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Dear Dad
Dear Dad
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it, 18 May 2016
This review is from: Dear Dad (Kindle Edition)
With huge thanks to the author for sending us a copy of Dear Dad for review – the blurb for this story immediately caught by attention and bought this one to the top of too read pile.

Adam is 9 years old and being bullied up until now no-one has really noticed him, struggling at school and finding himself the carer of his Nan, he has no other family of his own, can writing a letter to his dad finally get him the finally he dreams of?

Jenna is running away from a boyfriend who cheated on her, but she’s been running for most of her life, away from home, from boyfriends, from a teaching career that it’s clear she is amazing at. When she’s left with no choice but to do supply work she finds herself teaching Adam and is soon trying to do her best to help out a boy clearly in need of assistance and she’s determined to use his newly on the scene dad.

Nate is a war reporter but his last trip has left him scared to leave his own home – when a note addressed “dear dad” lands on his letter box it’s a twist of fate that could be the push he needs at this moment in his life.

Every so often a book will come along that leaves you thinking and this for me was one of those, I was drawn to Adam’s story, one which I’m sure is repeated in many schools only not all children will be fortunate to find a Nate & Jenna to help them out.

The developing friendship between Nate & Jenna was well written and I was glad to return to the story every time I put it down.

Dear Dad will certainly stay with me as a favourite this year!

The Lost Child
The Lost Child
Price: £2.99

4.0 out of 5 stars, 27 July 2015
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This review is from: The Lost Child (Kindle Edition)
With thanks to Jenny in Neverland for inviting us to be part of the blog tour for The Lost Child by Ann Troup.

The book opens with Elaine driving – following the death of her mother she is heading back to the place her mum grew up to scatter her ashes, arriving at Hallows End it’s clear people don’t have that much of a recollection of her mother but she’s thrust into the life of Brodie a young girl living with distant relatives following her own mum’s latest suicide attempt.

It’s clear that Brodie’s life has become overshadowed by a family tragedy – the disappearance of a sister she didn’t know who is presumed murdered. Elaine’s visit to the place bring Brodie an unlikely friend but they grow close and soon it become apparent that Elaine can help with the resolving of the mystery of Mandy Miller more then she knows.

A fabulous book that gripped me and left me wanting more! I loved the way that Jean (Elaine’s mum) was described through the use of the ashes, whilst we did not really get to know much about her as a person the way the ashes clung on, and stuck to everything was a wonderful metaphor for how this lady may have been in life.

There were some very interesting characters popping up throughout the story – each of them with their own secrets, it felt like there could be 2 or 3 more stories to tell from very small mentions about other characters and I’d really love it if that could happen!

I can’t review too much of the book without major spoilers unfortunately but suffice to say you should add this book to your shelves right now!

The Curvy Girls Club (The Curvy Girls Club )
The Curvy Girls Club (The Curvy Girls Club )
Price: £2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Pixie is wanting to live her husband who has been treating her like a doormat, 8 April 2015
Thanks to Notting Hill Press PR Team for a copy of this book to review. The Curvy Girls Club was released in America in June and became a USA Today bestseller, so we were excited to get our hands on this to read!

Telling the story of 4 friends who attend a slimming club together Pixie, Katie, Jane & Ellie. When Pixie decides to leave Slimming Zone the 4 decide they still want to do something as a group so they arrange a night out together to the theatre, being curvy girls when one of them is forced to move because they can’t fit in the seats it inspires them to start looking for things that bigger girls can do socially and the curvy girls club is born.

Soon the remaining members of the slimming club want to be involved and the idea snowballs into something bigger even getting press attention.

This is a book with a simple idea at the heart, one that many women can relate to, a group of friends who are socially outcast to a certain extent whose friendship sustains all of them.

Each character has a believable back story, the main focal point of the narrative being Katie who is the founder of the club and we also see her struggles at work as well as her relationship with her boss who she is somewhat fixated on, and on the other side of the coin her blossoming relationship with her friend Rob from the slimming club – I know which relationship I was rooting for but you’ll have to read the book to make your minds up.

Pixie is wanting to live her husband who has been treating her like a doormat, as the book progressed I found myself dislking her character, she didn’t seems to hold the friendship in the same high regard as the other characters and was more consumed with her marriage / the end of it.

Ellie is in a new relationship, but she’s not very good at holding them down, tending to self destruct them as she doesn’t believe anyone can like her for her, then there is Jane former TV personality who goes through many diet fads in the quest to lose the pounds.

This was a joy to read! There were so many layers to the story, the friendship, the running of the club as a business relationship, the love lives and the feelings of the curvy girls at being outkast for being bigger then the perceived norm. It’s a book about learning to love yourself and persevering with friendship, I recommend this book to all of you!

Three Amazing Things About You
Three Amazing Things About You
Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars I love Jill Mansell books so couldn’t wait to read this ..., 8 April 2015
Another lovely surprise book that dropped through the letterbox, I love Jill Mansell books so couldn’t wait to read this when it arrived.

This book is a cracker as it’s three stories in one (that cleverly intertwine at certain points!)

To echo the book title I’m writing my little snip bits from the book as three amazing things….

Hallie suffers from cystic fibrosis, she has a crush on someone she can’t and she’s also Rose, internet agony aunt extraordinaire!

Rory is a daredevil, by chance he meets Tash (who isn’t) as she searches through a bin & a twist of fate (and a bit of airport lurking) leads to love

Flo finds herself in a strange situation when she is left to look after cat Jeremy, with him comes a flat for the duration of his life but his former owners grandchildren aren’t too happy about it. Granddaughter Lena is a bit ‘difficult’ but her brother… (you’ll have to read the book)

I tried hard to pick my favorite character, but in all honesty they were all endearing and I couldn’t pick!

When Hallie gets the call to say a lung donor has been found we are drawn into these 3 lives, as it goes from Hallie’s blog post back to show their stories. This leaves a nagging in the back of your mind as you read the book as to just who the lung donor is, and is one of these fascinating love stories about to come to a sad conclusion? Fabulously written you’ll love each character, be happy and sad for them in equal measure. Jill Mansell hasn’t yet disappointed me!

The Fire Sermon (Fire Sermon, Book 1)
The Fire Sermon (Fire Sermon, Book 1)
Price: £0.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars But Cass and Zach are born each seemingly perfect, they can’t be separated until the family knows ..., 8 April 2015
A book that had been sitting in my to read pile over Xmas, I decided to make The Fire Sermon one of my first books to read after Xmas.

Telling the story of Cass, an Omega – in a world ripped apart many years before by a blast, this new world sees twins born to every alpha family, 1 perfectly normal (alpha) the other marked out in some way by a deformity, unable to have children (omega) they are branded and sent away to live separate to the Omegas. The only connecting factor is that when one twin dies, so does the other.

But Cass and Zach are born each seemingly perfect, they can’t be separated until the family knows which is Omega, outcast from the other children they grow up together. It is in fact Cass who is the Omega, but her difference is that she can see things, things that haven’t happened yet and when Zach realizes he is determined to get her found out. Finally separated years later Cass is again brought back in contact with her brother, but what she finds about his new role in the Alpha community starts a new journey for her, to try and stop Zach’s plans.

This book had me gripped from page one to the end, a fascinating story of what could happen in a post nuclear world, of survivors who despite their past history still treat others with injustice. The book was high paced, exciting, and made the reader think. I couldn’t get enough of the story and want more!

I felt at times that there wasn’t really a clear line between good and bad in this story, those who are treated unjustifiably in turn also treat other unjustifiably, and the alphas to also have redeeming qualities, Cass’s mum’s warning for example.

I was thrilled to see at the end of the book that the movie rights to the story have been acquired by Dream works and will definitely be putting that film on my viewing list when in comes out.

This is a book that certainly cast it’s spell on me! Wow this was a great book – well done Francesca.

The Hurricane Sisters
The Hurricane Sisters
Price: £3.99

3.0 out of 5 stars There were some great narratives within this book as it went back and ..., 8 April 2015
A lovely little surprise book from the post from our friends at Simon & Schuster UK, I added this on to my New Year reads pile to devour on my journey to work.

The Hurricane Sisters is a story about 3 generations of a family, grandmother and one of a kind Maisie (we meet her having been arrested for walking a llama down the road…..) Then there is mother Liz, who works for a charity helping women who have encountered domestic violence, her marriage to Clayton is somewhat stagnating (she doesn’t know his having an affair with one of her former rivals from her past modelling days.) & then there is Ashley, budding artist with dreams of being the next Jackie O. She has set her sights on senator Porter Conway.

But is the senator all Ashley thinks he is?

There were some great narratives within this book as it went back and forth over each characters own story, but for me the book tried to fit too much in. I found it difficult to connect with a character and to feel for them emotionally, I just wasn’t sure which strand of the story was the main one. By the end of the book I’d found the connecting strand but it felt that was too late as the book then ends.

To be honest my favorite character was Maisie, she had the makings of a great comic character, with her love for her younger driver and carefree attitude. It was good to see her development through the book and see her relationship with her daughter and granddaughter as they become the women standing together at the end of the book.

A good read but missing a spark this time for me.

A Place for Us
A Place for Us
Price: £3.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars a beautiful water painting of a welcoming house, 8 April 2015
This review is from: A Place for Us (Kindle Edition)
When this book arrived I was instantly drawn to the cover, a beautiful water painting of a welcoming house.

This is a gripping family saga covering four generations of the Winter family. Martha & David have made a beautiful home at Winterfold, with David becoming somewhat of a celebrity thanks to his cartoons of dog Wilbur. Their children Bill, Daisy & Florence have long since flown the nest, each of them are odd in their own way, Bill is the quiet village doctor, Flo the eccentric lecturer and Daisy is somewhat of a mystery.

It’s clear that Daisy is not expected to return to Winterfold and as the book develops it appears there is a difficult relationship between her and the others in the family, as she walked out of the family leaving her baby daughter behind. That daughter Cat is now grown up with a child of her own,.

When Martha sends an invitation out to her family to return for her birthday it is the beginning of the unravelling of the family story, as many strands unknot their story comes to it’s reveal the secrets of Daisy.

I was gripped from the very opening page until the end of this book, it was truly magnificent!

How to Seduce a Billionaire (Black Lace)
How to Seduce a Billionaire (Black Lace)
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars it actually has a nice little love story going on, 8 April 2015
At it’s centre is a plot that’s fairly recognizable, virginal girl meets dazzling billionaire businessman, is immediately swept off her feet and into bed…

But this is no 50 shades there’s no contract or secret room, it actually has a nice little love story going on.

Still there are many comparisons to the book of the moment, the damaged billionaire and the girl who falls in love with him and tries to fix him, it’s similarities are even mentioned a couple of times in the book.

In this case however if you can just appreciate the book for what it is you won’t be disappointed, give Jess & Ellis a go and experience their story.

What Would Mary Berry Do?
What Would Mary Berry Do?
Price: £4.29

5.0 out of 5 stars This was a great read from Claire Sandy, 8 April 2015
This was a great read from Claire Sandy, the Dunwoody family live in happy family chaos, with their teenage son and twin girls. Their house is untidy and Marie’s attempts at providing a show stopper cake for school amount to buying a box of french fancies.

Across the street is domestic goddess Lucy, who is always presentable, bakes amazing cakes and seems to have the perfect family.

When a chance sighting of a Mary Berry cookbook proves an inspiration to Marie it opens her up to new baking feats.

This was a really good narrative of a true family scene, it brings together two different families and picks up their differences to show their common ground and creates new friendships. There is genuine humor and I loved the relationship between Robert and Marie, which seemed so true to life, as well as the rivalry to friendship of Marie & Lucy.

You’ll definitely recognize relationships of people you’ve known and parallels to life in this little gem, and if not maybe you’ll also get some baking ideas at the very least!

This is sure to brighten up your journey to work (or tea and cake breaks)

Searching for Someday
Searching for Someday
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Kate runs a successful matchmaking business while Slade is a top divorce lawyer – jaded my his job and past experience he doesn’, 8 April 2015
A little treasure of a book I discovered in one of my many piles, I was looking for a quick read in between some larger books and this one caught my attention.

Searching for Someday isn’t a normal romance although it features the classic woman on a disastrous date whose given up on finding the one when in stumbles the handsome stranger.

Kate runs a successful matchmaking business while Slade is a top divorce lawyer – jaded my his job and past experience he doesn’t believe in love. When his sister signs up with Kate’s agency he is determined to prove the agency is a sham, but he is drawn to the blonde business owner.

What makes the book different? Kate has a gift, a touch that can tell if a couple are suited to each other, she’s never felt that tingle of electricity with a match of her own though.. until now.

Can Kate and Slade overcome their own barriers to be together?….. Read the book, you’ll be spellbound

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