to listen to if you're feeling a bit down.
I came across this album 14 years ago, during my obsessive search for all things Floyd (there was a point where i listened to nothing else for 18 months), and instantly clicked.
Most of the reviews on here (even the negative ones) capture some of the essence of this album. 'harsh in places... but it's truly, truly beautiful!' is a good summary to me of this album.
Yes, given the state of Floyd as a 'group' it is easy to dismiss this as only Waters album - his ego, and determination to define Floyd purely in terms of 'his genius' is undeniably seen here. However, there are blasts of Gilmour which penetrate so deeply into the 'Floyd Soul', that you'll instantly know the difference between this and 'Pros & Cons'.
Also, you will notice is that the 'creative psychedelia' of previous albums is missing. It has a completely different vibe to Dark Side & Wish You Were Here.... but if you are into 'The Wall', then it seems to be a 'logical' extension to Water's frame of mind that started with 'Animals' and finished (musically - listen to Radio K.A.O.S to confirm) with 'Pro's and Cons'.
I don't think that 'When The Tigers Broke Free' belongs on this album. It belonged on 'The Wall' and this, although perhaps conceptually (in Water's mind) is appropriate in 'The Final Cut', watch 'The Wall' film and you'll see where it should be.
Bottom line is that Waters doesn't appear to have reconciled his anger at losing his Dad in WWII.
'I would only recommend it to die hard Pink Floyd or Roger Waters fans' is probably good advice. If you liked 'The Wall',chances are you'll grow to like this. If you're looking for the Floyd magic that Dark Side and Wish You Were Here brought you - avoid. If you remember the Falklands war and Maggie, then i think some of the stuff will STILL strike a cord.
Personally & for my money, buy it. You'll never hear anything else like it - even 22 years on.
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