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Yesterdays Gone: SEASON TWO (THE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIAL THRILLER) (Yesterday's Gone Book 2)
Yesterdays Gone: SEASON TWO (THE POST-APOCALYPTIC SERIAL THRILLER) (Yesterday's Gone Book 2)
Price: £1.88

5.0 out of 5 stars Such Great Narrators for what is a definite future classic, 28 Aug 2014
This comment is about the audible versions that you can get for only £3.45p
If you got the kindle that is

I get the sense we are in for an epic. having just finished Swan Song by Robert Mccammon I was ready for that kind of world again, with well written and believable characters acted by professional voice actors, set in a post apocalyptic world.

What great narrators!

The choosing of having multiple voice narrators is an excellent move, and works very well.
It works but thankfully is Unlike a dramatisation , it gives greater reality to each person.
But I would prefer if male and female characters were actually played by males or females
As that one thing is usually what can lack when having one voice actor, and it seems a waste and counter productive not using male voices for males and females for females with such a great talented cast.
I also agree that having Luca play the voice of older characters is wrong
I was tricked by this at first but then discovered it was Maxwell doing the older voice
Surely maxwell should be doing the other younger voices, the male teens?
Anyway apart form that I think the who enterprise is so professionally done I can't really complain, as such attention and effort to get narrators for each role right is so rare.
So I have nothing but positive things to say about ALL the narrators and as for others saying change them, that is plainly ridiculous! As I have never heard a audio book casted so perfectly .

Whisper (Whisper Trilogy Book 1)
Whisper (Whisper Trilogy Book 1)
Price: £2.49

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1.0 out of 5 stars I really cannot believe this was for sale !, 22 Aug 2014
I really cannot believe this was for sale ! Is this some kind of Joke?
Actually asking for money for a book that is written as if by a illiterate child ?
I feel totally cheated out of my money,

They Thirst
They Thirst
Price: £3.32

5.0 out of 5 stars They Thirst for more, 21 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: They Thirst (Kindle Edition)
The Best Vampire novel EVER!!
I want a sequel

Nightcrawlers (A Short Story)
Nightcrawlers (A Short Story)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Nightcrawlers (A Short Story), 21 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great twilight Zone style short story.

Bethany's Sin
Bethany's Sin
Price: £8.23

5.0 out of 5 stars Bethany's Sin, 21 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Bethany's Sin (Kindle Edition)
You will remember this well told classic Horror story, and you will enjoy it.
Got all those elements most horror readers like; an all American family, a picturesque small town, creepy towns folk and
Bethany's Sin
Robert R. McCammon
is One of his best of the early novels, next was his early great 1970's vampire classic 'They Thirst' . Then his masterpiece, the unforgettable 'Swan Song'. I want a follow up to They Thirst.

The Influence
The Influence
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars The Influence by Bentley Little, 21 Aug 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Influence (Kindle Edition)
Great involving well written and very spooky

Behind the Candelabra [Blu-ray]
Behind the Candelabra [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Michael Douglas
Price: £7.30

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3.0 out of 5 stars The scenery as king failed to hold up the edifice of this empty shell, 17 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was looking forward to this movie, having waited nearly a year to be able to finally get this blu ray delivered.
I wanted to like the movie before I saw it, the trailer promised a visual feast and much humour. but sadly I was wrong to have such high hopes, as the comedy I saw in the trailer was in fact down to clever edits, and in context I was surprised to find certain things fell flat. Was it because I already heads the jokes.. I wondered, but then I realised it was infact because of the context, one line In particular that is in the trailer and the HBO special i viewed on youtube, actually comes in straight after a cut from another scene altogether, and is delivered virtually at the cut into a scene and there is no space, no build, and so you kind of view it totally differently from how it came across in isolation as viewed in the trailer itself.
Another impression that seems counter intuitive, is the failure of the opulence and grandeur of the sets, which look and probably are real interiors of actual houses, failed to actually deliver or compensate for the emptiness of what we see of the life lived within them. there is in fact no glamour to be enjoyed living with this Liberace, no matter how many marbled gelded columns we may see, the life of Living with Liberace inside his fantastical creations he called his houses is like living in a mausoleum, there is no life at all, the screen is dead. you know that dullness that can come and go sometimes, that sense of boredom black dog even, emptiness and stillness that just deadens you, that is what we see when watching this movie, and it is for ALL the movie, because inside these plastic looking mansions of opulent tat is where we spend the entire movie
Sadly this emptiness also is not enlivened by the very calm and quiet performances that come from the only two living souls we see on screen, Liberace and Scott Thornson , they are no help, we still feel trapped in a dead la la land, that has no la la, at all.
even for the brief time we have an outside shot, when Lee takes Scot outside into the other world, stopping off at a xxx shop, the locational shot of the rolls Royce pulling up to the sidewalk looks like it was filmed on the stage Liberace rolls Royce is usually driven onto, like we see in the theatre shots, there is no life inside and again there is no life outside, it dull very very quiet and there is no reality to anything we see on screen whatsoever.
Maybe this was all to do with constraints of budget I thought, maybe there could not afford to show some actual real world people with real world city shots of cars and just any signs of real life, or maybe , and I think this is more the problem, the whole thing was shot in a kind of glow that just looks like a Sonoma dreamlike thing, and again everything is just so so quiet, it dead, it is quite disturbing how deadened everything is in this movie.
To quip i would say don't attempt to view without a prescription of movie Viagra if there is such a thing,
goodness knows this movie really needed some, so I warn you may after viewing, feel like you are a stiff wondering around the nether world of Liberace's very very quiet , dull and to be honest in the real sense, sad existence.

I have to point out this was my initial response right after viewing, collecting my responses and assessing my overall sense of the movie.
Did I feel as though I had been transported, how real was the experience, how much did the movie move me, was I excited by it, was I touched by it , did it make me angry, was I on any characters side, did it give me any emotional responses either by characters or by overall sense of places etc
I would say the very very beginning went well, but then all the above numbness set in and the whole thing left me cold.
But then the movie is mostly about being in bed with Liberace and Scott , but seriously I feel an opportunity was lost by making the movie into a very still, colossus shrine of tomblike quietness,. The movie has no soul.
This movie is akin to finding a golden refrigerator disappointingly empty , but for some fake plastic ice , set in a swirling golden lacquer sickly mist, that creepily oozes out towards you with a decrepit old gnarling finger, beckoning you inside to lay down dead with it on the cold meat shelf .
This movie in the end , is just a lifeless bore that doesn't fill any empty feeling , but actually gnaws away like a rubber rat that is air brushed with the colours of a slowly decomposing carcass, it is a black hole leaving you in the darkness of all that has no soul, a really dead place, Hollywood it seems, how sad it all is.
I am afraid my descriptions give the impression of more realism than the movie deserves, and that is the main problem, you could not bang your head and crack it open on a sharp corner of that black marble in the bathroom of Liberace's mansion, because it was not in any sense vital or real.
But then again Liberace was not Scarface but that is not to say he could not have been living in a world that had the tingle of real life to it, and again sadly this film had no sense of any semblance of the tingle of reality and real world vitality to it.
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Life on Two Legs
Life on Two Legs

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4.0 out of 5 stars When you hire a Butler you don't expect him to make off with the family silver instead of merely polishing it, 20 Sep 2013
This review is from: Life on Two Legs (Kindle Edition)
I would expect that would be Freddie's retort to this obviously one sided account of what actually caused Queen and The Sheffield's Trident fallout.
Leaving that aside (Freddie was obviously right about his feelings of being ripped off)
I found the book very informative, especially the behind the scenes early Queen stories, and the various series of disasters that seemed to be like something out of the OMEN, as if something was trying to stop Queen from breaking out to become the greatest band ever in music history, topping the Beatles, now as they have and do.
I also like the conjuring up of SOHO for it helps me see how the movie about Queen could be.
I wonder how would Norman like the idea of Sean Bean playing him in the upcoming movie?
I like that idea, at least.
for more see here


Jason & the Argonauts [Blu-ray] [1963] [US Import]
Jason & the Argonauts [Blu-ray] [1963] [US Import]
Dvd ~ Todd Armstrong

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5.0 out of 5 stars Why not UPGRADE the flaws instead of just upgrading the format to BLU RAY, 7 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Seeing high definition fully restored upgrades of classic films such as this and others like Ben Hur Cleopatra etc is always a irresistible curiosity that few can resist, but with films such as Jason and the Argonauts, the ingenious yet primitive tools Ray Harryhausen had to work with are only left even more open to the exposing of their flaws in the glare of digital HIgh Definition.

Surely it would be a even greater tribute to the man to enhance his work by using today's modern technologies to colour match and seamlessly integrate his creations within the lushness of the rest of the movies cinematography? as the backgrounds to the SFX characters are woefully exposed and faded compared to the other deep blue sky shots for example, and are thus mismatched to the rest of the high quality production, the backgrounds to the creatures betray them and look poor, this not only lessons the impact of his brlilliant creature creations , it impacts the dramatic flow of the real world characters within their fantsy world of Greek myth, a flaw that no doubt Ray Harryhausen would have preferred to not be , so why not now eradicate this and while not touching his actual creations, help them out by matching their backgrounds and them to the rest of the colourful lavish world within the films print?
I am sure it can be done.

Or you would have thought so, but in truth, the fact is even if they wanted to they couldn't because the sad fact is that digital technology is crap, and they could never hope to match the true blues and true earths of the real world i am asking them to duplicate, to cover over the faded areas, for the digitial colourist is like you and me, at the mercy of button A B or C or a combination of all three, unlike the artist sat at his easil who can truly mix colours to produce a great work of art, truly capturing the beauty of sunset over a landscape, with all its light and shade, reflecting the glory of nature through the myriad of lights and colour, the modern colorist that sits in a little booth after a film has been made has become the final director of movies, replacing the skill of the cinimeatrography artist' s who worked as one mind with films director's to create great works of art not spit out by machines but crafted by man with nature and light!
yes film is at the mercy of choice A B OR C and we can all see how poor this has left it and us.

we have all been conned!!!!!

Ok I tell you why i say we been conned,
In the 60's artists took pride in their work and the money men knew they had to give money for the artists to produce art.
In the 80's they had another so called advancement in film and movie technology, but as you rightly see, that in fact was a reduction in quality in film not an advancement at all!!!

look at the cinematography in 80's clash of the titans compared to the luscious 1960's Jason, it is about quality of film medium, but even back then they conned everyone and said they were more advanced, but its a con.
just like today , even if today there is in fact a technical advancement it's till a big con.


Tell me why do we have to pay for High definition TV ONTOP of every thing else, ?
licence fee, digital subscription etc etc, and why was analogue cut off completely by the government?

Because my friends, that was the whole reason and was THE BIG CON it was all about money and excuses to produce more money from us , taking away what we already had and then asking for us to pay extra for something that was a right according to English law (if you had TV license that is) they took away access to TV and then made you pay even more for access to standard tv that is high definition signal because that is actually the standard
Why do you think they used the term standard def for the digital that replaced analogue
To make you say
Oh high def is not the industry standard!!!
So we Gould spectrum it as i right imbued to us by our paying of the broadcasting licence fee
They rocked you!!!!
So you couldn't moan
hey your conning us by taking away me TV signals
give us back our TV and we ant that ack
With industry standard Pritchett quality!!

And don't try to say no we cant have our tv signal because by law we can
We pay licence
And just because you decided to turn off our old signal don't think you can get away with it
we demand the new one without having to pay you'd any extra for it?!!!!!

What you take us for ??? Fools????
Yes we are fools and they knew it
They knew they could con us all

Money is the answer money and dumping us all, making us pay more money and it cost them even less to produce the format.
500 channels on one you see it's cheaper for them but more expensive far more expensive for us.
They already knew back when they introduced digitial , which by the way is infact a reduction in quality over analogue, they already knew they could add data and produce hd but they kept it secret , full knowing they would change even more and offer it as an extra!!
Contemptible conmen!!!!!
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A Fantastic Fear of Everything [Blu-ray] [2012]
A Fantastic Fear of Everything [Blu-ray] [2012]
Dvd ~ Simon Pegg
Price: £7.00

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Even at it's weakest the disturbed minds of it's creators still shine through, 29 Aug 2013
This is a very curious thing indeed, a film that seems to be playing with its audience to the point of using an unfamiliar and disjointed narrative in order to psychologically set the viewer at a sense of unease in order to bring some kind of short circuit in their comprehension of what they are witnessing and so induce a state of confused dislocation and so create in them, an unnerving sense of fear.
The design and look was in parts very evocative of those portmanteau horror trilogies from the 1970's, with SImon Pegg looking like some hippy David Warner character who has just bought a mirror to reflect onto the very doors of hell itself.
All very groovy and such atmosphere evoked but then lost, as then, ( in keeping with the disjointed psychological trick meant to confuse and disturb us, ) we are thrown into a very modern looking world of east- Enders' soap opera-esque launderettes, with a very whacky and utterly , pointlessly (purposely ? ) bad , hostage scenario that is so weak it stuns,
yet , yet again this actually works to it's desired effect ... eventually making us reel back in horror and confusion at just what the bloody hell are we witnessing!!?
We are then thrown into the truly surreal as we have some charming animated morality tale about hedgehogs named after none other than Brian Harold May of Queen!!! for some truly disturbing and for reasons unknown and probably better left unknown.
It is truly a very curious trip the critical egos could not face the facets of.
Truly a movie that will fascinate me long after viewing. And a movie Simon Pegg will never regret.
Better watched alone late at night ,after 12 am. If half watched you will be compelled to see how it ends, and any confusion will only serve to fascination, unless you are actually an eats tenders fan, in which case such high art will be lost on you and you will probably not see the point.

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