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This Is Where The Fight Begins
This Is Where The Fight Begins
Price: 10.64

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5.0 out of 5 stars Top notch modern punk ablum, 18 Jun 2007
When you put this album on your rock box, you will feel mighty powerful. They get my thumbs up as one of the best punk bands I have had pleasure of listening to since Refused and Boy sets fire. If the songs on this album were used as a war cry, the enemy would retreat, fearing there fates involve getting chewed up and spat out. Bad ass to the core. There is no soppy light songs that ruin the ablum. Cough cough boy sets fire. No they kick ass on every song. So with only a touch of Boy sets fire (shouting, guitars, fast tempo)take away the cheesiness. And add sprinkle of Refused, you get Ghost of a thousand.

Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)
Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)
Offered by multimedia-online
Price: 19.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Passion still present but needs tweaking, 3 Dec 2005
This game shows how close we are to a film like experience although it would of have helped if it had a perfect story and cast like the first game did. Please do yourself a favour and get the PS1 game or get a gamecube and play it with current generation graphics.
The game isnt a complete master piece this time because it doesnt have a completely believable solid(lol)story like the first MGS. The memorable sections are cool but there happens to be two completely rubbish characters that were included to mirror the previous MGS memorable ones. But the games interactivity and epicness direction kind of makes up for them.
And also for most of the game you play as Raiden who sounds insecure and can be a bit ditsy. I dont like him really as hes the opposite of snakes defensive macho character. They are both an underdogs though, and are willing to do whats neccessary to complete their mission. And thats what keeps you going through the game looking forward to the next challenge.
If you watch the DVDs that come with the game you will see that its a cash in and rehash of the previous games greatness. And the pressure of the games release date made Hideo mess around with ideas and created characters from them, rather than having a well told interesting story first to go by. But he still manages to have a moral to the story though. Got give the him credit.
I compare this game to Metallica's new album. With its great original sound and direction, but ultimatley a mixed bag of ideas just thrown together. But you want to listen to it because it has the passion still that sets it apart from lesser bands.

Survival Sickness
Survival Sickness
Price: 8.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars smash it up Yeah!!, 21 July 2005
This review is from: Survival Sickness (Audio CD)
This ablum has the best song they have done that sounds like old the 'refused' although in a creative fun way just like the last refused album.
That song is 'smash it up!' its excellent and is their best song so far up to the armed love album. trust me you will be singing it with ya mates!
survival sickness, imposter costume, the reproduction of death are other highlights on this album.
check out 'a new morning, changing weather' album, as thats the second best serious song with the same name and it has 'up for sale' which I rank as the third best.
get both albums the other songs featuring will grow on you.
oh and make sure u listen to the lyrics as the fun nature, hides some serious meanings that relate to the bands punk origins.
They are my most listened to band along with refused.
never did like fast punk as its soulless, get this and hear the future of punk!.

Capcom Fighting Jam (PS2)
Capcom Fighting Jam (PS2)
Offered by Trade-N-Go Gaming
Price: 17.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars lets jam, 20 July 2005
When I first started playing this game. I felt ripped off.
The reason for this was that it only had 4 characters from each game!. Also there isnt that many levels, and the boss character was quite easy with Ryu.
The animation for this game looks beautiful, never looked so good, very smooth and the characters from the other games darkstalkers and red earth look great. Also the backgrounds jungle, new york, japan, ruins, temple and so on, are well done and feature some characters not present, cheering and working out in the background.
The music is brilliant, it just feels right and doesnt have any annoying tracks at all.
Everytime you complete the game you get the ending for which ever two characters beat the last boss with. Considering I always play as ryu I got to complete the game 33 times.
What you get is an excellent comic book style ending for both characters and the original soundtracks for the characters which you can listen to in the music player.
Overall I think this game is a bit too easy/just right, but considering the different characters that have been mixed together, the game feels really balanced, and it has a jamming feel to it as you dont have to get too involved to reach the game over screen.
I hated tekken 5, and Ill use that as an example of a badly put together game art wise, as it has some awful levels in it and ugly special effects.
Its a shame it isnt harder though. I would recommend Capcom vs SNK over this game because its alot harder and has more to it and more options. But if you have that already and like 2d more Id recomend this game over tekken 5. The more I play it the more I like it!.

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