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Mr. P. D. Selman "Paulymorph" (Kent, U.K.)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not what you might expect... in a good way., 4 Jan 2013
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This review is from: Twinned (Kindle Edition)
'Twinned' by first-time author Alice Ann Galloway is a self-published novel that could easily be dismissed as yet another example of the burgeoning glut of 'supernatural romance' books the 'Twilight' series has spawned. To do so, however, would be to do an injustice to the book. While there is a supernatural element to this book and romance is perpetrated, 'Twinned' is nowhere near as by-the-numbers as you might expect. The supernatural aspect is more spiritual than superhuman, with nary a vampire or werewolf in sight. The romance isn't as predictable as the standard boy-meets-girl fare, either; it's more involved and a lot darker.

It's almost impossible to summarise the plot without ruining the book but, thematically speaking, 'Twinned' is about the difficulty of telling genuine love from unhealthy obsession and how either one can be a whisper away from a drug-like dependency that can ruin lives. Despite the conceit of the novel's framing device, this is clearly a very personal book and works all the better for it. It clips along at a pace that occasionally left me thinking I must have accidentally skipped a section and you shouldn't expect the type of drawn-out novel of a wordy author like Stephen King. I certainly found myself racing through it and finished it in three days, wanting more.

I wished there had been more from the point of view of Joel, the male 'lead', but I understand why there wasn't. Galloway clearly wants us to be tantalised by glimpses of Joel's perspective, exactly as the protagonist, Beth, is tantalised/tortured by her connection to him. In this respect, the narrative technique works very well. My inquisitive side longed for a concrete explanation of the exact mechanism of the paranormal aspect: why this was happening to Beth and how it worked, but I can definitely see that the book works better with this element of mystery left open to each reader's interpretation.

While this novel is hardly perfect (one can tell it's very much a first novel, rather than the slicker writing of a more seasoned novelist), any book that leaves the reader wanting more must be a good one and 'Twinned' definitely left me wanting more. It avoids all the obvious twists and I didn't see the ending coming, which isn't something I can often say. I would definitely read more works by Galloway and hope to see more from her in the future.

Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Graphite
Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Graphite

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5.0 out of 5 stars A godsend for the partially sighted, 28 Dec 2011
I am one of those thousands of people who never thought they'd switch to an e-reader as I've been in love with paper books my entire life, I love the smell of old books, etc., etc., yadda-yadda-yadda. You've heard it all before in other people's reviews, so I'll skip to what I love about the Kindle, now that I've been converted.

I suffer from a rare eye condition which, unfortunately, means I'm slowly losing my eyesight in such a way that corrective lenses don't help. Back in my days of 20/20 vision, I used to read two or three books per week and reading was very much my first love. In recent years, however, reading has become more difficult and it isn't unusual for it to take me four or five times as long to read a book than it used to. I was getting to the point where reading was more of a chore than a pleasure, which upset me greatly.

Then my wonderful other half bought me a Kindle and all that changed. Thanks to the Kindle's ability to increase the font size of the books you read on it, I've been able to enlarge the text to a size which is once again big enough for me to read comfortably. No more squinting at tiny print! No more sore eyes and headache after just fifteen minutes' reading! Thanks to the Kindle, reading is now a genuine pleasure for me again... and I'm back to devouring books at my pre-sight-loss rate of two or three per week once more.

I also love the fact that the Kindle's screen isn't backlit, as reading from a computer screen also gives me a headache and painful eyes. Yes, it means that you need an external source of light to read it, but you need that to read a paper book, so I really don't see it as a mark against the Kindle at all.

Amazon doesn't seem to want to mention these aspects of the Kindle in its advertising campaign (probably because they want to market the Kindle primarily to young people and emphasising the boon it is to those of us with failing eyesight might give it the stigma of being a device for old fuddy-duddies) but I really can't emphasise enough that the Kindle is a godsend to the partially sighted. (Besides, I'm not THAT old; I'm only 36 and started losing my eyesight at 22. Vision loss can strike at any age, after all.)

Anyway, to the nay-sayers, I really recommend taking the plunge and getting a Kindle. I used to be one of you and, as much as I used to bang on about how I 'love the smell of paper books' I really don't miss it at all.
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The Absent-Minded Professor [DVD]
The Absent-Minded Professor [DVD]
Dvd ~ Fred MacMurray
Price: £3.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Live action Disney genius - but beware!, 6 Jan 2008
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'The Absent-Minded Professor' is possibly the best of all the Disney live action movies from the 1960s and fans of this type of movie will undoubtedly love it. However, this particular release is not in the original cinematic aspect ratio but is rather a badly cropped pan and scan version. In addition to this, the movie is not presented here in its original black and white, but is a fake-looking recolourised version. Not a problem if, like me, you're willing to switch your T.V. to black and white when you watch it, but possibly irritating otherwise.

All in all, this is a great movie, and I love it enough to buy it even in this slightly butchered form when the black and white widescreen version isn't actually available to purchase. The five star rating is for the movie; I can only bring myself to give this particular DVD version (which also has no extras whatsoever) two stars.
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